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Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4903 Jan 23, 2013

Some of you have probably seen the episode here where I talk about a dream that I had where I believe it was last spring or the summer where I told about being inside of a Senator’s body, or a Congressman’s body and I was on a golf course with other men and President Obama comes up to me and I had my arm around him and he is very skinny, very thin, and he says to me,“Funds are about to dry up. You need to do what you’re going to do very soon because funds are going to dry up and they won’t be available shortly.”

Then I found myself inside of a bank of America building. The bank of America building was bustling and I talked to a vice president loan officer there. I don’t know who he was but in this dream I was friends with him. Things were going well. There were like 20 tellers at the windows. It was a big BOA building with lots of things going on inside there.

Then the scene changes and I find myself back in that same building. I looked for the loan officer and I asked him “How are things going?”

He says to me,“Well, we’re not too busy and that’s good, and we’re not too busy and that’s bad. I am getting ready to go to work for my family business because funds are drying up in the bank. You better do what you need to do while you can because the money won’t be available to do anything shortly.”

Then the scene changes again and I go back into that same BOA building. I find myself opening the door and walking into that same building. This time I looked for my friend, the loan officer, but he is not there. He had quit working there to go to work for his family business because he thought it was an opportune time. But I noticed there were only half the number of loan officers and half the number of tellers at the BOA teller windows.
Then the scene changes again and I am back in the same BOA building. This time there is only one loan officer and one teller and a lot of empty desks and a lot of empty teller windows. I said to myself,“Oh no, it has happened!”

That dream came to me in May of this past year (2012). Just the week before last Bank of America sent out a notice that they were going to lay off 16,000 people by the end of the year (2012) and then they were going to lay off 30,000 people by the end of 2014. When I heard that I thought the dream that I had was starting to play itself out.

Before I had that dream I saw this headline:“Too Big to Fail Fails, Nation ‘s Bank Being Pushed.”

I believe what is going to happen is they are going to nationalize Bank of America. It will change the entire banking system in the United States and perhaps in the world when that happens. It will set a precedent for the next phase of economic things. There is an economic crisis coming to America. We have not yet seen the last of tight money. Whatever fiscal policies are being made by our government this crisis will happen during President Obama’s term, so it is coming quickly.

We are on the threshold of a major banking crisis. Bank of America’s problems will continue to escalate until they are eventually nationalized. They will become a national bank like General Motors has become nationalized in essence. That will change the entire banking system. Everything in the banking system is about to be changed. The small banks are about to be hit with so many regulations that it will put many of them out of business. Only the major banks will survive.
In the spring of 2013 there will be a bank shaking. Within 18 months there will be a cyber shaking.
very urgent news alert

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4904 Jan 23, 2013

Here are headlines that came from heaven. The Lord revealed them. These are things we are going to be reading about in newspapers from around the United States and even around the world. I have not released most of these until this time. I have been waiting for the right moment, waiting for the release of the Spirit to do that. I believe that I had that. I had this nudge I would say, a nudge from the Holy Spirit to do this at this particular time. I am not sure exactly why. Maybe one or more of these things are going to happen soon, within months maybe.

I don’t want to scare anybody because God has everything in his hands and he wants to get our attention. He wants to get this nation’s attention in particular. He wants to get the world’s attention and he will use this nation to get the world’s attention.

With the things that are going on right now there is treachery in the air. I don’t know how to tell you and I don’t even know all that it means myself. I just know there is treachery in the air. And with that, you need to understand some things that you might go through.
So I want to read you some of the headlines that I have not yet read publicly. I feel pressed, I believe pressed by the Holy Spirit to do this. I wish I could tell you when these things are going to happen but I don’t know. In some cases I may have seen a date but it did not tell me whether it was going to be July 17 of this year or next year or September of this year or next year or the following year. So as not to cloud things I am going to leave it simply as headlines that I have seen. So here are some of them and if I can I also include some of the bylines that go along with them.

This is not the order in which they came. I put them down in the order that they came to my mind but they are not the order that they were given to me and they are certainly not the order in which they are going to be fulfilled.

Too Big to Fail Fails: Nations Bank Being Pushed
I don’t know how all of this is going to happen but because of certain bank failures a national bank is going to be pushed.

Here are some other headlines that I saw:

Derivative Panic Hits Global Markets
Food Prices Lead Nations Escalating Inflation Woes
Big Regulations Hit Small Banks
Credit Markets Freeze Up
Flash Mobs Loot Rich Neighborhoods
very urgent news alert

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4906 Jan 23, 2013
You will see things like real personal needs such as toothpaste or toothbrushes and that type of thing. Do you have an extra one at your house? You are going to find these kinds of things on that website listed under scarce items.

So we have talked a little about things you need to have. I have told my staff about this. You need to be able to prove the debt that you owe, meaning any house payments you made you need to be able to prove that you’ve made them. We don’t get our checks back from the bank like we used to do, but most of you get a bank statement. So you cannot take your check and prove that you have paid something. So let’s just say you have a car payment and that payment is due. Somehow in what is going to be happening in the future they are going to be demanding that you prove that you’ve made the payments that you have made. So you need to have up-to-date proof printed from their website that you made your house payment or your car payment. You need to have something in your hand that is a hard copy from them saying you have made your payment.

In addition to that, I have told my staff you need to have cash preferably for a month but for at least two weeks. You need to have cash, not in the bank, but have it somewhere that you can get to it. I’m not going to give you ideas where to keep it but let’s just say not in a safety deposit box in a bank, not someplace that people can easily find it. You will need to remember where it is.
You will need to have cash on hand because the day is coming when you will not be able to get to that cash if it is in the bank.

You need to have at least two weeks worth of food if not longer. I would prefer to have at least a month worth of food and even then I would say if not longer. But some of you would store food and that is not what God is telling you to do. Some of you get into a fear issue and that is not what God is saying. He is just simply saying he wants you to have wisdom and he will tell you what to do if you will listen to what he wants.

You need to have batteries because if the electricity goes out for a prolonged period of time you are going to go through batteries like crazy. You will need to have batteries to replace the batteries that go out. You will need to know what type of batteries you will need. For example, do you need 9 V batteries, AA batteries, AAA batteries, C batteries, or type D batteries? You need to know what kind of batteries at least that your flashlight takes.

You need to have water that you have extra jugs of. You need to take a look at what I call real needs.
very urgent news alert

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4907 Jan 23, 2013

Financial markets rallied at the beginning of the new year when the Congress passed a massive new tax increase to temporarily put the fiscal cliff issue to rest. However, they only kicked the can down the road for two months. The hard issues of how to deal with the massive sequestration spending cuts were not included in the new year’s agreement. In addition, the federal government is facing another debt ceiling showdown by the end of February. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has already announced the federal government could become unable to pay its’ bills by February 15 unless the debt ceiling is raised before then.

So even without the heavenly dream or the heavenly news headlines, there are plenty of dark clouds on the horizon for financial markets. Add to that the massive $16 trillion national debt that is now growing at a staggering pace and it all adds up to a house of cards that could quickly come down if the winds start blowing.
So do you listen to Warren Buffett or John Paul Jackson? My advice is to turn your ear towards heaven and listen to God. He has promised to provide everything we need if we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33).

The collapse of Bank of America would be a major blow to our economy but there are ways to profit from the calamity. One way to do that is by purchasing an inverse Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) called FAZ. This ETF can be purchased from most brokers just like any stock. It is not a company stock though, it is an index based on the inverse of the financial sector, designed to move in the opposite direction of the financial sector and three times as fast. So for every 1% that the financial sector moves down, FAZ moves up 3%. FAZ is currently trading at about $13.00 per share. After the last financial collapse in 2008 FAZ traded for as high as $8,274 per share. FAZ could continue to go even lower than it is now, but any news of trouble at Bank of America or other big banks would quickly move it way up.

One way or the other we will know in just a few months who was right.
john warning to canada

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4908 Jan 23, 2013
Warning to Canada: Your Water Will Become

JANUARY 19, 2013


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With 20% of all the fresh water supplies in the world, Canada is known for its abundant water supplies.
With such great supplies, Canadians might think they have no cause for any water concerns. However, two Canadian towns have already experienced water contamination and now the whole nation has been given a word of warning.

In the fall of 2009, prophetic minister John Paul Jackson spoke to leaders there saying,“You guys think you have all the water in the world but you are going to find out you don’t have all the water you are going to need because there is going to come something that will happen that will make it undrinkable. There is an element of poison or something bad that is getting into most of the lakes and the aquifers causing a dramatic reduction in the amount of water available to drink.”
John Paul Jackson did not see when these events were coming so he was not able to provide any dates with his word of warning. However, two years after giving that warning a 2011 report from the environmental group Ecojustice concluded that much of Canada’s tap water was at risk of contamination.

The report gave the Canadian government an F for mishandling the water supplies, a record that continues to worsen. The report concludes the biggest threats are unprotected source water, climate change, and government spending cuts.

Canadians in Walkerton, a small community of about 5,000 people in the Ontario province, already know about water contamination. In May 2000, their water supply became contaminated with a highly dangerous strain of E-coli bacteria, which came from farm runoff. Seven people died from drinking the contaminated water and another 2,500, which is half of the total population, became ill.

A similar incident occurred in 2001 in North Battleford, a small town of about 14,000 people located in the west central part of province of Saskatchewan. In that incident, the water was contaminated by a protozoan called Cryptosporidium and 5,800 people were affected. The main cause of the contamination was related to upset conditions and mismanagement at the local water treatment plant.

Then in October 2005, the Kashechewan Indian Reserve, which is a Cree Indian reserve of about 1,900 people located on the western shore of James Bay, 600 miles north of Toronto, had to be evacuated due to a contaminated water supply. The contamination there was caused by dumping sewage directly into lakes and rivers. The Indian reserve is located downstream from a sewage outlet.

Another threat is lurking. Because Canada’s water resources are so vast they have attracted the interests of huge global corporations who see exploitation of the water as a business opportunity. So in addition to threats of natural sources of contamination and mismanagement, Canadians must be on guard against the threats from corporate exploitation.

John Paul Jackson is a prophetic minister gifted in interpreting dreams. He is an author and the founder of Streams Ministries International. The comments shown in this post were transcribed from the “Joni Table Talk” television program, which originally aired on the Daystar television network on May 24, 2010.

To see more prophetic revelations God has given to John Paul Jackson, please see these posts:
watchmen warning of fire

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4912 Jan 23, 2013
The Lord told me that this same spirit of Rehoboam is on Barack Obama. Look at all the young people that rallied around Obama and put him in office. Like Rehoboam, Obama is listening to the voice of younger people, people he grew up with, people who have no experience because they have not yet experienced life. It is like a young person saying you should do this and this with your child but yet he has never been a parent before. Just like Rehoboam, Obama refuses to listen to the voice of the elders.
As a result of Rehoboam’s decisions the nation of Israel was divided. He drove them to civil war all because he would not listen to the voice of the elders. It is a spirit of total rebellion. Obama has that same spirit on him. I believe that just as John the Baptist was a forerunner to Jesus Christ, I believe Obama is a forerunner helping to set up the antichrist system. The Lord told me that a long time ago. Obama is literally helping to set all of this up.
An example is what happened in Egypt and how Obama went against Mubarak there at the end of his time in power. At least under Mubarak Egypt was an ally to Israel.
I don’t trust President Obama at all. There is a darkness about him. There is a darkness around his heart. I pray that God will open Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s eyes and let him see this man. We are seeing the events of 1933 happening all over again. Obama is a mad man. People need to wake up. Right now I am just trembling all over me just talking about this because the man has an evil heart and the final abomination was on this document and I began to hear screams across the nation. People are sitting around thinking everything this man is going to do is for our betterment. They think he is going to help us and help us have a better life. I keep hearing all of these people saying things like I am going to get a higher paying job. They don’t realize what is about to happen. They have no idea that God is about ready to lower his hand on this nation.
What bothered me was that 6 million born-again Christians voted for Obama. I am thinking to myself how in the world can you call yourself a saint of God and vote for unrighteousness, a man who is putting into law abominations all the time. Yet the church world has become powerless. They have no backbone. They don’t even stand up and fight for their rights anymore. They vote more for their pocketbook.
People are putting their trust in Obama. There is a scripture in Ezekial 20:29-30 that says “Then I said to them,‘What is the high place to which you go? So it’s name is called Bamah to this day.’ Therefore, say to the house of Israel, thus says the Lord God,“Will you defile yourselves after the manner of your fathers and play the harlot after their detestable things?”
The Hebrew word Bamah is defined as a high place of idolatrous worship. A high place is a place people put their trust in. Bamah is a place people are depending on to have their needs met.
rain of fire warning

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4913 Jan 23, 2013

I thought about what this abomination might be and one of the things that came to my mind is the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on the same-sex marriages, the Defense of Marriage Act. The Supreme Court might rule this act is unconstitutional, which would redefine what marriage is in America.

These are symbols and some people could interpret it literally but I see it as things that are spiritually hitting this nation. It is something that is going to be devastating. We have the Supreme Court this year picking up a case about the definition of marriage. I am thinking that we are heading into an incredible time.

I believe the falling rain that looked like fire represents judgment. I think judgment is going to start falling on America this year, next year and the year after. I don’t think it is going to be happy times. I think more people are going to go mentally insane as things begin to progress worse. When people are hungry they do crazy things. When people don’t have money they do crazy things. When they don’t have money to pay their rent and pay their bills.

This generation is totally different from the generation that lived during the great depression of the 1930′s. During the depression people tried to help one another. Today I don’t see that happening.

All I can say is something is going to transpire. And it has been. We have been seeing month after month after month things beginning to change in Washington DC.

When something shifts it moves back and forth. So we are getting ready to move from what is happening now to something in this dream. The mega-churches are going to shift deeper into apostasy. It is going to get to the point in America where these churches will just accept anything. When the new laws are put into effect, we are going to all see pastors will be required to marry homosexual couples.

We have several of these pastors of these mega-churches going on television saying things like,“Well, I’m not sure if homosexuality is wrong. Gays might get to go to heaven.”

They say things like,“I don’t know if Jesus is the only way. There are different ways to get to God and Christ is not the only way.”

We are seeing these ministers beginning to deny the scriptures. They are compromising. So that is why God said “A breeding ground for sin because the people know not me but they are playing around their golden calf.”

After Obama is sworn in for his second term (January 21, 2013) these things will begin to escalate and we will see these things begin to move and come to pass.
rain of fire warning

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4914 Jan 23, 2013

Here are Pastor TD Hale’s thoughts on what believers need to do in response to this prophetic warning:

1. Pray, pray, pray.
2. Don’t be afraid. Just stand up and voice it. We are at the end.
3. Prepare however you feel led by the Lord to do.
4. Pray for the peace of Israel.


The rain of fire and resulting flood waters spreading across America sounds a lot like another prophetic dream received by Dr. Erik Castleberg. These two dreams appear to be slightly different descriptions of the same events.

The only timing given to TD Hale in this dream is that these things will begin to happen after President Obama’s second inauguration, which is now less than two weeks away. However, that does not really tell us when we will see these things happening. It might be soon after the inauguration or it might be months or even years. With all prophetic words it is wise to avoid rushing to conclusions that go beyond the information we have been given.

Even without these prophetic warnings, there are plenty of natural warning signs. President Obama is already trampling on our Constitution by choosing not to execute laws like the Defense of Marriage Act, by refusing to enforce immigration laws, by filing lawsuits against states who attempt to enforce existing immigration laws, by issuing executive orders that cross the boundaries of his constitutional authority, by authorizing the use of military force against Libya without Congressional approval, and on and on and on. It is therefore not hard to believe the events in TD Hale’s prophecy could happen.

To get our country back on the right path again, I have been a big believer in the instructions given in 2nd Chronicles 7:13-14.

If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people, and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.(2nd Chronicles 7:13-14)

However, based on TD Hale’s prophecy and the prophetic dream given to Erik Castleberg, it sounds like our country might have already crossed the point of no return. It sounds like judgment is already set and is coming very soon. Even if that is true, I still believe the best thing we can do is draw close to the Lord and turn away from our own sins.

If you are attending a church like the ones Pastor TD Hale saw in his dream, a church that waters down the scriptures to appease the people, a church that aligns more with the spirit of the world than with the Spirit of God, a church that has a form of godliness but denies the power of God, my advice is to get out of there immediately and find a church, no matter how small, that preaches the whole truth of the word of God without compromise.

The Lord has a long track record of delivering the righteous from trouble, even when there is trouble all around them. No matter what happens, I believe He will continue to protect and provide for all who walk with Him, obeying His commandments. To see God’s promises for protecting His people, I recommend reading the extended edition of Psalm 91.

You can download or print a PDF file copy of this article.
prophetic dreams

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4916 Jan 23, 2013
As I read through the Scripture confirmation I was struck by the parallel between my dream and the scripture as it relates to Egypt and Pharaoh. In and of itself I did not feel like my dream was a new revelation that people had not already heard, but what struck me was the confirmation he gave me cross-linked with so many other dreams that I have heard.
The next thing that came to my mind something I heard on your program (in October, 2009). Somebody had a dream about a dark ubiquitous membrane, a dark cloud that came over, and people could not see or move. It struck me that this confirmation that I had was a direct confirmation of that dream in multiple ways.
I felt that there were several other confirmations. First, the scripture in Ezekiel 32 directly parallels my dream with the exception that it speaks of Pharaoh and Egypt rather than Obama and America. The second confirmation was the dream about this dark cloud, this black ubiquitous membrane that would come over America. The third confirmation was another guest from a true news program, a gentleman named Daniel Bohler. I looked into YouTube videos from him and found another confirmation of that.
In the Scripture confirmation I found several verses that I felt directly confirmed this dark ubiquitous membrane or dark cloud. The first one was fairly obvious, which I found in reading Ezekial 32:7-8.
“And when I extinguish you, I will cover the heavens and darken their stars; I will cover the sun with a cloud and the moon will not give its light. All the shining lights in the heavens I will darken over you and will set darkness on your land,” declares the Lord GOD.(Ezekiel 32:7, 8 NASB)
Initially, I had that sense of confirmation that this all links up, but I just sort of shelved that. Then the next day God started really speaking to me about the beginning of Ezekiel 32 where it says “in the 12th year, in the 12th month, on the first day of the month.”
I wasn’t really sure what to do with that. I don’t know much about the Hebrew calendar. I didn’t know if that date corresponded with something. So finally with God dealing with me, I set out to do some research. The very first thing that I came upon was a reference to that date. The 12th month is the month of Adar in the Hebrew calendar, so the first of the 12 month would be the first of Adar. So it was interesting that the first thing that came up was also connected to Pharaoh and Egypt, which this whole scripture is about. Ezekial 32:1 talks about the plague of darkness coming on the first of Adar. This was the ninth plague to come upon the Egyptians for their refusal to release the Israelites from slavery. There was a thick darkness cast across the entire land. No man saw his fellow, and no man could move from his place (Exodus 10:23). This started on the first of Adar. In that context, it was six weeks before the exodus.
earthquake to hit califor

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4917 Jan 23, 2013
Bob Jones: Earthquake to Hit California

Speaking at a “Blue Moon Conference”, Bob Jones shared the following prophetic word regarding a coming earthquake in California.

“I believe the next one is getting ready to happen when this volcano will erupt when the plates can’t take the pressure anymore.

And I believe the pressure are melting the plates down there to where this has got to be vented, and these earthquakes are just a sign of what is getting ready to happen. It’s getting ready to blow! When it does, it will break loose all the way to the Sea of Cortez, right up the Los Angeles River. And that plate in there will separate from the United States, and you can drive a boat up that river. You can go from the Gulf of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean. And Death Valley will be a great inland sea. And we aren’t far from that.”

There is no date given regarding this earthquake. However, Bob Jones has been warning about it since the 1980′s. The Lord told him there would be two signs that would mark the season when the earthquake is getting close. The first sign is a major earthquake would hit Japan. The second sign is large numbers of dead fish would wash up on the shore on the California coast. Both of these events happened in 2011. So now that those events have happened, the earthquake could hit at any time.

This same word has also been received by other highly respected men of God, including Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries. Rick Joyner also received this word many years ago. For years people who were living in California would ask him if they should move away. He told them to stay there unless the Lord told them to leave. However, after the signs of its’ coming were fulfilled, Rick Joyner sought the Lord about what to tell the people who came to him seeking direction. He said the Lord told him to tell them,“Don’t stay unless you hear the Lord tell you to stay.”

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey writes blog articles about current events and how they relate to the truth of the scriptures. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media.
atlanta blackout

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4918 Jan 23, 2013
Warning: Blackout Coming to Atlanta

Dr. Daniel Bohler, founder of the Prophetic Watchman ministry, received the following prophetic word for the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

“The Lord told me that the lights in Atlanta, Georgia, are going to black out. And when the lights in Atlanta, Georgia, blackout, that will be a sign to get ready. We are headed for a time when the lights are going to blackout in nearly half of this nation. This nation is going to go through a great blackout. It is going to be terrible for us!”

Dr. Bohler explains that many of the troubles coming to America are caused by America’s support for the enemies of Israel and the demands our leaders have placed on Israel to divide their land. He explains that God loves America, but the problem is that we have taken sides against God by taking sides against Israel. To avoid the judgment of God, we must align ourselves with Him and stop fighting against Him.

Dr. Bohler did not receive details on the timing of the coming blackouts, so it could be coming soon or it might be years away. Hopefully believers can begin to heed this warning and pray that our nation turns away from our sins so we can avoid the coming judgment of God.

For more information and prophetic ministry from Dr. Bohler, visit his ministry website. There are also many YouTube videos available with his teachings.

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey writes blog articles about current events and how they relate to the truth of the scriptures. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media.
USA convulsions in 2021

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4919 Jan 23, 2013
America Going into Convulsions in 2021

JANUARY 17, 2013

Mount Taylor in Grants, New Mexico, elevation 11,300 feet.

Dr. Daniel Bohler, founder of the Prophetic Watchman ministry, received the following word from the Lord regarding cataclysmic events coming to America in the year 2021. These events include the earth tilting and a major volcanic eruption at Mount Taylor, which is located in Grants, New Mexico.

During the same season of time as the volcanic eruption of Mount Taylor, America will go into convulsions. Mount Taylor reaches to an elevation of 11,300 feet.

Dr. Bohler tells the story of how he received these words from the Lord.
“When I was on an airplane flying over New Mexico, God had it to be that I sat next to a state scientist. He woke me up out of a deep nap and said,“Do you see that mountain?”

I answered,“Yes sir.”

He said,“That is Mount Taylor. It was the most active volcano in the western hemisphere about 2,000 years ago. Now some of the richest people in the world live there.”

“I leaned back in my chair, and the Lord sounded into my very being, he said,‘Son, shout it from the house top. Every time somebody asks you about what is coming on this land you tell them Mount Taylor is going to erupt in the state of New Mexico. And it is going to spew out the most unheard-of, stinking, rotten smell and smoke and it will block the sun. You will see a nation go into convulsions.’”
USA convulsions in 2021

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4920 Jan 23, 2013
As to when this will happen, Dr. Bohler believes it will be in the year 2021. He bases the timing on a similar word from the Lord received by one of his closest friends, a missionary with YWAM ministries who accurately prophesied that an 8.5 earthquake was going to hit on June 9, 1994. That earthquake hit Bolivia, in South America that very day, and also struck with an even greater magnitude 5,000 miles into the center of the earth. This missionary also accurately prophesied the 2008 financial collapse.

Dr. Bohler tells the story of how the two of them sought the Lord together and received more revelation about the coming events and the timing.

“I have followed my brother for years. And now something has come to him that I wrestle with before I put it out like this. I wrestled with it until God gave me permission.”

“Now hear me out, he had a visit from the Lord on November 2, 2011. God literally wrote it across his room like you would take a big fountain pen. He wrote 5/7/2021. He heard the voice of the Lord say,‘A season of time when climactic, cataclysmic, catastrophic events will happen.’”

“Well, my friend prayed and prayed over that word. I prayed after he gave it to me. I fasted. I sought the Lord for months. God showed me the verses in Ezekial 32 that I never could get the revelation on. God said,“Go to your Bible.” He showed me that at that time, just like he showed this man of God, the earth was going to tilt.

The Lord spoke to him and said,‘The earth will tilt.’”
“You can mark my word, I believe with all of my heart, this man of God heard straight from heaven. I have never put a date on anything in my life without a Bible verse saying it. But we only have nine years (from 2012 to 2021) before this nation goes into convulsions. God is going to cut this nation to pieces because of what we have done to Israel. In nine years this nation is going to go into convulsions. We are going to see the things that God has shown me and many other men of God. I know that the word that this mighty missionary has given me, that is when this is going to kick off.


This might sound like a lot of doom and gloom, and it is a very serious message. However, the hope is that people will hear and believe so we can make the necessary adjustments and avoid the judgment of God. The Bible tells us to judge ourselves lest we be judged by God.

As indicated by Dr. Bohler, the terrible things coming to America are a direct result of our nation taking a stand against Israel, which is the same thing as taking a stand against God. How can any nation expect to be blessed by God while at the same time fighting against God. As much as He wants to bless us, He can only do so if we align ourselves with Him, standing with Him on His side, not against Him.

Surely many people will scoff when they hear this warning. However, the hope is that the humble will hear and repent. All believers should be praying for God to help our country turn back to Him before it is too late.
signs taken lightly

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4921 Jan 23, 2013

12:00:05 - 01/22/2013

The Federal Reserve officials in 2007 appeared to underestimate the danger signs of the United States economy that ended up leading to one of the most devastating financial crisis’ in history. This is according to a 1,566 page transcript that was recently released from the central banks meeting last year. These transcripts were made public by the central bank after a traditional five-year lag. This transcript provides us with the most accurate view as of yet of why the financial crisis occurred.

According to the Wall Street Journal,“Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke embraced only reluctantly the interventionist stance that has defined his stewardship of the central bank. In December 2007, he said he was "quite conflicted" about whether to cut interest rates sharply. At other times, he talked about wanting to avoid bailing out financial markets, institutions or people. Janet Yellen, the Fed's No. 2 who is now a leading contender to succeed Mr. Bernanke when his term expires in January 2014, emerges as one of the Fed's more prescient voices. Early in the crisis, she became alarmed about the impact of housing-market stresses on the economy, and became a leading advocate for aggressive action. Like many others, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who at the time was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, appeared early on to underestimate the growing financial stress.” This goes to show that even the officials that are appointed to lead the central bank of the United States were not certain of what to do. We can’t continue to depend on the Federal Reserve or the government to bail us out. We as individuals need to take manners into our own hands.

The Feds began to hold short-term rates at 5.25% in hopes that the housing downturn was running its course. The housing crunch persisted and the Federal Reserve was struck and dazed by the course the economy was taking. At this point the Feds started to slash interest rates as the economy started sink. The Federal Reserve was not prepared to take the punches they did from the U.S. economy and thus proves why we can only depend on ourselves. If the Feds could not prevent the major market crash, what are the chances that they can help us recover from our current situation?

Every individual has to take matters into their own hands and protect against future economic catastrophes. The only historically proven method to do so is by investing in gold and silver. Gold and silver have proven to prevail in similar situations when economies are failing. Those that are hold physical precious metals understand that they are not just holding an investment but an insurance policy against difficult times. It can be a bit difficult to comprehend for the newbie investor who is not familiar with history, but precious metals have always been known as the ultimate hedge. Savvy investors across the world are jumping onto the precious metal bandwagon, slowly but surely.


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Bye Mouth Ulcer!™ is a clinically proven product and a class 1 medical device. Bye Mouth Ulcer! has been thoroughly researched on its effectiveness, tolerance and treatment for mouth ulcers.

A range of clinical studies have demonstrated the effect of and tolerance to, the active substances in Bye Mouth Ulcer!. A summary of the selection of the studies is given below.
Studies on Bye Mouth Ulcer!™

Therapeutic trials with Bye Mouth Ulcer! on patients with Aphthous ulcers

12 patients, 6 men and 6 women. Applying dimethicon 4x per day.

The number of mouth ulcers reduced during the treatment. After 7 days a total of only seven mouth ulcers remained. The pain caused by the mouth ulcers was substaintially reduced during treatment. In more than 50% of the cases, the pain was relieved immediatly after the dimethicon had been applied. Pain relief was apparent within 8 minutes. 95% of the patients indicated that the effect of dimethicon was "very good". Tolerance was also indicated to be "very good" by both the GP and the patients. There were no side-effects.

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A multicenter, placebo-controlled randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of Bye Mouth Ulcer!.(dimethicone), tetracaine-comb and placebo in patients with mouth ulcers

Double-blind, placebo controlled, randomised investigation. 313 patients. Application 4x per day, for a maximum of 14 days.

The diameter of the mouth ulcers reduced. Mouth ulcers were healed within 8 days. Pain was relieved within 1 minute. Tolerance was indicated to be "very good" by more then 90% of the participants. The taste was considered to be "good" in 45% of the cases.

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Placebo-controlled, randomised double-blind study with dimethicone and lidocaine comb. in patients with recurrent aphthous ulcers

The study was conducted over a period of 14 days on a total of 294 patients of both sexes ages 10 and up. All of them suffered from recurrent aphthous ulcers. Since the therapeutic objective was pain reduction, only patients were incorporated who had entered at least 3 cm on a visual analogue scale.

All of the medicinal products produced a pronounced reduction in pain. The diameter of the aphthous ulcers decreased in all patient groups over the 14-day observation phase without resulting in significant differences. In the scope of the investigations regarding the tolerability of the different medicinal preparations, evaluated by the patients, the evaluation of the VAS scores indicated that the DIHEC film-forming substance dispersion was perceived to be the most pleasant, followed by lidocaine.

It is conspicuous that the dimethicone complex of film-forming substances yielded similarly reliable effects in the acute treatment of recurrent aphthous ulcers as the local anaesthetic lidocaine. Since the dispersion lacks a local anaesthetic effect in the sense of the definition, a different mechanism of action must be at work here. Based on the considerations presented in the introduction, one can assume that the effect of the aphthous ulcer pain is produced from the covering affect at the base of the aphthous ulcer, not from the local anaesthetic effect.
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#4923 Jan 23, 2013
Bless Bernie Made Off for he sits in camp cup cake.

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Self-help to avoid mouth ulcers

There are some things you can try that may help you to avoid getting more mouth ulcers.

These things haven't been studied in the same way as the other treatments we cover.

(See Our method for more information.) But we wanted to include them because some

people find them helpful.

To try to prevent mouth ulcers, you could:

• Make sure you clean your teeth properly, three times a day, to avoid getting infections

• Make sure your toothbrush is the right size for you. If you use the wrong size, you're more likely to injure your mouth when you brush. This can cause mouth ulcers. Ask

your dentist what size brush you should use

• Avoid acidic drinks, like fruit juices or fizzy drinks, or drink them through a straw so

they don't irritate your mouth

• Avoid very spicy food and sharp food, like potato crisps, which can injure your mouth
• Learn to relax. Some people think stress can bring on mouth ulcers.


You get an infection when bacteria, a fungus, or a virus get into a part of your body where it shouldn't be. For example, an infection in your nose and airways causes the common cold. An infection in your skin can cause rashes such as athlete's foot. The organisms
that cause infections are so tiny that you can't see them without a microscope.

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4925 Jan 23, 2013
Lipoic Acid Helps Quench the Fire of Burning Mouth Syndrome

Its antioxidant action on a symptom of diabetes may be the reason it works


You probably screamed something like that (or something less printable) the last time you unsuspectingly bit into one of those small, superhot peppers that make a blowtorch seem like a cool breeze. Oh, the pain! It's so exquisite, so beyond ordinary pain, that some people actually seem to enjoy it, and they eat those little red devils with gusto. Whew! Just thinking about it brings on the hot sweats.

Count yourself lucky if your mouth has never been seared like that. You're definitely unlucky, however, if you have stomatopyrosis, unpopularly known as burning mouth syndrome (BMS). Chances are you've never even heard of BMS, let alone known anyone who's had it, even though it's been estimated to affect over one million Americans.1 BMS is a chronic burning or stinging sensation in the mouth, in the absence of visible lesions or any other obvious cause. It's not as acute as hot-pepper pain, but it can still be very painful (as bad as a toothache in some cases) and it disrupts its victims' lives.

And who are its victims? By a large margin, BMS afflicts mainly postmenopausal women.(This has led to the suspicion that hormonal factors may be involved, yet there is little convincing evidence that hormone replacement therapy is effective in treating the disorder.) The statistics may be skewed, however, by the fact that women are far more likely to seek medical help for what ails them than men are, so BMS may be more common in men than appears to be the case.

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4926 Jan 23, 2013
BMS Is a Mystery

BMS can affect any part of the mouth, including the lips, but it occurs most often on the tongue, along with various other areas.(There's a special type of BMS that affects only the tongue; it's cleverly called burning tongue, or glossopyrosis in medical jargon). Most studies have found that it's often accompanied by other symptoms, notably xerostomia (dry mouth) and altered taste sensations (typically a persistent bitter or metallic taste).

The disorder is poorly understood, to put it mildly. There is much speculation on what may cause it and how best to treat it, but it remains largely a mystery. Treatment strategies vary all over the map, from the mundane to the exotic, and they are notable for being highly unreliable.

Can Lipoic Acid Shed Light on BMS?

Naturally, researchers are always looking for something new and better to try, and recently they hit upon a familiar nutritional supplement, lipoic acid. This natural substance (our bodies make it in tiny quantities) is a powerful, versatile antioxidant with remarkable properties, not the least of which is that it's soluble in both water and fat. It is the linchpin in the body's "antioxidant network" and has well-documented health benefits in many areas.(See "Lipoic Acid, the 'Antioxidant's Antioxidant'" and "Lipoic Acid Helps Heart Health" in Life Enhancement, July and September 2001, respectively.) We'll get back to lipoic acid shortly.

BMS Appears to Have Multiple Causes
BMS often occurs for no apparent reason, although a number of possible causes have been suggested: ill-fitting dentures, which can injure the oral mucosae (the sensitive mucous membranes lining the mouth); dysfunction of the salivary glands, which can cause dry mouth; psychiatric disorders, especially anxiety and depression; nutritional deficiencies, especially of vitamins B1, B2, B6, or B12, or of folic acid (which is also a B-vitamin, but without a number);
gastrointestinal disorders; food allergies; type 2 (age-related) diabetes; and certain drugs, notably antihypertensives such as ACE inhibitors.3,4 Many cases turn out to have multiple causes - when causes can be determined in the first place.

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4927 Jan 23, 2013
97% of the subjects on lipoic acid
(600 mg/day for 2 months) showed
some improvement (73% had
"decided" improvement).

Diagnosing BMS is by a process of elimination - ruling out anything else that could cause pain in the mouth, such as canker sores or other kinds of lesions, benign or malignant.* Basically, if the patient's mouth looks fine and tests fine but burns anyway, it's BMS. The burning sensation may be sporadic or constant. In the latter case, the condition is typically mild in the morning and gets worse throughout the day (it tends to disappear during the night, though). This is not only painful but also depressing to the patient.
*Most sores in the mouth, however painful they may be, are relatively benign and will probably heal in a few days to a few weeks. Any sore that lasts for more than 2 weeks should be examined by a physician or dentist, especially if it's not painful - these can be more serious than the ones that hurt. Sores that are cancerous or precancerous may or may not hurt, so don't take any chances.

Treating BMS Is a Challenge
Also depressing is the fact that treatment is difficult and often unsuccessful. It may require the expertise of several different kinds of specialists, including those whose entire focus is on chronic pain. One of the things they prescribe (in addition to painkillers and all kinds of other things) is low-dose antidepressants; taken at bedtime, these have often been found to be beneficial.
Whether treated or not, it is not uncommon for BMS to disappear as mysteriously as it arose (spontaneous remission), but it can also spontaneously worsen. Worst of all, it often lasts for years - even for the rest of the patient's life. They just learn to live with it.
The goal of life enhancement, of course, is not to live with things but to live for things - for all the good things in life - and to live better and longer through wise lifestyle choices, including the judicious use of nutritional supplements.

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