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#33741 Apr 5, 2013
According to experts both names are just hypothesis that's why there are so many diffrent opinions that there is really no way to know for sure and I think if you have a relationship with god he knows who you are worshiping and praying to.


#33743 Apr 5, 2013
FARKEL wrote:
Whether or not JW's are willing to admit it, their door-to-door ministry is specifically designed to vet prime candidates for successful indoctrination.
The method works as follows:
(1) Isolate the individual.
Going door-to-door you are most likely to find people alone, or alone with children. In this way you do not have to worry that more than one person will be weighing and evaluating what you say. This also enables the application of emotional sway much more easily, someone need not be nearly as charismatic to sway one as to sway TWO or more minds to adopt a given perspective.
(2) Read a Scripture from a select set that have proven effective at weeding out knowledgeable householders.
For example: The Lord's prayer at Matthew 6:9-10.“When you look around the world and see all the bad that happens in it, do you really think God's will is being done on earth?” Asked this unexpected question, point blank, without having time for preparation and ideally with little or no Bible knowledge, most householders will, sadly, agree. Prime candidates will agree and add their OWN comments in favor of that view, seeking approval from this person who came to their door who is obviously so knowledgeable about the Bible.
Yet, it is a deception that the knowledgeable will easily spot. God's will IS being done on earth. God's will has ALWAYS been done on earth. Along with the will of others, God's will has been done by whomever has been willing to do it. Jesus, for instance, did the will of God on earth. He said so himself. If the knowledgeable one shows himself or herself to be such at this point perhaps there will be an offer of literature (in case someone ELSE in the household is not so knowledgeable), a brief explanation of the donation arrangement, and polite goodbyes will be made.
(3) Plant the kernel of "new" understanding about the Bible, the glimmer of hidden truth revealed.
“Did you know the Bible speaks of a time when God's will is going to be fully realized by making the entire earth a paradise, in which righteousness is to dwell? Notice what Revelation 21:3,4 says ...(or Psalm 37:10-11, 29, or Isaiah 65:17-25)... Doesn't that sound wonderful?” The ideal candidate will get wide-eyed and goose-pimply at the idea, a Bible study will start, and so long as they are willing to subject their entire prior life to the will of a Corporate authority in New York, USA, they will eventually become one of Jehovah's Witnesses.
The knowledgeable will not, they will spot the absence of the word 'paradise' anywhere in these texts and will ask about 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 and Revelation 2:7 ... whereupon they will be marked as argumentative, or as goats, or as too smug and full of themselves. They will be told,“I'll have to do some more research on that and get back to you ...” or “That's a very interesting question, but, unfortunately the rest of my car group is waiting for me, so ...”
The JW will not go back again.
It is a system DESIGNED to find the Scriptural illiterates and aliterates of society.
Which is why they cannot grow at all by any other means, and why their growth as a religion stagnates in locales where the populace is educated enough to spot the deceptions in their religious dogma.
Many have criticized Jehovah’s Witnesses for their global, effective house-to-house preaching work. Yet, there is a clear pattern set by the apostles and early Christians. In Acts 5:42, we read of their activity:“Every day in the temple and from house to house they continued without letup teaching and declaring the good news.”
Be true

Rome, GA

#33744 Apr 5, 2013
So Student you can't or won't answer the questions and so you are also saying we cannot be saved by grace we must go door to door


#33745 Apr 5, 2013
Be true wrote:
So he hears our prayers but doesn't love us but only if we are Witnesses and we can only have Grace if are a Baptised Witness is this what you are saying .
Jehovah’s love toward mankind is that of a Father toward his children.

(Mt 5:45..........since he makes his sun rise upon wicked people and good and makes it rain upon righteous people and unrighteous.)

His greatest manifestation of love, the most loving thing that a parent can do, he did for mankind. That was the giving of the life of his own faithful, only-begotten Son.(Joh 3:16)

As the apostle John writes:“As for us, we love, because he first loved us.”(1Jo 4:19)


#33746 Apr 5, 2013
Be true wrote:
So Student you can't or won't answer the questions and so you are also saying we cannot be saved by grace we must go door to door
No works of ours can earn God’s blessing. It is, as Paul says, an undeserved kindness (grace).

Romans 3:23, 24, Paul thus told anointed Christians:“All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and it is as a free gift that they are being declared righteous by his undeserved kindness through the release by the ransom paid by Christ Jesus.”

Those who have the hope of living forever on earth are likewise recipients of “a free gift.” This gift includes the privilege of being declared righteous as Jehovah’s friends.—James 2:23; Revelation 7:14.

If you are sincerely doing all you can within your limitations to fulfill your obligations to God, be happy at doing that. Jehovah asks no more of you.

Be aware, however, of another of Satan’s “evil tricks.” He misleads some into thinking that they can take advantage of God’s undeserved kindness, that they can presume on his mercy. Jehovah lovingly forgives our weaknesses, but that does not mean we can stop struggling to overcome them.

Paul described some who had “trampled upon the Son of God and . . . outraged the spirit of undeserved kindness with contempt.”(Hebrews 10:29)

These had shown no respect for righteous principles and contemptuously flouted God’s laws, putting themselves beyond restoration. Jesus’ half brother Jude, who saw the danger posed by such dupes of Satan, wrote:“Certain men have slipped in[to the congregations],. . . ungodly men, turning the undeserved kindness of our God into an excuse for loose conduct.”—Jude 4.

Satan may fool such ones into thinking they can more or less willfully indulge in wrongdoing and then ask God to forgive their sin. But Jehovah will not forgive such willful violators of his laws. He is “abundant in loving-kindness” to those who strive to serve him as best they can despite their imperfections.“But by no means will he give exemption from punishment” when it is due.—Exodus 34:6, 7.
Be true

Rome, GA

#33747 Apr 5, 2013
Ok I agree grace isn't a sin all you want get out of jail free card I understand that I also know all religions are corrupt dont get me wrong I'm not knocking preaching to good news door to door my problem is the history of the leaders changing doctrines and cover ups why hide the mistakes why judge others religion without looking at your own do you trust the GB no matter what no matter what happens no matter the past they refuse to talk about because they will definatly point out the mistakes in others and thank you for your response
Be true

Rome, GA

#33748 Apr 5, 2013
Is that not part of seeking the truth


#33749 Apr 6, 2013
Be true wrote:
Is that not part of seeking the truth
The Bible shows that Jehovah enables his servants to understand his purpose in a progressive manner.(Prov. 4:18; John 16:12)

Thus, the prophets who were divinely inspired to write portions of the Bible did not understand the meaning of everything that they wrote.(Dan. 12:8, 9; 1 Pet. 1:10-12)

The apostles of Jesus Christ realized that there was much they did not understand in their time.(Acts 1:6, 7; 1 Cor. 13:9-12)

The Bible shows that there would be a great increase in knowledge of the truth during “the time of the end.”(Dan. 12:4) Increased knowledge often requires adjustments in one’s thinking. Jehovah’s Witnesses are willing humbly to make such adjustments.

Hollidaysburg, PA

#33751 Apr 6, 2013
I have no religion.


#33753 Apr 6, 2013
yon wrote:
<quoted text>
jw's never admit to changing doctrines let alone cover ups - they just come out with new books every year and call it new light that you are to agree with without question - while calling old books old light and are to sit on shelves unless referenced by the gb - aka the fictitious f&ds.
Doctrines? What doctrine did they believe in that were changed?


#33755 Apr 6, 2013
yon wrote:
Go back and read "Studies in the Scriptures" and all of their "adjusted understandings," false predictions and continue to deny, deny, deny and gobble down "new light" year after year. The UN is the great whore - oops - we're joining her and now we say nice things because we needed a library card.
"Studies in the Scriptures." The first volume was written in 1886 by Charles Taze Russell. In 1927, during Rutherford's presidency, the Watch Tower Society ceased publication of all seven volumes of Studies in the Scriptures, as several core doctrines had been changed from what Russell had taught.

As Jehovah’s Witnesses today review the work that Charles Taze Russell did, the things he taught, his reason for teaching them, and the outcome, they have no doubt that Charles Taze Russell was, indeed, used by God in a special way and at a significant time.

This view is not based solely on the firm stand that Brother Russell took with regard to the ransom. It also takes into account the fact that he fearlessly rejected creeds that contained some of the foundation beliefs of Christendom, because these clashed with the inspired Scriptures.

These beliefs included the doctrine of the Trinity (which had its roots in ancient Babylon and was not adopted by so-called Christians until long after Bible writing was completed) as well as the teaching that human souls are inherently immortal (which had been adopted by men who were overawed by the philosophy of Plato and which left them open to such ideas as the eternal torment of souls in hellfire).

Many of Christendom’s scholars, too, know that these doctrines are not taught in the Bible, but that is not generally what their preachers say from the pulpits.

In contrast, Brother Russell undertook an intensive campaign to share what the Bible actually does say with everyone who was willing to hear.

As his death neared, he did not take the view that there was nothing more to be learned, that there was no more work to be done.

He had often spoken of preparing a seventh volume of Studies in the Scriptures. When asked about it before he died, he said to Menta Sturgeon, his traveling companion:“Some one else can write that.” In his will he expressed the desire that The Watch Tower continue to be published under the direction of a committee of men fully devoted to the Lord. He stated that those who would thus serve were to be men “thoroughly loyal to the doctrines of the Scriptures—especially so to the doctrine of the Ransom—that there is no acceptance with God and no salvation to eternal life except through faith in Christ and obedience to His Word and its spirit.”
Brother Russell realized that there was much work yet to be done in preaching the good news.(Testing and Sifting From Within, chap 28 p. 623)

I would suggest that you get one of our new book's called "What Does the Bible Really Teach."
Be true

United States

#33756 Apr 6, 2013
Are you kidding me student smoke and mirrors is not new light do some research it's not just apostates trying to stumble you do you know much about Charles taze Russell other than what they tell you and Rutherford. was a joke more than Russell. he reminds me of the Unit States Gov. And what about Raymond. Franz sorry but I expected a better answer two wrongs never make a right
Be true

United States

#33757 Apr 6, 2013
New light you claim to have the clean religion directed by Christ um he doesn't make mistakes come on I can tell your smarter than that. Look at the originals not what the GB has in circulation now.they have total mind control over you . They control you , your thinking and probably your family please use logic and fact I was hoping you would open my mind not spat off the same ole bull
Be true

United States

#33758 Apr 6, 2013
Two sisters never educated traveled the country and swore til death they had the truth til lived minimal spent time at Bethel one day they go in a library and find a few books they were trying to reference. they were waiting for on back order and found older books with same volume ect that said things totally diffrent from what these very same books they had back in Philly and could not understand .Started to cross reference and then the where do I go from here gloom set in . It's sad but true
Be true

United States

#33759 Apr 6, 2013
Sorry for typos and punctuation. I have limited vision

Sparks, NV

#33763 Apr 6, 2013

We humans need to STOP FIGHTING OVER GOD.



No more religious fights. No more myths and lies. No need to fight over who is god and which one is the right one - because we would already know where to "find god" - right within ourselves.

STOP FIGHTING OVER GOD AND START ACTING LIKE GOD. USE YOUR POWER to make the world a better place instead of "waiting for jesus".


Would a "god" really want us to kill ourselves fighting over it?

No, right?

So why do we want kill ourselves over god? WTH is wrong with us?


#33764 Apr 7, 2013
Be true wrote:
Are you kidding me student smoke and mirrors is not new light do some research it's not just apostates trying to stumble you do you know much about Charles taze Russell other than what they tell you and Rutherford. was a joke more than Russell. he reminds me of the Unit States Gov. And what about Raymond. Franz sorry but I expected a better answer two wrongs never make a right
As Jehovah’s Witnesses look back over their modern-day history, they see evidence that Jehovah has truly been refining his people.(Mal. 3:1-3)

Wrong attitudes, beliefs, and practices have gradually been cleared out, and any who have chosen to cling to these have gone with them.

Those who remain are not people who are willing to compromise Bible truth in order to accommodate human philosophy. They are not followers of men but are devoted servants of Jehovah God. They gladly respond to the direction of the organization because they see unmistakable evidence that it belongs to Jehovah. They rejoice in the advancing light of truth.(Prov. 4:18)

Jehovah’s Witnesses today recognize the Watchtower magazine and kindred publications to be the ones used by the faithful and discreet slave to dispense spiritual food. They do not claim that this slave class is infallible, but they do view it as the one channel that the Lord is using during the last days of this system of things.

They individually count it a grand privilege to be active Witnesses of Jehovah, proclaimers of the Kingdom of God.
Be true

United States

#33766 Apr 7, 2013
Ok so student again you serve the organization um ok please do yourself a favor open your eyes and bible fight of the wolves in sheep clothing the devil is clever
Be true

United States

#33768 Apr 7, 2013
The brainwashing. is strong .do you really see Russell like that he measured a pyramid to try to predict the end of time Rutherfurd was a drunk who rode around in expensive cars and thought he was a prophet . He even built a mansion in Cali were he thought him and the prophets would ride out the end of time together I know religion is corrupt but that's insane to wright all. that stuff off then attack Catholics and all other Christian faiths pot meet kettle
Be true

United States

#33769 Apr 7, 2013
And Russell never thought what the others tried to this is disturbing I know of 3rd generationers that wasn't that nieve

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