As two other major but less significant quakes hit in June and December, 2011, Hayson’s company Silverstream Estates took on the task of meeting the needs of dislocated Kiwis.
Think of the challenge. The CBD was extensively damaged and still requires major reconstruction of infrastructure and buildings.
Tens of thousands of homes have been so extensively damaged that they have been placed in a “Red Zone” meaning that that underlying land is unsuitable for rebuilding.
When the underlying land is “Red Zoned”, the government offers to purchase the land and buildings at the most recent government valuation.
Those residents affected must then build or purchase another home elsewhere. The New Zealand government responded by setting up the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery (CERA pronounced Sarah) Authority.
Gerry Brownlee, Transport Minister and Leader of the House, was appointed Minister responsible for CERA and the Earthquake Commission (EQC).
Importantly, council agreed to speed up the approval process and the developer agreed to provide a minimum number of lots within a certain time and at certain prices.
To achieve lower price points, Hayson reduced the size of some lots from 650 to 1000 sqm down to 300 to 600sqm.
In new housing estates the building covenants require a certain size home to be built on the land. So the larger the block the larger the home required to be built which means the land is more expensive and so is the house.
The smaller lots suit older people with restricted budgets, particularly, and those who don’t want to maintain gardens. The subdivision has extensive open space and an adjacent stream with 2.8 kilometers of walkways.
According to Hayson, the integrity of the system has been adhered to. The design and approval process has run in parallel with the works rather than being completed before works commenced.
All work was undertaken with the full knowledge, support and approval of the council and in accordance with all the relevant standards and this was the reason the company was able to achieve its objective ahead of schedule.
The council appointed a special liaison officer, weekly meetings were held, almost immediate inspections were provided and all work was constantly checked to it could be signed-off without delay on completion.
The development has delivered the first 162 titled lots in five months, which included all sub division design and consents from a cold start excluding rezoning.response and run with it.