Which is the Oldest Indian Language? ...

Ashburn, VA

#1608 Oct 30, 2013
Tamil is the world oldest language.the first human language is born in "kumari kandam"that is fully submerged.that language is tamil.the theories that go by existence of tamilkandam is more than that conflict so there are many evidences present about kumari continent.if anyone can't believe this visit graham hencock site.so tamil is the world first human language
jacob tirunelveli

Bhavnagar, India

#1609 Oct 31, 2013
Full On wrote:
Tamil is oldest Language of Sri Lanka..Not India !
womeniser Raavan used to speak tamil.
womaniser ravana is a brahmin please read all the history and literature carfully and comment. dont comment with half baked knowledge.
jacob tirunelveli

Bhavnagar, India

#1610 Oct 31, 2013
shruti wrote:
One more thing that jantar mantar is a museum nothing else and there are ancient days yantraa to calculate planetary movements and many other interesting yantras are kept to verify geological things which were used by the ancient Indians.So please understand it properly. Now one more thing it is said pushpak viman of Ravan used to travel at light speed. How they knew lights energy is fastest. Whatever you say Ramayana and Mahabharata are myth or etc but you cannot deny one fact that is a great creation. And one more thing even if Ravana had aeroplane as you say or not. But one thing I would definitely appreciate is the imagination in that which was done at that time and believing in imagination cost wright brothers to create aeroplanes. And whatever you say Mahabharata and Ramayana as a story or anything is a great teacher. There is no character in this world which you can not find in these. It is wonderfuly told that how ones own greed, selfishness, jealousy will take them to destruction. And if you want you can watch that documentary by history channel that there are traces of atomic power used in Mahabharata. Just Google it. It is interesting.
shruthi what you are saying is correct ramayana and mahabharatha are true.no one can deny that. but the topic is which language is the oldest. you said about dwaraka. it is about 50kms into the sea now. dwaraka and krishna(kannan) are true because they are in tamil literatures also. like that kumari kandam is also true it is also in tamil literature. so if we research in te south sea we can find more proofs. and the science you have told are 100% true. just imagine how harappa people knew to construct buildings with heated bricks. and how did they know about roofed house 3500 years ago.
but the fact is there is no referenc of sanskrit in harappa
and the gods they worshipped also is not similar with brahmins god. they worshipped siva,they worshipped woman goddess and they worshipped bull.all related to tamil ancient gods. and 75% of scripts in india are in tamil. only after ashokas period sanskrit gained its superiority in ndia because of hinduism.
jacob tirunelveli

Bhavnagar, India

#1611 Oct 31, 2013
Shruthi wrote:
<quoted text> Hey Hi, The things which you are saying can be vise-versa also. The word can be taken from Sanskrit to Tamil. Provide me some evidence just because you have said it why should I blindly go with you. Ayyapan does not mean Arayan. Nowhere in world dictionary you will find Aryan is a Tamil word. You are just bending and twisting at your own convenience without facts. let me teach you tamil. Ayappan does not mean Ariyan. It is a tamil word which means Ayya+ Appa. Ayya means mother in tamil and Appa means Father.So his mother and father are Vishnu and Shiva. Murugan came to an existence with the term Aarmugan became murugan when local people change and as you know pronunciation differs from person to person place to place. So I t can be like that,And One more thing parvathi derived from parvath means Hill in Sanskrit and Parvathi means who lives on hill. In Tamil Hill means Malla. So don't twist bend and make it tamil. Ok Please go through a comparison between Tamil and Sanskrit. Take time and read the next by me to understand the greatness and beauty of both the languages.
shruthi before we speak about names we must know what is what. tamils had no religion. earlier tamils who lived in plane lands worshipped siva and amman. and the people who lived in hills worshipped velan. after the mughals invaded kashmir.they chased away all the native people(brahmins)from kashmir.so the brahmins travelled south where there is no mughals. they came as refuge to tamil land. they spread religion in tamil land. they called amman as parvathy and velan as murugan. and all the religious stories were created by brahmins only. so all the names were created by brahmins. but god is the same which tamils worshipped thousands of year before. it is meaningless to argue with names because all names were created 350 bc only. before that even in tamil literatures there are no sign of these names of gods. only siva or sadai, amman and velan are there. vishnu perumal and all names were created by brahmins.
jacob tirunelveli

Bhavnagar, India

#1612 Oct 31, 2013
shruti wrote:
Hi All! I have been reading all the comments and many times kumari kandam is mentioned. The word kumari is not a Tamil word It is Sanskrit and kandam is also story if you notice no Tamil lady put kumari or Kumar in name. But is mostly followed in north. I am a malayali who has been to many parts of India but presently in Bangalore.
I don't believe in Aryan invasion theory. It was all invented in 19th century. British people wanted to prove all the Veda knowledge was a gift of their ansectores so they made up stories like that. We Indians are still fighting on that. Even Aryan invasion theory is discarded now by scientist it is a myth. And genetic pool of all north Indian and south are same. Please read the research done by
shruthi you are really very foolish. without having in depth knowledge of a language you cant comment on that language. we have many times mentioned in this forum what is kumari and what is kandam in tamil. kumari means virgin in tamil and kandam means continent(kandu=collection of many) sanskrit is derived from parkrit. parkrit is a very seperate language to tamil. there are no similar words in both this languages. the basic structure of sanskrit is influenced with tamil. so all tamil words are in sanskrit.so you cant argue with any word and claim it is sanskrit word. because sanskrit is derived from parkrit and tamil. stop argueing with words and meanings it is meaningless. give some other proofs for your arguement.
herman haro

Chennai, India

#1613 Nov 1, 2013
thaliya u r great
herman haro

Chennai, India

#1614 Nov 1, 2013
thaliva u r great

Perth, Australia

#1615 Nov 2, 2013
keanu13 wrote:
There is hot debate between north India and south (especially in Tamil Nadu) regarding the oldest language?
Many claims that Tamil is the oldest where mythic stories (let's assume if its true) suggest Sanskrit is the oldest!
My Question is there any scientific proof exist?
According to collier's(American) research ,Tamil is the oldest language in this world.
jacob tirunelveli


#1616 Nov 3, 2013
sabka baap wrote:
<quoted text>
Bala ..you are an educated illiterate from TN. You are one of those terrorists from LTTE who killed so many people in SL. You are a Indian and fight against Indian govt for the rights of non-indians living in SL. actually entire Tamils from TN are Tamils first and Indians later. This is how they are fed. They kill Indian PM for the sake of non-indians. Why should we stand against Lanka when it is an Ally to India. Lanka never attacked India. going against Lanka is giving China control over Indian Ocean and risking Indian lives for no reason. These fellas from TN are not worried about Indians , all they want is lives of Non-Indians residing in Lanka and expect India to support them,. Why? Pakistanis attack the integreity of India, Lanka never does that...it is Lanka's Internal Matter...India is not UN to handle this. Lankan Tamils are Lankans and not Indians. Tamil nadu should be declared a new country as you said or All of you should be sent to your brothers in Lanka and your nationality to be changed to Lankans ... Indian govt is there to support Indians all over the world and not non-Indians. Tamils in India are threat to India's Integrity. They should be declared a new country as soon as possible. a country of Black terrorists as in Congo etc. Prabhakaran too got what he deserved. Once travelling in tamilnadu I saw people worshipping that terror head prabhakaran and left me shocked :D
hello Mr. who told you tamils are not indians. mind your words.brave heart prabakaran is the real leader of all tamils living in this world. he stood his ground till the last blood fell on the ground. he and his family even his little son was on the battlefield. north indians and the srilankans think prabakaran is dead. but he is not dead. he is seeded deep into our heart. he will be born again to fight for our freedom. ilankai is the last land left over of the kumari kandam. we will definitely chase off the lankans(kashmir brahmins the bloods of ravana) and conquer our land back after 9000 years. ye the patriot sikhs killed the enemy of india indira gandhi. our warriors killed her offspring. and still three more left in the list. we the real native of india and kumari kandam will fight back
hasan BEC


#1617 Nov 3, 2013
Tamil language is 3800 B.C year old and sanskrit language is 1500 B.C year old ,

Chennai, India

#1618 Nov 4, 2013
Tamil is the oldest language....north indians support saNskrit just because their language(hindi) is inspired from it
jacob tirunelveli

Surat, India

#1619 Nov 4, 2013
hello friends , we as tamilians have given so many proofs to show tamil is the oldest language in the world. and we showed lot of proofs from literatures about the kumari kandam. but this north indian brahmins dont understand that. ok now i give proof from their veda.let them go through their veda and find out that tamil is the oldest language.
1) in matsya purana narrated by vyasa the author who is said to have written mahabharatha narrates about the manu who is a south indian king received gods message that the world is going to be destroyed by flood. god asked him to built a ship. so when the flood came he escaped with the genes of all animals on the earth and some precous literatures. his ship grounded on the mallaya mountain(kerala)that is far north of his land.

now i ask everyone tell me
a)what happened to the precious literatures that the tamil king carried.this means before vedas there were literatures in the hands of the tamil king.
b)how the tamil gods 1.sivan,2.amman,3.velan(holy spirit) became the gods of hindus shiva,parvathy and vishnu. and more over how tamil gods became gods of christianity 1.jehovah(sivan),2.holy mother(amman)3.holy spirit(velan).
c)the matsya paurana the bible and the quran say the same story of noah alias manu alias noah(muslim).

so, all religion has the same god and the same story of that god. with lot of alterations to fit to their situations.

this shows clearly that the precious literatures that the tamil king carried is the source of all the religions in the world.

mainly according to veda the kumari kandam existed and was destroyed by the diluge. and this is in veda itself .

now all you north indian brahmins please read your vedas carefully first and then come to argue against tamil
jacob tirunelveli

Surat, India

#1620 Nov 4, 2013
in mahabharatham it is said that arjuna learnt brahmastram from sage agathyar. brahmastram is nuclear bomb. it is explained as when the brahmastram exploded it gave metal sound and it produced lot of heat waves. and the soldiers jumped into rivers to escape from the heat waves.
this is the mighty of sage agathyar who is from tamil. and who wrote the first grammer of tamil the agathyam.

this shows even when the satriyas were only civilised with bows and arrows the tamil civilisation knew to build nuclear weapons.

tholkapiyar the student of sage agathyar wrote in his tholkapiyam about 6 senses and distinguished all the living beings independently with which sense they belong.

this is another example of the knowledge of the tamil sages.

Mumbai, India

#1621 Nov 6, 2013
i request u people to read the book called underworld the mysterious origin of civilization by author graham Hancock which explains that there is land near Tamil Nadu which is called kumari kandam (Lemuria) before the vedic period and also which shows that there were 2 Tamil sangam which was situated in that kumari kandam.
jacob tirunelveli

Bangalore, India

#1622 Nov 6, 2013
to all our indian brothers, this proof is from hindu vedas matsya purana and ramayanam. As tamilians were trying to prove that kumari kandam did exist and it was destroyed by flood. And in early years tamil was the mother tongue of india. To add to their views and ideas i put forward the proof that says india's mother tongue is tamil.

According to sage vyasa the king manu is a tamil king,ie he was ruling the land far south of malaya mountains(kerala). after escaping from the flood he started his new life in malaya mountain.

According to ramayana rama belongs to manu's generation. the anscestors of rama and the generation of rama is clearly given in ramayana. here i present the full names of the anscestors of rama. i took this from ramayanam.

vivasvan the father of manu manu,ikshvaku,kukshi,vikukshi, bana,anaranya,prithu,trishanku ,yuvanasva,mandhata,susandhi,d hruvasandhi,bharata,asita,saga ra,asamanju,amshuman,dilipa,bh agiratha,kakutstha,raghu,kalma shapada,shankana,sudarsana,agn ivarna,shigragu,maru,prashushr uva,ambarisha,nahusa,nabhaga,a ja,dasaratha, Rama.

this is the geneology of rama.As manu was a tamil king his generation occupied and filled india from south to north after the flood. So all indians please dont listen to that alien brahmins. they were the natives of kashmir. the evil humans on this world.

Ashburn, VA

#1623 Nov 7, 2013
Chera-chozha-pandya dynasties are derived from our primitive Tribes, not from brahmins. But now kings are known in the names of Brahmins. Why ? How they got this post? Is there any description?
jacob tirunelveli

Bangalore, India

#1624 Nov 7, 2013
Mcm wrote:
Chera-chozha-pandya dynasties are derived from our primitive Tribes, not from brahmins. But now kings are known in the names of Brahmins. Why ? How they got this post? Is there any description?
well when a foreigner came and told a story about aryan invasion whole india believed. it is just the same as this. when brahmin sages wrote the history they sanskritised all names for their conveniance. they destroyed all the older literatures and rewrote knew literatures in sanskrit and named them in sanskrit. the holy festival was used to destroy all old literatures(in tamil they say pazhaiyana kalithalum puthiyana puguthalum)destroy the old and insert the new.this took its peak time during the rule of ashoka in the south. tamilii became tamil brahmi and so on. As tamilians accepted brahmins and their religion. the brahmins brought in the caste system to cheat the people. if you are interested please do what i say take india map and imagine it as lord siva and write down the caste system. brahmins came from the mouth of siva, sathriyas came from the shoulders, vaishyas came from the hip and the sudras came from the foot. the caste system actually indicates their native places in india.

you can get the answers for your question from the side effects of the british rule in india. all the names of the cities are changed to english now only we have changed them. like bombay to mumbai. madras to chennai. bangalore to bengaluru. thats it so simple
Kanya Kumarian

Bangalore, India

#1625 Nov 8, 2013
In all languages, for a letter of "ka", there is four ka, kha, ga, gha. Like that, Cha, Da, Ta, Pa, have four similar sounds. There is enough proof. From Tamil letters, sanskrit which was only in the sound shape earlier got letter shape later. That is how, from only Ka of Tamil letters, Sanskrit got many similar ka's. Sanskrit did not take some letters of tamil which is not similar in sound. So, Tamil language is distinguished from other every languages and it is unique. The letters are &#2958; &#2962; &#2993; &#2985; &#2996; &#2995;. These are the letters found in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and some letters in Marathi which are ofcourse born out of Tamil language.


#1626 Nov 8, 2013
hindu warrior wrote:
sanskrit is the oldest language in the world.tamil is not the oldest living langusage in india but sanskrit is.sanskrit is not a dead language.a dead language means it is not used anymore.sanskrit is still used in every hindu temple for holy rituals and mantras.there is a wrong assumption that tamil is older than sanskrit.this is very wrong.tamil evolved from sanskrit.sanskrit is not created by mere men but lord shiva himself.sanskrit is also called the language of the devas.vedas are anadhi(birthless) they are not created by god but his breath.even bhrami scripts are older than tamil.i m not degrading tamil but sanskrit is the father language of tamil and other language of the world.
Sanskrit is not the father language of Tamil. Tamil has no father or mother. Tamil itself Mother for several languages. The oldest evidence of sanskrit are vedas and manthras.of course. Some of u making mistake in understanding the oldness of tamil. The oldest written evidence of tamil may be "Tholkapiyam". But according to Tamil litrature Tholkapiyam is like explaining the meaning of another written thing. In other word like explaining the meaning of some poem which is the meaning of another. So before tholkapiyam also manything was existing. Sanskrit also good old language like tamil.


#1627 Nov 8, 2013
The worlds living things originated from Kumari continent only. The language of this continent is Tamil only. So Tamils having that much that much proud. No 1 can argue. Since she is a malayalee, Many might be saying that malayalam is from tamil only. that only true. no 1 can oppose.so she is not ready to leave her mother toungue by supporting tamil. she is thinking that if tamil proved in all manner, then every 1 should accept every thing. I respect all indian languages even though they are not supporting Tamil. Because tamil can not be destroyed in any manner. Let her be cool. Keep smiling dude. One day this world will speak only about OUR Tamil (Including u all). That day u will come 2 know about our Tamil. Sorry.. Also your Tamil. Because Southern Languages r said to be Daughter of Tamil 1ly. So relax sister. I feel 2 die in tamilnadu 1ly. I begging 2 born again as a tamilian 1ly. Tamil Tamil Tamil....

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