Homicide Suspect From Orlando, Florid...

Homicide Suspect From Orlando, Florida, Caught In Charlotte, N.C.

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Salisbury, NC

#1 Aug 9, 2014
After 9:00am, on August 9, 2014, police apprehended a homicide suspect from Orlando, Florida, in Charlotte, N.C., on the west side, known as Mr. Lopez. The police presence is always strong in West Charlotte; around Little Rock and Tuckaseegee roads, due to it being populated by lower class Caucasian Americans and African Americans! But if this suspect had something to do with a double homicide, we salute the police for their endeavors. And many citizens in Charlotte are applauding the police. At the same time, these same citizens aren't concerned with the method to how the police was led to the suspect. If any American Patriots knew how this guy was caught it would raise concerns about surveillance protection rights in America.

What many Charlotte citizens know and don't appear to care about, is that police ride around in their neighborhoods daily, checking the make and models of unknown vehicles for alleged criminals. In the process of these so-called duties, residents are being located who owe fines or parking tickets. Some with outstanding warrants are also being apprehended using this method.

And at the same time, a Judge just ruled against the challengers of the North Carolina Voting Law, which targeted the lower classs people. Voting in North Carolina will never be the same again, and the thanks go to the freemasons of all denominations, the feds, and the local police! Africa Americans and Caucasian Americans better understand that the bill, that was passed two and three hundred years ago, which freed you from slavery, is presently delinquent. This means that they can place you in slavery again! Check it out for yourselves! This is for all of you who have Social Security Numbers!

However, within both Greensboro and Charlotte, N.C., police have been in every low income neighborhood for the past two weeks targeting anybody who appeared to be unpredictable. A "skynet", form of surveillance, have been used in Charlotte in order to check all traffic coming into the city, and all traffic leaving the city. Several friends, who live in various neighborhoods, and at different motels, claim that surveillance has stepped up there as well. We are receiving countless calls and texts concerning spies in many locations. If you seek to keep some of your privacy, it would be bes that you have different types of phones with different services to throw off the surveillance which the NSA claims they, nor police, are conducting illegally, anymore at this time against Americans. Countless people are saying that when they use their cell phones at motels near the Charlotte Douglas Airport, they can hear others talking on the phones (While the phones are ringing), or clicking sounds occur( While the phones are ringing), or deep echoes immediately following after the call have been connected. Some people, who stay around the Sugar Creek road region, claim that when many of them make calls to another, the person contacted is claiming that the callers phones are bugged. On the home phone devices of the receivers, while they are speaking with the callers, a light comes on sigifying that the call is being bugged. And the sad thing about this is that many of these people are ordinary citizens being target. Not criminals with criminal intent!

Since: Sep 13

Salisbury, NC

#2 Aug 9, 2014
A few friends who live at the Homestead Lodge on Wilkinson Blvd in Charlotte, is claiming that the nightly security guard, who happens to be an African American male, is targeting African American Guests. Some have stated that since a couple were evicted nearly 3 days prior to August 9, 2014, that there have been countless spies flowing around the motel at all times of the night. These spies have been using devices which tells them who are using the computers, that have been caught by scanners. Two couples stated that they've complained to authorities about being placed under illegal surveillance for no apparent reason, and was literally ignored. Their claims are with the highest of merits, but when the feds have given police the okay to do what they like, and they'll cover their tracks, what can you do about it?

Other Guests have complained that conspiracies have been going on around several motels in Charlotte which have allowed some motel owners to lose business. They are stating that the feds and police have been targeting everyone who have been complaining about what goes on in Charlotte. So a few of our comrads went a step further. A friend of a friend, who has a brother who is a cop, revealed that a friend of his, who works for the SBI, informed him that when people are making complaints against illegal activity by police and freemasons, the police and freemasons are recruiting informants who are lie and contest irrefutable info in stealth. The cop further claimed that, even if the complainant(s) have never had any form of communication with the spies which surveillance cameras will catch, the spy's information to their sources is still plausible. The reason it's plausible is because the feds and police will keep that information away from the complainants lawyers etc. There is a rumor that U.S. Attorney General, "Eric Holder", knows what is going on with these sort of tactics, and support it. We had a member of a Grass Roots Movement find out how many people have been arrested in the past month, from the illegal use of informants. The estimate was startling! We also had members who have questioned certain police all around North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida, about silent battles against citizens who were not told anything about allegations against them. The numbers were staggering! So how can you fight forces who seem to battle you from behind closed doors? It appears that if you are a compainant who complains against the new U.S. policies and practices, they will consider your complaints a matter of National Security, and will treat you as if they are conducting long term investigations against you. With the way things are going, the New World Order is going to come in with a breeze. President Obama was informed by Eric Holder, that he got all targets under control. And with this, President Obama left for vacation.

Many of the so-called reliable spies at hotels and motels, from what one officer claimed, have been at those locations from 2 to 20 years. Victims of this sort of activity need to question authorities the next time police target you, and claim that they have irrefutable evidence against you in some high profile like crime, or conspiracy. Ask them how they got their evidence. We assure you that there will be lying informants around who were involved. But the good thing is that you can use surveillance cameras in your defense, providing the feds or police haven't altered the tapes.

Since: Sep 13

Salisbury, NC

#3 Aug 9, 2014
A cop instructed us to inform the ignorant to stay away from Verizon Pre-Paid Cellphones, Verizon Contract Cellphones, AT&T Cellphones, and magic jack devices, because all information is being stored by various departments and agencies. He claimed that the U.S. Government, from the silent office of U.S. Attorney General "Eric Holder", is trying to know who each and every American is, how they communicate, and what they are talking about. The cop even stated that he've witnessed countless other high ranking police working with Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner Communications, and with others in collecting cellphone and internet data against residents all over North Carolina and abroad. Furthermore, on his police website, he says that some cops have posted what they have been doing on the site to Americans. But be very careful if you visit these websites, he says, because once you get linked onto their site, your location will always be known. We also hear from a freemason, who think that other freemasons are working towards the New World Order, that Americans need to be concern with the latest tactics being used by police from Illinois and Pennsylvania, to the entire south eastern seaboard of the United States. Whatever they are designing, the war and local crimes seems to be all the mainstream and local medias are talking about. Americans need to pay attention to what is going on around them because what they are designing have given them a new power against you. Its just like one Greensboro Police Officer told a resident who stays in the Smith Homes Apartments in Greensboro, at 8:42pm on August 8, 2014, quoting; "you don't have no rights anymore!" When a cop tells you this you'd better listen.

They will continue to use people against one another and implement "skynets" so that they can keep an eye on all. Isn't this illegal surveillance? Or does American safety triumphs over the few Constitutional Rights? African Americans need to stand clear of so-called African American local news anchormen and women! Their stories involve you! Just watch how often they will sneak their way into your neighborhoods! Many local news medias are watching many Americans from their spy satelites! They know everything you are doing! News Anchor "Eric Phillips", for Charlotte News 9 isn't ignorant to this. Nor is WFMY News 2 in Greensboro, North Carolina! A new strategy for police was completed, and now is being executed. Thus, the American people better get ready for a stronger police presence! They can do things to you now that they won't have to be discipline for! Is the NYPD responsible for the new strategy in Charlotte? There has been talk, but we shall soon see based on similar tactics and disciplines for police brutalities or murders! You have all been forewarned!

Since: Sep 13

Salisbury, NC

#4 Aug 9, 2014
After Thought: It is being spreaded at several motels that Direct-TV and other Communication Contractors are spying for the police, illegally. Three women, who claim to live doors away from a Direct-TV Contractor at the Homestead Lodge Motel, swears that the party has been spying on Guests for sometime now. He have been duplicating passwords to websites and have been browsing the websites like it was his own.. They further claim that he have been illegally hacking through the internet service of that Motel to link onto users internet activities. Unbelievable! The city of Charlotte must be very desparate when they implement such things. These activities may be going on in a city or town near you. They may be bugging or hacking your motel phones as well. And remember folks, your local news media is in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service. You'll be surprised at how many forces are spying on Americans.

Blacks are getting the shaft everywhere:

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