Which is the Oldest Indian Language? ...

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#5209 Jul 24, 2014
ok ok don't get tensed and throw back my ideas...
calm down n think of ur own.
everybody knows wat u said is total wrong..
instead of barking alone go find some ur frnz and come ok as I suggested...
u r trying so hard and even tried multiple crossing
done mono actings but all the time u failed in d last...

now blaming and complaining on me..
to whom u r complaining anyway!!!!

in ur court, u r d judge, u r d criminal, u r d audience because there won't be a single crow, u r d police, u r d lawyer and everything is u..

same like here u r alone and abandoned here, whom u r talking with, can u name at least one people here who is supporting u ??

pls save ur energy don't keep barking alone

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#5210 Jul 24, 2014

first call ur frnz then let's see who is running !!
yes yes !!
u r d only person who is barking alone here annoying our discussions and u r d only person who will keep entertaining all of us here when d discussions goes boring!!
so nobody considers ur arguments relevant to dis topic
we see u just as like a entertainer here, dats it...

don't imagine and consider urself u r d one among talking valid things...

tanx by the way for bringing entertainment in this forum..

and call ur bunch of frnz I wud like to meet them here...

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#5212 Jul 24, 2014
wait u will not understand wat I'm trying to say...


see this a public forum where there are some old people staying here always and sometimes there comes a new people some stay and some will go immediately..
now d discussion is going very interestingly between two men's among them and there comes a mosquito near their ears making some same hissing sound and disturbs them and wat will those 2 people do they will react to it immediately like dis,

"hey chooo go away"
if dey don't it will bite and suck their blood..

so whenever comes a mosquito every human will react to it same old hissing sound no matter where the human came from he cud be an Indian American European but d fact a human will get disturbed to hissing mosquito...

and dis wat happening in dis forum sir, but there is only one mosquito is disturbing all of us sir with dat same old annoying hissing sound, everybody is trying to Chase it out using allout, good night, electronic bat but nothing works
dis mosquito is very poisonous sir..

and everybody including u here in dis forum know dat mosquito is "U" sir!!!!!

United States

#5214 Jul 24, 2014
idiot ...

always will sound cocky as if u fought many wars and conquered d whole world...
bloody silly entertainer..
before talking we r dis we r dat, first get into play and let's wat will happen in d end!!
Naveen kumar

San Mateo, CA

#5216 Jul 24, 2014
Tamil people copied everything from andhrapradesh regions of (telangana+coastal parts of AP+rayalaseema). Even ancient folk instruments like "dappu" and other arts copied from telangana regions. Tamil people very proud of "Tappu or parai" again it was copied from Telugus. First Ancient South Indian Temple Architectures builted by Telugu kings pallavas......... http://www.discoveredindia.com/andhra-pradesh...

United States

#5217 Jul 24, 2014
u r d only person will do self insulting and self asserting the same very proudly!!!!

stupid fellow...:) I'm only getting laughs seeing ur comments,
grow up idiot!!

Ashburn, VA

#5220 Jul 24, 2014
hey choo u idiotic mosquito don't make dat hissing noise go away!!!

any human is jealous of mosquito's hissing noise!!!????

grow up da stupid how many times I should say, wat valid information u have in dat link for ur claim.. can u specifically mention

Ashburn, VA

#5224 Jul 24, 2014
bloody ugly multiple crossing fool... who da is hiding ur stupid comments ain't u got big big bulbs from people of ur own community after reading those..

u idiot if u post dat then I will post mine

Ashburn, VA

#5225 Jul 24, 2014
u fool if u again come and say Pallava Grantha script gave birth to Tamil like a mental with ur wrong assumptions...

first prove us how our great literature's like Thirukkural(300BC) were wrote before pallavas (500AD) who u keep saying gave birth to Tamil script.. there is a long gap between, but u foolish Dont come and simply say Thirukural script are also Telugu script!! or they were written in late 1500 AD...

I'll bombard u
imaginative fool
nonsense fellow...

Ashburn, VA

#5226 Jul 24, 2014
no history is saying pallavas language is Telugu... idiot history says their language were pali, Sanskrit and Tamil..
fool grantha script is a Tamil script modified to write Sanskrit language u stupid useless fellow, I have explained this already many times,

like we use English letters to chat in our own language..

ur Telugu was born from Pallavas who used Tamil language and our script and developed Telugu.. idiot reversing that history and always barking Pallavas spoke Telugu

stupid it is actually Pallava gave birth to Telugu by considering history chronologically... idiot

Ashburn, VA

#5227 Jul 24, 2014
stop ur nonsense,

don't keep imagining pallavas are Telugu's

their origin
their language is still undeciphered,

before they landed in Tamils they were rulers of ur land so called Andhra now .

no history is saying they originated there and spoke Telugu and gave birth to Tamil..

imaginative idiot...

Ashburn, VA

#5229 Jul 24, 2014
Dont talk again ...

pallavas are Telugu's..
let the historians and scholars first decipher their origin and language first..

and u come saying so if it is declared so.. let's wait dont keep posting ur imaginative statements along with evolution of ur script...

Ashburn, VA

#5231 Jul 25, 2014
hey idiot.. go read it all..

it clearly states dat Indus scripts have nothing to do with Sanskrit and they are Dravidians...

u fool as per ur statement that Telugu was born from Sanskrit means u too have nothing to do with IVC...

so shut up ok!!!!

Ashburn, VA

#5233 Jul 25, 2014
fool... u only lost ur eyes mind and everything..
fool at least u now accepted that there were Tamil bhramis ...

idiot in ancient there were no different scripts u fool know nothing how script are formed ..

there were different languages but all used draw humans as we draw in childhood remember..

a circle for head
a straight line for body
two slanting lines for hands and legs

this is how the bhrami scripts were developed..

u r only fool in d whole world will say dat bhrami scripts from different areas that too inside India will have no similarities... utter idiot first know about human evolution, evolution of language and scripts.. Dont imagine all were created immediately well developed and civilised

Ashburn, VA

#5234 Jul 25, 2014
shall I show inscriptions of Tamil as per my link older than pallavas inscriptions,,,,u fool...

San Mateo, CA

#5237 Jul 25, 2014
fool.. u looters and nomads have modified Tamil scripts and Tamil words.. but however through Pure Tamil movement we got back our identity..

it is because u looted and modified our culture language and script.. it doesn't mean u r older than us...

idiot always claiming so with this stupid logic,
u bloody nomad..

though Tamil script(vateluthu) have no similarities with Telugu, how d hell u r saying Telugu script gave birth to Tamil,,,,

only Telugu and Kannada looks very similar
and malayalam look a bit similar to Telugu and Kannada..

but u idiot Tamil script is independent and don't look similar to any language u stupid...

don't come again talking foolishly about Tamil script...
we are not here talking about scripts anyway..
utter useless idiot..

talk relevant to this topic da u fool
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#5238 Jul 25, 2014
Telugu Inscriptions with words found traced to indus script.

San Mateo, CA

#5239 Jul 25, 2014
goddamn... fool let us assume as u say Pallava script may look similar to ur own eyes as per ur claim..

but with dat how u r foolishly blindly saying Pallava gave birth to Tamil script..

. u idiot will always add some extra utter idiotic points of urs to that links u post again and again..

San Mateo, CA

#5240 Jul 25, 2014
hey u my favourite fool all time...

I'm going to my office now, my shift is yet to start..

u keep enjoying ur long leave (6 months) offered by ur government ok!!

c ya take care !!

San Mateo, CA

#5241 Jul 25, 2014
"Telugu Inscriptions with words found traced to indus script."

oh I see.. who said so, Dont post general statements,

show me one with proper proof and theory posted by well known archeologists and scholars..

ok!! u keep searching on dis till night and u will find nothing and instead u will post ur own stories for sure...

ok. I am leaving now.. time is up

bye bye fool

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