How can I sell my soul?

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#564 Jun 16, 2012
Crazy Baptist wrote:
1 [.....]. Therefore honor God with your body. You can't sell something that belongs to God.[.....]
Bottom Line, the entire bible is written to explain about people who "do" sell their souls to Satan (Lucifer) the Devil etc... The reason Jesus Christ died on the cross, went to hell and did all that, ROSE after death, sat/sits at God's right hand, and the reason for that requires reading the entire NEW TESTAMENT of the bible to figure out. Added to that, his name "Jesus Christ" has power because of it. AND for everyone God states, who is not FOR GOD they are 'against' God, and their soul is rendered over to the reprobate mind.

YES; many people sell 'tons' of things that ARE NOT theirs to sell, you can start with "land." The earth is supposed to be Gods...


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#565 Jun 17, 2012
Mystery wrote:
I know this sounds dumb but I want power. For all kinds of bad things. How can I get it? And if I need to sell my soul to the devil for it, how? Anybody, please
What you wants in the universe; also wants you.
A universal law that most people know about in my life.

I presume, what you spoke that you want--is in the process of coming about in your life. Or, you could become a politician, then it is 'legal' to do bad things and gain power.

Just remember; what you do in life, DOES, come back to visit you as well and the same things you did to others will be done to you, it is another universal law, and I think it works well to teach 'bad guys' the error of their ways.

Brighton, UK

#566 Jun 25, 2012
gave my soul away , got f all back , cheers ...

Brighton, UK

#567 Jun 25, 2012
there aint no good people , naaaaaa , all selfish , who think with there naughty bits ....

United States

#568 Jun 30, 2012
I sell my soul to the devil to rich

United States

#569 Jun 30, 2012
Sex gals

Los Angeles, CA

#570 Jul 14, 2012
It has been documented over years of scientific study that a body loose something between 6-7 ounces of weight upon death. No matter fat or skinny, young or old the amount is the same! It has been studied to a point that a proven lifeforce, or "soul " if you will leaves the body no matter the way of finality. I am not a religious person, nor am I a person to worships gods be it good or evil! Yet the unexplained matter is of concrete FACT. Something kicks this thing we call a body or being into action, and stops it?
So as soon as you figure out the matter of bartering this lifeforce or soul for monetery gains be it devil or angel, Hell let me know.
Being Tommy Lee wouldn't be half bad....In fact would be well worth it!
Graham Warsop Clements


#571 Aug 16, 2012
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Shut up with the languagr kid.

Makes you look dumb. Well more dumb than you already are.


#572 Sep 3, 2012
well am willing to sell mine too because no one is willing to give me a loan to pay all my debts and as a result, my debtors are chasing and even wanting to throw me in jail. please, can anyone show me where i can sell my soul for instant cash? or better still can any private lender who is not a scammer give me a loan of $50,000? thank you


#573 Oct 16, 2012
Some body out their tell me how to do it

Washington, DC

#574 Oct 23, 2012
Lee wrote:
Lucky me Im very happy goin about my life not worshipping anything, wondering if il go to hell or heaven.... Maybe thats just me, but it is very funny to read the comments some religious ppl make

Washington, DC

#575 Oct 23, 2012
seventies chick wrote:
No one owns thier soul so they cant sell it. God is the owner of our souls
Ur god is the owner of my soul??? Ok iv heard some crazy religious stuff but that realy tops the cake, god dosnt own my soul. I own it. If I chose to end my life I can do it, god cant stop me, maybe u say ” yeah well he can send u to hell”.... Ok??? I dont get it most of the arguments on here are about religous vs nonreligious or ” satan followers” most wars that started on this earth was from religions. If u believe in this god or that god then OK!!! If u dont like that, that chinese man believes in budism and not christianity then get over it, go on with ur life... Shouldnt be fighting about it.
u tell me

Johnstown, PA

#576 Oct 23, 2012
jesus loves us all,why do so many hate him.we are all gods children.selling your soul would not be worth anything you could get for it.we all stand to much of a chance of going to hell without selling our souls.


#577 Oct 26, 2012
What A load of u sad people really believe in all this crap.get a life.u sow what u reap.there is no selling ur soul to the devil.take life as it comes.make the most of what u have.there are millions of people worse of than get on with life and appreciate wbat u have.u only have this life to make the most of it so.DO IT.if it were possible to sell ur soul for money etc.we would all be poverty .and even if it was practical.why would u give up 30 or 40 years of ur spend eternity in hell.DO THE MATHS.

Suri, India

#578 Nov 14, 2012
jesus nvr fought he got his ass kicked...he nvr evn crossed jerusalem...yet u jackasses say jesus died for us bunch of dumbasses u are...

United States

#579 Nov 14, 2012
How can you sell your soul? Once you've heard the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ,and REJECTED it,you have,basically,told Satan the devil,your soul is 'for sale' to him. And if you die,having REJECTED to the Lord Jesus Christ,you just 'finalized the sale'....of you soul.....I'm just keepin' it R-E-A-L.

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#580 Nov 14, 2012
marty wrote:
jesus nvr fought he got his ass kicked...he nvr evn crossed jerusalem...yet u jackasses say jesus died for us bunch of dumbasses u are...
Your're going to HELL,unless you REPENT and accept the Sacrifice that the Lord Christ Almighty made for you at the Holy Cross of Calvary:

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#581 Nov 14, 2012
marty wrote:
jesus nvr fought he got his ass kicked...he nvr evn crossed jerusalem...yet u jackasses say jesus died for us bunch of dumbasses u are...
TODAY is the Day of salvation,for you are not promised tomorrow!!:

United States

#582 Nov 14, 2012
Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth!!! For the devil has come down among you,and he is full of rage,for he knoweth he hath but a short time!!!:
Rodney Lamont Blount

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#584 Nov 20, 2012
Sacrifice my father life to sale my soul

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