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#32 Jan 16, 2010
Hi gandu warrior , just dont fck with us .
You brokers dnt have history . First lick our feet for being refugee in our land. I think you was born to muslim afghan group.
I think you were a group born. Hindu name itself coined by englishmen.
he he test your DNA first i think it might be mixture of all people in the world .i am so proud of you.
"because you belong to a multi ethnic heritage"

bye bye group born.


#33 Jan 20, 2010
Tamil is older than anyothr lang not js sanskrt as pr research.opinion varys.people believe in different thngs.bt wt u believ is diffrnt from wt u can actualy prove.itsnt gud to hurt ones belief.Since it has been provd tamil is oldest,doesnt make other languages any lesser.moreover language doesnt ve to be old for it to be cald great.all language has its own speciality nd its very spl for those who speak.

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#34 Jan 20, 2010
Tamil is oldest language. Because, Tamil came from
a disappeared continent full of Dravidians( people look similar to aboriginals in Australia) That continent connected with Australia, then merged in the sea Then the whole Indian sub continent collided
in the North and hence Himalyas was created.That is in the records. sanskrit came to live after that.
Therefore, tamil is oldest language in India.

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#35 Jan 28, 2010
keanu13 wrote:
There is hot debate between north India and south (especially in Tamil Nadu) regarding the oldest language?
Many claims that Tamil is the oldest where mythic stories (let's assume if its true) suggest Sanskrit is the oldest!
My Question is there any scientific proof exist?
yup..i do agree there is a debate regarding the oldest language..it is difficult to say this coz both the languages are unique from each other and the oldest evidence that is available, is with the Tamil guys.Sillapadikaram is considered to be the oldest evidence for the Tamils and it ages about 2100B.C. and it belongs to the last Sangam age this means there are much more evidences to be found before the Sangam age..and this proves Tamil is older than sanskrit(Most of the archaelogists suggest this)
Tamil Magan

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#36 Jan 28, 2010
hindu warrior wrote:
<quoted text>
looks like u know nothing about languages.do you know which is the first language of the world ? do u know the holy books of the hindus ? do u know the language of the devas ? answer all these.u r a fool and u r pointing at me.get lost.if u dont wat u r talkin batter to stay away from this forum.
Hey dont get tensed from the facts..There is no evidence that tells Sanskrit is the oldest language..and for Tamil too..the older versions were lost due to flood..the last thing that exists in Tamil is Tholkappium which ages 2200B.C belonging to the last of the Sangam age and it means there were more Sangam ages before and it means more of the evidence suggesting the oldness of Tamil was last..Even more archaeologists suggest that Tamil could be the oldest of the languages..and there are Tamil Inscriptions in Nayagara Falls..there are Tamil coins unearthened from Rome,Greece,South east Europe,Mohenjadaro and Harappa..indicating the trade


One of the most notable literary and ethical treatises in the Indian languages, Thirukkural, is written by Thiruvalluvar. There is a general consensus among the historians and literary authorities that Thirukkural was written around 2000 years ago.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Laureate, notes that,“There hardly exists in the literature of the world a collection of maxims in which we find such lofty wisdom as in Thirukkural”

Dr. G. U. Pope, a Christian Missionary and Translator of Thirukkural in English writes,“The Kural is an integral painting of a civilization which is harmonious in itself and which possesses a clearly recognizable unity."

India’s father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, notes,“I wanted to learn Tamil, only to enable me to study Valluvar’s Thirukkural through his mother tongue itself…. It is a treasure of wisdom…”

Interesting Facts about the Language:

Classical Hebrew terms like tuki and ahalat are close to the Tamil words tokai and akil respectively. Although English words like 'sandalwood' and 'rice' are borrowed from the Greek language, their origin, some claim, is in fact Tamil.

Even the minutest of fractions have a place in ‘Tamil’ language. Some interesting examples include the term immi referred to the fraction of 1/320 x 1/7, one-seventh of this fraction termed as anu, one-eleventh of an anu as mummi and one ninth of a mummi as kuNam.

On Why Tamil is a Classical Language:

University of California, Berkeley, holds a ‘Tamil’ Conference annually. Its Chair in Tamil Studies, Prof. George L. Hart, writes,“To qualify as a classical tradition, a language must fit several criteria: it should be ancient, it should be an independent tradition that arose mostly on its own and not as an offshoot of another tradition, and it must have a large and extremely rich body of ancient literature. Unlike the other modern languages of India, Tamil meets each of these requirements. It is extremely old (as old as Latin and older than Arabic); it arose as an entirely independent tradition, with almost no influence from Sanskrit or other languages; and its ancient literature is indescribably vast and rich.”

Tamil is the first legally recognized Classical Language of India, as formally announced by the Indian Government.

Tamil literally means="Common Speech or Way to Speak"

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#37 Jan 28, 2010
I think it is the simple sign language that we still see practiced by drivers on all public streets and highways.

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#39 Jan 29, 2010
First of all don't believe these communist and atheist like periyar, karunanidhi etc.. to divide Dharmik culture they are creating this regional difference.

These politicians are double standard people when Karunanidhi's says that all Tamilian children should be given tamil name but his own son's name is Stalin(Russian Name). Common Tamilian, Bihari, Marathi etc.. people are poor but these Tamilian, Bihari, Marathi et... politicians are always rich. Whose money is all that? Is it their ancestoral property, ans is NO it is money of common public.

All these Tamil leaders are concerned about Sri Lankan Tamils very good but none of these Tamilian leaders are concerned about Indian Tamilian tax payers. These Pro Tamilian leaders want to free the killers of Rajiv Gandhi but what about the family members of those Innocent Tamilians who were killed along with Rajiv Gandhi, had any one of these so called Pro-Tamil leaders ever looked after them? What about the justice for those Innocent tamilians killed along with Rajiv Gandhi?

Is pride of our caste/religion/language dependend on these criminals or by the saints of our caste/religion/language.

When a criminal of our caste/religion/language kills an innocent member of other caste/religion/language then in retaliation innocnet members of our caste/religion/language are killed, then why should innocent member of our caste/religion/language should pay for the foolishness of criminals of our caste/religion/language?

If a weapon is given to the criminals of our caste/religion/language then there is no gaurantee that the criminals of our caste/religion/language will not use it against us, then why should we support criminal of our caste/religion/language?

Jobs and oppertunities should be given on the bases of skills and not on the bases of caste/religoin/language. Suppose if there is a 10th fail person belonging to our caste/religion/language and if we make him doctor just because he belongs to our caste/religion/language then we are forgeting one thing that 15 innocent members of our own caste/religion/language might go that person for treatment. That means we are risking lives of 15 persons of our caste/religion/language for the welfare of one unskilled individual?

Agreed that locals should be given jobs but they should also be trained for that jobs.

You oppose saying sanskrit is the foreign languages but south Indian languages are more closer to sanskrit than north Indian languages. It can also be possible that sanskrit is the orginal language of south Indians and later on north Indians adopted it.

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#40 Jan 29, 2010
Pro-Tamilian leaders say that Aryans conquered and invaded Dravidians regions? but in reality most of the Tamilians for e.g. Pandyans were descendants of Pandavas. There was conquest both from North to South as well as South to North. For e.g. Rastrakrutas conquered till Rajasthan, solankis and salunkes are their descendants but now if you look at them then you will find that Solankis and salunkes can't speak kannada nor they look like them, Solankis are now gujarati/rajhastani and salunkes are marathis, therefore even though we might look dissimilar but still we are from the same source. Our leaders may lie but our DNA's don't.

If they say that Aryan pushed Dravidians to South in Indian then how come Aryans pushed Dravidians to North in Sri Lanka? As per Pro Tamilian leaders Aryans where only Charioteer then how come they conquered southern part of Sri Lanka from Horse Chariot?

How can they prove that Dravidians did not invent Horse Chariot? As per them if Dravidians can build buildings in Indus Valley then how come they did not invent Horse Chariots? They say that Aryans were nomads then how come a well developed civilization be conquered by nomads? It can also be possible that they came and accepted Dravidian Hindu culture? Story Agustiya might be just he was trying to again Unite North Indians and South Indians... he might just be a diplomat? People like Periyar who wanted to control entire region divided North Indians and South Indians in the name of Language? strange Periyar who himself is Ramaswamy accuses Rama.. one should not forget that they are just oppertunist.

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#41 Jan 29, 2010
Why our languages sound dissimilar?

Because north indians used to trade with persian empire, central asian tribes, mongolian and china kingdom mostly in silk route and so their languages modified with persian, central asian and chineese and mongolian influence for business needs.

South Indians used to trade with West Africans, southern Persian, Arabs, Romans, South East Asian kingdom etc.. mostly Spice Route that is why their language modified with West Africans, southern Persian, Arabs, Romans, South East Asian kingdom influence for business needs.

Internally they communicated with sanskrit.

Why we look dissimilar? Because we started living in different groups and we were marrying within those groups therefore there was gene mutation and also due to geographic location we started looking disimlar because South India is more closer to equator than north india.

If Pro-Tamilians oppose Ram because he was Aryan as per them then they should also oppose Ravana because Ravana's father was Brahman and his mother was from Gandharva and so he also becomes Aryan? If you oppose Rama to be of higher caste then Ravana should also be opposed because he was of more higher caste than even Kshatriya Rama.

Who are Gandhavara(People related to entertainment business for e.g. Something like Film Stars of today's generations)

In ancient times we were just part of different tribes which had different believes which does not proves that we belong to different race called Aryans and Dravidians.

During Rama times there was no pro-Aryan culture, because he was always considered as Raghuvanshi that is descendant of Raghu. Raghuvanshi and many other tribes including few of south Indian became a part of ARYAN organization.

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#42 Jan 29, 2010
Aryan was mere an organization like United Nation. United States, Great Britain, France etc.. existed before formation of United Nation and so you could not claim that United States, Great Britian and France etc.. were formed from United Nation. Just like how United Nation was formed to regulate warring nations in the same way ARYAN organization was formed during that time and head of Aryan organization was INDRA/ZEUS/JUPITER. INDRA was not just one person it was just a post like Secretary-Generalof United Nation there were many kings who became Indra even Mahabali of Kerala was appointed as Indra, insipte of belonging to Asur Kula.

There were two groups called Suras and Asuras. Few Suras and Asuras joined ARYAN organization and few did not, just like how few islamic countries are member of United Nation and few are not.

They followed few war and society rules. It was mere a socio-political group and not a race.

Authority of INDRA was challenged by Krishna. IN Kurukshetra war Krishna ended ARYAN organization once and for all.

Why Rama killed Valli from Behind? Rational View:- Valli was a Vanara and he was master in Gureilla Warfare. In Gureill warfare the attacker for e.g. the naxalites does not waits for you to show your face. Opponent attacks form any direction from any side in the dense forest, so even if you are good aimer it is not guarantee that you can aim directly on opponents chest because the opponent can change is position at any point of time.

Mythological View:- rama did not wanted the boon of Valli to go in waste.

Ravana's Ten head? It is just a metaphor because he had more knowledge than any other person of his time hence he had title of ten head. For e.g. Amitabh Bachchan is called Shahenshah of Bollywood.

Bishma on Arrow Bed and death by own wish? Actually ment that he was got stucked into bunch of thorns and he was granted permission of ending his life by his own wish something like Mercy Killing because Mercy Killing was banned in Hastinapur.

some argue that north indians are aryan because they used to respect their ancestor/parents, does that means south indians don't respect their ancestors/parents?

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#43 Jan 29, 2010
Today there are doctors in India as well as doctors in England, they prefer to be called as doctors and they write in doctor's handwriting but the doctor in India may be a Hindu and doctor in England may be a christian. In the same way higher caste and lower caste groups belonged in both North India and South Indian culture.

Today we take doctors, engineers, MBA's causally as mere profession so in the same manner in ancient times they might have taken these high caste and low cast as casual term. They were free to interchange their roles but later on it became Heredity. Most of the people of low cast group were conquered warriors belonging to other kingdoms. When north Indians empires conquered sourth INdian empiare then they made revolutionary of those conquered kingdom as salves(low caste) and in the same way When south Indian empires conquered north Indian kingdome then they made High class of north India as slaves(Low caste).

Why blame them even we today we differentiate people on the basis of Business Class and Economy Class. Can you name any Pro-Tamilian Anti-casteist leader traveling in economy class? If no then even these Pro-Tamilian leaders are casteist.
All Brahmins are not bad. Peple like Lokmanya Tilak, Phule and many Bengali, Tamil etc.. Brahmins have done dedicated hardwork not like Pro-regional leaders who don't come out of their A/C cars even if its winter season.

If All Brahmins were bad then they would not have made Kshatriya Ram as God and Vaishya(By Profession)/Kshatriay(By Birth) Krishna as God.

In ancient Brahmin only meant learned men they belonged to any orgin wether North or South, high class or low class for e.g. Intellectuals of today's generation belongs to rich or poor class, Brahmin and Dalits etc.. for e.g. Jagdhish Chandra Bose a Scientist, Dr. Ambedkar a reformist, etc..........

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#44 Jan 29, 2010
Rama uplifted Valmiki a person belonging to low caste and also allowed only the Ramayana written by Valmiki but Brahmana cum Gandharva Ravana never uplifted any low caste person. Ravana was busy spending on his own personal glory instead of uplifting his fellowmen like Mayawati who is busy glorifying herself instead of uplifting dalits.

If they say that Ram as a Aryan conquered South Indian dravidian Ravana's kingdome then they themselves are contradicting their statement because as per Aryan rules a person in exile cannot conquer kingdom. It was Ravana who was digging his nose into others personal life.

As per Drawin theory Man developed from Apes and Neanderthal co-existed with Humans. This is proved in Vanaras who were the species that was ending and both Rama & Ravana belonged to new Human species, Indeed even they were descendants of Vanaras. If Rama was really against south indians then why vanaras a dravidian staying in both North and south India supported Rama against another Dravidians. The reason is that people of that time were not narrowminded like us. All South Indians were not Vanaras because as per ramanya vanaras from allover the world came in that battle of Ramanayana.

Garuda belonged to Suparna tribe which was related to Assyrian empire tried to protect Sita. If they are openminded then why we are narrowmined. They helped each others as humans and did not killed each other as regionalist kings. Even Ravana had many Sura Allies. Asura does not means Demon it was the tribe called Assyrian. Rakshasha are different from Asuras, Rakshashas were Cannibals like few African Tribes. They were humans but practiced different culture. Gurada also had a low flying aircraft not advanced as Ravana's. Suras and Asuras were both descendants of kashyap Muni.

American, Japan etc.. want to land in and conquer moon, mars but we are busy in fighting and resolving our internal issues.

Languages is just of mode of communication like telephone lines, emails etc.. but we are making it as a status issue.

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#45 Jan 29, 2010
Early Humans invented fire, clothes, languages so that he can communicate with other human being they might have never expected that we their descendants will butcher each other in the name of language. Today we have reliance, aircel, airtel, vodafone mobile connection.. there can be possibility that tommorrow our descendants will fight in the name of reliance, airtel etc...

They can also fight for desi toilets and english toilets, becaue we are more narrow minded than early humans and so our descendants will be more narrow minded then us.

A 13 year old child in Japan knows how to make Television and other electronic devices etc.. but in our country we are just taught languages, languages, languages e... what we want our childrens to be only Language Teacher.

Who are Buddha and Mahavira? They were also Dharmiks. They just challenged the authority of one particular class they never asked their followers to kill the people of that particular class. If we would have understood what they told then we could have united all Dharmiks(Brahmins, Dalits etc...) and could have strongly stopped the invaders like Islamic and Christians

Shri Thiruvalluvar swami was a true noble saint and not oppertunist periyar.

What Rama, Krishna, Mahavira, Buddha, Thiruvalluvar and Guru Nanaka etc.. told?
Ans They were speaking about Dharma. So real religion is dharma(Hindus, Buddhist, Jains, sikhs etc..........

Everything is formed fro Aum. All gods are prefix by Aum. All mantras start from Aum and these Muslims blame us to be idolators. When our dharma knows the eternal creator of all creation Aum.

Aum, Shiva and Vishnu etc.. are one and the same. Just like how muslims say Kudha and Allah does that means that there are two different gods in Islam Kudha and Allah.

If they have formless and Idoless god then even we have formless and idol less God AuM. Dharma does not restrict any one. Any one is free to do Idol worship and free to do non- idol worship.

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#46 Jan 29, 2010
Why differentiation in skin color etc..

We oppose every good thing but we dig up and praise bad things.

Why to oppose English?

British took most of INdian resources for 2 hundred years then why can't we take English and make it as our tissue paper. Why to allow them to take our things free. We can invent more characters and add it to English and make it ours just like how we added 0. English Alphabets lacks pronunciation so we can added character with pronunication to English and make it Indlish.

English script was derived from Latin and Latin inturn was derived from Greek which was derived from Brahmi.

Why not Sanskrit?
Ans Pro-Tamilian leaders support Ravana as Dravidians but Ravana was a Sanskrit scholar and so Sanskrit is the ancestor and creativity of South Indian themselves.

Other reasons. As per our ancient books and scriptures there were vimanas like Pushpak, now if Pushpak was really present then there should be some fuel with which it used to fly. All these secrets are hidden in documents which is burried much deeper in Earth, if we manage to evacuate it then we might require to decode minute details and formula present in it. If we manage to get that fuel then we might not require to import petrol and deisel from Arab countries.

Karunanidhi says that Which Engineering college Rama went?
But that fool Karunanidhi does not remembers even the history of this country that Bachelor of Engineering started when British came but there are many sculptures much before British era for e.g. Taj Mahal and many Dharmik Temples, now how these temples were built. It was built by karigars and shilpakar ancient terminology of INdians.

Also, there may be few offices built by Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu does that means Karunanidhi himself built it, the answer is NO, he might have hired architect to built it in the same way Architect like Nala and Neil built Rama Sethu for Rama.

If You might ask what is the proof that Ram Sethu was built by Vanaras? Then you might have to answer what is the proof that Ram Sethu was not built by Vanaras?

during British period one trader performed an experiment in front of British officer by converting mercury into gold and this is attested by signatures of that British officer in the temple wall.

IN ancient times Havan was just like experiment and Mantra were just scientific formulas.. Later on people started making it mythology. For e.g. every one knows that Sachin Tendulkar is a big batsmen and if this is recorded in some book as "Sachin Big Batsmen" and then our civilization ends due to natural calamity and then again new human race is born then they might recover only a part of that half torn page which says "Sachin Big ........then those people might thing that sachin might be tall 10 feet gaint but in reality we know that he just 5 feet tall, the sentence only mentioned his bating skills and not his physical structure but it will be misinterpreted as physical structure.

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#47 Jan 29, 2010
Beware it took 2000 years for us to come out of caste problem and still we suffering in few areas and now this regionalism will create employment for this politicians for more 2000 years and it will make common Human suffer for more 2000 years.

If common man really has to be happy then each and every property of these Pro-Tamilian leaders should be ceased and distributed to Tamilians and each and every property of Pro-Bihari leaders should be ceased and distributed to Biharis and each and every single property of pro-Marathi leaders should be ceased and distributed to Marathis et..........

If that happens you will see these Tamilian, Bihari, Marathi etc.. politicians unitying. They should not oppose this move because if they are really concerned about their people they why can't their property to be distributed to common people of their respective states, when these properties were made out of the tax money of common man.

If a rich TAmilian, Bihari, Marathi businessmen pays taxes then he has the right to keep that money but these politicians make private property from public's tax money so that is the reason only property of politicians should be ceased.

We are no longer Aryans and Dravidians, We are no longer Brahmins and Dalits? We have just one identity that is INDIANS our religion is Dharma and we are Dharmiks the followers of Dharma.

We are proud of Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Guru Nanak, Thiruvalluvar, Dyaneshwar etc..

Why we still want be called as Brahmins, DAlits, Kshtraiyas, Vaishs, Shudras, North Indians, South INdians, Biharis, Tamilians, Marathis etc.. why can't we start calling our selves as INDIANS.

Remember that

"Money gone to beggar's bowl and a Politician's pocket never returns back".

"When these politicians can't offer anything then they offer Languages".

Today a child learns at the max 4 languages instead of learning techinical skills. Regional langauages should be taught at home if they want but it should not be entrusted on common man. School is for learning those things which a child does not knows so that it can help him in future.

Only English and Sanskrit should be taught in schools.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar inspite of being Dalit advocate for Sanskrit saying that sanskrit is just a language and also it is not the slave of any particular caste. Any one can learn sanskrit. This proves that Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was more broad mined than other politicians.

Hindi is not the language of UP and Bihar. Their languages are bhojpuri, magadhi, awadhi etc.. which belong to Prakrit like Tamil.

Tamil and Magadhi are real sister which developed from Prakits. People of Magadh stopped the practice of use Magadhi because of foreign invasion for e.g. Persians, Indo-greek, Mongolians like Kushan empire etc.., whereas Tamil continued. Marathi and Bhojpuri are sisters as both of them evolved from Aprabhramsa which inturn evolved from Magadhi. During Islamic invasion like Turks, Mughals etc.. Hindi evolved from Indian langauge and their language developed to Urdu, in reality Urdu and Hindi are sisters.

When islamic invaders were attacking our country at that time the language of North India developed to Hindi and langauges of islamic invaders developed into Urdu.

Why Hindi was accepted as national language?
Ans: Hindi was accepted as National Language much before Indian received Partition and when even Pakistan was the part of India and so there was the majority of people of both countries for making Hindi as the National Language because they opposed Sanskrit.
Later on the separated and making Urdu as their national language.

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#48 Jan 29, 2010
We should not forget that once Magahd and Awadh became Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and it's culture was spoiled by their politicians because they brought criminals to politics instead of civilized people. In the same way if we Tamilians, Marathis etc.. support criminals as politicians then our own politicians will spoil our livings.

We all are decendants of Krisha and Rama. Krishna and Rama are not property of uttar pradesh and Bihari. Krisha born in Uttar Pradesh, shifted to Dwarka and so he also become a Gujarati, went to Puri and so becomes Orissaite. Krishna married many queens of different tribes and so we all trace our lineage to him. HIs wife rukami was of vidharba, his wife Jamwanti was of deccan etc...

Some say that as per the curse Yadu kul ended. This is half truth.

Krishna knew how to turn curse to boon and boon to curse the boon of Jayadhat was converted to his curse. The boon of Bishma was converted to his curse. The curse of Arjuna was converted to his boon etc.. Krishna very well knew how to safegaurd his descendants. As we are descendants from Krishna and his queens belonging to different tribes and so we are not full Yadu's this is how we still carrying his lineage.

We have the brain capacity like him but we don't use it.

OUr draw back is that we don't know how to use it .

A Story:- There was once a Person used to cross a small pool with the help of rocks to reach to his house. one day it rained heavily the pool became overflow at that time he saw that birds were able to fly across the pond. Fish were able to swim across the pool. There was dog which could also swim across the pool and then he saw a horse which ran to miles away and probably found around route to cross the pool. Now the man started cursing God that he gave Horse the ability to run longer distance, Birds the ability to fly, Fish the ability swim, even Dog which never entered pool also managed to swim across the pool. No God replies to that person that I have given you brain, you can use brain to make car and drive to longer distance, you can use brain to make ships to sail accross oceans, you can use brains to make even spaceship to go out of this planet. You can use brain to learn swiming. If not all the above then you can go and ask your leader to built bridge because you give vote to your leader and abuse me for not doing the work assigned to your leader.

We are Descendants of Rama(modern Human species). Suppose you have two sons/daughters one son/daughter stays with you and another has left your home or have done intercaste marriage etc.. but the childrens of both of your sons/daughters will be your descendants whether they accept or not. Whether Ram is Paternal Great Great..........Grandfather or Maternal Great Great...Grandfather he still remains our ancestor.

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#49 Jan 29, 2010
You might ask what is the proof that Ram was our great great.....grandfather then even others can ask what is the proof that Ram is not our Great Great.......Grandfather. If you want to be a good judge then you should always hear both sides just listening to few Communists,Christians, Muslims, Atheist show our narrowmindedness. This proves that we all are sophiscated learned illiterates. We all Dharmiks(hindus, Buddhist, Jains, sikhs, Brahmins, kstrayia, Dalit, Shudras, Viashs, etc..) should united under Dharma.

Sanskrit predates even Rama and Krishna. It in this sub-continent much before ARYAN organization was formed.

Krishna is called the sampoorna avatar of vishnu and Venkateshwara was called the real vishnu. Krishna avatara was during the end of Dwapara and venakateshwara was during the begining of Kaliyuga. But as per the prophecy after Krishna avtar it is direct Khalki. This clearly proves that Venakateshwara was Krishna avatar himself. It was Rukamani(Lakshmi) who went to tirupathi after when she fought with him in Puri that is the reason why krishna is shown alone in Kholapur where he goes in search of her and becomes vitobha and then he reaches to tirupathi and marries Padmavati and then meets Rukhamani and ends his Krishna Avatar.

That is the reason why Venkateshwara is also called as Govinda.

Sanskrit became Prakrit and Prakrit became Tamil, Magahdi, Kannada, Marathi etc...

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#50 Jan 29, 2010
Dravidians were Aryans because Sri Rama’s Ancestor, Vaivasvata Manu was a Dravidian King : Srimad Bhagavatam.


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#51 Jan 29, 2010
Dharmik Indian Nationalist Heroes of Tamil Nadu
Puli Devar or Pooli Devar was a poligar (or palayakarar, this is a local chieftain) who ruled an area called Nelkatumseval or Avudayapuram situated now in the Sankarankoil taluk of Tamil Nadu.
He is recognised as one of the earliest opponent of the British rule in South India. He was involved in a vendetta with the Nawab of Arcot who in turn was supported by the British. His prominent exploits were his confrontations with Marudhanayagam, who later on rebelled against the British himself. All this happened in late 1750s and early 1760s, way before Kattabomman appeared on the scene. However little importance is given to these details.
Marudhu Pandiyar brothers
The Marudhu brothers were trained in native martial arts at Surankottai which traditionally served as a training centre for the Ramnad state army. The Valari boomerang is a peculiar weapon unique to India used originally by the indigenous people (ancient Tamils) of the South Asia. Two forms of this weapon are used in India. These are normally made of wood. They are known as Valari sticks in Sangam Tamil. It is said that Marudhu brothers were great experts in the art of throwing the Valari stick and using it as a weapon. It is said that Marudhu brothers succesfully used Valari in their Poligar Wars against the British colonial forces. They contested in and won many competitions of martial arts and distinguished themselves as brave warrirors. The Raja of Ramnad Muthu Vijaya Raghunatha Sethupathy issued the title of Pandiyas to honour the legendary Marudhu Pandiyargal.
Sir Subbier Subramania Iyer (October 1, 1842 - December 5, 1924) Grand Old Man of South India.
He was the President of the Dharma Rakshana Sabha, which he founded in 1908, and which sought to prevent the mismanagement of the funds of Hindu Religious Endowment and Charitable Trusts. He also worked for the promotion of Sanskritic study, and established two schools for Vedic Studies in Madura and Thiruparankundram. As the President of the Suddha Dharma Mandala, which he founded, he was instrumental in publishing several important Hindu religious works.
Having been greatly interested in spirituality and the study of religion he became interested in the Theosophical Society which he formally joined soon after his retirement. He was also the Vice-President of the Theosophical Society between 1907 and 1911.
As one of the prominent members his literary contributions were a regular feature of the Theosophical Society's publication The Theosophist right up to the 1920s. His participation in the activities of the Theosophical Society gradually drew him closer to Annie Besant and the Indian independence movement.
The Suddha Dharma Mandala or 'Pure Religion Society' resulted in a rift between himself and the Theosophical Society, since he desired to provide a rival world leader to Jiddu Krishnamurthi, the favoured champion of the Society.
V.O. Chidambaram Pillai (1872–1936), or VOC, was known contemporaneously as the ‘Tilak of the South'. Not surprising considering that he was Bal Gangadhar Tilak's (1856–1920) staunchest lieutenant in the southern part of the country. However, VOC's close relationship with Tilak awaits a detailed documentation and an interpretative narrative
For long it has been known that VOC, towards the fag end of his life, wrote a biography of Tilak and serialised it in Virakesari, the Tamil daily published from Colombo. Unfortunately, for more than seven decades, no attempt had been made to recover it from the back volumes of Virakesari.

Englewood, CO

#52 Jan 30, 2010
The above tamilians really fought of Indian Independence and they were not regionalist. They accepted Sanskrit. They fought for Indian Nationlism.

but Periyar etc.. so called Tamil regionalism are all frauds. Just like How Jinnah wanted a separate Pakistan for himself so that he can become Emperor of a kingdom in the name of Father of a country, even Periyar wanted to become Emperor of a Kingdom called Dravidistan in the name of Father of Dravidianstan.

These regionalist all Periyar of Tamil, Mayawati of UP, Laloo of Bihar, Raj Thackeray of Maharastra etc.. consider themselves as Kings and Queens of their respective region and treat their states as their Kingdom.

And we Public, like fools follow these kings/Queens, remember that in Democracy nobody is King/Queen all are equal.

A politician can make money or business by taking loan or borrowing it from Market for which they have to pay interest and not by using Public Fund for free.

Public Fund is generated from tax money of Public so it should be used for Public Welfare and not for feeding Politicians family.

Also, if these politicians are keen on doing their family businesses then why don't they quit politics and look after their business? Why they are wasting public' time and money?

To end regionalism each and every single regional state should be subdivided into Districts, otherwise these politicians will make a brother to fight with a brother.

This regionalism is a new devil like Casteism, don't allow it to prosper.

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