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miracles of provision

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5969 Jul 18, 2013
Miracles of Provision from the Prophets
Miracles in the Bible from Prophets

42. Thunder and rain in harvest at Gilgal (1 Sam. 12:18) 43. Sound in the mulberry trees at Rephaim (2 Sam. 5:23-25) 44. Uzzah smitten for touching the ark at Perez-uzzah (2 Sam. 6:6, 7) 45. Jeroboam's hand withered.(1 Kings 13:4) 46. Jeroboam's new altar destroyed at Bethel (1 Kings 13:4-6 47. 31. Widow of Zarephath's meal and oil increased (1 Kings 17:14-16) 48. Widow's son raised from the dead (1 Kings 17:17-24) 49. Drought at Elijah's prayers (1 Kings 17, 18) 50. Fire at Elijah's prayers (1 Kings 18:19-39) 51. Rain at Elijah's prayers (1 Kings 18:41-45) 52. Elijah fed by ravens (1 Kings 17, 18) 53. Ahaziah's captains consumed by fire near Samaria (2 Kings 1:10-12) 54. Jordan divided by Elijah and Elisha near Jericho (2 Kings 2:7, 8, 14) 55. Elijah carried up into heaven (2 Kings 2:11) 56. Waters of Jericho healed by Elisha's casting salt into them (2 Kings 2:21, 22) 57. Bears out of the wood destroy forty-two “young men”(2 Kings 2:24) 58. Water provided for Jehoshaphat and the allied army (2 Kings 3:16-20) 59. The widow's oil multiplied (2 Kings 4:2-7) 60. The Shunammite's son given, and raised from the dead at Shunem (2 Kings
4:32-37) 61. The deadly pottage cured with meal at Gilgal (2 Kings 4:38-41) 62. A hundred men fed with twenty loaves at Gilgal (2 Kings 4:42-44) 63. Naaman cured of leprosy, Gehazi afflicted with it (2 Kings 5:10-27) 64. The iron axe-head made to swim, river Jordan (2 Kings 6:5-7) 65. Ben hadad's plans discovered. Hazael's thoughts, etc.(2 Kings 6:12) 66. The Syrian army smitten with blindness at Dothan (2 Kings 6:18) 67. The Syrian army cured of blindness at Samaria (2 Kings 6:20) 68. Elisha's bones revive the dead (2 Kings 13:21) 69. Sennacherib's army destroyed, Jerusalem (2 Kings 19:35) 70. Shadow of sun goes back ten degrees on the sun-dial of Ahaz, Jerusalem
miracles of provision

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5970 Jul 18, 2013
One thing I want you to realize is that Prophets were used mightily of God in the Miracle Ministry
miracles of provision

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5971 Jul 18, 2013
Prophets and Prosperity - Here I detail some interesting stories of how God was using Prophets to bring about monetary miracles or financial miracles.
miracles of provision

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5972 Jul 18, 2013
I believe the Lord has called me much like Jeremiah and like David and he desires to see a "fresh voice" arise with a fresh word and a fresh anointing.
first fruits california

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5973 Jul 18, 2013
California will be the first to initiate a muti-state regional initiative. Borders will become much more friendly from state to state.

California is the first fruits of what happens to the nation in the natural. I just see co-ops, shared resources etc... this will follow in other regions in the country. Some states will try to succeed from America, especially in the Northeast.

More on that when I post words about various states and regions in the USA.
be warned

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5974 Jul 18, 2013
The China Computer Virus – the dragonI saw a pirate flag being hoisted on American soul, it was black with white skull and crossbones.

I heard a voice saying "China" the pirates seek to sabotage through subterfuge.

I saw China as pirates trying to replace the American flag with the Pirate flag. I saw so many cyber attacks taking place to rob, steal and destroy.

Trying to make American unstable in all her ways and to make the financial market unstable.

I saw a malicious plot to overthrow our government through corporate espionage and through economic piracy of our networks, computers, databases and systems.

I saw options markets being manipulated. God said it's no longer the middle east, it's China.

I saw a vision of a computer virus named “ china “ instead of a worm this was a dragon.

It had already infiltrated our computer networks in government and in finance. Soon we will hear about his in the news.
days of elijah

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5975 Jul 18, 2013
For those who know their God shall do exploits. I heard the Lord say “ for these are the days of Elijah”.
obedience faith seed

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5976 Jul 18, 2013
When you let patience have her perfect work nothing but great things can occur. This is why we must tarry, be patient, watching and praying. We have to pay a price for everything, especially revival and a true move of God. There must be a worthy sacrifice made.

The move of God is predicated by two things FAITH and SEED. God gave his best, the sacrificial lamb. We must give our best. Yet we know that obedience is better than sacrifice. My sense is that God is requiring both in this time.

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5977 Jul 18, 2013
The bible speaks of the church as being built on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets. These two offices are used to keep the church in alignment with God’s plan for the church. They both carry a level of authority and hence a greater measure of responsibility.
office of prophet

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5978 Jul 18, 2013
The office of prophet is a difficult office to stand in and it is not one that brings one into a place of popularity. On the contrary it is one which will cause one to receive much affliction. Jesus himself said this regarding prophets that no prophet had any honor in his own country.

John 4:44 For Jesus himself testified, that a prophet hath no honour in his own country.

Speaking from experience I can tell you of a certainty there is a high cost for the anointing of the Prophet. Though the office of prophet does carry with it a level of authority it does NOT entitle a person to go about tearing people down and using the title of prophet as a cloak under which to hide. The prophet’s job and responsibility is to convey the heart of God as is revealed to him by the Lord Himself.
office of prophet

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5979 Jul 18, 2013
When we consider God is a God of love and the heart of God is mercy, we must remember that even when God uses a prophet to bring correction, he does so in the Spirit of Love with the hope of turning a person or a church or nation back to the heart of God. Even a warning is given by a prophet with the hope that it will bring repentance and prevent judgment. God will send a prophet often as a last resort before judgment comes.
numbers n colors mean

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5980 Jul 18, 2013
Meanings of Numbers & Colors

1 = God; beginning; source; first; unity
2 = number of witness (in the mouth of two or more witnesses); friendship
3 = Godhead; trinity; divine completeness; perfect testimony
4 = number of earth; creation; world; four gospels; four winds; four seasons; four corners of the earth
5 = grace; atonement; life; the cross; five-fold ministries
6 = number of man; beast; satan; idol
7 = perfection; completeness; number of book of Revelation; finished; day of rest; (used 600 times in Bible)
8 = resurrection; new beginnings; put on new man
9 = harvest; ministry; fullness; fruitfulness; number gifts of Holy Spirit; number of fruits of the Holy Spirit; number of birthing (baby born in 9 months)
10 = number of law; order; government; restoration; antichrist kingdom; trial; testing; responsibility; tithe
11 = incompleteness; disorganization; disintegration; disorder; lawlessness; disorder; need for apostolic fullness (11 apostles left after Judas hanged himself)
12 = divine government; apostolic fullness
13 = rebellion/backsliding; apostacy;
14 = Passover
15 = Spiritual order
16 = Free spirit; without boundaries; without limitation; without law, therefore without sin Rom 4:15; salvation
17 = Spiritual void
18 = Put on judgement, destruction, captivity, overcome put on spirit of Christ (Jud. 10:7-8; Luke 13:4; Luke 3:11,16)
19 = barren; repentant; ashamed; selflessness, without self righteousness (II Sam. 2:30, Rom. 6:21)
20 = Can mean either Holy, tried & approved or unholy & found wanting
24 = priestly courses, governmental perfection
30 = consecration, maturity for ministry
40 = probation, testing, ending in victory or defeat
50 = number of pentecost, liberty, freedom, jubilee
70 = prior to increase or representative of a multitude
75 = number of separation, cleansing, purification
100 = fullness; full measure; full recompense; full reward, etc.(Gen 26:12; Mark 10:30)
120 = end of all flesh, beginning of life in the Spirit
124 = number of God's ultimate in creation and redemption
163 = number of God's elect; revival; ingathering; harvest
300 = number of faithful remnant
666 = antichrist; satan; beast
1000 = maturity; full stature (Is. 17:33,5; Eph. 4:13)
Show me now your Glory

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5981 Jul 18, 2013
"Show me now your Glory".

(YAH-VEH) said "YES"! I will let my mercy, loving kindness and goodness pass before you. I will call out my name YAH-VEH to you. Beloved, if you are hungry and thirsty, and are empty inside your heart, YAH-VEH our GOD is the only one that can satisfy your longing heat.

Show me now your Glory

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5982 Jul 18, 2013
In his glory you will receive true deliverance of your mind, mouth and heart by purging us with his fire! He will unpluck lies and replace themwith truth which will set us free to offer TRUE WORSHIP to the most HIGH GOD. We must have extra oil for our lanterns or the door will be shut. The time is very short for YAH-SHUAS (Jesus) return. Leave behind the cares of this world and run to your groom! Listen and hear his voice calling you to him. As true worshippers gather from all over the country to experience his glory love and deliverance YAH-VEH YAH-SHUA and the HOLY SPIRIT will invade the santuary bringing total restoration.

Each worhsipper will receive two impartations by anointing of oil and laying on of hands.

FAST at least 3 days before coming. Limited Seating, reserve immediately.
Show me now your Glory

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5983 Jul 18, 2013
The Shofar is blowing louder and YAH-VEH's voice is extremely clear. "My priests must restore true worship to my sanctuary, that my name may be honored before the whole house of Israel. This is the only way my glory and authority can be released!

But the time is coming and is already here when the true worshippers will worship the father in spirit and in truth. The father is looking for anyone who will worship him that way for GOD is a spirit so those who worship him, must worship him in spirit and in truth"-JOHN 4-23,24
prophetic order

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5985 Jul 18, 2013
Prophetic Order

God is a God of Order, therefore everything that He speaks or will speak is done with order. This is true going back to the genesis of mankind. On each particular day of creation, He orderly created the heavens and the earth. When He speaks, every Word God speaks is spoken in order. This is why a prophet may receive a Word from God, but has to wait the orderly time and season to bring it forth. Otherwise, the Word will be spoken prematurely or from a prophet of whom God did not intend to speak. Not every Word that is heard from God is to be spoken. As a prophet you have to know if God wants you or another prophet to speak. Never be eager to speak a Word to anyone! This is a trick in which the powers of darkness uses to cause a prophet to be out-of-order. Wait until God speaks through you, even if it means holding or pondering the prophetic word.

If the prophetic word is to be spoken, it will come forth! This was the case with Jeremiah. The Word was so alive within him that when he tried to hold it in, it was like fire within his bones. However Ezekiel said he would stand watch to see what God wanted him to speak to the people. Either way, what is spoken must be done in order.

Order also is seen among the prophets. Seasoned prophets should be more wiser and more experienced in the Prophetic Word. God uses more seasoned prophets who have not become contaminated, to speak with clarity and accuracy the Word of God. However, God can and often does call an unseasoned prophet to prophesy, as in the case of the Prophet Amos,(who was not a prophet originally, but a fruit farmer) to speak what He normally would give to a more seasoned prophet. Order in the prophetic is determined only by God. God shifts that order sometimes to keep those who are seasoned humble, and so that we will know that what we speak, we have no authority to speak, and can have no idea what to say, unless God through us speaks!

Then there are cases where seasoned prophets are used to correct the errors of those who are new to the prophetic mantle. When this happens, the unseasoned prophet should seek clarity from God, and use the wisdom of those who no doubt have made the same or similar mistakes as they have grown in the prophetic mantle. However, again when seasoned prophets become arrogant and contaminated, God also will use unseasoned prophets to correct them. All of it is about knowing that we are no more than vessels and mouth pieces. Therefore none of us are "all that". I like to think of it as being mail carriers. We only carry and deliver God's mail - not write or create it. This in and of itself should keep us in divine prophetic order.
spiritual watchmen

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5986 Jul 19, 2013
A spiritual watchman is always watching and listening in the spiritual realm. He may hear the word of the Lord or receive revelation or foresight into coming events that is very important. When this happens he must report this to the proper authorities. Then his job is done.
true watchmen of GOD

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5987 Jul 19, 2013
What is the part of God's true watchman in all of this?
A true watchman of God will first be living his life by the Spirit of God in him, which is Christ living in him, and he will be warning all other called out believers to do the same and to not let the sins of the flesh, which is a powerful enemy that works in the mind of men and Satan's churches, to deceive them. Sin and the deception of sin will work, if permitted, against all true believers with the help of Satan to crowd out the working of God's Spirit in their life. If this enemy of the flesh is not guarded against in one's life, by understanding how this enemy of accepting sin and all of its evil works in one's life, which is the carnal or fleshly mind of anyone that tends to justify and compromise sin and sins in his life, then this enemy will cause a believer's name to be taken out of God's book of life and God's Spiritual Nation and Kingdom, causing him to lose his salvation, Rev. 3:5.
true watchmen of GOD

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5988 Jul 19, 2013
This is a true watchman's responsibilities to warn all believers , who have come to know the true Jesus Christ, to stand true and courageous against this enemy of sin. A watchman is to help believers to understand what is sin, to understand about the deception of sin, its leavening effect, and its many temptations which are continually put before man through the influence and temptations of Satan, his ministers and all of society's evil works.

Today church ministers, pastors, government leaders and other radio and television news people, along with all the talk show hosts put forth great effort in making people believe that evil governments, terrorists and terrorist governments of nations are man's primary and worst enemy. Some of these radio and television hosts teach that Christ believers must prepare themselves against these enemies with swords, guns, and ammunition to survive and be protected. Is this the real enemy who God tells believers to prepare for in their lives and how they must prepare themselves against all of their enemies? Without question this is a serious enemy of man, but God tells all of His believers that the fear of God and his coming wrath against all sin and wickedness is a believer's worst enemy if a believer continues in his sins and wickedness. Christ says to all in Mat. 10:28 - "--- Fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."
true watchmen of GOD

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5989 Jul 19, 2013
Why will God destroy sinners? It is because of their SINS . And it also, because deceived people and believers accept the enemy of sin to continually reside with them as part of their life, believing this is will of God in their life. Yes, God the Father sent Christ to save sinners from their sins, but not in their sins, to continue in their sins. A true watchman of God will preach and tell all Christians, professed Christians, and all religions, peoples and nations that the punishment and judgment for their sins is death, Rom. 6:23, "the wages for sin is death." Anyone that continues in his sins God will punish with the death of his life.

Yet, all of today's professing Christians, along with all of their blind watchmen (ministers) who God says are watchmen that are blind, ignorant, dumb dogs that cannot even bark, sleeping and loving to slumber, Isa. 56:10-11, and are watchmen who also believe and teach that every confessing believer today is still a sinner, that God has no righteous chosen sons on this earth. These religious preachers teach that a believer is saved in his on going sins. They believe and teach that all Christians are still sinners who absolutely cannot keep God's 10 commandments and this is why they will not acknowledge the importance of keeping God 10 commandments in being accepted by Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. This is how Satan has deceived all of today's churches about salvation and Christ's Gospel through this enemy of sin by the preaching of their false preachers, who are also believer's enemy.

If Noah, Daniel, and Job were here today:
The watchman Ezekiel gave us a prophecy for these days of the end and the coming judgment upon man because of all of his grievous sins. God tells us in Ezekiel 14:13-14 "---When the land sins against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch out mine hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast from it; v14 Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness says the Lord God." God goes on say in verses 15-23, that whatever judgment that He sends upon the land, whether it is wild beasts, predators of any and every kind, or the sword, armies, or pestilences, plagues of any kind, though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Noah were in this land, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter, they shall but deliver their own souls by their righteousness.

But today churches and pastors do not even know what is righteousness! The confuse sin with righteousness. They believe and teach that their members are both sinners and righteous just because they have confessed and accepted the name of Christ, but not knowing why Christ died. How confusing this is to a member desiring eternal life. They are lying big time to their members. God will save the righteous, but He will destroy the sinners.

It is the righteous person, not sinners who believe they are righteous, that will be delivered, saved and protected in these last days. How can today's believers be delivered who do not even know what is righteousness? How can one be delivered who cannot define what is sin? How can one be saved who does not know the real Christ and what it really means to accept the name of the real Christ? How can today's professed Christians be delivered who do not obey the Gospel? II Thes. 1:8-9 - "In Flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not the God and that obey not the Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ." Today's confessing Christians do not believe that the Gospel consists of information and news that one must obey.

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