Watchtower Society's Satanic Deception!

Watchtower Society's Satanic Deception!

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“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#1 Jun 1, 2012

If you know any Watchtower members, tell them to LEAVE THE Satanic Watchtower Society IMMEDIATELY!

If a Watchtower member comes knocking on your door, offering you their literature, DO NOT ACCEPT ANY! It's a Satanic trap!

If a Watchtower member invites you to their Kingdom Hall, DO NOT GO! It's a Satanic gathering!

And finally, if a Watchtower member invites you to their 2012 District Convention, promising that you'll hear about "Jehovah God", DO NOT BE DECEIVED, Jehovah God would not put out a children's video with this Satanic piece of magical LOVE buried in it... the Satanic leaders of the Watchtower Society have. And yes, that is an authentic Watchtower publication. One of the Watchtower's own "Governing Body" introduces the video, calling it all kinds of wonderful "praises". But the ONLY one being praised by that 10 seconds of Satanic child abusive filth is Satan.

The fact that the entire video is presented as "pure" isn't surprising. We know that "a little leaven" is all it takes.

But this is supposed to be a video that shows how "wrong" magic is. So in a span of 10 seconds, you see the most magical tribute sent out. And it wasn't by accident.

The magical sparks flew out of an unplugged TV, the child's eyes narrowed as the last spark did it's magical dance, changing course magically as it targeted the teddy bear, and then "POOF!", the teddy bear disappears into clouds of magical smoke.

Yesterday, I mentioned it on the "Jehovah Witness" forum, adding a link to a copy of the video. That video was taken down by the user. It will be interesting to see how long this copy stays around.

But the Watchtower members seem to think that they still have "Jehovah", even though there is an OVERWHELMING amount of UNDENIABLE PROOF that Satan has control of that organization. But they are in such denial that the more evidence they see, the tighter they cling to that Satanic organization.

Evidently the Devil didn't bother to let them know that he was now in charge. Even worse is the fact that "Jehovah" didn't bother to let them know that he was headed OUT the door.

If you accept an invitation to their Satanic 2012 District Convention, would you be willing to accept this DVD?

And what does that say about their other literature?

To make this possible, the "leaders" of the Watchtower had to offer some of their local Pittsburgh area "elders, overseers and ministerial servants" some "sweet goodies" to keep their Satanic secret hidden from the public. YES, there are Watchtower members here in Pittsburgh, who have seen the UNDENIABLE PROOF that Satan has control of their Watchtower, but accepted a "deal" to keep quiet about it.

Some accepted a speaking role at the very conventions that this Satanic trash is being distributed from. That's so sad, but so very true!

What do you call a person who hides the Devil, and PROUDLY accepts a "deal"? The Watchtower, under Satan, calls them "LOYAL TO THE ORGANIZATION", and in a way they are. But their LOYALTY is going straight to Satan, the owner of the DVD that they choose to speak about.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#2 Jun 1, 2012
It didn't take the Satanic Watchtower long to try and hide the evidence of who controls them.

As soon as I began this thread, they got their heads together, to plot out some strategy of deception. And it's all aimed at keeping their members in the dark for one more weekend of conventions, or magazine distribution or whatever else they're doing nowadays.


Do not accept any Watchtower literature!

Do not accept an invitation to their Kingdom Hall!

Do not accept an invitation to attend their convention, where the Satanic DVD that they're now trying to hide, will be distributed.

And if you see ANY of the Watchtower members, do them a favor and advise them to ABANDON Satan's house!

The evidence speaks for itself!

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#3 Jun 3, 2012
By now, the Satanic Watchtower Society has sent out representatives, to give the "excuse us" speech about the Satanic Love "SHOUT OUT!" that was slipped into their DVD.

I don't know and don't care what was said, because if what was said was listened to, much less believed, by any of their members, ignoring the fact that they go around claiming to represent "God" with Satan INSIDE their organization, they're heading themselves in a DOOMED direction.

For the record, "God" would NEVER coexist with his enemies! To actually try and say that "God" could or would, just because that enemy happens to be "the organization", is as crazy as humanly possible.

To accept that the 10 second Satanic Love "SHOUT OUT!" was just a mistake that slipped past the people at "the organization" is a sign of someone that needs IMMEDIATE mental help. There are NO MISTAKES in the world of the Devil. Only deception to get people to accept the LIES that has, to cover the deception.

That DVD was taken down from the Internet because it was UNDENIABLE PROOF that Satan is in control of the Watchtower. The fact that he still has control of the Watchtower, is because he bought the loyalty of some Watchtower members, who now have to look at themselves in the mirror, and see that they endangered millions of their "Brothers and Sisters" by their helping the secret stay hidden, when it was about to be exposed in March and April of this year.

Once again, if you know any watchtower members, ask them if their beliefs say that "Jehovah" and "Satan" can live together. When they say "NO!", ask them why they choose to stay where "Satan" is, since the evidence has been presented. No matter how they try and cover it up, the fact remains that the DVD is a Watchtower production, and has Satanic child abuse all through it, culminating with a Satanic Love "SHOUT OUT!".

You'll be doing them a favor, by helping to save their life!

“Winchester Model 1894”

Since: Apr 07

Roy, Washington

#7 Jun 3, 2012
There was a time several years ago when I was disturbed by my dogs barking furiously. I went to investigate and there was a staion wagon full of women surrounded by my dogs (Shepard and Doberman).
When I opened the front door a woman got out with a hand full of pamphlets. I told her "Get your ass back in the car and never come back".

Religion is a very personal thing and should not be promoted door-to-door like a Fuller Brush saleman.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#8 Jun 5, 2012
By this evening, there will be a complete...

"Watchtower Society Resignation Letter"

...available for any members of "the organization" to use, in their escape from the Satanic grip of the Watchtower.

I see we had a "reply" on this thread, but the person is a "regular, over on the "JW" forum, and their rhetoric is the same, so I'll just discount their comments.

My purpose remains the same. If you know any Watchtower members, or are approached by any of them, ask them about why "the organization" had to try and hide the DVD, once the Satanic Love "SHOUT OUT" was exposed.

You will be doing them a BIG favor, by "trying" to save their life. I say "trying" because there will be some who are so hardheaded and hardhearted, that no matter what evidence you present, they will NOT accept it. That's a shame, but that's on them.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#9 Jun 5, 2012
I finished the...

"OFFICIAL Watchtower Society Resignation Letter"

...and posted it over on the "Jehovah's Witness" forum.

No matter what your opinion of the Watchtower is, the FACT that they are being controled by Satan is just that, a FACT!

Just like they come around you, telling you how to run your life, you can inform them that "ANY ORGANIZATION" that claims

The Watchtower is about to be exposed for what it has become. Those who refuse to leave will endure the punishment that is coming upon "the organization" that has the nerve to think that ALMIGHTY GOD is a chump who NEEDS them, instead of the other way around.

If you can, PLEASE try and alert any members of the Watchtower Society that you see. They are being SO MISLEAD. As it is, once you supply this information, you'll never get another visit from them. their Satanic leaders will guarantee that they never come around YOU again.

This message makes them look bad, and they have the members blinded into loyalty to them, instead of to God.

But this message is also their only WAKE UP call, with their lives hanging in the balance.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#12 Jun 6, 2012
The Dilemma Facing All Watchtower Members...

What do you do? Do you just sit by in fear, as the Watchtower is exposed as being under the control of Satan?

Or do you STAND UP and SPEAK OUT about these facts that are coming out.

For most, if not all, the answer is the first option. But how can they come to your house, or stop you on the street or wherever, and tell YOU to be bold about resisting the Devil, if they're too afraid to do that same exact thing.

Most, if not all, Watchtower members would NEVER say anything negative about their leadership, no matter how clear and blatant the evidence against the leadership is.

They used to call me an "APOSTATE" who "HATED" Jehovah. But that claim fizzled out, and they saw just who it really was that "HATED" Jehovah. They saw the UNDENIABLE PROOF that their leadership was FALSE, and that they were headed in the WRONG DIRECTION. But they still want to cling to that WRONG DIRECTION, and worse, they want YOU to join them.

And now, they just call me other names, in their attempts to keep their members from listening to the message that they need kept hidden. And once the name calling doesn't work anymore, what will they resort to then? Don't worry, as long as they're under the leadership of Satan, who is the "father-of-the-lie", they'll have plenty of options to resort to.

Watchtower members that KNOW, without a shred of doubt, that "the organization" is under the control of Satan, will still be busy this weekend, promoting the agenda that the Devil wants them to promote. They will come to you, with literature that is full of smiling faces, and ask you to accept their way of thinking.

But if you want to know what the "REAL" Watchtower member has become, just ask them about why they think that "God" and the "Devil" are coexisting in the Watchtower. They won't, or shouldn't try to, deny that there are "problems" in there. But they'll just say that "GOD'LL FIX IT!" for them.

How goofy is that?!

You don't do anything to oppose what you know is happening, but you're told to believe that "GOD'LL" do your work.

OK...I'm the bad guy.

I'm the one that they hate, and can't wait for God to punish. I'm just the messenger, but somehow it's my fault for bringing them the message. They ignore the fact that it's THEM that are "backwards" in their thinking and their actions.

Not me...THEM!

So where are we at? It's Wednesday. They're District Conventions begin again on Friday, and by now, they have been convinced that they'll be showing love for "God" by protecting the ones that put the Satanic Love "SHOUT OUT!" DVD out for the public. Ignore the REAL God, just keep worshiping the ones that keep you in the dark.

If you see a Watchtower member, ask them about these things, and they'll be sure that you're persecuting them. They are THAT DECEIVED!

But if you care about your fellow man, try to get them to see that worshiping the Devil isn't the road to "God".

The Watchtower WORSHIPS Satan the Devil!

Just because they refuse to believe the fact, doesn't change the FACT.

If you have family in the Watchtower, as I do, try to get them out IMMEDIATELY! Their lives are at stake.

Those Pittsburgh area Watchtower members, who were bought off to keep quiet about what they saw with their own eyes, are now willing, or forced, to go along with the deception. That's the NEW "Brotherly Love" that the Watchtower promotes.

If you see one, ask them how they can promote a Satanic agenda, and if they say they don't know about it, ask them what they do know, since the Satanic agenda INSIDE "the organization" should be ALL they know.

If you convince them to leave the Watchtower, you'll get credit for saving their life. It will be a hard mission to accomplish, but it's one that will prove beneficial in the long run.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#13 Jun 6, 2012
The Watchtower has their false leadership following my every Internet move, keeping up with everything I post.


Because as soon as they see any "move" that I make, they have to come back with a "counter-move", aimed at trying to stay on top of whatever route I take, in my effort to expose them.

The "best" counter-move" they came up with, is when they bought off several Pittsburgh area Watchtower members, who had seen the evidence WITH THEIR OWN EYES, that the Watchtower was being controlled by Satan.

How does one justify seeing evidence, but actually accepting a bribe in return for not exposing the secret? In this case, it was pretty easy for those who did just that.

But, if a person says that they have a relationship with "God", but then they accept a deal to hide the "Devil", who do they really have the relationship with?

These are the types of questions that have watchtower members here in the Pittsburgh area hating me, and calling for "God" to punish me severely. And these are the people that SERIOUSLY want to recruit you as their newest member.

As I've stated before, I have many family members still trapped in Satan's main headquarters, and who refuse to accept the FACT that the "God" that they think is in there, has ABANDONED the place, leaving it as the place where people that want to protect Satan can do so freely and evidently with a good conscience.

Just ask the ones here in the Pittsburgh area...

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#14 Jun 6, 2012
Since I know that I'm being monitored, I make sure to ask the Watchtower members that come to the "JW" forum, the real questions, meant to touch their heart.

Like this:

If the child in the DVD had to throw his new toy away, in order to please "God", and to avoid ANY Satanic influence, what does it say about the Pittsburgh area elders and overseers, who saw evidence WITH THEIR OWN EYES of the Satanic control of the Watchtower, but didn't, as Caleb did in their own DVD, toss the Devil into the trash?

I notice that there are some sites that have put the DVD back up. I'm not going to try and chase around looking for them, since I made the point, and if the Watchtower members can't accept FACTS as they are, then there's REALLY a problem.

My "worry" is what will happen to the unsuspecting members, when the ones that allowed their silence to be bought off are told that they are now required to do the Devil's bidding.

Think about that...

Once you accept the Devil into your heart, by accepting his bribe to ignore the evidence of his being INSIDE the Watchtower, doesn't that make you his servant. Just as the watchtower goes around claiming to want you to accept Jesus "INTO YOUR HEART", doesn't allowing Satan into their heart, by accepting the deal to hide him and his secrets, in return for whatever "sweet goodies" were exchanged, put him IN THEIR HEART?

So it's not a matter of what they'll do TO ME, that worries me, it's what they'll be made to do to the other Watchtower members, all in the name of "Brotherly Love"? And don't think that the Devil won't use them in his plans. It's what he does best. Just as he got them to LIE for him, which is what it took to get them to say that they will keep quiet about his Watchtower infiltration, he will come back and get them to do other, unspeakable dirt to others.

When you sell your soul to the Devil, you're opening up your heart for whatever he wants. And if any of the elders or overseers who accepted the deal to keep quiet think that their heart is immune, they're crazy.

Why do I keep bringing up the fact that they saw the evidence WITH THEIR OWN EYES?!

Because we're talking about the Devil here, and people that claim to represent "God", accepted a deal to protect the Devil.

God's sworn enemy was protected!

And the consequences are coming!

Can any Watchtower member deny that every word I say is true? Or will they keep their heads buried, in an effort to "not know" anything?

And still, they want you to join them...

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#15 Jun 7, 2012
Thursday, June 7, 2012

The OFFICIAL End Of Watchtower Society Operations IS HERE!

To Be Continued...

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#16 Jun 7, 2012
Thursday, June 7, 2012

The OFFICIAL End Of The Satanic Watchtower Society Operations Is Here!


With the disclosure that Pittsburgh area Watchtower members protected the secret fact that Satan was operating INSIDE the Watchtower, the rest, as they say, is "history".

If the Pittsburgh area Watchtower members come out and say what really happened, that they saw Satan at work INSIDE "the organization", but that they accepted a Satanic deal to keep quiet, that's a blow to the remaining portion of "the organization". A blow that there is no recovery from. They will have heard from their own fellow Watchtower members, that the sworn enemy of "God", AND THE "APOSTASY", are actually INSIDE the Watchtower, but safely protected from exposure.

If, on the other hand, they are convinced that LYING about what happened is the ONLY way to protect "the organization" and the "brothers" from the harm of knowing what happened, which is a definite possibility since Satan is the "father-of-the-lie", and their LYING keeps his secret safe for a few more precious minutes, he will command them to LIE for "their own good". And since they sold their souls to him, when they accepted the deals that he offered them, in return for their silence on his Satanic Watchtower ownership, he OWNS AND CONTROLS them personally. So when he tells them to LIE, they will LIE as commanded. When he tells them to "harm" their fellow Watchtower members, as if their initial protection didn't do enough "harm", they will "harm" as commanded.


When he's done with them, and can get no more useful service from them, they will be discarded like trash.

Would a Watchtower member who accepted a deal from Satan, to keep his secret hidden, be bold enough to come forward and admit their "mistake"? Don't wait for it to happen. I've tried several times, to make them see the error of their ways, but there hasn't been one of them that has shown any inclination towards asking to be forgiven. That's why I say "mistake". Because if it really was a mistake, and not something they PROUDLY did on purpose, you would think that they would be all over the Internet, alerting their fellow Watchtower members of what was going on, and asking "God" for forgiveness and protection. But they have become UNITED in their opposition against the truth of what they did.

The Watchtower is FINISHED!

Either way it goes, Satan has completely won. He can have them exposed today and laughed at by this evening. Or he can wait for the "WORLD SHAKING" plans that his minions are INSIDE the Watchtower plotting, AS WE SPEAK.

I always ask those who accepted the deals, in return for their silence, if they are proud of the results their actions have brought. I asked because I wanted to try and make them see the serious nature of what would come from helping Satan. I wanted them to see that their ONLY way out of the mess they were in, was to beg for "God" to forgive them. It's just been so sad to see that NOT ONE of them came forward and said "I'm sorry!" for what they did. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me, if there aren't some of them that give a smart aleck answer like, "Yeah! I'm REAL glad I could help Satan!".

You sell your soul, the owner twists your mind. There can be NO OTHER WAY!

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#17 Jun 8, 2012
How do they explain continuing on with their District Conventions, field service and other Watchtower functions, when they know that the Watchtower is under the control of Satan?!

Ask them...

“Under New Management”

Since: Feb 10

Location hidden

#18 Jun 8, 2012
There was a time several years ago when I was disturbed by my dogs barking furiously. I went to investigate and there was a staion wagon full of women surrounded by my dogs (Shepard and Doberman).
When I opened the front door a woman got out with a hand full of pamphlets. I told her "Get your ass back in the car and never come back".
Religion is a very personal thing and should not be promoted door-to-door like a Fuller Brush saleman.
This being 2012, what would you say to a man coming to your door trying to sell you a brush?

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#19 Jun 10, 2012
I found another copy of the "magic" sequence that the Satanic Watchtower slipped into their DVD, which the Watchtower members evidently approve of, since NOT ONE of them said one word about it.

If you feel the need, you can see it here...

...before it get's taken down.

Maybe by this time, the "clean-up" has worked and the Watchtower's game of getting anyone who speaks against them seen as "APOSTATE" haters.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#20 Jun 11, 2012
The Watchtower has embarked on a campaign of "LAUGHING IT OFF", aimed at making the Satanic Love "SHOUT OUT!" in their DVD the side issue.

And if you go over to the "JW" forum, you'll see how many comments there are meant to "sound" just like my work, thereby adding a "PILING ON" effect, and making the entire mess look like ONE BIG RELATED MESS.

My work is independent from all other work over there.

But the Satanic crowd has no problem, transforming themselves into FALSE ANGELS of LIGHT, just like the scripture says.

How does the Watchtower members who KNOW the identity of the Satanic crew, justify this past weekend of conventions?

Why are they so convinced that Jehovah is going to put up with HIS NAME being associated with Satanic worship, as it is?

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#21 Jun 12, 2012
I've been posting information on different forums. Over on the "Religion" forum, I got a reply from someone who normally posts on the "JW" forum.

It was the usual "GOD KNOWS ALL!" reply that has been used so successfully to keep Watchtower members spiritually asleep, and waiting for something that ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN.

This Satanic Watchtower mess didn't "JUST HAPPEN" on its own. The Watchtower BECAME the Satanic Watchtower when they were ABANDONED by God, and turned over to Satan.

So to think that God is waiting in the wings, preparing for some daring, last minute, "movie" style rescue, IT WON'T BE HAPPENING!

The same people that want you to listen to their message to "ABANDON YOUR LIFELONG BELIEFS" and join them, are ignoring the message to "ABANDON THEIR LIFELONG BELIEFS", since there are KNOWN Satanic leaders doing their best to keep them led in the wrong direction.

What comes first...

Listening to God's message and having him rescue you?


Listening to some man's message but expecting God to lower himself to that level?

The Watchtower has Satan INSIDE their doors.

There are quite a few Pittsburgh area Watchtower members who know the IDENTITY of the Satanic crowd, but have decided to protect their secret, for some unknown reason. From elders who are supposed to be leading the "flock", to publishers who come knocking on your door with the literature, these are the same people that want you to "ABANDON YOUR LIFELONG BELIEFS" and join their Satanic beliefs.

This past weekend, they went through the usual routine of District Conventions, literature distribution and meetings. They went through it all, without so much as a peep about the fact that Satan is right by their side.

Those who decided to protect the Satanic identities of the FALSE LEADERS didn't do it out of some unknown mental factor. They knowingly made that choice. They ran all the facts through their mind, and decided WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE, to mislead everyone else.

There was a time when they could have claimed some "INNOCENT IGNORANCE" of the true situation, but not after having the facts in front of them.


There WAS a time when the Watchtower could have claimed "INNOCENCE" from Satan, but not after having so many people see the evidence with their own eyes!

Just the fact that there are still so many Watchtower members that have no clue about any of this, shows how corrupt that organization is, or has become. It doesn't matter to Satan which way, "is" or "has become", he just smiles at the big picture.

I keep asking anyone who sees this message, to question any Watchtower members about the matter. Wouldn't it be quite the twist, if people went around and knocked on the doors of the Watchtower members, bringing them a "message of hope" in these perilous times. And if having Satan by your side doesn't constitute "perilous" times, what does?

According to the Watchtower members, who find it easier to sleep at night having someone else to blame, I'm still the "bad guy" who "God will punish" for speaking out like this against "the organization".

SEE?! It's all about some man made organization to them. If it WAS about God, they'd be so far away from the Watchtower, it would make those FALSE LEADERS, and the Pittsburgh area members who know the identities of the FALSE LEADERS, act like they had motion sickness.

Once again, if you see a Watchtower member, present this information to them. If they won't accept it, not refute it with different facts, but not being allowed to even look at it, at the command of their FALSE LEADERS, ask if these are people that you want to associate with.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#22 Jun 13, 2012
Yesterday afternoon, I found a list of the Watchtower convention sites. So I'm in the process of posting the information of the Satanic cover-up by Pittsburgh area Watchtower members, over on those 13 forums.

I have...

Newburgh NY
Queens NY
Birmingham AL
Loveland CO
Pueblo CO
Long Beach CA
DeKalb IL
Dayton OH
Evansville IN
Johnson City TN
Salem OR
Sacramento CA
Rio Rancho NM

Since I found them so "late" in the week, I will be spending most of my time updating them with as much information as I can.

What these Pittsburgh area Watchtower members did in PROTECTING the identity of the Satanic leaders who they saw WITH THEIR OWN EYES, is a shame that they will face ramifications for doing.

That's sad for me on many levels, but it'll REALLY be sad for those Watchtower members who have no idea that Satan is INSIDE their organization.

And PROTECTED by their "fellow Brothers"

THAT will be REALLY sad...

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#23 Jun 13, 2012
I ask once again...

If you know anyone associated with the Watchtower Society, that doesn't know that their "fellow Brothers" here in Pittsburgh have made the conscience decision to ignore the FACT that Satan is in control of their organization, PLEASE show them this information.

I'll be updating more tomorrow...

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#24 Jun 19, 2012
I've been working hard to get this information out to as many people as possible.

I keep running into road blocks and obstacles, but that's to be expected. The Devil doesn't just give up, he doesn't sleep and he doesn't miss a trick.

Over on the "Jehovah's Witness" forum, you'd think that a group of blithering idiots got let loose. All of a sudden, all you see are goofy, nonsensical gibberish. But every one of those comments and threads are meant at making any REAL Witness that come to that forum leave ASAP in total disgust.

Just a few days ago, the Satanic DVD was THE topic. But I began talking about it, and THAT topic suddenly was "off limits" and ignored.

Now it's a lawsuit settlement. Only thing about that topic is that, if you look at the way they talk about it on the forum, it's meant to make the Watchtower look like the victim of APOSTATE HATERS who delight in watching the Watchtower have problems, due to their BURNING HATRED of Jehovah.

Reverse psychology at work. Now, instead of seeing the Satanic influence that the Watchtower is under for what it is, the members are being mentally trained to see only the attack on the organization.

I keep insisting that the people who saw the Satanic activity WITH THEIR OWN EYES, beginning in March, come forth IMMEDIATELY and alert their fellow members of the danger they're in as Watchtower members.

Last week, I went to the 13 cities that were holding Watchtower conventions, to post the fact that Pittsburgh area members had been convinced to keep quiet about the Watchtower's Satanic ownership. This week, there are 10 new cities holding conventions, along with 3 repeat cities. I'll be working on those forums as much as possible.

It's a long, drawn out job, since each message has to be done separately. They complain if I "cut and paste" the message. That's what happened last week, when 12 of the 13 messages I posted were removed.

But the Watchtower members don't see the Satanic fingers that work overtime to keep the message of the Satanic ownership from being made public knowledge. I'm the "bad guy" that they can't wait for Jehovah to punish. I'm the one that is only trying to make the Watchtower look bad.

As if having Satan INSIDE their doors is a "good" thing.

If you can, click on my name and look at the all of the forums that I've been going to, in my effort to EXPOSE Satan. Then ask a Watchtower member why they have no idea about any of this happening INSIDE their organization.

If you have time, read some of the "Daily Updates" that I have done. I did one today that, once again, asked those who saw the Satanic activity to come forward.

Whether or not they listen isn't up to me.

But PROTECTING the Devil isn't a very wise career choice.

Pittsburgh, PA

#25 Jun 20, 2012
Hail Mighty Satan!


Sacrifice aborted fetuses to Lucifer!

Drink blood from the skulls of late-term abortions!

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