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Only Half of Self-Identified Christians Plan to Attend Easter Sunday Services

One in five Americans still may not know whether they'll attend Easter services on Sunday -- and nearly 40 percent say they won't be attending church at all Easter weekend, including about half of those who say they rarely go to church, according to a new LifeWay Research survey, Christianity Today reports. Previous LifeWay surveys have found that Easter is among the top three highest-attended Sundays of the year for most churches, but this year's survey found that "just over half of self-identified Christians say they will attend Easter services. Protestants (58 percent) and Catholics (57 percent) are most likely to say they plan on attending Easter services, followed by 45 percent of nondenominational Christians."

Religion Today Daily Headlines - March 28, 2013
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Only Half of Self-Identified Christians Plan to Attend Easter Sunday Services
One in five Americans still may not know whether they'll attend Easter services on Sunday -- and nearly 40 percent say they won't be attending church at all Easter weekend, including about half of those who say they rarely go to church, according to a new LifeWay Research survey, Christianity Today reports. Previous LifeWay surveys have found that Easter is among the top three highest-attended Sundays of the year for most churches, but this year's survey found that "just over half of self-identified Christians say they will attend Easter services. Protestants (58 percent) and Catholics (57 percent) are most likely to say they plan on attending Easter services, followed by 45 percent of nondenominational Christians."
Religion Today Daily Headlines - March 28, 2013
Compiled & Edited by ReligionToday Editorial Staff
Hollywood can say what it wants, but The Bible is the top-rated cable program on Sunday nights.

The History Channel’s mini-series The Bible drew an impressive 14.1 million viewers on its first night. Horizon media, meanwhile, said some 50 million viewers tuned in to at least some portion of the program over the first three weekends of the five part series.

The show is an outright success. The latest installment pulled in 11 million viewers and audience retention rates are just as remarkable. To put the numbers into perspective, the premier had better ratings than The Walking Dead and every episode beat Fox’s American Idol. If the ratings don’t impress you, they certainly confound Hollywood’s entertainment experts.

This Judeo-Christian-themed show reveals an appetite for religious programming that is consistently overlooked in Hollywood. Did they forget that The Passion of the Christ made over $600 million to become the highest grossing R rated film in history? Did they also miss The Chronicles of Narnia, Courageous, and Fireproof?


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If we want to experience God’s healing in our lives, we first need to do something that often is both simple and difficult at the same time. We need to believe that He can heal us.

Over the centuries, there have been many people who have believed that it is possible to walk in divine health. Smith Wigglesworth (1859–1947) was one of these. He raised several people from the dead and was known to have incredible healing power; these, obviously, give some credence to his doctrine.

However, not many Christians have followed in his footsteps because it takes faith to walk in that arena. We have to believe that the provision was made for us to walk in it, and not only do we have to believe it, we have toaccept it, and then we have to live it. These things are not always easy to do.

Our faith is what frees us from the power of the enemy who seeks to kill and destroy us. And as soon as we choose to accept it, the door to the prison is opened. Faith removes us from the tyranny of the tyrant — we are saved out of the devil’s power. But if we don’t believe that we can be saved and if we don’t then act on that belief, we will remain in prison.

I believe that God does very little for us without our first believing and receiving it. If we don’t accept what He offers, it is likely not going to be manifested or seen to operate in our lives. Our faith in Him enables us to walk in His provision and grace.
Believing in God’s greatness

God is great, and the deepest forms of His greatness come in Spirit-to-spirit communication. These deep forms don’t happen any other way. We may think they are foolish when we first look at them, but through His Spirit, they come alive to us.

Many of us have the faith that God can heal a cold. We may also believe He can heal the flu and that once in a while, He will even heal cancers, and that is strange and wonderful to us.

But few of us have the faith that He will heal “bigger” ailments, such as deformities. We have a much harder time accepting that possibility. However, when we pray for people who have deformities, we should expect them to be healed, if for no other reason than that is what God told us He would do:“He was bruised for our iniquities”(Isaiah 53:5). He took on the visage of being beaten and misshapen, so that our deformities could be healed.

Our healing has already been paid for. The cost of it has already been laid down. It is ours, but if we don’t believe it is ours, we won’t walk in it.
Understanding what God has done

Hosea wrote,“‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’”(Hosea 4:6). If we do not understand all of what God has done for us, can we partake and receive the full benefit of it? Will we be healed if we don’t believe that God can or will do it? I would say probably not, because stepping into what God has done for us requires faith. Healing is often like salvation; Christ died for us, but until we ask for His salvation, we aren’t saved. It is there, but it isn’t ours yet. We have to ask for it, and it comes only by faith.

Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil one (1 John 3:8)— not just the evil of demonization, illness, disease and infirmity, but the work of everything that is contrary to His Kingdom. What are you facing today that is contrary to His Kingdom? He has already cleared the way for you to walk out of the prison you find yourself in. This is true each and every time.

The provision has been made for us, but understanding this truth takes an intense change of mindset, because the prison is not a physical place: It is the mind. As long as we are convinced that God’s healing is limited, we are never going to walk in the full power of His glory. It will sit there waiting for us, right outside the door. We have to believe that the provision was made, and then we have to accept it and live as if it’s true. Make the decision to step into it today.
God call us by His name


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The Bible says that God calls us by His name (Isaiah 43:7) and that He writes His name upon us (Revelation 3:12).

As we mature and the Holy Spirit flows through us, the name of the Father becomes more deeply imprinted on who we are. It is like taking the same path from the front door to the garden every day; each time you walk it, it becomes a little more compacted beneath your feet, a little more engraved in the surface of the earth.

That path is like a signature in the soil. The more we seek God, the deeper and richer and more noticeable His name becomes in our lives. We begin to grow out of the cerebral following of Him into the spiritual following of Him, which Jesus talks about in John 4: The Father seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth — He does not desire to be known from a distance.

This divine bond is an intimate Spirit-to-spirit connection, a fire to fire — a union that goes beyond that of a man and woman in marriage. It is a bonding in which the Spirit of God says,“You are in Me, and I am in You. Let Me breathe through you. Let Me use you. Let Me flow through you to others. You are flesh of My flesh and bone of My bone.”

Obviously, I am not saying that we can literally become God; however, we can be so close to Him, in every way, that He considers us to be “one flesh” with Him (Ephesians 5:30–32).
Be Sensitive to God

Each of us has the ability and opportunity to become one with the Lord. The apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 6:17,“He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.”You have that. That is you.

The deeper His name is inscribed upon us, the more sensitive we are to the fire of His presence and the gentle whispers of His Spirit — the more sensitive we are to His beckoning and His direction. I do not ever want to take for granted the movement of the Holy Spirit upon me, the light of the Lord radiating from within me or the oneness with Him that He has afforded to me.

I never want to become calloused to Him, because callousness leads to death (Hebrews 6:4–6). It does not remove us from His love, but we lose our ability to feel the conviction of His Spirit; we relinquish our desire for Him

How do we keep ourselves from growing calloused toward God?

We know the Lord and His ways.
We pray and consistently spend time in His Word.
We live repentant lifestyles.
We spend time around other people who love God and are strong in heart.

These practices will sensitize us to God and His ways and will keep us sensitive so we do not resist Him; they will give us hunger for Him and a desire for His presence.
Be Aware of His Love

As a believer in Jesus, you are joined to the Father. You are one with Him. You bear His name.

Clearly, this is no small covenant He has made with you. It is not a position that can be blown away in a strong wind. Do you understand the depth of His love and compassion for you? Do you realize what awaits you here in this place of closeness and accessibility?

As soon as you can, take some time to deepen that path from the front door to the garden. Ask the Father to increase your sensitivity to His Spirit, and let Him etch out His name a little more deeply upon you.

by: johnpauljackson ministry
Hear HIS voice


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When Jesus was crucified, all the provision for our spiritual, emotional and physical healing was made. He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes, we were healed.

The word transgression means “rebellion.” He was wounded for our rebellion, for the decisions of our hearts to turn away from Him.

The word bruised means “crushed” and “misshapen.” He was bruised for our iniquities; Isaiah says elsewhere that He wasn’t even recognizable as a man.

The word iniquity means “perversion.” There are sins and rebellion—and then there is perversion. Jesus died for the most perverse of humanity. There is healing even for those who are so lost and corrupted that their souls have deformed, and they are no longer considered normal by the rest of society. There is healing even for them.

The chastisement for our peace was upon Him. The wounding of His soul allows for the healing of our souls.

When the stripes were made, all provision for healing was made. His stripes brought us complete freedom from physical pain and brokenness.

There is now nothing else that needs to be done for us, because Jesus did everything.

And everything He did for us—the purpose of His heart, His goal—can be summed up in a single phrase: He wants our hearts.
The Greatest Commandment

Salvation took effort on God’s part, but relationship with Him takes effort on our part. He is waiting.

As we spend time in Isaiah 53, we realize that it was not a small, flimsy agreement we made with the Father the day we accepted Jesus as our Savior. We were paid for with the blood of His Son. A significant price was laid down for our hearts.

And today, that is what He wants. He wants our hearts.

One of them, a lawyer, asked Him a question, testing Him, and saying,“Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?”

Jesus said to him,“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.”

— Matthew 22:35–37

Jesus suffered the full wrath of God on the cross. Why? So He could have what He wanted: the heart of mankind.

Where is your heart today? How long has it been since you considered, really considered, what He did for you on the cross—the price that was paid for your freedom and the reason that price was paid?

If we want to see change in our circumstances, if we want to thrive while the rest of the world is spinning out of control, God cannot be a hobby in our lives, something we do during our free time—or a novelty item we decide to pick up again when we’re in trouble. He is worth more than that. One commandment is the first and the greatest:“Give Me your heart. I want your heart.”
Today, If You Hear His Voice

The Bible tells us to seek God while He may be found. It isn’t that He can’t be found all the time; it is that in His system of creation, our desires are very important. What we desire, we often obtain. If we want Him, we will find Him, but it is also true that if we want to ignore Him, we will be able to ignore Him.

Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart. Seek Him while He may be found. Give Him what He longs for. Remember the greatest commandment and look to see His face. He is waiting.

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judah call

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Roar like a lion of judah....!!!!!

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feed them well oh church!!
accept YESHUA now

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If you would like to receive Yeshua now, pray the following prayer from your heart:

**** "Dear Lord God, Creator of all things, I humble myself before You. I know I have sinned in my thoughts, words and deeds and am not worthy to enter Heaven based on my own righteousness or worthiness. "I believe that You love me, and have sent Your Son Yeshua (Jesus) to die as a substitute for my punishment. I accept His sacrifice on the cross as my atonement. I believe that You raised Him from the dead on the third day, that He is now alive in Heaven, and that I, too, will be raised to life. "I ask for Your Holy Spirit to come to dwell in me. I surrender control of my life and choose to make You Lord of my life and destiny. I want to be with You forever in Heaven. "Thank You for so great a salvation and the free gift of eternal life. I pray In Yeshua's Name. Amen." *****

If you have sincerely prayed this prayer, you are now a new person, reborn in your spirit into His life of holiness, righteousness and love. Begin to read the Bible every day, both Old and New Testaments. Begin with the gospel of Matthew and Isaiah 52:13 through the end of chapter 53. Begin to pray to the Lord every day. Speak with Him as you would speak to a friend, but with much love, reverence and respect for who His is. Find a church or Messianic congregation where the people truly love Yeshua and live in the power of His Holy Spirit. They will help you to grow in your new faith. The Lord will be with you, now and forever. Never deny Him, no matter what wicked men say to you or do to you, and you will receive eternal life.

So pray to the Lord of the harvest:“Father, I’m asking You to send laborers across ________’s path, laborers who are equipped with the Word of God about salvation, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, healing and deliverance. Send laborers who can communicate effectively with ________ so Your Word can reach his/her heart.”

Once you’ve prayed for your loved one like that, from then on, put your faith in action by treating your loved one like he’s/she’s saved. Don’t treat your loved one like he’s/she’s not good. On the contrary, every time you see your loved one, say,“Praise God! Isn’t it good to know Jesus?” Then just stand back and watch how things change. You’ll be amazed.

****** Father, I come before You in prayer and in faith, believing. Your Word says You desire all men to be saved and come into the knowledge of the truth, so I bring ________ before You this day.“I break the power of Satan from his assignments and activities in ________’s life in the Name of Jesus. Now, while Satan is bound, I ask that You send forth the perfect laborers to share the good news of the gospel in such a way that ________ will listen and understand it. As the truth is ministered, I believe ________ will open his/her eyes to the gospel, come out of the snare of the devil and make Jesus Lord.
“Father, I ask that You fill ________ with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. As I intercede in his/her behalf, I believe that the power of the Holy Spirit is activated, and from this moment on, I shall praise and thank You for ________’s salvation. I am confident that You are alert and active, watching over Your Word to perform it. It will not return to You void. It will accomplish that which You please and prosper in the thing whereto it was sent.“Therefore, my confession of faith is:‘God has begun a good work in ________’s life and He will perform it and bring it to full completion until the day of Jesus Christ, in Jesus’ Name.’”*******
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health resource

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Avoid iced drinks and cold foods in the winter.

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Other Natural remedies for Common Cold:

== Boil water in a small pot; add eucalyptus oil to the water. Put a towel on your head so the steam won't come out, bend over the pot and breathe deep. The steam will help you feel better and breathe easier.

== Remedy for grownups: Make a fresh lemon juice, add some drops of brandy and honey, mix well and drink.

==Chicken soup is the best remedy for cold.

== Drink herbal tea to treat the common cold and open the congestion, you can drink: chamomile tea, green tea, and more.

== Eat radish with salt to cure your flu.

== Warm bath is a relaxing good home remedy for common cold. Fill up a tub with warm water; you can also add some relaxing aromatic oils to the water, like lavender oil, make sure the room is full of steams. This will help you open your nose and breathe better.

==Make ginger tea, add some honey and garlic and drink up.

== Drink warm water with a few lemon drops and some honey.

With all these remedies, one may no longer suffer runny nose, headache, and sore throat due to colds.

Fourth effective remedy is take herbal medicines. Use herbs like Hyssop tea, pure tea tree oil, Echinacea, oregano oil, sage, and wild indigo. Their treatments vary from fighting cold viruses, soothing sore throat, and boosting one's immune system.

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Prayer of Agreement to Bless the Jews

Lord, I come to you now asking your forgiveness for anything I have said or done that cursed the Sons of Israel (name specific sins if known).

I understand your righteous decree, that You will bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them. I now ask you to break any curses on my family or me that are there because of these sins against the Jews. I plead the blood of Jesus and ask to be cleansed from all sin and unrighteousness.

Lord, I submit to Your plan for my life and ministry that will bless the Jews. I also agree with Your plans and purposes for the nation of Israel. Lord, I want to receive Your heart for Your people, and the courage to do Your will, no matter what the opposition may be.

Lord, help me to humble myself and make the Jew first in my prayers and ministry to the lost. Lord, release to me provisions and favor to bless and protect the Jews.
Lord, confirm your message in me with signs and an inner witness of the Holy Spirit.
In Yeshua’s name, Amen
water tips

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Just some infomation on water.
Boiling water will normally destroy most bacteria and viruses, and should be safe for drinking, irrespective of how many times you boil.
Regarding minerals in the water, please note that minerals are divided into organic and inorganic minerals.
Human bodies can only absorb organic minerals and cannot absorb inorganic minerals.(iron as found in nails and metals are inorganic and is harmfull to the body, but Iron found in spinarch and vegetables are organic and can be absorbed by the body)
There are very little disolved organic minerals in the water but they are plenty of undissolved inorganic minerals in the water.(eg: iron, magnesium, sodium, and even some small amout of poisonous minerals)
When we consume inorganic minerals, our body will try to dispose of it through various means like sweating, urinating, etc etc.
some inorganic minerals are difficult to rid off by our bodies and therefore accumulated in our system. over a period of time it can be harmfull.
boiling water many times will convert water(H2o) into steam and evaporated, leaving undissolved inorganic minerals left in the water to be more concerntrated and is no good for the body.
thereofore theoretically distill water is the purest form of drinking water.(both the inorganic and organic minerals will be absent)
The body needs minerals from the food that we eat rather than from the water that we drink( unless it is a speacially prepared organic mineral water)
In conclusion, boiling left over water many times is no good and will only make undissolved inorganic minerals to be more concerntrated.
israel hope

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Hope for Israel

The calling of the Jews is one of the great turning points in history. Looking at the history of the Jewish people, it would be easy to believe that God is finished with the people that he once called his own. However, although the Bible teaches that the Jews are under God’s judgement for their rejection of the Messiah, it also teaches that they will be restored to a place of blessing. This will happen when they acknowledge that Jesus is Lord and Saviour, the Messiah whom they have been seeking.

By rejecting Christ, the nation of Israel moved outside its place of blessing and under the wrath of God. But this is only for a time. When their time of punishment is complete, all Israel will be saved (Rom 11:26). The Jews will then come to faith in Christ. Because God chose Israel, he will not reject them completely, even though they have rejected him. They will have a time of punishment, but when that comes to an end, they will be restored to a place of blessing.

God’s Promises

God cannot forget the promises he has made in his covenant. The covenant actually warned that a time would come when the nation would turn away from the Lord and be destroyed. The scattering and exile of Israel is actually a fulfilment of the covenant; it has not been broken. The same covenant also promises that a time will come when they will be restored to the land (Deut 4:25-30). The restoration of Israel is part of God's plan.

After warning that the house of Israel will be left desolate, Jesus said,

For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord." (Matt 23:39).

The Jewish nation will experience terrible tribulation, but there is still hope for the future. The time will come when the Jews will be glad to see those who come to preach the gospel. At they time they will see that Jesus really is the messiah, and will acknowledge him as their lord and Saviour. Jesus was looking forward to the time when the Jews would be converted and restored to their place of blessing as part of the New Israel. Even as he warned of judgement and tribulation, Jesus gave a message of hope. Israel will be restored as a nation, not the chosen nation, when it receives the gospel.
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God’s promise to Israel is most clearly stated in Romans 11. Paul says that although the Jews have stumbled, they did not fall beyond recovery (v.11). He promises that the time will come when Israel is reconciled to the Lord and grafted back into his olive tree. So the Lord promises that all Israel will be saved (v. 26).

As far as the gospel is concerned they are enemies on your account, but as far as election is concerned they are loved on account of the patriarchs, for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable (Rom 11:28,20).

Although the Jews have become God’s enemies by rejecting the gospel, their election is still sure for the sake of the patriarchs. Once God calls a people he does not change that calling (Is 54:10, Jer 31:37).
The Covenant

The following diagram shows God's covenant with Israel. To the left of the green line is the curse of the covenant. On the right of the green line is the blessing promised in the covenant. The blue line represents the history of Israel. During Old Testament history (above the yellow line) Israel drifted in and out of the place of blessing. During the times of Moses, David and Josiah, Israel moved into the place of blessing. At other times, they moved over the green line into disobedience and the curse. God has always dealt with Israel as a nation. It was brought out of Egypt and established in the promised land as a whole nation. In the ups and downs of their later history God treated them as one, so the whole nation shared in both blessings and curse.
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The ministry of Jesus is represented by the yellow line. Israel, as a nation, rejected Jesus and passed to the left under the curse of the law (Matthew 23:37-39). Jesus filled the terms of the covenant on behalf of all those who believe in him. So the church (red arrow) receives the blessing of the covenant.(The new covenant is not really new, but is a fulfilment of the old covenant through the death and resurrection of Jesus.) As the church grows, the red arrow will become much larger.

At the present, the nation of Israel is still on the left of the green line, under the curse. Although the nation of Israel has been restored, its restoration as achieved "by the sword" (Ezekiel 38:8). It was not by the direct hand of God, but by military and political action. The restored nation is still being trampled by the Gentiles. However, God has not forgotten Israel. The time will comes when Israel will be restored to blessing.

When the Fulfilment of Israel comes, the vast majority of Israel will come to believe in Jesus. Through believing in Jesus, they will move back over the green line into the place of blessing. This is what Paul meant by being grafted back into the olive tree (Romans 11:22-24). The church and Israel will become one, in Jesus.
Blessing to the World

God has always dealt with Israel as a nation, so salvation will come to it as a nation. God will deal with the entire nation at the same time. Each individual will have to come to faith of course, but God will work things so that this happens to the whole nation at the same time. The leaders of that nation will be touched by the Spirit. Just as the religious and political leaders rejected Jesus (representing their people), the religious and political leaders of Israel will believe and serve Jesus.
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When this happens, Israel will not be special among the nations. God no longer has a special nation. Israel will only receive its blessing as part of the church. This happens as the Jewish people come to believe in Jesus, and are born again into the kingdom of God. Through faith in Jesus they will become part of the New Israel. Natural Israel is restored to a place of blessing by becoming part of the New Israel. The distinction between Jew and Gentile will then be gone forever.

This explains why the conversion of the Jews brings blessing to the world. Without the Jews the church cannot be complete. Without natural Israel, New Israel is lacking an important part. When natural Israel is joined with new Israel, there will be a true fulfilment of God's plans. This complete New Israel will bring great blessing to the world.

Once the fullness of the Jew’s come in, God’s team will be complete. Satan will have lost his power to punish Israel, so a time of great victory for the church will follow. Daniel 7:18,22,27 describes a period when the saints possess the Kingdom. The sovereignty, power and greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be handed over to the saints, the people of the Most High. This is a picture of people of God (including Israel) being given authority to establish his Kingdom. The Kingdom advances rapidly by the proclamation of the word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.(Look here for a full description of the Kingdom of God.)
The Role of the Spirit

The Jews are converted by an outpouring of the Spirit and the preaching of a prophetic church. This is the only way to be saved. Zechariah promised that God would pour out his Spirit on Israel.

And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication. They will look on me, the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son (Zech 12:10).

This is the moment of Israel’s conversion. The Spirit of the Lord will move in the hearts of al Israel. It will be a Spirit of supplication to cause them to call on the name of the Lord. The Spirit of grace will give them faith to receive the salvation that comes through grace.

At the same time, the Holy Spirit will open the eyes of their hearts, so that they can see Jesus. They will stop looking for a warlike Messiah and realise that Jesus who died on the cross and "who was pieced" by a spear, really is their Messiah. This realisation will produce a great flood of repentance. When they realise that Jesus reigns at the right hand of God and that they have been saved by the prayers in his name, the whole land will be filled with tears. As they come to realise what Jesus has done, they will all weep with sadness and joy (Zech 12:11-14). There will also be repentance for the treatment of Israel.

Some Christians believe that the Jews will be converted when Jesus returns to Jerusalem. This is not true. Seeing is not believing. The Jews saw Jesus for three years, when he exercised his ministry on earth, but they did not believe. The reason is that their hearts were hard. Nothing has changed. Israel’s problem is still hardness of heart (Rom 10). They are spiritually blind to the truth. The only solution to spiritual blindness is the work of the Holy Spirit.
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Preachers and Prophets

The church will co-operate with the Holy Spirit in his work in Israel. The Holy Spirit can change hearts, but he needs Christians to preach the gospel to Israel. This is why God has given so many Christians such a great love for Israel and her people. He is calling and preparing people to take the gospel to Israel. This happens during a time of terrible tumult in Israel, so these people will need to be dedicated and tough. As a gateway for the preaching of the gospel in Israel, Christians should start blessing the people of Israel now. One way of doing this is to share our material blessings. Paul said,

For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews' spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings. Rom 15:27

Christians must demonstrate their love for the people of Israel to earn the right to speak to them.(We do not bless them if we supply them with military weapons, as this would encourage them to trust in the god of war).

Those who preach the gospel will be accompanied by prophets, who will pronounce God’s judgements against evil nations and announce his plan as it is fulfilled. The prophets and intercessors may need to declare miracles of deliverance or rescue. When these prayers are answered and the prophecies are fulfilled, the people of Israel will bless the preachers and prophets, fulfilling Jesus promise.

You will not see me again until you say, "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord."

The prophets will speak to the Jewish people and prepare them to receive salvation in the name of Jesus. They will declare that Israel’s judgement is complete. Part of their message is revealed in the scriptures.

Comfort, comfort my people,
says your God.
Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,
and proclaim to her
that her hard service has been completed,
that her sin has been paid for,
that she has received from the LORD's hand
double for all her sins.

Timing will be critical. This message must not be declared until God decides that the time is right. A message of peace spoken to soon will result in disappointment.
israel hope

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Christians must be careful what they say to Israel. Some are saying that the time of the suffering has come to an end and that God will keep Israel safe. They are motivated by compassion, but are giving a false hope. Hope that is based on wishful thinking and not God’s word is bound to fail. When the Israel suffers military defeat in the future, as the Bible surely teaches, the Jewish people will be disillusioned with the words of these Christians. This will make them less likely to listen when Christians share the gospel. Speaking words of comfort and blessing, that God has not spoken, weakens the power of God's word, even if it is motivated by love. Christians must bless Israel, but they must not speak unless the Lord has spoken. To do so is to lose our prophetic voice.
The Return in Faith

One of the major themes of the Old Testament prophecies is the return of the Jews to Israel. At the time of the destruction of Jerusalem they were scattered among the nations. There has been a partial return during the present century, but it has not been a return in faith that the prophecies describe. The real return takes place after the Jews who are in Jerusalem now are converted to faith in Jesus. Their are numerous passages that speak of the time (Isaiah 4:2-6; 25:6-11; 33:13-24; 35:1-10; 61:4-9; 62:10-12; 66:20; Jeremiah 12:15; 33:10-13; Ezekiel 20:41; 37:12,21; Joel 3:18-20; Amos 9:9-15; Obadiah 19,20; Micah 2:12; Zechariah 10:6-12).

The land of Israel will be restored. The conversion of the Israeli people will lift the curse from their land, which has caused it to be so desolate. The Lord will bless the land and restore it to its former prosperity.

He will also send you rain for the seed you sow in the ground, and the food that comes from the land will be rich and plentiful. In that day your cattle will graze in broad meadows. The oxen and donkeys that work the soil will eat fodder and mash, spread out with fork and shovel (Is 30:23,34).

The Lord will send abundant rain. Food will be so plentiful that even the animals will have plenty to eat. Isaiah also says that when the Lord pours out the Holy Spirit on the people of Israel, even the deserts will become fertile and the fertile ground will be come luxuriant (Is 32:15).

This will be followed by a great migration of people back to the land of Israel. It is described in Ezekiel 36:10,11.

I will multiply the number of people upon you, even the whole house of Israel. The towns will be inhabited and the ruins rebuilt. I will increase the number of men and animals upon you, and they will be fruitful and become numerous. I will settle people on you as in the past and will make you prosper more than before. Then you will know that I am the LORD.
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Jeremiah prophesied that the Lord would gather back all the remnant of the flock from all the countries where they have been scattered (23:3). Isaiah tells how the people of the nations among which they have been scattered will bring the people back to their land (Is 49:22-26; 60:9). He says that God will bring his people back to live in their land (Is 11:11-16). The prophet Micah says that when the people who live in Israel come to a new birth, the rest of their brothers will return to join with hem. The land will be desolate until the time when this takes place (Mic 3:4). This migration back to Israel will bring great glory to the Lord.

Those who return to Israel at this time will have come to faith in Jesus. The Lord said through Ezekiel,

For I will take you out of the nations; I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land. I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws (Ezek 36:24-27).

Those who return to Israel will come to faith, either before they return, or while they are returning. Their sins will be washed away and they will be born again of the Spirit. They will then follow Jesus with all their hearths (Is 29:17-24).

We should not assume that all descendants of Israel will return to the land of Israel, as this may not be possible. For Some, their return will be a return to faith. Through faith in Jesus Christ they will become members of the church, which is the New Israel. Their return will be to the New Israel.

After this great migration takes place the land will restored to even greater blessing. Ezekiel said that

The desolate land will be cultivated instead of lying desolate in the sight of all who pass through it. They will say, "This land that was laid waste has become like the garden of Eden; the cities that were lying in ruins, desolate and destroyed, are now fortified and inhabited (Ezek 36:34.35).

Such blessing will come on the land that it will become like the Garden of Eden. The land of Israel will be full of blessing and the people will know the Lord.

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