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America blessed by GOD

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Is America Blessed by God?

Aug 27, 2012

William Doino Jr.

In 2008, Religion and Ethics Newsweekly released a survey on how Americans view their country’s relationship to God:“Sixty-one percent agree that America is a nation specially blessed by God,” it revealed,“and 59 percent believe the United States should be a model Christian nation to the world.”

William Doino Jr.These are the kind of results that inspire many Americans—and make others shudder with fear.

Ever since Europeans came to America, the idea of the United States as a land of special blessings has animated America’s soul. John Winthrop, the Puritan governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, famously drew upon the Bible to describe the early New England settlers:“We shall be as a City upon a hill, the eyes of all people upon us.”

Subsequent generations have voiced similar themes to propel America’s narrative: their country was thought to have a “manifest destiny;” to represent “an empire of liberty;” to offer the “last best hope on earth;” and above all, to embody “American exceptionalism.”

All this talk of America’s unique stature, however—especially when combined with a supposed mandate from Heaven–has unnerved critics, both Christian and secular. They have a point.

Biblically speaking, all human beings are blessed by God by virtue of the fact they are created in his image, and fundamentally equal. Even when the Lord honored the children of Israel as his chosen people, it was done to fulfill his divine plan for everyone, and in the context of his boundless love for a unified human race.

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psalmist anointing sound wrote:
A Psalmist Anointing and Supernatural Sound from Heaven
From the desk of Steve Shultz:
These musical CDs by Nichole Lawrence are so good, we often play them 24/7 in our house. My wife was listening to one of them for the first time and she started to take it out, but she just couldn't. They are that good! They carry with them a great anointing, HIS GLORY, and healing.
I HIGHLY recommend them to you. They are what you want and what you NEED to restore your soul. As I pass it by, playing lightly, I am edified. YOU will be edified. Nichole is humble in attitude and gentle in Spirit as well. PLEASE get them. They will help you immensely!
Nichole is an ordained minister with a psalmist anointing and a supernatural sound from Heaven. She is anointed with power for breakthrough, deliverance, emotional and physical healing, prophetic revelations and open portal encounters!
Many prophetic words have been spoken over her for years that people would be healed and set free while she plays the keyboards. Without knowing how to play, she stepped out in faith worshiping God, and He supernaturally created the sound and made it change while she was playing that included the harp! David played the harp for Saul for deliverance! It's a spontaneous, walk on water experience that God has anointed with miracle power!
As she plays the keyboards, the Glory of God fills the atmosphere, and people are healed, set free, and brought into new realms of glory!
Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News
Megan Fox Reveals Speaking in Tongues, Seeing Healings at Church

26-year-old actress Megan Fox is best known for her roles in movies like "Transformers," but the new mother recently spoke about her battle with fame and speaking in tongues at her current place of worship, the Christian Post reports. Fox, who will appear as the cover girl in the February issue of Esquire magazine, said she was making church a priority these days and revealed that she first began speaking in tongues at the age of 8, growing up in a Pentecostal church in Tennessee. "It's called 'getting the Holy Ghost,'" she said, adding that she has seen "magical, crazy things happen" at church: "I've seen people be healed. Even now, in the church I go to, during praise and worship I could feel that I was maybe getting ready to speak in tongues, and I'd have to shut it off because I don't know what that church would do if I started screaming out in tongues in the back." While some have viewed Fox as sex symbol, she said she did not want that role to define who she is. "I felt powerless in that image," she said. "... It ate every other part of my personality, not for me but for how people saw me, because there was nothing else to see or know."

Publication date: January 17, 2013
all times amazing things

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God does amazing things all the time. Some of them are large enough to catch our attention; some seem small, but even so, they are equally amazing, simply because it’s God who does them.

Any time God does anything, no matter how small it seems in the moment, it changes the world, all of the world, because God had to do so many other things in order to do that one small thing that we may or may not have even noticed.
But here’s the deal: Prophecy, dreams and visions, all God says and all God does both in the future and the past, everything about our existence, everything that God caused and created and will cause and will create — all of it can be summed up in a single, simple phrase that we may be so familiar with that it’s lost its uniqueness: For God so loved the world.

Life is all about intimacy with God. We were created for that. Everything we do should be done with that in mind. If it’s not, we’ll find ourselves burned out, broken, lonely and empty — because it’s not good for man to be alone. We were created for relationship, specifically with our heavenly Father. Nothing in this world, or in the next one, is as important as our relationship with God.

So whenever you dream, remember that it happened because God loves you. Perhaps there’s something specific God is trying to tell you in the dream — but He’s trying to tell you it because He loves you. Dreams are first and foremost about that.

In the same way, whenever you study prophecy and are awed by God’s power and might and the way He speaks, remember that prophecy happens because God loves you. And He loves your neighbor. And He loves the drug dealer down the street.

Keep the heart of God in mind when you study Scripture. Keep it in mind when you seek to interpret your dreams and the weird, bizarre spiritual experiences you may have during the day. Without that understanding, nothing else about life will make sense.
Two Become One

Love enables us to be humble people. It automatically does this because true love erases individuality. Two hearts become one in a marriage; being an individual and keeping yourself protected are no longer important. Instead, all that matters is the happiness of the other person, because then both are happy.

If we don’t have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, one that unites two hearts and continually works to knit two individuals into one, humility will be the last virtue we see. Without love, we become self-important, revelatory-gifted people who grow more and more like each other and less and less like Jesus.

So saying, without humility, God’s love is not enough. We start seeking to make a name for ourselves. We know we’re prophetic, so everyone should know we’re prophetic. We assume we know our destiny, and so we work as hard as we can to make that destiny come about. We attempt to make ourselves into what we think God wants us to be, while God wants only this one thing: intimacy. Relationship.

The minute we begin to understand this, that His love is not only our foundation but our life breath and the thing that carries us through, the world will open to us, and we will become what we were meant to be, without human effort and without striving.
wash hands daily

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You know whats better than the flu shot...even better than chicken soup.......washing your hands.

Wash your hands after coming in the house. wherever there's a hand-washing station...use it.

Get it into your head to wash your hands often !!

Wash your hands, cough in your elbow, stay home and don't go to the hospital unless there's a complication. If you need meds go see your local pharmacist.
g r a p e s e e d s

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Grape seeds are separated from grapes when they are pressed to make wine. Grinding the seeds releases an oil that contains a number of fatty compounds, some proteins, vitamin E and plant compounds called flavonoids. One class of flavonoids, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPCs, contains especially potent antioxidants that may have significant health benefits. Antioxidants stabilize free radicals, which are unstable chemicals formed in your body as byproducts of digestion or after you are exposed to environmental toxins. Free radicals can speed aging and raise your risk of cancer and other diseases. When stabilized by antioxidants, they become harmless and your body can easily dispose of them.

Cardiovascular Benefits
Many research studies suggest that grape seed oil has cardiovascular benefits. For example, a study published in "Journal of Medicine" found that subjects with high cholesterol who consumed grape seed extract along with chromium for two months had lowered cholesterol levels, compared to groups who consumed a placebo or the extract or chromium alone. In a review of clinical trials published in "Journal of the American Dietetic Association," the authors concluded that compounds in grape seeds can significantly lower blood pressure and reduce heart rates in human subjects. A laboratory study published in "Mutation Research" identified several mechanisms through which OPCs in grape seeds improve heart function, leading the authors to suggest that grape seed oil might be a useful therapeutic tool.

Other Benefits
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center reports that compounds in grape seeds may have anti-cancer properties, citing a study in "Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention" in which many supplements were evaluated for their possible use in preventing cancer. The authors concluded that grape seed extracts may lower the risk of developing certain cancers of the circulatory system. Cancer Center experts also report that grape seed extracts inhibit growth of cultured cancer cells in the laboratory and could increase the anti-cancer effects of some chemotherapy drugs. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, grape seed oil can also speed recovery from swelling or edema caused by surgery or an injury, and it may improve symptoms of venous insufficiency, a disorder of the veins in your legs.

How To Use It
Grape seed oil is available at some food markets as bottled oil or from health food stores as oil or extract in capsules, tablets or liquid. For maximum health benefit, choose oil or extract standardized for its content of OPCs. Generally considered safe and without significant side effects, grape seed oil or extract might cause mild nausea, stomach upset or diarrhea in some people and might interact with certain medications, including blood-thinners or drugs broken down in your liver. Do not consume grape seed extract if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Talk to your doctor before consuming the oil or extract to decide what is best for your situation.
f l a x s e e d s

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We need essential fatty acids, namely the linoleic acid “LA” and the alpha-linoleic acid “ALA”, as they form the building blocks for the cells that make up our bodies. They are vital in regulating the functions of our brain, organs and nervous system. If deficiency in either one occurs, problems will arise such as vision and learning impairment, dry and irritated skin, mood and behaviour changes, fertility issues and heart disease.

LA and ALA are converted into omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids respectively by our bodies which perform more important tasks in regulating blood clotting, platelet aggregation, blood pressure and cell proliferation.
The World Health Organisation suggests an ideal ratio of omega-6:omega-3 fatty acids as 2:1 to be maintained. The average American diet contains way too much omega-6 and insufficient omega-3. Even for vegans and vegetarians, the scale is tipped towards omega-6 because more processed foods containing more omega-6 than omega-3 is consumed.

But it’s important to keep LA and ALA in balance because both are competing for the enzymes needed to convert into omega-6 & 3.

Sources of Omega-6 and Omega-3

Vegans and vegetarians can obtain LA easily from processed oils such as sunflower, corn, grapeseed, seeds, walnuts and grains which convert readily to omega-6. But it’s more difficult to balance omega-3. Other than the fact that the conversion is less efficient, the sources for ALA are decreasing as food processing often removes the unstable ALA.
All is not lost though as vegans and vegetarians can still increase their omega-3 intake by eating unprocessed seeds. All seeds provide good sources of essential fatty acids.

Flaxseed is the best source

Of all seeds, flaxseeds (the seeds of the plant Linum usitatissmum) have the highest ALA and lowest LA, thus can help improve the imbalance in essential fatty acids. Therefore, flaxseeds should form an important part of a vegan or vegetarian diet

Health benefits

As mentioned above, ALA has many benefits, one of them is to protect the heart in two ways – through improvements in abnormal heart rhythms and a reduction of blood platelet stickiness. ALA also reduces LDL or “bad” cholesterol and lipoprotein levels for the prevention of heart attacks and stroke.

ALA also keep blood pressure at normal level by inhibiting inflammatory effects on blood vessels, thereby preventing formation of plague on blood vessels which cause poor circulation.

Flaxseeds contain approximately 28% fiber, soluble and insoluble. The insoluble fiber helps to relieve constipation, improve colon health and may prevent colon cancer. The soluble fiber comes primarily from mucilage fiber, which is also a great stool softener when consumed with lots of fluid. It also prevents toxicity which results from constipation.
In addition, mucilage fiber slows down sugar absorption into the body, thereby stabilizes blood sugar and control cravings. It helps those who are obese, diabetic or hypoglycemic to overcome overeating and carbohydrate addiction.

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Sheep Placenta’s benefits include:

•Revitalizing the skin
•Boosting the immune system
•Improving physical vitality and energy
•Lightening the appearance of freckles, pigmentation and dark spots
•Promoting a translucent, lustrous and even-toned complexion
•Making skin look smooth and feeling velvety soft
•Increasing skin elasticity and reducing sagging
•Hydrating the skin, erasing lines and wrinkles
•Enhancing the skin renewal process and reducing the appearance of scars
•Regulating the natural sebum production and reducing open pores
•Regulating the menstrual cycle, easing menstrual pain and alleviating menopausal symptoms
•Assisting in the burning of excess body fats and firming up the body
•Naturally detoxifying the skin (removing impurities)
•Strengthening the hair & nail follicles

Grape Seed Oil is extracted by cold-pressing the seeds of Vitis vinifera grapes. It is well known for its anti-ageing and anti-oxidating effects. The antioxidants in Grape Seed Oil are called procyanidolic oligomers (PCO) and polyphenols, which are 50 times more powerful antioxidants than Vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C. The powerful antioxidant capability of Grape Seed Oil helps to protect skin and body cells from free radical damage, slowing the process of ageing. Besides that, polyphenols also possess anti-inflammatory properties which help to clear up acne. Grape Seed Oil is also very rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals and it also contains high concentrations of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid vital for the health of our skin and cell membranes. Therefore, the intake of Grape Seed Oil helps nourish our skin, keeping it smooth and subtle. Another important beneficial effect of taking Grape Seed Oil is for its cholesterol lowering properties. Findings from clinical studies have shown that Grape Seed Oil increases HDL levels (good cholesterol) and reduces LDL levels (bad cholesterol), thus improving your lipid profile and potentially reducing your risk of heart diseases.

Shark Liver Oil is obtained from cold water sharks. For centuries, fishermen from the coasts of Norway and Sweden have been using Shark Liver Oil for general health and also as a remedy for a whole host of conditions - such as healing of wounds, sores, respiratory tract irritations and digestive system irritations. In the 1950s, a Swedish doctor discovered that extracts of bone marrow helped boost the recovery of white blood cells in children suffering from leukemia who were undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. The active ingredient in the bone marrow extract responsible for this recovery was identified as alkylglycerols. Alkylglycerols are also found naturally in human breast milk and bone marrow. After Shark Liver Oil was discovered to be one of the richest sources of alkylglycerols, the first commercially purified Shark Liver Oil was marketed in 1986 and it is still widely used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatment in many northern European countries to this day. Shark Liver Oil also contains squalene, squalamine, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin D. Squalene has also been found to have cell-protecting abilities and is being widely used to improve skin health. The alkylglycerols, squalene, squalamine, vitamin A and vitamin D in Shark Liver Oil all contribute to its skin protecting properties. The benefits of Shark Liver Oil include maintaining healthy skin, wound healing while minimizing scarring, and also slowing of the skin ageing process.

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As we age, our body and skin cells regenerate at a slower rate, making skin dull and aged. The combination of frequent UV sunlight exposure, insufficient sleep, stressful lifestyle, smoke, alcohol, poor air quality and environmental pollution accelerate this ageing process, resulting in our skin undergoing dramatic changes such as loss of elasticity, suppleness and moisture which lead to skin looking dry, saggy and wrinkly. The good news is that there are a number of health supplements easily available in Malaysia to help reverse this ageing process. Sheep Placenta is the most popular and well known for this purpose. The others are Grape Seed Oil and Shark Liver Oil.

Sheep Placenta offers one of the richest sources of nutrients and immune co-factors known to mankind. It is based on these bio-essentials that new life is developed. Recent scientific studies have found that Sheep Placenta contains high levels of special proteins (placenta proteins). Some of these proteins promote cell growth and rejuvenate organic tissue, some regulate hormone secretion and some strengthen our immune system. Just think about it - if Sheep Placenta is rich enough to nourish the growth of a developing embryo, imagine the beneficial effects it will have on your skin!

Sheep Placenta is known as nature’s elixir of youth and is famous for its incredible restorative powers. In ancient Egypt, soldiers consumed fresh placenta to rejuvenate themselves for battle. In ancient China, it was used as a beauty tonic, kidney tonic and aphrodisiac. It was also used in ancient China to promote general health. The French used it as a beauty revitalizer and to enhance body energy, skin complexion and to minimize the effects of the ageing process. Sheep Placenta has also been used by the British Royal Family as a medicine and for promoting general health. For many years, the Hollywood rich and famous have secretly frequented the clinics in Switzerland for their dose of Sheep Placenta anti-ageing treatment.

Sheep Placenta contains bioactive nutrients such as essential amino acids, melatonin, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, immune co-factors, PAF, Peptide of Placenta, EGFs (Epidermal Growth Factors), other regulating factors and the unique SCAFs (Senescent Cell Activating Factors). SOD is a very potent antioxidant enzyme that protects cells from free radical damage and prevents the development of melanin, which causes pigmentation, age spots and uneven skin color. SOD also neutralizes free radicals that cause pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid encourages quick healing and reduces scarring. SCAFs "reprogram" the worn out ageing cells to take on the characteristics of younger and healthier cells, a process that slows down the ageing process. Together, these bioactive nutrients stimulate cell renewal and skin regeneration for that healthy and beautiful skin we all love.
insomnia tips

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#4735 Jan 19, 2013

The below provides a general overview on this topic and may not apply to everyone. Any treatment protocol should be discussed with a qualified healthcare practitioner ... Please refer to: Medical & Legal Disclaimer.

Without nightly downtime to repair and refresh its systems -- like your immune and cardiovascular systems -- your body becomes vulnerable and weak. This increases your risk for a host of serious illnesses. A good night's sleep keeps you healthy AND young!.

Causes of Insomnia:(Ref. U.S. National Library of Medicine)

Discomfort or illness
Stress or anxiety
Drinking caffeine or alcohol, smoking, or taking certain medications or illicit drugs

"Toxic" Sheets: Many of our bed linens are saturated with formaldehyde. Formaldehyde causes insomnia. Purchasing "green" sheets that have not been drenched in toxins is one of the best things you can do to remedy your insomnia.

An inappropriate sleep environment, including one that's too bright or too noisy

Related activities that affect your sleep, such as taking naps or going to bed too early
sleep importance

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The Importance of Sleep:

Sleep allows the body to recover and refresh itself on a daily basis and is vital in ensuring your good health and well-being.

When your body gets enough rest, you are able to stay more focused on the tasks of the day.

Lack of sleep can cause you to have slow or delayed reactions. This is blamed for millions of auto accidents each year.

A person who suffers from insomnia also risks serious illness because the body’s immune system can be affected. A healthy body requires that you sleep at least eight hours a night.

The Use of Drugs:

Commonly described sleep drugs are linked to a wide range of undesirable and possibly dangerous side effects, including hallucinations, severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks, altered personality, loss of sexual inhibitions, paranoia, delusions, blackouts, amnesia, addiction, psychotic episodes and criminal behavior.

Recommended Changes to Your Daily Routine:

Wake up at the same time each day.

Sleep is controlled by biological rhythms (also called circadian rhythms) that follow a very set schedule. To align your sleep pattern with these internal rhythms, it's important to wake up at the same time each morning.

Don't eat a big meal too close to bedtime: Don't eat within 2 - 3 hours of bedtime. Digesting a large meal requires our circulatory system to move more blood to our digestive tract, our stomach secretes more gastric acid; our pancreas becomes more active and produces digestive enzymes. After a meal the smooth muscles around our intestines become active. All of these processes are not conducive to putting us into a restful sleep. In addition, our digestive tracts are set up to work best when we are standing or sitting. Lying down results in gravity pulling the "wrong way" to help food digest. This is not ideal from the standpoint of digestion.

Light TherapySpend time in sunlight. As we get older, our circadian rhythms shift forward in time, causing us to fall asleep earlier and wake up earlier. Exposure to late-afternoon or evening light shifts the rhythm in the opposite direction -- allowing you to wake up later in the morning.
sleep importance

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#4737 Jan 19, 2013
In general, the more light exposure you get during the day, the better you'll sleep at night. People over age 50 will especially benefit from about a half hour of light exposure at day's end -- in the late afternoon or early evening.

Supportive Nutrition:

Nutmeg & Milk: The oil in nutmeg can act as a sedative. The general recommendation is to steep half of a crushed nutmeg (no more) in hot water for about 10 minutes. Strain and drink a half hour before bedtime. Alternatively, stir a half teaspoon of powdered nutmeg into a glass of warm milk. Milk contains the amino acid tryptophan, which encourages sleep by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.

Get enough fiber. Adequate fiber -- in foods such as veggies, fruits, whole grain bread, brown rice and oats -- is essential to efficient digestion, staving off problems such as constipation, irritability and sleeplessness. Ideally, at least half of our diet should consist of unprocessed foods.

Avoid hard-to-digest foods. Excessive red meat, alcohol, white bread, fast foods, fatty or fried items and sugary snacks and desserts require the stomach and liver to work overtime, thus potentially interfering with sleep.

Monitor your B vitamin levels, including B-6 and B-12. In order for the body to effectively convert dietary tryptophan into serotonin, the body requires a sufficient supply of vitamin B-6. Note: Remember that vitamins used for medicinal reasons require medical oversight.

Calcium and magnesium. These vital nutrients relax the muscles of the digestive tract and decrease digestive irritability.

Avoid spicy foods. such as dishes with ingredients such as curry, cumin, cardamom and hot peppers which stimulate GI activity. It's best to enjoy these dishes for lunch - not dinner.

Don't eat too close to bedtime. On average, the stomach takes between two and four hours to empty its contents after eating. A full stomach works best in an upright position.

Take a brief, moderately hot bath just before bed. Taking a hot bath just before going to bed raises your peripheral temperature, causing your core temperature to drop -- which helps you fall asleep. Just make sure the bath water isn't too hot, because this could raise your core temperature.

Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature & keep your sleeping environment as dark as possible. Sleep is controlled in part by the hormone melatonin. The brain secretes melatonin only in darkness, which is why it's important to keep your bedroom dark while sleeping -- the darker, the better.

Put up light-blocking curtains or blinds, or wear a sleep mask, if needed. If you have to get up in the middle of the night, use a low-intensity nightlight to guide your way, rather than switching on the overhead lights. Turning on a bright light signals your brain to stop secreting melatonin.

Don't spend too much time in bed. When you stay too long in bed, your sleep actually becomes more fragmented and disturbed. If you need eight hours of sleep, spend no more than eight and a half hours in bed. Even if you didn't sleep well the night before, avoid going to bed early to "catch up" on sleep. Instead, go to bed and get up at your usual time.
sleep importance

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If you wake up during the night, keep your eyes closed. When people wake in the middle of the night, the first thing they usually do is look at the clock. Lifting your head and opening your eyes is enough to take you out of transitional sleep into a full waking state, making it harder to fall asleep again. Instead, keep your bedroom clock out of sight. If you wake up in the middle of the night, don't open your eyes. This will make it much easier for you to drift back to sleep.

Don't lie in bed tossing and turning. If you can't drop off to sleep, get out of bed and stay up until you're sleepy enough to fall asleep. You may feel tired the next day -- but over time, this approach has been found to be very effective in establishing a restful sleep pattern.

Avoid naps during the daytime. If you have difficulty falling or staying asleep at night, a nap during the day will only aggravate the problem.

Try a relaxing massage!

Possible Causes & Solutions:

Hormonal Connection:

Studies have shown that the body produces Melatonin at night or in the dark. When it is released into the body, tiredness and eventually sleep occurs.

Other studies have concluded that Melatonin is reduced, as we get older. What this means is that the elderly have more chance of suffering from insomnia than one of a younger age. Winters' gloom also causes the body's melatonin to increase at night, resulting in difficulty of getting and staying asleep.

Studies at the National Institute of Health shows that 20 minutes of exosure to sunlight for two consecutive mornings can restore proper melatonin production. But since it is not alays possible to get sunshine during the winter, consider installing a full-spectrum bulb in at least one of your home's lighting fixtres (ideally in a room where you spend most of your morning time). A cumulative two hours of daily exposure to this type of illumination (which most closely mimics natural sunlight) has been shown to improve the body's melatonin's balance in as little as two weeks.

Full-spectrum bulbs should emit a clear, bright (not blue) light. Click here for further information and relevant products.

Often times, a physician will prescribe an insomnia hormone in order for the person suffering to get the proper amount of sleep. It is important to understand that the insomnia hormone cannot be thought of as a cure for insomnia it is only a treatment. It is crucial that you see your physician in order to rule out any underlying problems.

Reduce or eliminate coffee:

Caffeine is a habit-forming drug. While it keeps you invigorated on nonetheless lethargic mornings, it will likewise keep you from having some much-needed sleep at night. Because of disturbed sleep, you'll be craving sleep again the next day, not to mention jumpy and touchy and you'll stagger towards the coffeemaker the first chance you get.

Avoid alcohol near bedtime

Alcohol acts as a sedative when it first enters your bloodstream -- but several hours later, when it leaves your bloodstream, it actually has the reverse effect of making you more wakeful. If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep, you should avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages after dinner. If you have trouble falling asleep in the first place, then you may need to forgo drinks with dinner as well, since their "waking effect" will coincide with your bedtime.
sleep importance

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4739 Jan 19, 2013
Helpful Herbs:

Valerian root: is "the safest and most effective sleep aid with no side effects," according to British scientist turned herbal guru Dr. Malcolm Stuart, who says the best time to drink it would be around 8 PM. Thirty minutes before taking to bed, use one to two teaspoons of the dried root to make a sleep-inducing tea. Unlike sleep aids, valerian causes no heavy feeling the day after. And as opposed to its counterpart synthetic cures, which may bring on an addiction, you will not develop a dependency on this herb.

Catnip: Not only is this herb used as a answer to insomnia, but it is also thought to be a solution to nervousness, anxiety, and even migraines. The administration of catnip is again similar to valerian--one to two teaspoons of the dried herb for one cup of boiled water and set aside to infuse for around ten minutes. Do not boil the herb along with the water as this may destroy some of its active ingredients.

Chamomile is milder and is recommended for children to take, more so when they are restless. The usual dosage is two teaspoons of dried chamomile flower for a cup of tea.

Lavender also makes for a very soothing drink at night (three flower heads to one cup of boiling water, immersed like catnip), and taking a whiff of a few drops of its oil or mixing it with your bath water has the same soothing effect. It may also be rubbed onto your body during a massage and its flowers and seeds stuffed into your pillows.

Cistus Canadensis:(Boericke’s (Rock Rose)- Effective for sleeplessness and itching. Extremely sensitive to cold and sensation of coldness in various parts. For spongy feeling in throat, hawking of mucous, heat and itching in throat. For relief of tumors in neck. Cool feeling in stomach before and after eating. Coldness in chest. Cold feet.

Arnica Montana:(Boericke’s (Leopard’s Bane)- Useful for nervousness, bearing pain and over sensitivity. Research has shown this remedy to be especially suited to cases when any injury, however remote, seems to have caused the present trouble. A powerful acting remedy for many physical symptoms: limbs and body aches as if beaten and for joints that feel sprained; great relief for chronic vertigo; relieves violent, spasmodic coughs, pneumonia and acute tonsillitis; for relief of sleeplessness and restlessness when overtired; distended abdomen; diarrhea; sore nipples; stitches in heart, pulse feeble and irregular; gout; bed sores; and coldness of feet and hands.

You might try mixing an herbal cocktail, such as blending valerian with chamomile, catnip, or some other mild herbs.. Add a small amount of the natural sweetener stevia, if you like.

Essential Oils (for aroma therapy): Lavender Essential Oil

Information contained on this website is provided as general reference only. For application to specific circumstances, professional advice should be sought.

GreenAndHealthy.Info strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date information; however, mistakes do happen. If you would like to correct or update any of the information, please send us an e-mail. THANK YOU!
sleep importance

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#4740 Jan 19, 2013
plus added....lecithin, niacin B3,calcium citrate (chelate)+ magnesium citrate....& the above mentioned nutrients.

All the best!

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#4741 Jan 19, 2013
Boswellia: Taken from the frankincense tree of Three Wise Men fame, this ancient remedy has been found to shrink the inflamed joint tissue that marks arthritis.
grapeseed or ginger

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#4742 Jan 19, 2013
Ginger: Long considered an essential item for healers as well as cooks throughout Asia, this well-known spice is employed as a remedy for arthritis, bursitis and similar ailments.

If you are don't usually use this spice in your meals, the following teas work just as well. Please note that the first one is spicy - which some people love (as I do), but are not for others .

*Note: Ginger can decrease blood clotting and should not be taken by people with bleeding disorders....


Grape Seed: This powerful antioxidant helps reduce swelling, especially swollen ankles associated with circulatory difficulties, and interferes with histamine - the inflammatory agent responsible for allergic reactions.

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#4743 Jan 19, 2013
Dr. Price was right. We all need to take a good quality cod liver oil. The key is "good quality." The cheaper versions may contain mercury and "Persistent Organic Pollutants" ( POPs), which include known carcinogens such as DDT, PCBs and other pollutants and toxins. POPs are small particles eaten by fish in polluted oceans, and are absorbed into their organs. Please click here for info. Some of these pollutants can be filtered out, but not all. Good choices are:

Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver oil. Fermented CLO is easier to digest than regular CLO; it contains 2.5 times more Vitamins A & D, and contains something referred to as "Price Factor X" - which offers additional health benefits. This being said, the fermented CLO does have a very strong "cod-liver" taste -- so some may not be able to tolerate it.

Carlson Laboratories - Norwegian Cod Liver Oil (CLO)- it comes in a pleasant lemon flavor and has been tested for pollutants. Because of its fairly pleasant flavor, even children are unlikely to object. In fact, I found that adding it to my cereal milk in the morning, gives the milk a "lemony" flavor and I can't even taste the CLO.

Another one that is of good quality is Nordic Naturals fish oil - also available in soft gel form. This fish oil also comes in pleasant flavors.

You should be able to find at least one of the above in your local health food store -- maybe even your better grocery store.

For growing children, and for almost every disease condition, cod liver oil is the number one superfood, the supplement of choice. Dr. Price found that the combination of cod liver oil with high-vitamin butter, from cows eating rapidly growing green grass, was nothing short of miraculous, reversing tooth decay and bringing patients back from the brink of death.

Please also refer to "dangers"

Food Remedies


Short-gut Syndrome: Fish Oil is saves 90% of the lives of children suffering from short gut syndrome. Indeed, they are not only surviving but thriving because of Fish Oil therapy. Many of them were in very poor shape when treatment commenced and they were given little hope for long-term survival. This treatment is now available at 70 hospitals around the world. Click here for info

Brain development: Researchers from Australia's Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital found that administering over-the-counter fish oil supplements to boost omega-3 levels helped premature baby girls score better on cognitive tests at 18 months of age. This benefit was not seen in premature boys, but the researchers believe that's because boys and girls have differing rates of development. Study leader Maria Makrides had 272 nursing mothers of premature children take six omega-3 supplement pills a day. This was meant to replicate the amount of omega-3 that full-term babies usually receive in the womb during the third trimester of pregnancy. Eighteen months later, they found that female babies of moms taking the placebo scored slightly lower than the moms taking the omega-3s.

Seattle, WA

#4744 Jan 19, 2013
revival080 wrote:
Those Who Curse the Jews and Those Who Bless the Jews
By Dennis Prager - July 30, 2002
In 1973, during the Arab embargo on oil exports that followed the Yom Kippur War between Israel and Egypt, many Americans had to deal with embargo-induced hour-long lines at gas stations, gas rationing, and various setbacks to the economy. As a result, some called for our abandonment of Israel for the sake of oil.
Those voices were not heard among evangelical Christians.
In fact, in a television broadcast from his church to his many followers, the Rev. Jerry Falwell said that he would sooner give up his car and ride a bicycle than yield to Arab blackmail. Citing Genesis (12:3), he explained that God "will bless those who bless the Jews and curse whoever curses the Jews."
I have since heard this over and over from lay Christians calling my radio show and from Christian leaders with whom I have shared platforms.
I heard this again this past weekend in Colorado Springs, Colo., at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Focus on the Family, where I spoke to a few thousand supporters of that influential evangelical organization. There are many reasons for the support of conservative Christians for Israel – along with social conservatives, the only group giving such support – but their belief that God blesses those who bless the Jews and curses those who curse the Jews plays a central role.
When I first heard this verse cited by the Rev. Falwell, I certainly found it encouraging to hear a major Christian figure say this to fellow Christians. But perhaps because I had just completed graduate work in the social sciences, my rational faculties simply dismissed the idea as more quaint than believable.
Amen , may GOD bles the Jews.

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4745 Jan 19, 2013
What makes Cod Liver Oil nutritionally so valuable:

Cod liver oil contains more preformed vitamin A and more of the sunlight vitamin D per unit weight than any other common food. One hundred grams of regular cod liver oil provides 100,000 IU of vitamin A, almost three times more than beef liver, the next richest source; and 10,000 IU vitamin D, almost four times more than lard, the next richest source. Of course, cod liver oil is only consumed in small amounts, but even a tablespoon (about 15 grams) provides well over the recommended daily allowance for both nutrients. Samples may also naturally contain small amounts of the important bone- and blood-maintainer vitamin K.

In addition, cod liver oil contains 7 percent each of the elongated omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. EPA is the precursor of important prostaglandins, localized tissue hormones that help the body deal with inflammation; and DHA is extremely important for the development and function of the brain and nervous system. So it's no surprise that in numerous studies cod liver oil has proven to be a powerhouse in fighting disease.


Studies have shown that cod liver oil is very effective against arthritis too. "Scientists at Cardiff University (Wales, UK) have confirmed what thousands of people with arthritis have believed for years. Cod liver oil is effective in treating joint pain and can slow, even reverse the destruction of joint cartilage."

"Our most recent work shows that by exposing human osteoarthritic cartilage to cod liver oil in the laboratory for just 24 hours we can turn off, or reverse, the action of the derogative enzymes and inflammatory factors affecting the tissue."

Laboratory research has shown that not only can cod liver oil treat arthritis, but actually reverse the damage that has been done. A new study shows that vitamin D in cod liver oil will not allow your immune system to attack your joints. Study participants who got the most vitamin D from the oil had the lowest risk of arthritis.

And as a bonus, cod liver oil will also normalize your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and keep your arteries open.

:(Below information adapted from several natural health newsletters):

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4746 Jan 19, 2013
Treatment for Arthritis:

Cod liver oil has been a documented remedy for joint pain, rheumatism and even gout for over 200 years. It's even the classic treatment for rickets! Recently, scientists at Cardiff University started testing cod liver oil. Their press release states:'Scientists at Cardiff University (Wales, UK) have confirmed what thousands of people with arthritis have believed for years. Cod liver oil is effective in treating joint pain and can slow, even reverse the destruction of joint cartilage.' The head researcher, Professor Bruce Caterson, stated:'Our most recent work shows that by exposing human osteoarthritic cartilage to cod liver oil in the laboratory for just 24 hours we can turn off, or reverse, the action of the derogative enzymes and inflammatory factors affecting the tissue.'

Cod liver oil is packed with EPA and other omega-3 fatty acids! That means cod liver oil can not only reverse your arthritis, but also normalize your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and keep your arteries open.

The benefits of cod liver oil over regular fish oil is that it's loaded with natural Vitamin D, and a hot-off-the-press scientific study shows that: the Vitamin D in cod liver oil keeps your immune system from attacking your joints; and people in this study who got the most Vitamin D had the lowest risk of arthritis.

Many people who may not be able to tolerate the taste of Cod Liver Oil no longer have an excuse not to take it as there is now a lemon-flavored variety that's quite palatable (not all brands succeed here, but the one to the right is what I am using and it may be available in your local health food store.

Researchers funded by Great Britain's Arthritis Research Campaign found that the elongated omega-3 fatty acids in cod liver oil reduce both pain and damage in inflamed joints.56

Professor Caterson explains that the Omega-3 fatty acids in Cod Liver Oil work by switching off the aggrecan- and collagen-degrading enzymes that break down joint cartilage. This, in effect, slows the progress of cartilage destruction that occurs in arthritis, reduces inflammation and thus lessens pain. He goes on to say, "Two years ago, research teams led by Professor John Harwood and myself at Cardiff University reported findings suggesting that the Omega-3 fatty acids in Cod Liver Oil can reduce cartilage degradation and inflammation in arthritic disease. Our most recent work shows that by exposing human osteoarthritic cartilage to Cod Liver Oil in the laboratory for just 24 hours we can turn off, or reverse, the action of the degradative enzymes and inflammatory factors affecting the tissue".

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