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#986 Nov 21, 2012
I am Telugu, you could see lot of Tamil inscriptions in Tirupathi Temple . Next time while waiting in the Q just check . Next you could visit Kalahasthi, you could find the same , including the architecture is similar to other Tamil . Stretching further you could see it in Ahobilam... In cuddapah and Kurnool you could find in the below list of temple - tamil inscription.

There is a theory all 4 southindian language came from a common language.

55% of inscription available in India is in Tamil.

In tirupathi temple 1100 inscription are in Tamil ; 50 are in Telegu and Kannada as per Temple website details

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#987 Nov 21, 2012 …………… old fart or young stinkers

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#988 Nov 21, 2012
Two American eminent geologists McKenzie and Sclater have clearly explained that Africa and South America were locked together as part of the primitive continent until about 200 million years ago.
The present formations of India, Arabia, Africa, Antarctica, South America and Australia started breaking up due to natural upheavals and moving to different parts of the earth at the rate of 15,000 years per mile on an average and found their places in the Asian Continent. The movement of the earth mass, called Navalam Theevu in Tamil, caused the formation of the present continent of India.
There was a general belief that both Lemuria and Kumari Kandam were one and the same. However, it has been established by Frank Joseph, Secretary for Ancient American Association, in his book “The Lost Civilization of Lemuria”, the existence of a land called Lemuria, one of the world's oldest civilizations, about 2.5 lakh years ago, in Indonesia. Hence, Lemuria and Kumari Kandam, which existed in southern part of India, are different lands.
Mr. Joseph has also established that the Mohenjodaro letters of Eastern Islands are nearly 1,00,000 years old. He has critically examined the views of various scholars and established the source of Mohenjodaro letters as well as the ancient civilization of Moo and has written that due to natural calamities, the island of Moo was destroyed about 2.5 lakh years ago.
Eastern Island, 1,000 miles near Japan, has a script called Rongo Rongo and it is identical with Mohenjodaro letters. This has been fixed as 1,00,000 years old.
From the Island of Moo called Lemuria, which was located near Indonesia about 2.5 lakhs years ago, people regularly moved out to Atlantis in Mexican Sea and Kumari Kandam in South Tamil Nadu, about 1,00,000 years ago due to tsunami. These letters are the script of Moo civilization, which was well developed.
From Atlantis, due to tsunami, the Moo people moved to South America and became Aztecs and Incas. Those who moved to North America became Mexicans and Red Indians.
In Sillapathikaram, it was mentioned that one “Ezhuthanga Nadu”(7x7 =49 countries) existed. So, Southern Tamil Nadu and Kumari Kandam are different regions. Those who have moved to Southern Tamil Nadu were called Pandiyas and they spread over Ceylon and Tirunelvelli.
Because of a calamity, which took place in 9,000 BC, a terrific destruction occurred and destroyed Chera, Chola and Pandiya Kingdoms and they all then came and settled in South India. The great scholar Sri Avvai Duraisamy Pillai has established that the “Pancha Dravidam” is the region consisting Gujarath, Maharashtra, Andhra, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
This is the time to write the correct history of Tamil Nadu. In “Irayanar Agapporul”(Nakkeerar Urai) it is mentioned that 72 Pandiya Kings had ruled Tamil Nadu (which was inclusive of the destroyed Kumari Kandam) from 30,000 B.C. to 16,000 B.C.(i.e. for 14,000 years).

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#989 Nov 21, 2012
Research has not been done so far to assess correctly the shape and appearance of Tamil letters. Today in Tamil, three ‘La', two ‘Ra' and three ‘Na' exist. These exist in ‘Grantha' also. But in ‘Naagari', which got birth in 500 A.C., there are only one ‘La', one ‘Ra', and two ‘Na'.
The Rig Veda calendar was essentially a luni-solar one, the lunar aspects being considered as important for holy purposes, but the solar movements which determined the seasons, were also of importance to Rig Vedic people.
The Rig Veda has already adopted a system of grouping together the stars in the lunar zodiac in the pictorial form, such as that of a bull, scorpion, eagle etc.
The origin of the concept of constellational groupings in pictorial forms can be traced in Rig Veda.
According to N.P.Ramadurai, an astronomy researcher, the cycle of time referring to 24,320 human years is mentioned in the Rig Veda at about 50 places. But to read Rig Veda,‘Grantha' is essential.
Also to read and grasp clearly our ‘Sangam literature'‘Grantha' knowledge is necessary. If we thoughtfully and magnanimously accept that our old Tamil letters are ‘Grantha' letters, it will pave the way to realise our ancient civilization.
Also, to read philosophy, art, sculpture, medicine etc.,‘Grantha' will be useful. It is necessary at this stage to do intensive research on the Mohenjodaro letters and our ancient languages, Sanskrit and Tamil, and, other Indian languages, to ascertain as to how the script changed over a time and new languages evolved.
In India, Tamil and Sankrit are the oldest languages and both are origin of other languages. This fact is proved by Vedas and our Tamil Sangam Literature. Great Saint Arunagiri Nadhar says in his Thirupugazh that Tamil has 51 ‘Atcharams'. Similarly, the total number of ‘Grantha' letters is 51.
What more evidence you peoples want?
To get back the history of more than three lakh years in the past, Saptharishi calendar only will be able to provide proper and genuine assistance.
We have been able to fix the dates of history from 25th Chathur Yuga to 28th Chathur Yuga. Saptharishi Mandala has played an important role in almost all the ancient civilization of the world. It is the pivotal point of all astronomical calculations and observations.

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#990 Nov 21, 2012
samskrut is oldest language in this world (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam born from samskruth)

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#991 Nov 21, 2012
samskruth is oldest language in this world, Telugu,Tamil,Kannada,Malayalam born by samskruth

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#992 Nov 21, 2012
Ram wrote:
samskruth is oldest language in this world, Telugu,Tamil,Kannada,Malayalam born by samskruth
please give some proof for sanskrit is the oldest language

Tamilan from banglore has given such a nice information and proof for oldest language tamil

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#993 Nov 23, 2012
Ram wrote:
samskruth is oldest language in this world, Telugu,Tamil,Kannada,Malayalam born by samskruth
now one new langauage came...samskruth !:D lol

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#994 Nov 26, 2012
The language Proto-World is thought by NASA to be the first language ,and all other laguages have evolved from this.
It is my understanding that they found text proof that it exist.

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#995 Nov 26, 2012
It is my understanding that this discussion is over
which is older Samskruth or Tamil ,but it is also over whats the worlds oldest language and many people fine this by looking the topic up.and my suggestion is that Proto-Wold is the truly oldest language.

I hope this helped you in some fashion or way.

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#996 Nov 26, 2012
Shashi wrote:
Records have proved that kannada language is older than Tamil. So Tamil cannot be the oldest language in India.
Are you a srilankan?

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#997 Dec 1, 2012
keanu13 wrote:
There is hot debate between north India and south (especially in Tamil Nadu) regarding the oldest language?
Many claims that Tamil is the oldest where mythic stories (let's assume if its true) suggest Sanskrit is the oldest!
My Question is there any scientific proof exist?
Hi Friend, the ans is actually both...:) Mother Language of Dravidian race is Tamil from which all other South Indian Languages were born. Sanskrit is the mother language of Arian race from which all the other languages including Hindi were born.

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#998 Dec 3, 2012
only two types of language are there. hetrogenious and homogenious. Tamizh only the hetrogenious language and another languages are homogenious language. WORLD OLDEST LANGUAGE IS TAMIL.

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#999 Dec 5, 2012
Sanskrit came from ariyans and ariyans wer the one who came to india. So it clearly tells sanskrit s not an indian orginated. It came around 300bc.
Another indian language tamil haš recorded a literature called THOLKAPIYAM which was written in 5000bc.
Undoubtdly TAMIL s d oldest of all..

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#1000 Dec 5, 2012
I thought it was sanskrit!


#1001 Dec 6, 2012
Avestan/Old Persian language is the oldest in Asia.

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#1003 Dec 7, 2012
Hate Tamil wrote:
One thing we can notice is you tamil idiots are self obsessed about your f**k all language. Tamil is the worst language existing in this world, ask any non-tamil guy about his opinion on the language and the people... U will get an idea how f***ed u guys r..
<quoted text>
yaka vara yilum nakakka sokap par sol illu ka pattru
do u know the meaning of this kural then u wont type the above

ni yella tamil padika num na nakku vadikanum(tongue clean)

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#1005 Dec 8, 2012
kannada is oldest language, tamil is derived from kannada.....this is true true true..........


#1007 Dec 8, 2012
Jan jam mdaj mejat kmja


#1008 Dec 8, 2012
Tamil is the original Indian language. Sanskrit not a Deva Bhasha, it is Only A "VEDA BHASHA". and Sanskrit is only a intermixed form of ancient europian's language an Dravidian language. Europian syntax and dravidian syntax are entirely different. All Indian Languages use Dravidian syntax. Malayalam and Tamil are interrelated dravidian languages.

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