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Mumbai, India

#3742 Jun 10, 2014
Mudaliar wrote:
^sanskrit is first spoken in north that doesn't mean its european/central asian ,its the language of early indigenous indians, presently who are living in south and some people in north india.^
Neelakaran,-- Why Nordic or central Asian is to be called Aryan invasion or migration? Was there any race at all as Aryan ? Is it just a label invented by Euro/German to claim Sanskrit as Indo european language? and just to rob Indian antiquity and its past glory?
Good question!

Aryan is not a race.

The word Aryan supposedly evolved from a Tamil name 'Ariyan'(singular) or 'Ariyar'(plural) which itself evolved from its root word in Tamil 'Ariya'= rare. It is pronounced 'Ariya' with short A sound and Not as Ariyaa.

Evolution of the term 'Aryan':
Once upon a time the Dravidians were settled all over India. One day migration of people from outside India (especially from middle east and Europe) started to happen. They were Caucasian who had white skin, sharp nose, etc and looked different from the native Dravidians hence they called them 'Ariyar' meaning 'Rare people'. Those were the time Caucasians were too small in number in India hence they were referred Rare.

Change of meaning down the course of History:
The immigrant population started to grow and soon they had their own land, established their own empires in India but their name as 'Ariyar' carried on. Soon the word 'Ariyar' started to change its meaning and people used the word to refer immigrants in general or those who do no belong to home land (India). Thus 'Ariyar' became a word which is referring immigrant foreigners.
If Mongols visited India then they too would have been called as 'Ariyar' back then.

About modern 'Aryan':
British did not cook up new history. The immigrants were always referred as 'Ariyar' or 'Ariyan' in India which got corrupted and became 'Aryan'.

Controversies in Sanskrit meaning:
In Sanskrit the term 'Arya' was used to refer noble people whereas the Tamil word 'Ariyan' means rare people, hence the people with rare skills like jugglers or tumblers were called as 'Ariyan' in ancient Tamil kingdom which is also mentioned in the literature. These rare skilled people might have been considered noble hence only in this context there is similarity in meaning in both Tamil and Sanskrit.

Why consider Rarity as Noble?
I can answer this with an example from Chemistry. We know that there are 6 Intert gases. They are also called Rare gases or Noble gases. Noble gas is mere translation of 'Edelgas' which in German means 'Noble gas'.(Germans too have ancestral connection with the immigrant Aryan population).

The accepted reason why they are named Noble gas is -> They did not engage in any of the usual chemical reactions with other elements, and so were "aloof", i.e. seldom found in compounds.

Something that is different from the rest is Noble according to these immigrant population. Hence they called themself Noble because they are different. Likewise The Germans too named the gases Noble because they are Rare and different from the rest.

We can see striking similarity in the mentality of the Aryans here. Because they have same ancestry and hail from same place, same culture, mentality and lifestyle.

Even though all these happened they are still Indians and we cannot call them immigrants anymore. You stay in some other country for 10 years you get the citizenship. These people are part of India for around 6000 years. The Sanskrit credit still goes to India because when they created Sanskrit they must have been already settled in India for at least 1000 years and they have already become Indians when they created Sanskrit.


United States

#3743 Jun 13, 2014
TAMIL is the Oldest language on earth.Lord Shiva first spoke in Tamil and initiated Tamil.Even in all temples till now they say "தெ ன்&#29 84;ாட& #3009; உட&#30 16; சி&#29 97;னே போ&#29 93;்ற& #3007;..."
Thiruvalluvar wrote his couplets in Tamil which was written in B.C.Even in english countries they have accepted that Tamil was the first language on earth and it was spoken by all.

United States

#3744 Jun 13, 2014
both are indian languages pOor PalZz... u ppl will never change.... :p u all poor aZses need British empires again...... sry ;D its a fact shame on u indians

Bangalore, India

#3745 Jun 13, 2014
^Once upon a time the Dravidians were settled all over India^

The above statement calls for debate .Like Aryans, who invented ^the Dravidians^?Why not simply South Indian,? From when the word Dravida or Dravidian was found in History ?Literature?
Also when Tamizh was found in literature and can we have timelines for Tamilu, Dramila, Tamil etc.

Was there any period in Ancient India/Bharat that south and North divisions were not visible? Who were the first invaders and settlers? or the other way around that during Vedic and pre vedic period, Indians colonised the world!!!
uday kiran

Kolkata, India

#3746 Jun 16, 2014
Friends can u study abt satavahanas the oldest of south indian king, their is a different description abt greek and other emperors of india..

Bangalore, India

#3747 Jun 16, 2014
^Friends can u study abt satavahanas the oldest of south indian king, their is a different description abt greek and other emperors of india.^

Let us have some details, links etc with timelines.We need to look before Satavahanas too.!!!

Ashburn, VA

#3748 Jun 17, 2014
People from Telangana region in Andhrapradesh are ancient in india.They are ancient indians. Some ancient folk instruments and dances such as 'DAPPU''THEENMAAR' etc.. Origin from Telangana regions. Telugu is oldest south language. http://www.discoveredindia.com/andhra-pradesh...

Chennai, India

#3750 Jun 17, 2014
Naveen kumar wrote:
Difference in cultures and traditions between north and south indians; all the ancient indians are same people but after the huge invasions by central asians to north india, they merged with pure native indians, 60% of north indians had their ancestory from central asia,and after 700 a.d. There was some invasions by muslims to india and settled mostly in north india remaining 40% of north indians have ancient indian ancestory, but now in present india, south indians r pure indians bcoz ancient south indians living in south, and ancient north indians migrated and settled in south india,after the birth of civilization there was only one invasion occured in india that is sythian/kushan/muslim invasion its 100% fact, sanskrit is first spoken in north that doesn't mean its european/central asian language,its the language of early indigenous indians, presently who are living in south and some people in north india.
Hey dont waste your story writing skill. Take a movie. You are writing stories nicely
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#3751 Jun 18, 2014
tamizhan wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey dont waste your story writing skill. Take a movie. You are writing stories nicely
may be some brainless people like u think it a story

Ashburn, VA

#3753 Jun 18, 2014
Aryan invasion is a bullshit. CCMB proved that indians shared the same dna. http://m.timesofindia.com/india/Aryan-Dravidi...

Bangalore, India

#3755 Jun 18, 2014
Thanks for the link.This has proved my perception.Yet the article is dated Sep 2009.What are further developments in Genetics and Genomics publications.Sometime before I read that first Rat too followed migration to all other parts of the world from South India!!!


#3756 Jun 19, 2014
Tamil is the proto language n oldest and mother language for the world language sanskit was dervied from Tamil and Tamil ppl ..it s just because of the political status Tamil s not accepted. but soon Tamil will break al hurdles to stand out tall .. evidence are now evoled that Tamil s the proto language n first civilization from which other seven known civilization came ....
eric wrote:
<quoted text>
I have heard that Sanskrit is the oldest, but Tamil Nadu might preserve archaic inflections that have been lost in the north(much of the dialect features traveled south long ago). Much could be said for other languages. Amish who arrived in the U.S. in the 18th century speak a version of German that hasn't been used in Germany proper for hundreds of years(it was preserved in the U.S., but evolved differently in Germany where the older dialects changed and were lost). In order to judge the age of Sanskrit vs. Tamil Nadu definitively, one would have to figure out how a possible precursor to both may have sounded(finding core commonalities in both) and determine which is closest to the original language if possible. There are a lot of variations in Indian dialects, so this would be an extremely ancient language indeed.


#3757 Jun 20, 2014
i read that sanskrit was created after the invasion of aryans to india.. before that, the whole india was spoken with tamil language and being united. these hell aryans came and demolished the unity by separating with caste and community and made many and many languages.@ present thr r many manguages are spoken by indians. but only 15 languages as official language.. tamil is the foremost olden language than anything else.. dnt talk abt language itslf.. even culture, medicine, sports, wars, arts, science, everything and all, tamilians taught them to this world.. even tamilians are best in ship building.. recent research found a ship near australia which is fully made of wood. even those woods are found to e in south india alone. tat tym egypt too sailed. but with boats alone in the banks and rivers. tamilians the bravemen travelled in middle of the sea on those days and sailed all over the world. if anyone want to know about something tamilians, download "manidhan thamizhan mp3" from hip-hop tamizhan.. tamil is the oldest language in the world

Bangalore, India

#3758 Jun 20, 2014
I think we have to move from oldest and living language discussion to , how do we enrich a language to become a world language encompassing all new and emerging fields not forgetting to make an indigenously live as a bread winning language.Here are we prepared to borrow and internalise from all languages including a rethink to Sankritize?latinize?, English? etc

Bangalore, India

#3759 Jun 20, 2014
In this era of Globalization, language do make a difference. China is promoting Mandarin and with Asia^s growing influence which other language can compete in future?

United States

#3760 Jun 21, 2014
oh my god!!! Telugu people, I ask do you know who you are are, you talk about those shit history in and later 1000 AD. There was only one land with only one language that united people, that is Tamil. From your stupid unclear comments it is very clear that you know nothing about history of south India, before the invasion of kalabhras who are descendants of indo Aryan tribes from the north, there was actually no religion, no gods, no castes and there were only people who were untouched speaking one language and united by it and that is Tamil, obviously you shitholes don't know what the word 'Tamil' mean, Which itself explains the whole thing..

United States

#3761 Jun 21, 2014
You useless idiots, Malayalam was created by a poet by integrating Tamil and Sanskrit, it was roughly around 1300 AD.
There is still evidences left here that are from palaeolithic age.
The great kurukshetra war was held between gouvravas and pandavas, calculated it must have took place around 1500 BC and have the records of pandyas(fisrt pandyan king known to history, kulashekara pandyan) that is Tamil who was one of the allies of pandavas and gouravas(descendants of Aryans from west).
There are tools found which evidenced all these from that Neolithic period.
Fortunately somehow the great sangam literatures from the 3rd sangam survived dated before 2 BC.

United States

#3762 Jun 21, 2014
we have trading business with Sumerians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese from 4000 BC.
Pandyas are the richest and wealthiest rulers in that age, they are they one who started pearl hunting and it was the precious business that added wealth to the pandyan empire they started fishering too and so the flag have the fish symbol before they had bow and arrow as because they are the finest archers in that period.

United States

#3763 Jun 21, 2014
The darkest age is 3 AD is when the invasion of kalabhrars took place into pure Tamil Sangam age. This resulted, a end to sangam literature, our blood were mixed and so the language, they spoiled our culture, our monarchy, lifestyle everything, every single identity of us everything was spoiled by them.. It is unclear and still a mystery that who are those kalabhras, where did they came from, how they entered Tamilnadu but they dont belong to India, they were invaders.

United States

#3764 Jun 21, 2014
Fortunately kalabhrars turned as Samanars and they were in a situation to learn Tamil to spread their religion is why Tamil was not vanished from people.

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