Difference between white masons and b...
Bro Jeffery Stegall

Little Rock, AR

#288 Oct 28, 2013
Moorish Hiram wrote:
Masonry is repackaged Kemit Science. Masonry was designs by our (moorish) forefathers in order the help civilize the European in order for them to walk upright and get of the caucus mountains and live like humans instead of beasts. This is factual which is why "whites" did their best in the past to portray blacks as savages when in reality it was/is/has always been the other way around. There is absolutely nothing wrong wit studying mental science/kemitic science/masonry. The issue is the lodge of today has gotten so hung up on passwords handshakes and religious dogma that the member don't get a chance to learn the real hidin meaning within the degrees.
You are so correct and I was hoping that some of us new that. Moors meaning Black, Morocco was contracted by the Egyptians to build the pyramids and all other things back in ANCIENT times. We need to open our eyes and better ourselves and admit that we are seeking the truth and knowledge. JESUS THE CHRIST himself said, "I AM the Truth and the LIGHT, no goes to the FATHER except by ME!"
Toure Soumaila

Hyattsville, MD

#289 Nov 28, 2013
R A Companion wrote:
<quoted text> That is true. Anyone who is a Brother will know this. We have no differences of race and religion in Masonry. The Grand Lodge of England accepts the Grand Lodges of the USA and many other countries, and we never even mention race and religious differences. Also, these people who start these threads should know that everything on Youtube is NOT true.
I'm sorry ! I read everything good and bad about the masons but all I'm seeing right now is the bad side .being gang stalking day and nite and being microwave day and nite. But I'm patient still waiting to see the good side.
The Light

Mortsel, Belgium

#290 Nov 30, 2013
Let me say this I am american who is Black but was not raised in America I was raised under the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Now with that being said I get asked a lot because I am American about my viewpoint on Masonry in America. I have set and had dinner with Grand Masters from Ireland Scotland and England and I must admit the personally dont think much masonry in America because it is very dogmatic in rituals, theory and practical. A true brother is a brother who understand the process of his regalia as a mason to be raised from the FIrst degree to a master degree in a year is absurd for you have no understanding and I mean pure understanding of the craft which is explained in your TB you are moving way to fast. also to all those American who claim to be masons which I doubt, I suggest you go back and truly read where masonry come from african american with african bloodline are actually in fact more entitled to the craft before an anglo american which let me add that the european white dont really accept the white american for they look down upon I know I hear it every day. Freemasonry is for all men regardless of color, religion long as you are a man in good standing. I personally when I come back to American never tell anyone regardless if they are prince hall or american scottish rite even though I am Scottish Rite because we on different level I would wear my ring which display a certain symbols for those who are real masons in particular Scottish Rite or York Rite would know anyway I hope you all find the time to come towards the light soon ..... well probably not
The Light

Mortsel, Belgium

#291 Nov 30, 2013
sat not set sorry few typos from my phone

Chicago, IL

#292 Nov 30, 2013
White masons are the real Masons. Blacks are just wannabes.
The Light

Mortsel, Belgium

#293 Nov 30, 2013
Bro Jeffery Stegall wrote:
<quoted text>
You are so correct and I was hoping that some of us new that. Moors meaning Black, Morocco was contracted by the Egyptians to build the pyramids and all other things back in ANCIENT times. We need to open our eyes and better ourselves and admit that we are seeking the truth and knowledge. JESUS THE CHRIST himself said, "I AM the Truth and the LIGHT, no goes to the FATHER except by ME!"
I like it but keep in mind Masonry is not a religion it is a scientific proven way of building a man it actually goes deeper then Egypt it goes back to few other countries before Egypt, However Egypt Rome and a little bit of greece are Highlighted because the necessity of certain knowledge is only available to certain region of the world.
The Light

Mortsel, Belgium

#294 Nov 30, 2013
Harim wrote:
<quoted text>
If you were told/asked to become a "Mason/Freemason" by anyone (black or white) then they were not a true "fellow of the Craft". Confused? Ask questions. Follow your gut. You'll find the correct "answer".........
DEfinitely true on what you said

Delray Beach, FL

#295 Dec 2, 2013
They all crawl on all fours...If shriners are called
moslum sons, then who is your daddy fool...

The secret is you BLACKMAN....

get yo ass out of that grave and tell that grafted man to go back to his cave...

Delray Beach, FL

#296 Dec 2, 2013
care to debate me, I will drown your ass with knowledge.

I'll give you so much truth, you will change from your slave making religion or kill yourself.

I am the original widows son Kazzar baby.....

Delray Beach, FL

#297 Dec 2, 2013
When you get off your knees, come find your daddy on facebook.....
Morals and Dogma

Portsmouth, VA

#298 Dec 2, 2013
who let the dogs out?
seen it

Detroit, MI

#299 Dec 14, 2013
buddyrose wrote:
I think black or white, mason group is the only thing that has passed threw time and hasn't changed much and has kept it.s rolein the world
Mason group is the only thing that I really see still alive for thousands of years.before you open your pea brain mouth about any of this stuff you need get the facts.
my family background is Moorish science temple Nation of Islam and Prince Hall Mason . they were all a bunch of sick puppies. all of the children in the family were abused, alcohol and drug abuse was over the top witchcraft and putting curses on people were common thing. yes this is been going on for since Nimrod

Seguin, TX

#300 Dec 17, 2013
I want to become an Eastern Star, and my uncle is a Free Mason. I admire the idea of being a Mason. To me it would be an honor I didn't learn about Masonry from my uncle and he doesn't talk about it at all. I don't want to become a Eastern Star for the privileges or the "hype" of being one. Rather for the pride behind it, the thought of being part of something bigger than me.I know i could always just join a sorority but with all of that being said i've thought about it, but when i learned about the group controlled my judgement. I have studied many aspects of several religous groups/orginizations. Masonry is not a religion to me its more of a way of life. An idea of upstanding that bring people together as one, that helps creat opertunity for each other
tony wilson

Pawtucket, RI

#301 Dec 27, 2013
all a bunch of keyboard tough guys.

El Dorado Springs, MO

#302 Dec 27, 2013

FM was created by the Pope's Knights Templar & Jesuits. If you want to convert to crusading papal knight then be sure and know what their secrets are.

• Origins of the Conspiracy

El Dorado Springs, MO

#303 Dec 27, 2013
david55 wrote:
Masons are NOT gangsters. They are men of moral
character who seek to make a good man a better

Gangsters, literally.

Freemasons in Russia were the Red Commie Bolsheviks.

Freemasons in Germany were the Fascist Teutonic Nazis.

Anywhere there is revolution you will find the Freemasons, including the U.S. Civil War where the generals on both sides were FM, including Albert Pike, a Civil War criminal (later pardoned) and one of the founders of the Knights of the KKK.
The KKK was a transformation or rebirth of the Knights of the Golden Circle who were active organizing the Civil War where 700,000 Americans died, many in camps starved to death.

El Dorado Springs, MO

#304 Dec 27, 2013
Bro Jeffery Stegall wrote:
JESUS THE CHRIST himself said, "I AM the Truth and the LIGHT, no goes to the FATHER except by ME!"

It is also written a man cannot have two masters. FM are no more a Christian than the Pope in Rome is god on earth as he claims. The Templars serve the Pope, not Jesus.

Gainesville, FL

#305 Dec 31, 2013
I was raised in 79.
I was deeply taught things that are not adhered to today. It was drilled in me what were the requirements- 21 then is out now- most designated clandestine lodges now are accepted most everywhere- You couldn't be a catholic; many, many southern Baptist were in all lodges and now the SBC threatens disfellowshiping of Masons in their membership, and much more. I still personally treat all as fair as they treat me but I draw the line on attendance regarding, women in a few lodges, and I do not agree with forced intergration in any degree, in any lodge.
harlan evans

Littleton, CO

#307 Jan 6, 2014
I think a lot of men are misinformed about the free masons while I can't say much on the subject concernig masons outside of the Prince Hall fraternity most people could not imagine the the truth about the masons we are one of the oldest and honest charitable organizations in the world , And you must have a good back ground nothing shady of good morals and most of all beleive in Jesus Christ and bond with your Masonic brothers and remain in good standing and keep the Oath !!amen
Bro Stockton

Houston, TX

#308 Jan 16, 2014
Last I checked, the bible doesn't mention race.
I'm white and Prince Hall Affiliated. We don't see race in our lodge. It's one of the greatest things I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. We are brothers. We walk the same path. If we are all going in the same direction, why not just unify?

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