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#1242 May 8, 2013
jacob tirunelveli wrote:
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i have seen that movie. he says elli elli lama saabathaa nii. in ancient tamil it means mercy mercy lama give me death. lama is the god worshipped by buddha. lama means holy spirit. but jesus cant speak tamil. it should be a mixture of tamil and ancient language. bcos according to bible the history of jews starts from eden garden north of himalayas. god chased them to east that is china. chinese chased them into india. they settled throughout pakistan north india and afghanistan. after a heavy drought they went to egypt. history of egypt says black jews taught them building constructions.
just saw a video in youtube explaing that also, it doesnt mean mercy it means GOD in ancient tamil ELL means god and lama means guru or divine one

Bangalore, India

#1243 May 8, 2013
i dont know


#1244 May 10, 2013
So the fight between hindu muslim is over and the new fight begins. Ok this is the truth

Both are old amount them.
First spoken language is tamil
First Written language is Sanskrit

There is no need to fight between north and south. All are same. Sanskrit is like a official/Religions language where tamil is casual language. Dravida mean thiruvidam the holy place. Ariyan mean those ariyavar those who are rare. Sankrit and tamil is close to each other. But tamil is a living language so people have modified it and ruining it. Sanskrit and Classic tamil is still very related in grammar and the other things

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#1245 May 10, 2013
Both are beautiest languages of the planet. Where they are used for different purposes at the same time.

I killed the terrorist who fired infront

contact 6 O clock Tango down.

Bangalore, India

#1246 May 10, 2013
Thanks,Mahi for the judgment and execution.
The purpose is not a fight between relgions or languages.Google translation currently for Sanskrit is old language(Pazhaya mozhi)Very few languages can pronounce this Tamil version, To the best of my knowledge Apart from Tamizh, Malayalam has the alphabet and pronunciation . Probably Chinese also, since , S.Swamy said that he could learn Chinese very fast because of prior knowledge of Tamil!Malayalam letters are different but many words pronunciation are very similar to Tamil.You have to appreciate that many languages revival are taking place after several centuries of suppression. Also, in Tamil we have lost most of the written records and have to depend upon mythology, Epics, Puranas ,literature on Iyal, Isai , Nadagam(oral traditions and recent recovery from Palm leaves (I believe we have just touched the tip of iceberg)inscriptions, coins, etc from all over the world unlike Sanskrit records which have been hijacked lock stock barrel by Arabs, Germans and British ,but lots of research and interpretation , reinterpretation are available. Hence, I repeat to develop constructive arguments continuously and provide links, source of reports etc for the Topic.When Tamil and Sanskrit writing started?What are the literature, poems available before Tholkappiam?Wiki gives lot of information on Tamil mathematics/numerals, very high numbers and very low fractions not known to any language.Where are the sources for those words and numbers?Hope coming generation finds answer and build constructive arguments.

Muscat, Oman

#1247 May 10, 2013
Indian wrote:
Oh my goodness!What a silly argument here for years together. Vedas have existed since eternity and Rishis have lived in this land for milleniums.
Ramayana, for example, is not a mythology. It is Indian history dating back to millions of years back. There we have enough proof Sanskrit was used. Where is 10000 BC and millions of years ago.
Go get a life guys. Stop this unproductive discussion at this point, be happy we are all Indians and live well together.
Hello idiat fool Mr.indian. You not have sence. Please you use human six sence. Ramayanam is only book story. ok... now i can write one story and i can giving billion years back like that.you belive this one.fool....Ramayanam book only story.ok fool. this matter all not true.same tamil Balakumaran naaval.But Ramayanam very good book i agree that also Mahabharatham

Cheyenne, WY

#1248 May 11, 2013
jacob tirunelveli wrote:
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who said kumari kandam is a closed story. all north indian ediots think like that. kumari kandam is still living under sea. indian govt is taking all steps to stop the research. but still tamils are researching through that. we are getting evidence. recent one is the horse shaped metal which is 10000 years old 50 kms from south india under sea. lot of evidence are coming. dont talk without proof. even bible speaks about kumari kandam. in the story of abraham.he sends people to oviyar nadu in kumari kandam to bring gold and woods. well poor north indian guys they have no history bcos they are born for mughal men and north indian sex slave women.
exactly man thank u for ur valuable info.

Cheyenne, WY

#1249 May 11, 2013
Kool wrote:
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There is a Buffalo shaped metal found in a small village in Bihar which is supposed to be 12000 Years old. Tamils are not researching but they are creating rumors and hoax among tamil people.:P
you are not kool but pool

Cheyenne, WY

#1250 May 11, 2013
anon wrote:
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Oh then stupid bihari's researching who is totally uneducated.. if educated with no sense... if you found buffalo let's drink the urine of it..
great reply man.net hi adi

Cheyenne, WY

#1251 May 11, 2013
mudaliar wrote:
In this forum , can we start finding out the links for both Sanskrit and Tamil as well as other languages viz. Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu etc to arrive at logical arguments.Gradually we can start the Timeline analysis.As it stands to day we need not form any opinion as wrong or right.Of late lot of posting is done in Facebook. I just translated one today for the record.
I have made a maiden attempt to translate the Tamil version from Tamil Siththars^ Facebook post
! While the secrets of Chidambaram Temple are being revealed by many a few Temple science secrets based on Engineering, Geography Mathematics and Medical science are given below pertaining to Chidambaram Nata raja Temple.
All actions of our ancestors have solid thinking background.
Temple is located at center point of Earth’s Equator(Centre Point of World's Magnetic Equator
2, Akash is represented by Nata raja temple ,Air is represented by Kalahasthi temple. Land is represented by Kanchipuram Egamberaeswar temple. All these three temples are situated exactly linearly i.e. 79 degrees 41 minutes East Longitude. If we see from the sky using Google map like then only this feature will be clear to us. This was calculated long ago which is a marvelous feature involving Engineering, Geography and Astronomy.
3. Temple is built with Nine entrances that is based on structure of human body having 9 entrances.
4. Temple ^s top of vimana is having 21600 gold plates indicating that we breath in a day 21600 times approximately(15*60*24)
5. Those 21600 plates are fixed with 72000 nails which indicate that our body has 72000 nadis though which our life force(shakti) reaches to all invincible parts of body
Now we need to know the source of the above in Tamil and in in all other languages
When THOSE TEMPLES were built and what and in how many languages we find inscriptions in those temples.?
absolutely man the greatness of tamils cannot be explained in words

Cheyenne, WY

#1252 May 11, 2013
yogi wrote:
Ramayana dates back to 32000bc and mahabharata to 7000 bc.Indus valley around 2500 Bc.Aryans arrived in India around 1500bc.so you may know the answer aryan pimps
i would recommend you to get best comedian award

Cheyenne, WY

#1253 May 11, 2013
karthi wrote:
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If your remove sanskrit from south indian language (malayalam,telugu,kannada)the language will be tamil. If you remove tamil from (malayalam,telugu,kannada) there will not be language to speak.-- Robert Caldwell
true most fact.every indian must realize this

Bangalore, India

#1254 May 11, 2013
Palanisivan wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello idiat fool Mr.indian. You not have sence. Please you use human six sence. Ramayanam is only book story. ok... now i can write one story and i can giving billion years back like that.you belive this one.fool....Ramayanam book only story.ok fool. this matter all not true.same tamil Balakumaran naaval.But Ramayanam very good book i agree that also Mahabharatham
Yes it is a story ,epic, Drama, cinema etc for common and illiterate people.But for literates , Historians, spiritualists, Indologists,Archeologists,Astr onomers ,linguistics etc it is a treasure house of knoledge,information,history etc.Also learn mannerism and etiquette to discuss with constructive arguments.

Bangalore, India

#1255 May 11, 2013
djp wrote:
<quoted text> i would recommend you to get best comedian award
No need ! You do not necessary to believe. If you are interested you can be given a role of Vanara in future.Otherwise learn from research reports of various schlors or visit all the places in most part of the world connected to Ramayana and do not hurt others feelings unnecessarily.

Ashburn, VA

#1256 May 11, 2013
feel the essence of thamizh...
Nishan Cabrini

United States

#1257 May 12, 2013
Tamil is the oldest language.

Kal thondri mann thondraa kaalathe mun thondri mootha kudi thamizh kudi”.

Meaning:This means that Tamil civilization existed in the world even before sand was born out of stone.

Problem solved!

Chennai, India

#1258 May 13, 2013
^Kal thondri mann thondraa kaalathe mun thondri mootha kudi thamizh kudi^.
Can anyone inform who said the above?

Ashburn, VA

#1259 May 13, 2013
I agree ...

Cochin, India

#1262 May 21, 2013
tamil is 40000 years old.it is mother of all languages in the world.all are said sanskrit is older than tamil but the fact is sanskrit is evolve from olden tamil and babylonian tamil. another fact is that human is evolve from kumarikandam which is conjucted with africa

Chennai, India

#1263 May 21, 2013
Tamil is a first origin language through out world. You can find out more about the real information from tamilnadu temples

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