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highest calling

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5808 May 30, 2013
The word, therefore, that comes to the hearers has got to come with such a power, authority and credibility that the person who hears says,“If I say ‘Yes’ to this, then I am signing my death warrant.” No-one is going to sign that lightly who has not been persuaded by the word that invites that kind of consecration.

Only a prophet, a foundational man, can bring a word of that kind. He calls for something of ultimate consecration on the part of the hearer— unto death. That is why false prophets are more invited and listened to than the true. The false prophet affirms the hearer in his present condition and tells him that in that he is already ‘well-pleasing’.

The prophet’s purpose is singly and jealously the Father’s will. He restores lost vision of a kind that energizes the people of God, especially in crisis times when despair needs to be turned to hope—having initially been stripped of false hopes by the prophet himself. He does not balk at having to be cruel before he can be kind.

A man who can bring the necessary but painful, cruel word that must come in order to build is not unloving but very love itself. In a word the prophet brings the ‘moment of truth’. Standing in the counsel of the Lord he is able to perceive error and state boldly and unequivocally the requisite truth though it be utterly at variance with the consensus being demonstrated.
The prophetic task is to restore to men who have lost it, the biblical mentality and the biblical view of things that are unchanging in God’s sight. He conveys the view of God particularly to a people who are unwilling to hear it. If the prophetic word is critical to bringing an alignment of God’s people with His own view, then the kind of word that is brought by the prophets is the ultimate issue. Where there are authentic prophets who are willing to bring the unwelcome word, so will there also be a plenitude of popular false prophets who bring the false word of comfort and who say,“Peace, peace” when there is no peace.
highest calling

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5809 May 30, 2013
A prophet does not major in minors. Out of a consummate jealousy for the glory of God, he sets forth the ultimate purposes of God in such a way as to obtain the sacrifices of his hearers to fulfill it.

It is not enough just to set forth what God’s program is, but to set it forth in such a way that he has won the willingness of the hearers to be participant in obtaining the ultimate and eternal purposes of God— as sacrifice.
That is where the prophetic word is more than the word of explanation.

It does not just explain what the eternal purposes of God are, but he communicates it in such a way as to win the commitment of his hearers to the sacrifice necessary to fulfill them.

That takes more than explanation. The prophet epitomizes the suffering that such an adherence evokes. In other words, those who are going to embrace the view that he is presenting are opening themselves to suffering.

The prophet, therefore, who is inviting them to that suffering has himself in some sense to exhibit it and give the evidence that this is God’s way and that the cross is central to the faith. He makes clear to his hearers that persecution, if not martyrdom, is intrinsic to a faith of this kind—and wins their willingness.

It is one thing to establish that the cross, persecution and martyrdom are intrinsic to the faith, but to win the hearer’s consecration to that call is an extraordinary stroke that requires the authority and anointing of those who bear His word. That is the prophetic task.

We are not bringing information, but rather calling men to ultimate, sacrificial things and that is why that kind of a word will always be resisted.
The prophet announces and projects the impending end of this world in apocalyptic fury and judgment, sufficient to birth the longing for a new heaven and a new earth in which there is righteousness.

He not only brings to the awareness of the hearer that the world that they have celebrated is under judgment and is intended for destruction, which means it will destroy a lot of where their own heart is, but he also births a longing for the thing that comes down from above and which will replace this present age.

A prophet is a man of the word who abhors lightness while deeply respecting and guarding the sanctity of language and its meaning from abuse and cheapening. He is not, therefore, always your enjoyable household guest and is not good for easy conversation and small talk. He guards his mouth because he knows the sanctity of words and will not, therefore, give himself to frequent speaking as it debases the currency of words. There is with him a history of waiting and silences.

A prophet shuns the distinctions and honors that men confer. These things bring a certain aura of prestige and eminence and weight, but the prophetic man, in order to be true to God is the ‘wilderness’ prophet. Wilderness does not just mean physical isolation, but a conscious and willful separation from the kinds of things that are calculated to compromise.

He does not effect any kind of prophetic outward ‘appearance’ to indicate his office. He is unprepossessing in appearance and demeanor and despises what is showy, sensational or bizarre. A prophet is intent on turning men to God and not to himself.

This calling is given and is not something that we ourselves summon or take for ourselves, but if we have it, then we need to know that God is going to work us over, again and again, in order to ensure that it is His word that comes forth and not our own.
highest calling

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5810 May 30, 2013
Camel’s hair garments and the eating of locusts are symbolically intrinsic to the prophetic life.

There is a reason why John the Baptist was in the wilderness and not in Jerusalem, though he was the son of a priest. He could not be where the Establishment was. He could not enjoy its benefits and at the same time ‘blow the whistle’ on the falsity of it.

^^^^^ We cannot in our own lifestyle indulge in the very thing that we are condemning before others. Lifestyle is, therefore, remarkably important with regard to the word that is to be proclaimed and probably nothing more betrays whether you are a true or false prophet than this.
highest calling

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5811 May 30, 2013
Prophets carry a great sense of spiritual authority. They enjoy rooting out, pulling down, and destroying all spiritual opposition that gets in the way of the plans and purpose of God.

“See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.”(Jeremiah 1:10)

In this verse, nations are symbolic of the natural realm, and kingdoms symbolic of the spiritual realm. To “root out” means to lay hold of the root of a thing and pull. The prophet is called to root out. He is called to pull down. He is called to destroy. He is called to overthrow. Notice that all these words deal with destroying opposition.

Prophets are God’s spiritual reformers and revolutionaries. To reform means to bring about change.

Prophets make some people nervous and they will try to get rid of the prophet or close his mouth before he gets to do what he is best at, building and planting. God builds by His Spirit and there are many spiritual obstacles that must be dealt with before the building and planting begins.

When we understand the prophet’s gift we can all be more effective when warring against the spiritual forces that oppose the establishing and advancement of the Kingdom of God.
highest calling

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5812 May 30, 2013

The Holy Spirit uses Christ’ five fold ascension prophets as spiritual plows to break the hardest of sin-blackened soils and cut the deepest furrows within the heart of man.

The prophet is gifted to prepare the way toward spiritual breakthrough through his rotor-rooter challenge of any spiritual opposition that might get in the way.

One reason some feel uncomfortable with prophetic operations is because of the results of the prophet’s prayers. What the prophet attacks through intercession in the Spirit will sometimes reveal itself in the natural.

If he attacks rebellion, for example, then any common ground with rebellion in the people will manifest.

But rather than stop the prophet’s rooting out intercession, we should continue to press in and let that prophetic grace finish its work.

Once the spiritual warfare is finished the prophetic gift will open the heavens to us. Remember when Daniel was battling the principalities and powers? Because he didn’t give up and quit the angel was able to get through with the Word of the Lord for the nation.

Sometimes when the prophet speaks, people get stirred, troubled or offended.

Offenses are the bait of Satan used to unplug you from important spiritual relationships. If you are being challenged, perhaps the Holy Spirit is trying to prepare you for your future.

I have seen the prophetic gift in action used to prune out the dead wood that keeps us from growing. Pruning is good for us all because pruning is necessary to produce more fruit. Currently we are in a time when the Church is being challenged to awaken from its sleep.

Roots of binding religious traditions are being pulled out because some have been sitting in religious comfort zones for too long. As the “restoration of all things” continues on so will the restoration of true prophetic ministry. The Church is moving forward. From be healed, for example, to be taught. And from be blessed, to be changed.
highest calling

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5814 May 30, 2013
>>>> In the days ahead prophets will be more involved in activating the spiritual authority of every believer to make a difference with their lives <<<<<
highest calling

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5815 May 30, 2013
***** When we understand the prophet’s gift we can all be more effective when warring against the spiritual forces that oppose the establishing and advancement of the Kingdom of God.
turn hearts

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5816 May 30, 2013
Millions of children have been raised in single parent homes, mostly by good mothers doing the best they could. The role of mothers, however, is different from fathers. Take little Johnny, for example, that was told not to play baseball in his friends’ backyard. He disobeys and breaks the neighbor’s glass window.

Who do you think he runs home to tell, his mother or father? Most likely he ran to mommy. That’s because the role of mothers is different from fathers.

Mother’s nurture and comfort but fathers set rules and boundaries for behavior. Fathers also discipline and correct.

Little Johnny’s mother probably offered him hugs and plenty of love. I’m sure she told him that everything was going to be all right.

But when dad came home little Johnny had to face the consequences of his rebellion, go to the neighbors house, repent and arrange to have the window repaired.

Spiritual fathers do not replace natural fathers. Don’t expect them to take you on fishing trips or out to ball games. They are spiritual fathers. Spiritual fathers are mentors that offer wise and trusted counsel designed to get you to think. Submission to their oversight is biblical, voluntary and comes through relationship. It also affords you spiritual covering and accountability.

A mentor offers instruction, advice, guidance and counsel.

A spiritual father also corrects. Don’t expect a true spiritual father to ignore your mistakes and personality malfunctions.

Correction is designed to help you grow both spiritually and emotionally. Spiritual fathers do not replace your relationship with God. They point you toward dependency on the Lord and away from themselves.

It is Jesus that is the author and finisher of your faith.
turn hearts

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5817 May 30, 2013
---------That’s because the role of mothers is different from fathers.

-------- Mother’s nurture and comfort but fathers set rules and boundaries for behavior. Fathers also discipline and correct.
flags ministry

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5818 May 30, 2013
Flag Ministry or Flag Worship

The use of flags can be quite an entertaining sight to see, but when used to lift up blessings, glory, honor, and power to the Lord in His presence, flags can be more than entertaining.

Used in accordance to the Word, flags become the primary sign for lifting up a "standard" of God. The Bible refers to the word flag as "standard" or "banner." The Hebrew word degel is translated as, a flag or banner or standard.

Degel comes from the Hebrew root word dagal, meaning to flaunt, i.e. raise a flag; to be conspicuous, setting up with banners. Standard is defined as a banner used as an emblem, marker or rallying point; an ensign; military or personal flag.

In the Old Testament, God commands Moses to instruct the children of Israel to camp by their own "standard" to signify their tribe.(Numbers 2:2) There were 12 different flags or banners for the 12 tribes.(Numbers 1:52, 2:2-3, 10, 18, 25; 10:14, 18,22, 25) Banner is defined as a flag or cloth standard.

It is used figuratively to define one of God's Name's, Jehovah Nissi, the Lord is my banner! God's salvation and truth is declared by the raising of the banners, Psalms 20:5, Psalms 60:4. He is a banner of love and protection described in Song of Solomon 2:4 and reigns with great power, Song of Solomon 6:4, 10. He is a standard and He is calling us to lift up a standard, declare and proclaim it to all the world.(Isaiah 5:26, 11:12, 13:2, Jeremiah 50:2)

Flag Ministry or Flag Worship is the union of flags, music, and the Word of God that allows one to enter into the awesome presence of God. This worship art form brings a memorable experience of worshiping our Lord under His anointing. There are two reasons or purposes I believe for Flag Worship:(1) to exalt the name of the Lord and give Him all the praise and the glory, and (2) to destroy the works of the devil. The basic technique of flag waving is not really a new art form. We see this art displayed in the world in rhythmic gymnastics or in a school's marching band, but waving those same flags and streamers under the anointing of God as the Holy Spirit ministers to our hearts, minds, and spirits leads us into an unforgettable time of worship with the Lord. God has a message for us and through Flag Worship is one way He can deliver it.
tambourines ministry

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5821 May 30, 2013


The tambourine as an instrument created by G-d.

You were in Eden, the garden of G-d; every precious stone was your covering: the sardius, topaz, and diamond, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold. The workmanship of your timbrels (tambourines) and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created.(Ezek. 28:13 KJV)

The tambourines in warfare.

And every blow of the rod of punishment, which the L-rd will lay on him, well be with tambourines and lyres; and in battles, brandishing weapons, He will fight them.(Isa 30:32 NASV)
The tambourines used for Praise and Worship.

And Miriam the prophetess, Aaron's sister, took the timbrel in her hand, and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dancing.(Ex. 15:20)
Meanwhile, David and all the house of Israel were celebrating before the L-rd with all kinds of instruments made of fir wood, and with tyres, harps, tambourines, castanets and cymbals.(2 Sam. 6:5)
And David and all Israel were celebrating before G-d with all their might, even with songs and with lyres, harps, tambourines, cymbals, and with trumpets.(I Chron. 13:8)
They have seen Thy procession, O G-d, the procession of my G-d, my King, into the sanctuary. The singers went on, the musicians after them, in the midst of the maidens beating tambourines.(Ps. 68:24-25)
Raise a song, strike the timbrels, the sweet sounding lyre with the harp.(Ps. 81:2)
Let them praise His name with dancing; let them sing praises to him with timbrel and lyre.(Ps. 150:4)
Praise Him with timbrel and dancing; praise him with stringed instruments and pipe.(Ps. 150:4)
Other Scriptures that refer to the tambourine.

Genesis 31:27
I Samuel 10:5
Jeremiah 31:4
Judges 11:34
I Samuel 18:6
in hebrew words

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5822 May 30, 2013
Hebrew Words for Praise & Worship

HALAL -(#1984 to praise, to celebrate hilariously, to be clamorously foolish, to rave, to boast, to make a show, to shine forth. Root word in "Halleluyah" (literally means "Praise Yah").

"Praise the L-rd!" Ps. 149:1; 150:1-6

"Whosoever offereth praise glorifieth Me." Ps. 50:23

"Great is the L-rd, and greatly to be praised." I Chr. 16:25

"And the people said Amen, and praised the L-rd." I Chr. 16:36

GUWL -(1523) to spin around under the influence of strong emotion; to spin like a top; to rejoice and be glad. Most often translated "rejoice".

"Let the daughters of Judah rejoice." Ps 48:11

"Let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation". Isa 25:9

"Let the earth be glad and let the sea rejoice". Ps 96:11

"Be glad and rejoice forever in what I create; for behold, I create Jerusalem for rejoicing and her people for gladness". Isa 65:18-19

"The Lord Thy G-d in the midst of thee is mighty...He will joy over thee with singing". Zeph 3:17

ALAZ -(5937) to rejoice, to exult, to jump for joy. Most often translated "exult" or "rejoice".

"Let the G-dly ones exult in glory". Ps149:5

"Let the field exult and all that is in it". Ps 96:11
PAZAZ -(6339) to leap, to spring, as if separating the limbs.

"King David, leaping before the L-rd". II Sam 6:16
RAQAD -(7540) to leap, to stamp, to spring about wildly with joy.

"King David leaping and making merry". II Chr. 15:29
KARAR -(3769) to dance and whirl about.

"David was dancing before the L-rd with all his might". II Sam 6:14

MACHOWL -(4234) a round dance (Chowl; whirling particles, as sand).
in hebrew words

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5823 May 30, 2013
"Praise His name in the dance". Ps 149:3

"Praise Him with timbrel and dance". Ps 150:4

"The virgin shall rejoice in the dance". Jer 31:13

"All the women with timbrels and dancing". Ex 15:20

"The women came out with singing and dancing to meet Saul". I Sam. 18:6

"He will turn my mourning into dancing". Ps 30:11

MACHOWLAH -(4246) a dance:-company dances.

"Then Miriam the prophetess, Aaron's sister, took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women followed her, with tambourines and dancing." Ex 15:20

"Isn't he the one they sing abut in their dances." ISam 21:11

"Isn't this the David they sang abut in their dances." ISam 29:5

"The women came out from all the towns of Israel to meet King Saul with singing and dancing, with joyful songs and with tambourines and lutes." ISam 18: 6

HALIJKAH -(1979) a procession or march, a caravan:-company.

"Procession of my G-d my King, into the sanctuary". Ps 68:24

CHAGAG -(2287) to celebrate, to observe festival, to march in sacred procession, to be giddy, to move in a circle, to dance, to reel to and fro.

"You shall celebrate the feast to the Lord". Lev. 23:41

"I used to lead them in procession to the house of G-d, with joy". Ps. 42:4

RUWA -(7321) to shout; to split the ears with sound; to blow an alarm (associated with trumpets).

"Shout unto G-d with the voice of triumph". PS. 47:1

"Shout in triumph, O Israel". Zep. 3:14
"All the people shall shout with a great shout and the wall of the city will fall down flat". Josh. 6:5

SHABACH -(7623) to praise, to address in a loud voice, as in triumph.

"My lips shall praise Thee". Ps. 63:3
"Praise ("halal" the L-rd, all nations;) praise Him all peoples"! Ps. 117:1

YADAH -(3034)(Translated: "to give thanks; or to praise") to worship with extended, uplifted hands; to praise; to give thanks.

"It is good thing to give thanks to the L-rd". Ps 92:2

"At midnight I will rise up to give thanks". Ps 119:2

"Surely the righteous will give thanks to Thy Name". Ps 140:13

TOWDAH -(8426)(Translated:

"thanksgiving".) Extension of the hands in a thank offering, a sacrifice of thanksgiving.

"Offer to G-d a sacrifice of thanksgiving". Ps 95:6

"Come before His presence with thanksgiving". Ps 95:2

"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving". Ps 100:4

BARAK -(1288) to kneel in adoration; to bless.

"Let us kneel before the L-rd our Maker". Ps 95:6

"Sing unto the L-rd and bless His name". Ps 99:5

"I will bless you and I will bless those that bless you". Gen 12:2-3

SHACHAH -(7812)(Translated: "worship") to prostrate in homage or worship.

"Let us worship and bow down." Ps 95:6

"Worship at His footstool; holy is He". Ps 99:5

"Bring an offering and come before Him; worship the L-rd in the splendor of holiness." I Chr 16:29

"All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the L-rd; and all the families of the nations will worship before Him". Ps 22:27
colors n the meanings

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5824 May 30, 2013
Colors - The Meanings

God himself was precise in all that He did. Each color carries the same feeling and order throughout the Old and New Testament. How can we be any less careful of how we use these marvelous tools that He has placed in our hands? When these colors are used correctly, they are weapons of glory and beauty that will not only confound the very forces of the enemy, but also accurately show forth the many facets of Yeshua and His bride (true believers).





Heavenly - Holy Spirit

Num. 15:38


Divine Nature

Rev. 3:18


Life Everlasting

I John 5:12



Rev. 21:11-19



I Chr. 23:13


Right Relationships

Rom. 3:25 & Rev. 19:8


Royalty - Kingship

John 19:2 & Jude 8:26


Blood Atonement

Mat. 27:28 & 15:1-18


Invisible - Supernatural

Eph. 2:7 & Ex. 35:6


Shekinah Glory

Eph. 2:7 & Ex. 35:6



Dan. 12:1O


Sin - Death

Jer. 8:21 & Lam. 4:8-5, 1O



Mat. 27:3-9


Divine Nature

Rev. 3:18



Num. 21:9


The Root Humanity

Is. 11:10-11 & Jer. 23:5


(Same as Brass)

TORAH four levels

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5825 May 30, 2013
The Four Levels of Understanding Torah/G-d's Word

Peshat — Literal

Ramez — One scripture tied to another scripture

Derash — Derived interpretation of scripture through exegesis and spiritual applications

Sod — Deeper spiritual meaning (dark sayings, mysteries) of the scripture not seen at its surface meaning
TORAH blueprints

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5826 May 30, 2013
The Torah of the G-d of Israel was given in the form of parables, deep sayings and spiritual blueprints, so that His Word would be fulfilled concerning the righteous (tzaddikim) and the wicked.

Those who would obey (shema) the greatest commandment (Deuteronomy [Devarim] 6:4-9, Mark 12:28-31) in Spirit and in truth (John [Yochanan] 4:24) would know and understand the ways of the G-d of Israel.

However, the wicked would consider the things of the G-d of Israel as foolishness (I Corinthians 2:14).

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5827 May 30, 2013
Shabbat: Burden or Blessing?

by Batya Ruth Wootten

A Sign - To Be Guarded By The Watchman
Keeping the Sabbath also is a "sign" to an unbelieving world, and even to our own selves, that we are the people of Yahveh Elohim: "But as for you, speak to the sons of Israel, saying,'You shall surely keep My Sabbaths; for this is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I am Yahveh who sanctifies you.'" He also said this sign is to be a perpetual covenant: "The sons of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to celebrate the Sabbath throughout their generations as a perpetual covenant. It is a sign between Me and the sons of Israel forever; for in six days Yahveh made heaven and earth, but on the seventh day He ceased from labor, and was refreshed" (Exodus 31:13,16-17).

Our Father says He gave the sons of Israel His "Sabbath sign" that they might know that it is He who sanctifies them, and, that they are to "keep," even to, "hallow His Sabbaths" (Ezekiel 20:12,20).

A "sign" is an "owth," meaning, "a signal (literally or figuratively), a flag, beacon, monument, evidence, a mark, an ensign, a token."2 Also, to be "sanctified" is to be "consecrated, dedicated," to be "set apart," here meaning for our Father in Heaven. Therefore, when we celebrate our Father's Sabbath day, we give testimony, both to the Father and to ourselves, as to our "consecration" to Him. Also, the world around us sees that we are "set apart" for Him, and that He is our source, protection and provision. Thus does keeping the Sabbath serve as a "sign" to all. It "marks" us as those who belong to the God of Israel. It serves as a beacon for those who are drawn to our Father's truth. But, be warned: It also causes us to serve as evidence to those who oppose the truth about His Sabbaths.

Yahveh told His people to "keep" His Sabbaths. This means they are to "shamar" His Sabbaths, which is "to hedge about (as with thorns), to guard, protect, to attend to; it is to take heed, to mark, observe, preserve, regard, reserve, save, and to watch for--like a watchman."3 Thus, it is the duty of the "watchman" to "preserve" Yahveh Elohim's Sabbaths.

2 Strong's Hebrew word # 226.
3 Strong's Hebrew word # H8104.
focus JESUS

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5829 Jun 2, 2013
Stay Focused on Jesus! Don't get distracted in the last moments! There are thousands of distractions that can cause you not to be ready. To be ready for the Rapture, you must NOT fall spiritually asleep, in the last moments. Jesus said, it will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing his work, when he returned. Stay Focused on Jesus!
Don't get distracted in the last moments! There are thousands of distractions that can cause you not to be ready. Don't fall into temptation and compromised with sin in the last moments. Jesus said, Pray that you will NOT fall into temptation.
being PURE

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5830 Jun 2, 2013
***** By being PURE it means keeping oneself away from Addictions, Lusts, and all kinds of Worldly Passions ***** Those who want to be ready for Jesus, must put Jesus first in everything in their lives. Nothing else must have a higher priority than Jesus ***** We must remember what it says in Hebrews chapter 12. Without Holiness, no one will see the Lord *****
being PURE

Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

#5831 Jun 2, 2013
*** By being PURE it means keeping oneself away from Addictions, Lusts, and all kinds of Worldly Passions ***

Those who want to be ready for Jesus, must put Jesus first in everything in their lives.

Nothing else must have a higher priority than Jesus

*** We must remember what it says in Hebrews chapter 12. Without Holiness, no one will see the Lord ***

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