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#33398 Jan 25, 2013
Whether or not JW's are willing to admit it, their door-to-door ministry is specifically designed to vet prime candidates for successful indoctrination.

The method works as follows:

(1) Isolate the individual.

Going door-to-door you are most likely to find people alone, or alone with children. In this way you do not have to worry that more than one person will be weighing and evaluating what you say. This also enables the application of emotional sway much more easily, someone need not be nearly as charismatic to sway one as to sway TWO or more minds to adopt a given perspective.

(2) Read a Scripture from a select set that have proven effective at weeding out knowledgeable householders.

For example: The Lord's prayer at Matthew 6:9-10.“When you look around the world and see all the bad that happens in it, do you really think God's will is being done on earth?” Asked this unexpected question, point blank, without having time for preparation and ideally with little or no Bible knowledge, most householders will, sadly, agree. Prime candidates will agree and add their OWN comments in favor of that view, seeking approval from this person who came to their door who is obviously so knowledgeable about the Bible.

Yet, it is a deception that the knowledgeable will easily spot. God's will IS being done on earth. God's will has ALWAYS been done on earth. Along with the will of others, God's will has been done by whomever has been willing to do it. Jesus, for instance, did the will of God on earth. He said so himself. If the knowledgeable one shows himself or herself to be such at this point perhaps there will be an offer of literature (in case someone ELSE in the household is not so knowledgeable), a brief explanation of the donation arrangement, and polite goodbyes will be made.

(3) Plant the kernel of "new" understanding about the Bible, the glimmer of hidden truth revealed.

“Did you know the Bible speaks of a time when God's will is going to be fully realized by making the entire earth a paradise, in which righteousness is to dwell? Notice what Revelation 21:3,4 says ...(or Psalm 37:10-11, 29, or Isaiah 65:17-25)... Doesn't that sound wonderful?” The ideal candidate will get wide-eyed and goose-pimply at the idea, a Bible study will start, and so long as they are willing to subject their entire prior life to the will of a Corporate authority in New York, USA, they will eventually become one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The knowledgeable will not, they will spot the absence of the word 'paradise' anywhere in these texts and will ask about 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 and Revelation 2:7 ... whereupon they will be marked as argumentative, or as goats, or as too smug and full of themselves. They will be told,“I'll have to do some more research on that and get back to you ...” or “That's a very interesting question, but, unfortunately the rest of my car group is waiting for me, so ...”

The JW will not go back again.

It is a system DESIGNED to find the Scriptural illiterates and aliterates of society.

Which is why they cannot grow at all by any other means, and why their growth as a religion stagnates in locales where the populace is educated enough to spot the deceptions in their religious dogma.


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#33399 Jan 25, 2013
jehovah’s witnesses claim to use the Bible as their "supreme authority".

Where in the Bible does anyone count their time in preaching on a slip of paper and are assigned record cards of activity, determining this as a "gauge to their spirituality"?

Where in the Bible are Pioneers mentioned?

Where in the Bible are Auxiliary Pioneers mentioned?

Where in the Bible are Bethelites mentioned?

Where in the Bible are Kingdom Halls mentioned?

Where in the Bible does it say that anyone born after 1935 can not go to heaven?

Where in the Bible does it say that men are prohibited from wearing beards?

Where in the Bible does it say that after a prophecy fails, if the prophet admits he made a mistake, he is no longer a false prophet (see Deut 18:20-22)?

Where does the Bible say that a person must belong to an organization that will start in the late 19th century and be headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, in order to survive Armageddon?

It's a cult!!

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#33400 Jan 25, 2013
Highly condemning has been the settlement of 16 child abuse cases in 2007. The total payout is estimated to have been $13 million dollars plus.

The reason the Watchtower has accepted culpability is that known child predators continued to be re-appointed into these positions of authority by the Brooklyn headquarters of jehovah's witnesses.

An out of court settlement for such a large amount of money speaks for itself. If the jehovah’s witnesses believed themselves innocent they would have welcomed the opportunity to prove in court that their policies were not responsible for hiding pedophiles within congregations.

Clearly, this recent lawsuit loss is proof that jehovah's witnesses are guilty of protecting pedophiles.

In an indication of guilt, the jehovah’s witness legal team chose not to allow these cases to go to trial; to do so would have been devastating to their reputation.

Rather they have settled out of court with nondisclosure agreements also known as gag orders, which mean the victim’s receipt of compensation is dependent on them not speaking about the court cases.

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#33401 Jan 25, 2013
The Bible says that: The heavens are the work of God’s hands (Ps 102:25), the heavens are the work of Jesus’ hand (Heb 1:10); God laid the foundations of the earth (Isa 48:13), Jesus laid the foundations of the earth (Heb 1:10); God is our judge (Ps 50:6, Eccl 12:14, 1Chron 16:33), Jesus is our judge (2Tim 4:1, Rev 20:12); God is the temple of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:22), Jesus (the Lamb) is the temple of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:22); God is the alpha and omega (Rev 1:8), Jesus is the alpha and omega (Rev 22:13); God is the first and last (Isa 44:6, 48:12), Jesus is the first and last (Rev 22:13); God is the beginning and the end (Rev 21:6), Jesus is the beginning and the end (Rev 22:13); Only God can forgive sins (Lk 5:21), Jesus forgives sins (Lk 5:20); God is our hope (Ps 71:5), Jesus is our hope (1Tim 1:1); God is eternal (Deut 33:27), Jesus is eternal (Isa 9:6, Heb 1:10-11); God will come with all the holy ones (Zech 14:5), Jesus will come with all the holy ones (1Thess 3:13); Only God is our savior (Isa 43:11), Jesus is our savior (Tit 2:13, 2Pet 1:1); God is the creator of the universe (Isa 44:24, Jer 27:5), Jesus is the creator of the universe (Jn 1:3); To God, every knee will bow and every tongue confess (Isa 45:22-23), to Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue confess (Phil 2:10-11); God is the same and his years will have no end (Ps 102:27), Jesus is the same and his years will have no end (Heb 1:12); God is immutable (Mal 3:6), Jesus is immutable (Heb 13:8); God is over all (Ps 97:9), Jesus is over all (Jn 3:31); the spirit of God dwells in us (Rom 8:9), the spirit of Jesus dwells in us (Gal 4:6); God is a stone of offense and a stumbling block (Isa 8:14), Jesus is a stone of offense and a stumbling block (1Pet 2:8); God was valued at 30 pieces of silver (Zech 11:12-13), Jesus was valued at 30 pieces of silver (Mt 26:14-16); God is our shepherd (Ps 23:1), Jesus is our shepherd (Jn 10:11, 1Pet 5:4, Heb 13:20); God is Mighty God (Isa 10:21), Jesus is Mighty God (Isa 9:6); God is Lord of Lords (Deut 10:17, Ps 136:3), Jesus is Lord of Lords (Rev 17:14); God is our only Rock (Isa 44:8, Ps 18:2, 94:22), Jesus is our rock (1 Cor 10:4); God is our owner (Isa 54:5), Jesus is our only owner (Jude 4); No one can snatch us out of God’s hand (Deut 32:39), no one can snatch us out of Jesus’ hand (Jn 10:28); God is the horn of salvation (2Sam 22:3), Jesus is the horn of salvation (Lk 1:68-9); God renders according to our works (Ps 62:12), Jesus renders according to our works (Mt 16:27, Rev 22:12); God loves and corrects (Prov 3:12), Jesus loves and corrects (Rev 3:19); God’s words will stand forever (Isa 40:8), Jesus’ words will stand forever (Mt 24:35); God is the eternal light (Isa 60:19), Jesus is the eternal light (Jn 8:12, Rev 21:23); God seeks to save the lost (Ezek 34:16), Jesus seeks to save the lost (Lk 19:10); Paul is a slave of God (Tit 1:1), Paul is a slave of Jesus (Rom 1:1) even though no man can slave for two masters (Mt 6:24); God raised Jesus from the dead (Gal 1:1), Jesus raised himself from the dead (Jn 2:19-21); God is our guide (Ps 48:14), Jesus is our guide (Lk 1:79); God is our deliverer (Ps 70:5, 2Sam 22:2), Jesus is our deliverer (Rom 11:26); God is called God (Isa 44:8), Jesus is called God (Isa 9:6, Jn 20:28); God is the King of Israel (Isa 44:6), Jesus is the King of Israel (Mt 27:42, Jn 1:49).

Since the Bible does not contradict itself, how can all these things be true if Jesus is not God?

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#33402 Jan 25, 2013
In 1992 the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York applied to be a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Associate Member of the United Nations Department of Public Information and remained so until 2001. This is the closest relationship an NGO can form with the UN. The application was renewed annually and is a matter of public record.

This involvement has stumbled many brothers due to:

* The double standard the Watchtower holds for itself when compared to its members
* Such membership being hypocritical considering the Watchtower history of condemning Christendom for doing so
* The dishonest information the Watchtower has released in attempting to explain the situation to its members

As of January 27th 2007 an official UN letter describing this status appears on the United Nations website at ...

In the 1960’s the Watchtower decreed that Malawian Witnesses were not to hold a political card in a one party state. This resulted in many thousands of deaths, rapes and displacements of innocent Witnesses between 1963 and 1992.(Yearbook 1999 pp.149-223)

Whilst these atrocities were occurring to followers of Watchtower regulation, their headquarters were ignoring the same regulation by being politically affiliated with the “blasphemous” United Nations.

The Society freely wields its power to disfellowship its constituents for associating with or working for organizations that are acting contrary to Watchtower principles, and praises followers who die upholding Organization regulation.

Yet they violated their own principles; for a library card. Never has there been an apology or admission of wrongdoing, rather there has been no more than a brief and dishonest attempt to make this indiscretion appear justifiable.

Is it any wonder that Witnesses have left the Organization in disgust at such hypocrisy?

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#33403 Jan 25, 2013
If all the people on planet Earth followed these instructions from the Bible:

I John 4:1..."Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

There would be ZERO jehovah's witnesses in the world.

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#33404 Jan 25, 2013
If God's spirit dwells in you, you will reject the wicked and evil cult of jehovah's witnesses who produce false prophecies, false doctrines, false scriptures, molested children, and use a fake, fabricated name for God.

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#33405 Jan 25, 2013
Ephesians 5:11

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.


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#33406 Jan 25, 2013
The organization of Jehovah's Witnesses has the dubious distinction of printing the largest amount of antisemitic literature in the world.

They practice the despicable form of replacement theology that is at the core of antisemitism.

The historical Jesus was Jewish.

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society formally rejects the OMNIPRESENT GOD of Israel and by so doing also rejects the Jewish Jesus who's entire ministry was centered around the GOD that he grew up with.

The bloodbath theology of this cult is not even remotely Christian and their god would be hilarious if it were not for the many children that have suffered at the hands of this cult. Here is the god of Judge Rutherford that the Jehovah's Witnesses mistakenly worship:

Obregon, Mexico

#33407 Jan 26, 2013
FARKEL wrote:
Jehovah's Witnesses have no beliefs.
If the GB decides to worship Barney the Dinosaur, the fools who bow to the GB's decisions will worship Barney.
AND, they don't need a scripture to follow.
Right now, as you ignorantly read this and try to understand the words, Jehovah's Witnesses ARE REQUIRED to believe in Paradise Earth.
"Paradise earth" is a key phrase in Watchtower literature, appearing over 1,000 times on the Watchtower CD Library. However, the term never appears in the Bible. Neither is resurrection onto earth specifically discussed.
No Scripture says mankind will be resurrected onto earth!
"So, then, why can we be so sure that you can live forever in paradise on earth? Why can we believe that everlasting life is not just a dream?" You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth p.7
A false doctrine which is not supported by scripture. The deluded followers don't have a choice, it is MANDATORY to believe whatever the Jehovah's Witness cult teaches.
In addition, Jehovah's Witnesses are required to believe it is impossible to obtain SALVATION unless you are a member of the evil and wicked cult, the Jehovah's Witnesses.
It is MANDATORY to believe that membership in the cult organization is a requirement for salvation.
"Organization" appears 16,789 times on the 2006 Watchtower Library CD, but never in the Bible.
"To receive everlasting life in the earthly Paradise we must identify that organization and serve God as part of it." Watchtower 1983 Feb 15 p.12
A false doctrine which is not supported by scripture.
It's evil and wicked.
There's only two requirements to be a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses...
1. You must be really gullible.
2. You must be really ignorant.
A beautiful park, or a parklike garden. The Greek word pa•ra′dei•sos occurs three times in the Christian Greek Scriptures.(Lu 23:43; 2Co 12:4; Re 2:7)


Obregon, Mexico

#33408 Jan 26, 2013
The three terms (Hebrew pardes, Persian pairidaeza, and Greek paradeisos), however, all convey the basic idea of a beautiful park or parklike garden.

The first such park was that made by man’s Creator, Jehovah God, in Eden.(Ge 2:8, 9, 15)

It is called a gan, or “garden,” in Hebrew but was obviously parklike in size and nature. The Greek Septuagint appropriately uses the term paradeisos with reference to that garden.

Because of sin, Adam lost his right to live in that paradise and his opportunity to gain the right to everlasting life, which right was represented in the fruit of a divinely designated tree in the center of the garden.

The garden of Eden may have been enclosed in some way, since it was necessary to place angelic guards only at the east side thereof to prevent human entrance.—Ge 3:22-24.


Obregon, Mexico

#33409 Jan 26, 2013
What is the Paradise that Jesus promised to the evildoer who died alongside him?

Luke’s account shows that an evildoer, being executed alongside Jesus Christ, spoke words in Jesus’ defense and requested that Jesus remember him when he ‘got into his kingdom.’

Jesus’ reply was:“Truly I tell you today, You will be with me in Paradise.”(Lu 23:39-43)

The punctuation shown in the rendering of these words must, of course, depend on the translator’s understanding of the sense of Jesus’ words, since no punctuation was used in the original Greek text. Punctuation in the modern style did not become common until about the ninth century C.E.

Whereas many translations place a comma before the word “today” and thereby give the impression that the evildoer entered Paradise that same day, there is nothing in the rest of the Scriptures to support this.

Jesus himself was dead and in the tomb until the third day and was then resurrected as “the firstfruits” of the resurrection.(Ac 10:40; 1Co 15:20; Col 1:18)

He ascended to heaven 40 days later.—Joh 20:17; Ac 1:1-3, 9.


Obregon, Mexico

#33410 Jan 26, 2013
The evidence is, therefore, that Jesus’ use of the word “today” was not to give the time of the evildoer’s being in Paradise but, rather, to call attention to the time in which the promise was being made and during which the evildoer had shown a measure of faith in Jesus.

It was a day when Jesus had been rejected and condemned by the highest-ranking religious leaders of his own people and was thereafter sentenced to die by Roman authority.

He had become an object of scorn and ridicule. So the wrongdoer alongside him had shown a notable quality and commendable heart attitude in not going along with the crowd but, rather, speaking out in Jesus’ behalf and expressing belief in his coming Kingship.

Recognizing that the emphasis is correctly placed on the time of the promise’s being made rather than on the time of its fulfillment, other translations, such as those in English by Rotherham and Lamsa, those in German by Reinhardt and W. Michaelis, as well as the Curetonian Syriac of the fifth century C.E., rendered the text in a form similar to the reading of the New World Translation, quoted herein.


Obregon, Mexico

#33411 Jan 26, 2013
As to the identification of the Paradise of which Jesus spoke, it is clearly not synonymous with the heavenly Kingdom of Christ.

Earlier that day entry into that heavenly Kingdom had been held out as a prospect for Jesus’ faithful disciples but on the basis of their having ‘stuck with him in his trials,’ something the evildoer had never done, his dying on a stake alongside Jesus being purely for his own criminal acts.(Lu 22:28-30; 23:40, 41)

The evildoer obviously had not been “born again,” of water and spirit, which Jesus showed was a prerequisite to entry into the Kingdom of the heavens.(Joh 3:3-6)

Nor was the evildoer one of the ‘conquerors’ that the glorified Christ Jesus stated would be with him on his heavenly throne and that have a share in “the first resurrection.”—Re 3:11, 12, 21; 12:10, 11; 14:1-4; 20:4-6.


Obregon, Mexico

#33412 Jan 26, 2013
Some reference works present the view that Jesus was referring to a paradise location in Hades or Sheol, supposedly a compartment or division thereof for those approved by God.

The claim is made that the Jewish rabbis of that time taught the existence of such a paradise for those who had died and were awaiting a resurrection.

Regarding the teachings of the rabbis, Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible states:“The Rabbinical theology as it has come down to us exhibits an extraordinary medley of ideas on these questions, and in the case of many of them it is difficult to determine the dates to which they should be assigned....

Taking the literature as it is, it might appear that Paradise was regarded by some as on earth itself, by others as forming part of Sheol, by others still as neither on earth nor under earth, but in heaven ...

But there is some doubt as respects, at least, part of this. These various conceptions are found indeed in later Judaism. They appear most precisely and most in detail in the mediaeval Cabbalistic Judaism ...

But it is uncertain how far back these things can be carried. The older Jewish theology at least ... seems to give little or no place to the idea of an intermediate Paradise. It speaks of a Gehinnom for the wicked, and a Gan Eden, or garden of Eden, for the just.

It is questionable whether it goes beyond these conceptions and affirms a Paradise in Sheol.”—1905, Vol. III, pp. 669, 670.


Obregon, Mexico

#33413 Jan 26, 2013
Even if they did teach such a thing, it would be most unreasonable to believe that Jesus would propagate such a concept, in view of his condemnation of the non-Biblical religious traditions of the Jewish religious leaders.(Mt 15:3-9)

Likely the paradise truly familiar to the Jewish malefactor to whom Jesus spoke was the earthly Paradise described in the first book of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Paradise of Eden.

That being so, Jesus’ promise would reasonably point to a restoration of such earthly paradisaic condition.

His promise to the wrongdoer would therefore give assured hope of a resurrection of such an unrighteous one to an opportunity to life in that restored Paradise.—Compare Ac 24:15; Re 20:12, 13; 21:1-5; Mt 6:10..(IT-2 pp 575*577)

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#33414 Jan 26, 2013
Isaiah 5:20

King James Version (KJV)

20Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

This is EXACTLY what jehovah's witnesses are trained to do!

Since: Apr 10

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#33415 Jan 26, 2013
If everyone followed these instructions from the Bible, I John 4:1..."Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
There would be ZERO jehovah's witnesses in the world.
In John 5:39-40 Jesus says,“You are searching the Scriptures, because you think that by means of them you will have everlasting life…And yet you do not want to COME TO ME that you may have life.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses are constantly “searching the scriptures”, but do they come directly to Jesus as he says they should (Mt 11:28, Jn 5:40)?

Do Witnesses “come” to Jesus by praying directly to him?

NO! It's not allowed by the GOVERNING BODY which makes all the man-made rules these deluded followers must follow.

Unfortunately, the witnesses are exactly like the people Jesus was talking about in John 5:39-40!

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#33416 Jan 26, 2013
God's name is not "Jehovah".

The word "Jehovah" is a word invented and fabricated by a Catholic Monk.

For all the world the information is testable, where the name Jehovah comes from, available on the Internet. On Wikipedia under the search word Jehovah, we find the following information:

The name Jehovah already occurs repeatedly in the 13th Century in the Latin form of Jehovah. The Spanish monk Raymond Mantini, translated about 1270 different parts of the Bible from the Hebrew. In his manuscripts is on the right side the Hebrew text and on the left the Latin with Iehovah.

Cardinal Nikolaus of Kues used the Tetragrammaton vocalized as Jehovah in several of his works, 1428, in his Sermon In Principio Erat Verbum.

Petrus Galatinus published in the year 1518 his work "De Arcnis catholicae veritatis".

As William Tyndale, translated the Pentateuch 1530, he erroneously transferred the Tetragrammaton by using the fabricated word Jehovah.

This information tell us:

The name Jehovah was only formed in the Middle Ages in its current form - well, actually invented!

The creators of the name Jehovah were Catholic monks!
The creation of the name Jehovah was willful!
The name Jehovah is the work of man!

Anyone who worships this name turns to a human invention!

Anyone who says this name would be in the original texts - is lying!

Since: Apr 10

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#33417 Jan 26, 2013
People who make their life and being dependent on Jesus, are abhorrence for Satan and for the entire by him affected area of the world (just also for the Watchtower Society)!
No one who is directly connected with Jesus, gains recognition of the world, but rather is held as naive and crazy.
That this approach is divided by the Watchtower Society hundred percent is a sign that it is part of a godless world that wants to trivialize and flog to death everything about Jesus. The Watchtower Society is going even over the usual contempt for Christians in the world and adjudges the personal commitment to Jesus idolatry.

The trick of the replacement God Jehovah has obscured the minds and hearts of people so successfully that the appearance of Christian piety is long linked with the name of Jehovah. The notion that this Jehovah was in truth Satan will only reach few hearts. Because of this fact can only find out the one who puts his trust in Jesus Christ necessarily and not in a human religion. Here all human arguments cease and here begins the action of the Holy Spirit. Who through the faith in Jesus Christ permeates to the conclusion that Jehovah is in truth the real Satan, can claim with gratitude that the Holy Spirit has touched him. Without Jesus, and without the personal commitment of man to him, this knowledge cannot take place.

This clearly indicates that human reasoning has no explanatory power to distinguish false belief of right faith. Only the clear connection with Jesus Christ, having the effect that we are in Him and He in us, can discern the spirits. Approaching with human intelligence to this thing is hopeless.
This allows again nothing else than to say what Jesus calls out to us all: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
Jesus is not a rock in the jehovah’s witness world that holds us or can save us from lie. All people who accept the false religion of jehovah’s witnesses are distracted from Jesus, all people who are dominated by Satan's lie bulwarks, are effectively prevented in acknowledging Jesus as God.

Jehovah’s witnesses are doomed to arrange their faith out of their own logic and thus fall deeper into the deadly reign of the Antichrist, who is the devil himself.

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