2003 Silverado 2500HD REDUCED ENGINE ...

Cameron, MO

#82 Nov 9, 2013
Braden wrote:
I agree with mark.. Fuel sucking hog.. I did fuel pump, knock sensors/harness, a couple other sensors, TWO GIAGE CLUSTERS!!!, heater module and motor, ect,ect... The reality is that most of us with these problems have around 2003 trucks.. Which are now 10 years old.. I work on oilfield truck for a living and see the same shit over and over with electronic component failures.. I guess if you really don't want to deal with these problems, you could always buy a pedal bike? But for most of us.. We work to pay for our vehicles..
American brands like GM are the best v8 autos on the planet for the money. Toyota does not even offer anything that compares.

The catalytic converter was a bad gov regulation and most likely source of your engine knock. I like to take the catalytic converter and punch it hollow for an increase in power and fuel economy.(replace that fuel censor while at it!)

Ravenna, MI

#83 Nov 12, 2013
No ones seems to have an answer for this reduced power problem...having the same issue with my 03...have put so much $$ and time into it, bringing it home again tomorrow with no luck finding a solution...i'm in for class action suit, seems there are 81 pages of complaints about the same issue, wouldn't think there'd be much to deny

Fredonia, KS

#85 Nov 16, 2013
My 04 does this put it seems when i stay at constant speed not moving gas pedal it goes in to r..e.power
big blue

Germantown, NY

#86 Nov 17, 2013
ihave a 2003 gmc 2500hd, and have same problems, I have $2500 in truck in last 6 weeks and cant drive it, over a grand just on the reduced engine power, this is ridiculous doesn't seem able to be fixed, GMC should stand behind what they say!!! im mad
maddog 40

United States

#87 Nov 28, 2013
my 2003 chevy 1500 heavy duty has the same reduced engine power sign that comes on and this is so frustrating ive tried many things to fix it and nothing seems to work. I'm tired im about ready to just cut losses and trade truck n but I really hate to make this someone elses problem that ay not be able to afford all of the trials and ara's.

Southbury, CT

#88 Nov 28, 2013
I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado. Last year I had a problem with the "Reduced engine power" notification coming on . When that happened I would have no power and would have to pull over and stop, turn the truck off and start it again and power would be restored. I took it to the garage and they said it was because of a bad manifold gasket. Had this fixed and it ran fine for a year. Just this past weekend I had the same thing happen unfortunately on a busy three lane highway with cars and tractor trailers traveling in all three lanes doing 65 to 80 mph all around me. Suddenly I had no power and feared for my life. I was just lucky to make it over to the break down lane with my flashers on. I had to turn the truck off and sit there for a few minutes praying no one would run into my vehicle. Turned it back on and had power restored with the engine light on and fortunately made it the rest of the 70 miles back home. This could have been a fatal situation. I took it into the garage and they said the throttle body had to be replaced. Now after reading all above I am not sure this is the cure. This is a very dangerous problem that GM should be responsible for. Are they waiting for someone to die? I have to haul a horse trailer to Virginia in a few weeks. I am afraid of this happening again and end up being involved in a bad accident.

Southbury, CT

#89 Nov 28, 2013
marmac wrote:
Bought a 2003 Chevy HD...have had nothing but trouble. All the breaklines blew...only had 94K miles. I have no power when hauling anything. I hook my trailers up to a Ford Diesel and you can't even tell your hauling anything. Huge difference...first and absolute last time I will buy a Chevy. I have also had a problem with my gauges going out...my spedometer will accelerate on its own. While driving in town, I look down and it said I was going 90mph! Highly unlikely. I have been told that the instrument cluster goes out on this make as well? Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice? Have those that replaced the THROTTLE BODY AND MODULES had any luck once they've been fixed?
Had all these same problems with my 2003 HD Silverado. Break lines blew out thankfully before I started down a steep hill. Also had to have the instrument cluster replaced as well as the throttle body.

Kenvil, NJ

#90 Dec 3, 2013
I have a 2003 Chevy silverado hd with reduced engine power and I changed the throttle body with sensor , pedal positioning sensor,wires,plugs fuel pump and now I can go about 10 miles an hour we need to do something drastic soon

San Jose, CA

#91 Dec 3, 2013
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Oceanside, CA

#92 Dec 7, 2013
my truck has done the same thing although not as often as i see in some of the other posts on here it started when i had prolly close to 2000 pounds of gear in the back it didnt want to go over 15 miles per hour with my foot to the floor it almost seemed like it went into limp mode why im not quite sure and ever since then it has done it from time to time i just had my fuel pump replaced along with the tps and its only done it once usually if i pull over shut it off for a couple minutes and turn it back on and rev it up a little bit it doesnt do it again or sometimes if i just drop it to neutral rev it than drop it back into drive that fixes it sometimes its deffiantly a computer short somewhere prolly in the ecm if it consists im gonna have a new ecm installed and hopefully that will be the last of this issue hope i helped someone out on here with this nagging issue

Lexington, KY

#95 Jan 16, 2014
I have a 2003 Chevy suburban 2500 and I still am having the reduce power on the cluster these are the things I have replaced.. I have replaced the knock sensors The throttle body twice the pigtail to throttlebody twice I've also replaced the water pump and radiator..
The pedal assembly and the sensor and also the PCM that's on the firewall The map sensor and also I replaced the fuel filter and now when I drive the truck it hesitates and then goes into reduced power mode but it seems to only do it in the wintertime and also when it rains.. I have also replaced all the grounds.. I am going tomorrow to get my computer flashed is there anything that I'm missing that someone can help me with..

Lawson, MO

#96 Jan 16, 2014
^Toyota salesmen!!


Loss of power? Try #1 on race day 10 years in a row!!
special ed

Surprise, AZ

#97 Jan 17, 2014
owning a 30,000 dollar Bike does not make you rich or smart .
road king wrote:
<quoted text>
with computers onboard now the backyard mechanic is a thing of the past.....but maybe someone out there has an answer.
do you own the truck outright?
if so ,trading it in on a reliable truck is an option.
i drive a carburated non computerized truck even though i can afford a new truck....i own a $30,000 dollar harley vrod,so money is no problem....but i don't like computerized fuel injected vehicles that i need to rely on for work.i've owned my current work truck since 1985,the last non computerized and non fuel injected model year.
options for me would be ;
1] trade in your current vehicle for a "hopefully" more reliable one.
2]find an old truck thats been restored, or in great running condition.....try "ebay motors".

Mckeesport, PA

#98 Jan 19, 2014
Mine ended up being the tac module

Mississauga, Canada

#99 Jan 20, 2014
My 06 2500 6.0.....yup same crap...385000km on it. I messed around with the wires that lead to throttle body and seems to help. Until it gets cold here in Canada. Now I drive with my ODB code reader close to hand and delete the reduced power code with coasting....not the safest thing to do on the highway but its better to pulling off into a foot of snow.

Canton, SD

#100 Jan 28, 2014
Same issue, reduced engine power. Pull over and shut the truck off. Starts back up and all is well.
I noticed that the issue happens when it is real cold, 3 below today. I also noticed that it only happens when I use the cruise control, no issue the past few days when I noticed the cruise stuff
Going to start with the pedal and see if that resolves the issue.

Canton, SD

#101 Jan 28, 2014
Testing by not using cruise, will post a hollow up.

Canton, SD

#102 Jan 28, 2014
Question, where do I find info on law suit?

Dallas, TX

#103 Feb 11, 2014
Carlo wrote:
I have a 2003 Chevy silverado hd with reduced engine power and I changed the throttle body with sensor , pedal positioning sensor,wires,plugs fuel pump and now I can go about 10 miles an hour we need to do something drastic soon
Did you ever get this fixed? I beleive we will be trading in quickly!

Bear, DE

#105 Feb 16, 2014
2010 chevy express ,really cold mornings, starts up fine, runs 15 min+-Then reduces power. turn off, restart,2-4 times. when Coolant temps get 200*+ will run fine all day .. doesn't do it all the time.. Got any idea's?

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