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Bangor, ME

#110 Aug 22, 2013
The USA if filled to the rim with evil people. If you can call these monsters people. Can't wait until can one day leave this horrible country. Too many people lying all the time, too many back stabbers, and thieves and a government that bails out failed businesses with billions of dollars but can't simply fund our school, clinics, and research because of restrictions. It's nonsense. What you've got to watch out for too is most Americans act like innocent victims when they are just game playing a holes. You know the Liberal Extremists that will turn anything into a race issue, gender issue, or sexual issue when it NEVER WAS to begin with just to ruin someones career or perhaps they are the type of liberal that is so hyper paranoid about such issues will see everything as a race issue. So heaven forbid that you perform self defense if you are ever attacked by someone of a different color. Or heaven forbid you'd point out the female employee that is constantly lying. Even with evidence on your side everyone will jump on the "Lifetime Movie Of The Week" band wagon and side with the lying female in your office. It's because most Americans are delusional and vicious. I'm not saying there is no real racism or bigotry in America but I am saying that you need to watch out for what they are now calling the "Professional Victims" because they are everywhere. You know it's just like your garden variety high school or college boy who studies Karate because he's got some "Super Hero Complete" but he doesn't want to throw the first punch so what he will do is try to start a fight with someone and instigate that person to hit him first so that in his delusional mind he's justified in killing this person (when he started it). Or like when our crazy out of control rouge Military hears some rumors from some some informant with no real evidence or hears stuff from over seas from some British Twit they go off to war bombing the crap out of other countries in unjust wars while setting up sex rape prisons like Abu Ghraib. One top of that we've got Hollywood making tons of movies in which other nationals are trying to invade and take us over when that NEVER has happened to us at all. However the USA has a long history of stomping all over other nationals all the time. And don't bring up 9/11 as a counter argument because the so called terrorists where NOT trying to take us over. In fact most people in the world don't even see it as an act of terror so much as revenge for what the USA has constantly done in the middle east. So technically no one has tried to invade the USA like in all our propaganda movies however the REALITY is that the USA is the real rogue out of control nation that is constantly invading other countries, not only that but the USA instigates wars between nations. And don't get me started on a long rant I could give about crime, rape, incest, child molestation, drugs, and Mafia activity in the United States of Hell. The scary and sad thing is that Americans actually think they are the good guys. Now all that said I don't consider myself an American in my heart and mind because I am a good person. I simply hope one day to be able to move away and change citizenship before the US isolates itself too much more. Because the USA even spits lies all over it's very own allies. For example since China is far better at business than the US our own government is making accusations that are false towards China simply because the USA is viciously jealous. One last note: A feeble argument that the US has is that "if the US is so bad why does it have more immigrants moving here". Well that is simply. It's because it is extremely easy to gain citizenship to the United States than most other countries. Heck England, Canada, and Australia have harder restrictions. While the US will just let anyone in just to grow in numbers but that methodology has backfired. Also its only proven to be a feeble argument.

United States

#111 Apr 17, 2014
I have watched this country get worse and worse. These days everyone is mindless zombies staring at their tv's watching year old commercials they've seen 100 times. At what point do people change the Channel and say "im tired of seeing this shit". Listening to played out, old music. WEARING EXPENSIVE CLOTHES JUST CAUSE SOME FAMOUS ASSHOLE SAYS ITS COOL. THIS COUNTRY LACKS ORIGINALITY. NOONE HAS A MIND OF THEIR OWN. MY POINT IS YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE FORCE FED THE BULLSHIT EVERYONE COMPLAINS ABOUT. People just back down without ever thinking I can do something about this. Complaining about the government and such. If everyone really hates the government so much why not rise up. You may say "why don't you then?" Well im only 1 man. But I'm definitely getting tired of the monotonous routine our country goes through every day. The economy sucks. I work 2 jobs, bust my ass, and still live paycheck to paycheck. I didnt have the resources to go to school. The government gives foreigners money to start businesses. Then they strike it rich. Shit, WHAT ABOUT ME. oh, thats right, I was born here. So F me. Im freaking sick of it. Then the wealthy don't even have to get their precious nails dirty. Makes me sick to the core of my stomach. Sometimes I feel like I've outgrown this country. But I still love USA. I just wish everyone would wake up and smell the coffee. And realize. This crap isn't gonna change unless someone does something about it. I still have faith everything will get better, but the reality is; nope its only gonna get much worse. And it makes me really sad to see what my country has turned into. A bunch of lazy, selfish, hypocritical, people. But now I realize its dog eat dog. Every man for himself. You gotta be tough, or you're another dog's lunch.

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