Which is the Oldest Indian Language? ...

Ashburn, VA

#1329 Jul 5, 2013
Y not...u knw Tirukural, Tholkappiyam they all all are written in BC 2nd century they are a biggest proof for our tamil and 2) via scientific "Boombugar i.e Kumari continent" and they will clearly explain the age of tamil...it will be more than 20k

Mumbai, India

#1331 Jul 5, 2013
tamil language is the most spritual language in the world. grammatical book called tolkapiam was orginated before 1000s of years ago. so a language need more than 5000s years from its origin to develope as a grammatical language. from this we can understand tamil is the oldest language in the world. valga tamil valarga tamil.

Lucknow, India

#1333 Jul 8, 2013
hey peace and tamilian, there may be slight cultural difference but I firmly believe that dravidians and aryans are same. It's was rumored by the British to divide and rule our country that they are different. Keep north and south indian together and you will surely will not find found (in most of the cases) who is who? Logically there is almost no chance of having different origins of all of the indian people. I'm from uttarakhand and the roots of my father's clan are there in kashmir and my mother's in karnataka. So due to this intermixing occurred 1000 years ago between there clans I believe it will be unfair to sing aryan dravid raga. Are u still living in medieval world ? Just open up to each other and have tolerance for differences in thoughts.

Bangalore, India

#1334 Jul 8, 2013
Dear Indian

The topic is not north Indian or South Indian.What language our ancestors spoke?Do the Tamil existed across the world or Sanskrit. We all know how Sanskrit , Greek , Latin etc became the bread and butter language and all our ancient knowledge was hijacked. Tamil also have lots of old literature and in this internet age many are surfacing from Sri Lanka, Malaya, Singapore, Germany . Russia, China,Africa, Korea etc. There is a research going on that Sumerian script is also Tamil and Sanskrit words are also mixed up slightly. Indus script is having all south Indian languages , may be the root language for Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam etc.Day by day Aryan myth is being sent backyard of Vatican.Most of the world concentrated on North India and voluminous records ,false and true are available. But for South India history is to be rewritten based on several fields without regional, religion and language bias. This will happen now because of all regional languages are duly getting their importance which were suppressed by Sanskrit and lately by English.But may take centuries if politics and casts interfere with the progress and poor getting exploited.

Chennai, India

#1335 Jul 9, 2013
Tamil is the oldest language.. It is the original language of kumari kandam (lemuria continent) which includes the present day india... Even today the languages spoken in many african countries are derived from Tamil. You can search in youtube for "cameroonians speak tamil"...Many places name in the world are derived from tamil for eg., CYPRUS derived from seppu meaning copper, Cyprus has abundant of copper... Caspian Sea derived from tamil word casappu meaning bitter taste...the water from caspian sea tastes bitter...The japaneese language researchers say that their language itself has been derived from tamil...You can search it in youtube.... If sanskrit is the oldest language then why it has no reference outside india...it is not even spoken language like hindi in india...

Sanskrit is the language of Aryans...When they invaded india (kumari kandam) they stole all the works of tamils and put credit to their names..They 'SSHH' sound is very dominant in their language..so they added the 'SSHH' word to lot of tamil words and mantrams. For eg., Vittunu became Vishnu, Agathiyar -> Agasthiyar, Kandha -> Skandha, Vetti -> Veshti, Arasuvathi -> Saraswati, latchumi -> lakshmi etc..

The aryans (brahmins) were very adamant and they will not give credit to anyone....Even they created the caste system as well and named Tamils as SHUDRAS... Tamils were very knowledgeable persons and they gave the world Thirukkanidha panchangam several thousand years before...Which involves complex mathematics and formulas... The tamils scholars always used to perform calculations using several formulas. The tamil word for formulae is 'SHUTHIRAM'....this shuthiram became 'SASHTRA' in sanskrit and they named tamils as 'SHUDRAS'(beacause they always perform 'SHUTHIRAM') and made SHUDRAS as low caste....

I apologize to the readers for bringing in the caste issue, but it was required to explain the cunningness of aryans which will help readers to understand how they undermined the tamils and its tamil language.

Vazhga Thamizh

Ashburn, VA

#1336 Jul 9, 2013
sanskrit is waste . TAMIL is the oldest living language in india as well as in the whole world. brahmins who came to india changes their religion and adapted hindu religion. tholkapiam was " found " before 2200 years, but it was written before 2200 years ago. brahmins are not hindus. they are from other religion. sanskrit is not an indian language. its a foreign language. brahmins tricked us sp that we should believe that they are hindus. so don't be blind. TAMIL is the oldest language. archaeologist ALEX COLLIER told that at some point in the prehistoric period almost all over the world. ok. go watch his video in YOUTUBE. OK

Hyderabad, India

#1339 Jul 11, 2013
Tamil is not oldest, those blind idiots of tamil nadu think like that, Kannada is the oldest and there is a proof. Tamil is just verbally say that, but they dont have proof. They are good in politics. Sanskrit is the oldest and beautiful language. Dont ever compare useless tamil language with any other lanuage.
Vinod S

Chennai, India

#1340 Jul 16, 2013
place2fun wrote:
Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world.If we compare Sanskrit and Tamil then we find that Sanskrit is oldest then Tamil.If we see the history then in that time Sanskrit is used by Rishi Munni and its a Gods language.Tamil comes after the Sanskrit.
You cannot even see or feel god then how come the sanskrit the GOD's Language
Vinod S

Chennai, India

#1341 Jul 16, 2013
manju wrote:
Tamil is not oldest, those blind idiots of tamil nadu think like that, Kannada is the oldest and there is a proof. Tamil is just verbally say that, but they dont have proof. They are good in politics. Sanskrit is the oldest and beautiful language. Dont ever compare useless tamil language with any other lanuage.
You Idiot Kannada is the Language totaly borrowed from Tamil and Sanskrit and if u remove sanskrit and Tamil from Kannada. there is no language called Kannada.Think Before u write u Bloody fat head.
Balaji gurunath

Gurgaon, India

#1342 Jul 16, 2013
Dear Hindu warriors as on to you.u where the warriors there is no doubt in it.but me refusing ur statement u where blindly speaking about ur language there is lot of evidence that Tamil is am old existing language of all with out help of any other language tamil can survive but without Tamil.languages like Telugu,Malayalam,Kannadam,can' t survive.
Balaji gurunath

Gurgaon, India

#1343 Jul 16, 2013
Manju plz mind ur words dnt use poisonous word if ur language is superior to u that's for u and u can't say useless Tamil how dare u to say.1st of all respect others belief that our Indian culture ok

Chennai, India

#1344 Jul 17, 2013
One of the most funniest thing in the world is that Dravidian(Black African living in small part of india especially south india)thinks themselves cultured and civilized but in reality even a mere glance upon their face tell their entire history of total foolishness , barberic , ignorant culture . I don't understand why fucking bastard dravidian not consider himself genetically related to black pig . they say their fucking language tamil is developed and old language and moreover they even consider Tamil better than sanskrit . the foolish tamilian doesn't even know that sanskrit is the mother of all indo-european language(check on wiki if you have doubt ) and that there are thousands of outstanding books on various branch of knowledge have been written in sanskrit . They do not accept reality that Aryan people came and fucked them out from North india and forced them to live in small region of south India where all year there is a skin burning temperature and there is no good river . They are sore looser . I will recommend all Tamilian to accept Aryan people as their master and be loyal to them .

Hey thevadiya paiya vaya mooduda porumpokku.....

Bangalore, India

#1346 Jul 17, 2013
jacob tirunelveli

Chennai, India

#1351 Jul 19, 2013
north indians please give evidence for your arguements. we have provided lot of proofs in this topic for tamil. sanskrit is the language of brahmins who belong to kashmir. sanskrit is not god's language. it is spoken by brahmins thats all. those brahmin idiots fooled all indians to believe that their language is superior. and those who argue that africans are the first people on earth please findout the genetal researches. it says there are two different women gene which are the base of all genes. 1. belongs to african women. 2. belongs to black dravidians. please note that africans have never travelled outside africa. if they have travelled then their culture should have been established. only the dravidians travelled all over the world.there are lot of proofs for that.

Chennai, India

#1352 Jul 20, 2013
Tamil Indian wrote:
/QUOTE] Just understand dat dravidians wer livin in INDIA bfore de arya invaded. Dravidians spoke TAMIL. So it is clearly understood dat TAMIL is de oldest lang.of India. "Thai tamile vanakam".
Excellent ...!!!!!!!

Swansea, UK

#1354 Jul 20, 2013
Mr tirunelveli ,

Emperor - krishnadevaraya ruled whole south India , shame you are unaware if it .....
jacob tirunelveli wrote:
<quoted text>
ha ha your post itself is a guiness record of false statement.
keep it up. dont give up. i dont know how kannada came in this topic. please read history of south india. cholas ruled from kundoor to kanjipuram. cheras ruled allover kerala. and pandians ruled the south. where did kannada came in the picture.

Delhi, India

#1355 Jul 21, 2013
hey northies...do you know sanskrit first...first learn the etymologies then you can comment ...sanskrit did not originate form india.....tamil is the oldest living language in the world....many asked scientific proof about the lumeria continent right!! you will get one in the future..

Delhi, India

#1356 Jul 21, 2013
hey guys...tamil .is the oldest language in the world....its over twenty thousand years old and more....north indians supports sanskrit..but do you know something ...sanskrit did not originate from india...hehehe...tamil must have been the official langugae but due to invasion of aryans into india .tamil lost its superemacy...many idiots asked for the proof of kumari kandam right..you will get one in the future..from me...coz im gonna do it ....tamilan da......and i assure in the future a film about lumeria continent is gonna be massively taken.....and many bozos told that tamil borrowed many words form sanskrit...that is a complete shit..caus sanskrit only borrowed many words from tamil.....when sanskrit was originated tamil was in its medieval periods...lol...so dont make fun of tamil.....tamil can run completely without the aid of other languages....if you liked this one ...support this teenager....tamilan da...

Delhi, India

#1357 Jul 21, 2013
tolkappiam ..a tamil ancient grammar book...describes the existence of kumari kandam(lemuria continent...if i mispelled it i am sorry.lol)this just proves that tamil is the oldest language in the world....hehehe...tamilan da..

Ashburn, VA

#1358 Jul 21, 2013
Mr tirunelveli ,
Emperor - krishnadevaraya ruled whole south India ,
shame you are unaware if it .....

Please search in google about the chera kings "imayavaramban neduncheralathan"(nedunch eralathan who has himalayas as his boundry imaya-himalaya, varambu-border), his son cheran senguttuvan(who defeated the aryan kings of ganges the kanakan and vijayan sons of balakumaran), pandiyan king "ariya padai kadantha nedunchezhian"(nedunchezh ian who crossed the aryan army), and the kallanai fame chozhan "karikal peruvalathan" who were the three tamil dynasties placed their bow,fish and tiger flag in himalayas...while the mightiest indian king asoka ruled from afghanistan to east of india he was defeated at the hands of the chozha king ilanchetchenni as per purananooru...though the tamil kings had victory over north india their intention is just to get victory not to rule as per the challenge given by the aryan kings...all these things happened before 1000 years when krishnadevaraya came...and you seems to a kannada guy?...since krishnadevaraya ruled from hampi doesnt make him a kannada king his ancestors were telugu naidus which is named from sanskrit "nayaka" which has its root in tamil "nayakan" means "hero"...vijayanagar a and nayak dynasty captured south india which was not under the chera,chozha,pandyas but the mughal army under malik kafur...two pandyan kings has an internal conflict that spoils the chera,chozha,pandyan unity against mughals army caused the fall of tamil dynasty for the first time in tamil history otherwise if their unity continued south india would be freed from both mughals and british rule...when the mughals demolished the south indian temples mainly the pandyan's "meenatchi" amman temple and chozha's "srirangam" temple the yadhavas in andhra pradesh got angry formed the nayak dynasty and defeated mughals...all these things are mentioned in "madura vijayam"...yadhavas were relations to pandyans since both came from the same chandravamsi pandiyan king pururuva chackravarthi...unlike the present karnataka peoples krishnadevaraya is very affectionate to tamil people who built most of temples only in tamil country more than karnataka,andhra...even after the vijayanagaras pandyan king like ari kesari parakrama pandiyan have ruled southern tamilnadu and srilanka...so it is meaningless for you to talk about a king who respects the tamil country...

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