Who's the best fighter: Jackie Chan, ...

Turku, Finland

#310 Jun 7, 2012
NIXON wrote:
100% Bruce Lee must win and there are no any fighters like Bruce Lee. Because Bruce Lee is the real best fighter in this World..
Huh? Jackie would win because he isnt afraid to break a bone or 2 if he needs to win.. theres a limit to as far as bruce would go (his mentality wouldnt be as stable anyway..)

Chemainus, Canada

#311 Jun 19, 2012
you guys ever hear of frank dux educate yourself then see who is the best...

Newark, NJ

#312 Jun 22, 2012
Jackie Chan said when Bruce Lee kicked him in the face he couldn't even see his foot move & after Bruce Lee kicked Jackie Chan in the face Bruce Lee kissed him to apoligies this is a real fact plus Jackie Chan is a stunt man thats why you see him always using his obstacles around him. Jet Li can't even touch Jackie Chan real fact plus all of Jet Li's & Jackie Chan's movies are sped up to make it look fast Bruce Lee on the other hand wasn't they had to actually slow Bruce Lee's moves on screen from 24 fps (frames per second) to 32 fps (frames per second) to see him move thats 8 more frames. Fact the movies today sucks nothing beats the oldies Bruce Lee is God of martial arts. If Jet Li can't touch Jackie Chan what makes you think that he stands a chance with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan can't even touch Bruce Lee so Jet Li has no chance against either of them. Jet Li can fight don't get me wrong but Bruce Lee will eat him alive. Bruce Lee is so powerful & fast the he can kick a 300 pound boxing bag to the top of the ceiling that can kill a tiger dude i know my shit.

Vista, CA

#313 Jun 23, 2012
Jackie Chan is and will always be the best. I agree that bruce lee was awesome but lets face it he was a martial arts master but he never really had any goal to show for all of his work other than to show his fighting theories. Jackie in the other hand is a martial artist and he is also striving for his goals that will benifit all of us. He even has his own charity and he is really funny. Jackie is NOT a stunts man. Both of them Are really the best though im not sure about jet li.

Ürümqi, China

#314 Jul 19, 2012
I recommend a early video frequency of lee,then you tell me who can do this?http://v.163.com/video/20 10/10/5/F/V6I12NM5F.html#sd=V6 I12NM5F&ld=V6LP&nvp=v. 163.com/video/2010/10/5/F/V6I1 2NM5F
Marcus Wolf

Dayton, OH

#315 Jul 20, 2012


#316 Aug 12, 2012
Jet lee is fake. All his stunts are not real
Mr Funk ur Daughter

Arena, WI

#317 Aug 21, 2012
Pink wrote:
In case y'all didn't know Jackie Chan was the stunt double for Bruce Lee & Jet Li in their movies plus Jackie Chan do his own stunts and all his tricks are real while Bruce Lee & Jet Li use string to hold them up in the air. So before y'all decide & talk who's the best y'all need to get the facts if Jet Li & Bruce Lee was/is great why was Jackie Chan their stunt double therefore Jackie have to be the greatest.
lol u have a point he was a stunt double but at the same time jet li won his first martial arts tournament at age 12, and he was in a tournament competing against adults in there mid to late 20's and some in their 30's or older with much more experience than him.. hes also won numerous gold medals and silver medal over the years in many different tournaments.. also the only real reason that jet li has a stunt double is the fact that he does not view himself as the best.. also bruce was in my mind over rated...

Downingtown, PA

#318 Aug 23, 2012
Deadpool wrote:
Bruce Lee was an actor and the only organized fight he was ever in was a boxing match since he was not a true fighter I believe with jackie chan or jet li's experience they could easily defeat bruce lee. In a fight between Jackie chan and jet li i believe with let li's amazing kicks he would win. You all should research Bruce lee's life he was an actor and show off but not a true fighter.
Ive done much research on Bruce Lee and he was way more then an actor. OPEN UR EYES!!!!

Cleveland, OH

#319 Aug 23, 2012
Don Knotts.
Gerald Munuwa

United States

#320 Aug 27, 2012
sme people ar nw md even a baby can say Jackie chan wold win and jet li can nt stnd a chnce with jackie ie forbiden kingdom chack hs nothng to do wth ths thre giants and we cnt cmpar with a dead man bruce lee a dead man can nt fight never ever
Gerald Munuwa

United States

#321 Aug 27, 2012
Jet li is fighter and a talented one but for real he cant defeat jackie chan he is the best figher research guys


#324 Sep 28, 2012
You guys don't know anything so just keep quiet how can jet lee or jackie chan or chuck norris beat bruce lee when he thought them how to fight who ever ask that question was born in a drain
Steve Carmona

United States

#326 Sep 30, 2012
Kurai_no_Tsuki wrote:
<quoted text> Sorry but your a little simple minded there jet li is a child prodigy of kung fu yes bruce introduced it as punches and kicks but it really wasn't suppose to be like that besides if he was still alive he would be in his mid 40's like jet li duh do your research
the dragon

Bowling Green, KY

#327 Oct 1, 2012
bruce lee would even beat the best heavyweight boxer of all time, whoever that is.


#328 Oct 19, 2012
Bruce lee of course!

Brisbane, Australia

#330 Oct 31, 2012
Kei wrote:
<quoted text>
Huh? Jackie would win because he isnt afraid to break a bone or 2 if he needs to win.. theres a limit to as far as bruce would go (his mentality wouldnt be as stable anyway..)
Maybe but tony jaa break all of jacky's bones but i do like jackie chan's movies


#331 Nov 2, 2012
hey guys frank dux// grab a brain do some research


#332 Nov 3, 2012
I thnk 4 m chan is da best actor bt li is da best current martial artist w gat... Bruce lee wz da best in da olden life nd if h wer 2 b her h cud hv bn a challenge 2 both li nd chan.

League City, TX

#333 Nov 5, 2012
Lil-J wrote:
Bruce lee would waste them both can you imagine what bruce lee can do.He can bloody do 1 finger push ups and don't forget his famous 1 inch punch.Chuck norris isn't that good because bruce lee actually trained him.And by the way bruce lee will like own Chakie chan and Jet lee in like 5-10seconds
Bruce lee would be my pick against Jet lee but there is no way in 5-10 seconds. What about Tony Jaa.(Tai actor). is he just for tv too)?

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