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#4040 Dec 12, 2012

Jer. 1:10 In this verse God gives the general functions of the prophet. The different facets of the prophet's ministry can be summed up in this six-fold description (I have given a brief description of what I believe to be the general application of each of these facets):

1) to pluck (root) up - "weeds," both in the lives of individual believers, as well as "weeds" growing in the Church, which is false teaching and brethren.

2) to break down - resistances and rebellion to God's Word, Will, and Way by believers.

3) to destroy - vain philosophies and imaginations raised up against the knowledge of God; and, Satan's works.

4) to overthrow - the kingdoms of men; and strongholds of the devil.

5) to build - the Church spiritually upon the foundation of the Life of Christ.

6) to plant - Christ as the Seed of God in the Church and in the individual lives of believers; and, along with Apostles - plant Churches.

The following are some of the functions of prophets which can be deduced from the composite of many different Scriptures far too numerous to list individually.

Reveal the mind of Christ and give specific instruction concerning His personal will for the lives of individuals as well as for groups.

Unveil revelation and illumination and inspired application of the Logos(i.e. The written Word of God)

Give confirmation and witness in various ways through their ministry.

Relate divine direction to the Church and churches.

Elicit repentance, reformation, and restoration.

The following are some functions of prophets with a specific Scripture citing to support them:

Amos 3:7 Prophets are given the secret counsel of God.

1 Sam. 9:9 Prophets are SEERS; they see things supernaturally in the Spirit that other people don't see.

Jer. 18:18 Prophets can hear slander supernaturally.

2 Kgs. 6:8-12 Prophets can hear things that are not intended to be heard by others; if God reveals it to them, they can even hear evil plans conceived in privacy and secrecy.

Jer. 1:16,17 Prophets pronounce judgment

Eph. 4:11-13 Prophets perfect, mature, Saints and the Church to Manhood.

Rev. 11:3-13 Prophets will execute God's judgments.

Prophets expose sin:

Eph. 5:11 Exposure of sin is a Divine charge.

Jn. 4:7-19 Jesus, a Prophet, exposed the sin of the Samaritan woman.

Mat. 23 Jesus, a Prophet, exposed the sin of the Pharisees.

Mk. 6:18 John the Baptist, a Prophet, exposed the sin of Herod.

Ac. 13:10,11 Prophet Paul (Ac. 13:1) exposed sin and brought temporal judgment upon Elymas the magician.

Ac. 16:16 Prophet Paul exposes the sin of witchcraft in a fortune-teller.

Gal. 2:11-13 Prophet Paul exposed Apostle Peter's sin of hypocrisy.

2 Sam. 11:1 - 12:13 Nathan the Prophet exposed the sin of David.

2 Kgs. 5:26 Elisha the Prophet exposed the sin of his servant.

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4041 Dec 12, 2012
The Life of a prophet

A life of a prophet, or else a prophet that is called to be in the office of prophet can be filled with rejection, miss-understanding, loneliness, depression and anger with the world and even the church body. The revelations given to the prophet sometimes are too hard to endure and to handle and a prophet has a hard time expressing what he is seeing in the Word of God and in the world to others. The revelation being so hard to endure, and having few people int he body of Christ that can endure it, makes the prophet every lonely from friends that he can have a deep heart to heart conversation with.

A prophet can seem to hold the whole world on his shoulders and often when not love and given positive edification can grow quite despondent d depressed and even angry with the lukewarm church that he finds all over the place. Prophet's need prophets for friends, however pride often stops the emerging novice prophets in training from forming bonds that are effective.

God has a way of crushing the pride out of a prophet and God will put the novice prophet in one very hot and holy fire until the prophet is humble and ready to cool down and not be so hot headed and judgmental of the Bride of Christ. It is only when the prophet is humble and healed and whole, that he can really do effective ministry in the body and be ready to perform every good work that the Lord has for him.

In my life, I have to say I have been very prideful and I have been crushed in a hot fire of the Lord. The last intense burning took 3 years and taught me to praise God even in the midst of intense suffering. It is important for the prophet even if he has no one that loves him or understands him that the LORD God approves of Him and the Lord Jesus loves Him. The prophets lot in life is not a great one, and it get be very intense and hurtful, and I would not ask to be a prophet if I were not one.

If you can see scripture deep, if you have been rejected for much of your life and you are sad with how the world it could be that you are called to be a prophet.

I hope that this has taught you something and you can see what a prophet really is and does.
are you called

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4043 Dec 12, 2012
Are You Called to the Office of Prophet Or Prophetess?

Are you a person that likes to be different to others? Do you like to be in circles of friends and be at odds with what the others believe? Do you enjoy being lonely with your ideas of how God really thinks and feels about today's church? Are you a person that can see the lack of holiness in the church? Are you committed to Christ so much that you would do anything for Him? Do you hear Jesus or God speak clearly to your heart in times of prayer? Are you having visions of angels, of Jesus of heaven? Do you have a fear a really holy fear for the body of Christ and their right standing with a Holy God? Do you have the gift of prophecy and other gifts of the Spirit?

If you have answered yes to a few of these questions you may be called to the office of prophet.

Let me give you fair warning, the office isn't one that should be sought out. Often times you will be seeing things in the Word that are contrary to what is being done in the church. Often times you might be the only person you know feeling the way that you do about things. You might not often find people with your passion for Jesus and the Father. You might find that you are weird when compared with other people you know, that you not only feel the presence of God between Sundays, but you walk and talk with Jesus.
are you called

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4044 Dec 12, 2012
The prophet is not just a person that goes from church to church and prophesies to the flock nice well meaning prophecies. A prophet is a teacher, with the fire of God burning in his belly and the Word of God cutting like a sword coming out of his/her mouth.

It may sound glamorous but the message God will call you to preach won't make you rich; not that you could really cope with world riches when so many people in the world are starving and the third world needs money for Bibles. No preaching the undefiled Word of God will not make you rich, but you will know the presence of God without measure and you will walk hand in hand with the provision of God in your life and the approval of Jesus your Master.

Jesus was a prophet, but He was a not for profit prophet. Many of those that exist today are false, speaking false words over people and putting out collection plates for all the cotton candy prophetic words they are giving.
are you called

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4045 Dec 12, 2012
As a young prophet, my heart weeps for the state of the church. My heart weeps for people in the church that are friends of the world and enemies of God. My heart weeps for the lack of holiness being preached today. My heart is in sorrow for the easy grace being preached today. I am sorry that the average person cannot have a two way conversation with Jesus and the Father like I enjoy.

Given all the riches it the world I would quickly give all the money to the poor and go back to what I am already doing. It is such a joy to know the Father and have him pleased with you and KNOW that you are walking in his perfect will for your life.

Rick Joyner has asked people in churches around the USA if they knew their giftings and found that only ten percent of the church knew their giftings. He found out of those ten percent that knew their spiritual gifts only ten percent of them were walking in them. That means that only one percent of people are walking in their gifts in the church?
are you called

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#4046 Dec 12, 2012
Do you have the gift of prophecy? Would you like it? Write to me and I will pray for you to get the gift then I will give you experience in using the gift on my website.

Come on.

Paul said prophecy is the greatest gift.

Come and get it.

If you have the gift come and use it online with us at our website.

Do you want to know more about being a prophet? Write me and ask me questions.

Be blessed.

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4047 Dec 12, 2012
A prophet is a powerful part of the body of Christ.

A full blown prophet that is mature and starting to do ministry on a regular basis is a very dangerous person to Satan and Satan will do anything to destroy this powerful warrior in the Lord's army.

One of the major ways prophets are delayed from reaching spiritual maturity is that they drift from church to church, they gossip, they are puffed up with pride and a "I know it all attitude" and they take a very long time to settle down in a church, become stable and submit themselves to a pastor.

Wrongly they assume because that have a "deeper" knowledge of the Bible and a "higher anointing" that pastors are lesser people, and pastors have nothing to offer them. Yet the opposite is the truth.

Pastors are shepherds and are well versed in healing broken and rejected hearts with the power and wisdom of God and no one needs his heart being healed more then a young prophet in training.

If you are prophetic and you are reading this, pick a church that you want to settle down in and attend every service each week and get busy helping your pastor in any way you can. Ask the pastor to disciple you and to help you heal your pain and humble yourself and wait for Jesus to use you in a mighty way.

I pray this has helped you.

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4049 Dec 12, 2012
......My heart weeps for people in the church that are friends of the world and enemies of God. My heart weeps for the lack of holiness being preached today. My heart is in sorrow for the easy grace being preached today......
pray daily to cover them

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#4050 Dec 12, 2012
.....A full blown prophet that is mature and starting to do

ministry on a regular basis is a very dangerous person to

Satan and Satan will do anything to destroy this powerful

warrior in the Lord's army.....
character of prophets

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#4051 Dec 12, 2012
These are some of the natural inclinations of character that most prophets Old or New have.

A prophet has a strong sense of justice but often times can come across as judgmental or critical.

They despise bullies and any kind of injustice.

They are not usually shy in challenging authority or the status quo.

They are activists against the unjust social orders of their societies.

They tend to be reactionaries willing to make personal sacrifices for doing the right thing.

They have a natural keen sense of discernment which many times can make them appear as socially negative people.

Their passion against injustice and their zeal to respond can make them jump to conclusions un-tempered by the Holy Spirit.

They are also visionaries which can see changes or danger coming long before others.

They are also associated with a short temper related to the contrast of their insight by the lack of it in others

They are often the black sheep of the flock and
many times became that way because of their own choices and uncompromising nature.

They are tenacious in standing on their beliefs and not subject to compromising them.

Good or bad these are the basic characteristic tendencies of a prophet but not always exclusive as Daniel's own life did not reflect many of these natural character traits. These are generalized inclinations and not absolutes that we are locked into.
character of prophets

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#4052 Dec 12, 2012
The natural undisciplined side of the prophetic personality can have a very negative display.

This person can be an obnoxious overbearing know it all who concentrates on the negative.

He can be a strong willed, hot headed, reactionary, ready to fight and rebel against anything mainstream.

However the same tendencies tempered by the Holy Spirit and focused with a servant attitude can produce a very wise, positive man or woman of God and a warrior of the Lord.

This tempering can produce a powerful insightful messenger of God well equipped with knowledge, patience and skills to communicate with compassion, mercy and wisdom, the will of God and coming events.

I hope this has given you some understanding and helped you in your own attempts to move into this realm of sharing what God has given you to convey to others.

whether we have the specific gift as a prophet or simply as a child of God, these principles of communication can apply to us all.

The Lord gave me a poem one early mourning during my prayer time about Prophets. I am not a poet nor do I write poetry but I was given this one which was personal to me. I think it is something that could apply to us all , so I would like to share it with you..
character of prophets

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#4053 Dec 12, 2012
Reflections For A Prophet

When sin reins in your heart;
it will tell you who you aren’t
it will tell you what you can’t be or do,
it will make you passive, permissive and powerless to be inspired or inspire
it will keep your mouth shut when it should be opened.
it will discourage depress and bring about distress, by frustrating the will
of God...It will make you LOSE!
When I your Lord rein in your heart:
I will confirm who you are in me.
I will show you what can be, and what you will do,
I will make you bold, confident and powerful to be inspired and inspire
I will open your mouth as a wellspring of life that does not faint.
I will encourage and inspire with vision, my way and my will that leads to
true freedom even in the midst of hell. This is my victory, I have
purchased for all...and it with me, you shall WIN the call!
a prayer of faith

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4054 Dec 12, 2012
If you have not got the gift of prophecy, I encourage you to pray this prayer with faith.

Dear Father

I come to you as a simple child expecting a gift that you freely will give. I ask you by faith to give me the gift of prophecy today so that I can bless others with it from this day on. Father speak to me and give me prophetic words for people from this day on and walk and talk to me. I will always use this gift to encourage and lift people up and do great works for you.
In Jesus name I ask.

Now all you need to do is go to my website and read the profiles of the prophets there. Pick one that you feel comfortable with and ask the Father to give you a personal prophecy for them. Play some worship music or pray for half an hour and then sit down and type them a prophecy telling them in your email that you are practicing your new gift. Ask them to give you feedback. I have about ten people there that you can practice on. I am sure by the time you have got it right about five times that you will be confident.

God bless you

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4056 Dec 12, 2012
Now You Can Have the Gift of Prophecy and Do a Personal Prophecy

It is a wonderful position to be in to be blessed with the gift of prophecy. It seems that everyone could do with a personal prophecy from the Lord. It is such a joy to walk with the Lord and work in the harvest and encourage Christians and non Christians with the gift of prophecy.

My life has changed since the Lord raised me up with the gift of prophecy. It is such a joy to be able to walk up to a total stranger in prophetic evangelism and give them a personal prophetic word off God. To see the shock in peoples eyes, to see the joy as their eyes fill with tears gives the person blessed with the gift of prophecy such a wonderful life.

Personal prophecy is a wonderful thing to receive. It blesses your heart when you receive it and it goes on to bless your heart for years to come as you meditate on it year by year. It is my wish that more people had the gift of prophecy and to that end I personally pray for people to get the gift and God blesses them with the gift.

To be able to walk and talk with God is a wonderful thing. God is awesome and yet the fact that He wants to communicate with us is something too great to behold. He is a wonderful God and deeply personal and if you let Him speak to you, His words bring great comfort.

To prophesy, all you need to be able to do is to hear God speaking. All that is needed is for you to hear what He is saying and repeat it to the person that you are prophesying to. As you speak the words to the person you will see the effect that they are having on the person and at the end they might give you feedback.

Having personal prophecies over your life by voice are good, but sometimes it is better to have personal prophecies written down. To get a personal prophecy via email is beneficial. When it is printed out and put away in your special things it can be dragged out from time to time and read over to encourage you.

In the past few years I have prophesied to hundreds of people via email through a website that I run. All of the prophecies have been for free, but I do have a place on the site where people can donate money to the site. I have been pleased in recent weeks to see people donating money and I have been able to revamp the site and buy advertising.
better be lonely

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#4057 Dec 12, 2012
The Righteous Should Choose His Friends Carefully -

- Proverbs 12-26

It is better to only have one friend, then to have friends that are in error in what they think and what they believe. It is better to have only one friend then to have many friends that are gossipers and lead you into sin. It is better just to be alone with God, then to have friends who can't stop sinning.

Proverbs 12:26

26 The righteous should choose his friends carefully,

For the way of the wicked leads them astray.

Poor choices of friends can have you suffer. To have friends that speak foolishness while you are with them, makes you a bit of a fool for listening. Having friends that are puffed up with pride, makes you a person that will have a hard time being humble. It is better to lose your friends that are in sin, then to be part of their life and caught up in the same sin.

Having the respect of people whose lives are just being wasted and not productive in the things of God, I a waste of time. Better not to have foolish friends who can't help but be talebearers and liars, then to have plenty of company and lack the respect of people who are righteous.
better be lonely

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4058 Dec 12, 2012
Better to be lonely and only have the LORD to keep you company, then to spend nights agreeing with gossip and taking part in conversations that are full of foolishness

Better to have people speaking bad things about you to others, then to be the friend of a fool and be judged by the righteous as one also for keeping their company.

Better to be alone and reading your Bible and sharing the truths you find in it on this site, then be gossiping and doing things that are not of any benefit to the Kingdom of God.

Better to have the respect of your church pastors for the things that you say each week, then be the known friend of a person of a liar and a person that makes a habit of foolishness.

Better to be lonely then to mix with people whose lives are doing nothing in the Kingdom of God.

Better to be productive with your days, then spending unproductive time with people that haven't got anything worthwhile to say.

Better to have only one friend then be in the company of fools.

Better live alone and spend much time alone then having friends that make a habit of gossiping.

Better to be a friend of a person that is striving to be all that God wants them to be, then to be friends with people that make no progress in righteous living in years of knowing them.

Have you got people in your life that are going nowhere? Have you got lazy people in your life? Better to get busy and cut them out of your life.

Better to have no friends at all then have friends that lead you into sin.
burden of prophets

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4059 Dec 12, 2012
Carrying the Burden of the Lord As a Prophet

The idea of being a prophet these days in the Pentecostal church is a popular one. It seems that people that go from church to church giving prophecies is some sort of great life.

The life of a prophet can be VERY lonely, fraught with miss understanding and a furnace of the Lord's affliction in your life. In Australia at this time it is tougher.

The idea of preparing for ten or twenty years to bring a specific message of repentance to a rebellious church might seem a bit arduous.

Everyone wants to prophesy, but I am sure not everyone would like twenty years of rejections, tears, loneliness and miss-understanding.

But the life of a true prophet is even harder. To carry the thoughts of God in a simple human body is a hard thing to do.

To visit a church that the whole world seems to love and then listen as God lets you in on all the churches sins and how they disappoint Him is hard to endure.

It's hard to be God's friend. It's quite hard to speak for God a word of correction to a leader of a church or to a nation's leader. Worst of all, is knowing what God wants to say to them and not being given the permission off God to say the message yet.

It's hard to know the problems in your Countries churches and a message that would bring them certain healing and health and in a better place with the Lord and yet be denied the opportunity to go to them and tell them.

It's hard to see a drought bring your country to their knees and then floods, then record fires bigger fires then the countries history and know that God is judging and yet no one wants to know it.

It's hard to know that 9-11 was a judgment by God on the USA and a precursor and partial fulfillment of Revelation 18, and yet with years of reading what people on prophetic sites have said very few of them agree with you.

It's hard to know that once in a while in heaven, God and Jesus have to go to a private place in heaven by themselves and have a big long cry about all the wickedness and all the unnecessary death and disease on the earth.

It's hard to hear God cry to you into your mind. It's hard to endure Jesus weeping in your mind.

Oh, it's so hard to watch people that you love sing praises to the God that you know at church and then refuse a homeless person a dollar when they beg for it.

It's hard to endure all the pain and suffering you see around you that could be fixed and made better if the Christians weren't being taught the doctrines of men and the doctrines of demons and putting them teachings above the commandments of Jesus.

It's so hard to watch the world suffer and know how much better the world would be if the Christians would just lose their love for the world and all the things of this world.

It's hard to love in a world and see whole countries suffer because the Christians of the West refuse to give those Bibles. China has 80 million Christians that don't own a personal Bible. Perhaps you could send them some.
burden of prophets

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4060 Dec 12, 2012
And don't worry, I am crazy. I am certified crazy and I have a mental illness.

And when people hear that I am a manic depressive they right away have an excuse to say that that I am out of my mind and dismiss me.

God in his wisdom knew that a prophet in the last days of earth would be called a madman and a maniac so he had Hosea record his words.

Hosea 9:7 (New International Version)
7 The days of punishment are coming, the days of reckoning are at hand. Let Israel know this. Because your sins are so many and your hostility so great, the prophet is considered a fool, the inspired man a maniac.
You see in the last three weeks the nation of Australia has come under the finger of God, as of writing on the 12th of February 2009. The days of punishment have come already with bad floods, the worst fires in this countries history and two men in two days being attacked by sharks.

God over the coming years is going to have a reckoning with our country of Australia.

Let Israel know

Not only are the prophecies of the OT for Israel but the whole body of Christ.
burden of prophets

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#4061 Dec 12, 2012
Because Australia's sins are so many And it's hostility so great. A prophet like me is considered a fool And the inspired man ( a person that can get a message off God) is considered a maniac ( A manic depressive that is high and off his medication)

How could God be judging Australia?

Why would God be judging?

That's reserved for the Book of Revelation and by that time aren't we all meant to be in heaven?

Oh people. These may be the mad ravings of a maniac:
The idea that I am closer to God then the average person; The idea that God cries in heaven; The idea that 9-11 was a judgement of God; This guy is crazy! Yes and that's the point.

Prophets are always sent to the people when they are far from God. They always come with a message off God at how the people of God are sinning and what they need to do to return to God.

Most are ignored. Most are killed even in modern times they can be killed.

Yes people. If you have been called to be a modern day prophet you would have had a lot of rejection and you would have had to learn how to deal with it. You would have to know about loneliness and you would have to know God really well.

Be blessed

If you have find this helpful pass it on to someone you know.

If you want the gift of prophecy write to us.

By Matthew Robert Payne
called n chosen

Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

#4062 Dec 12, 2012
Prophetic Preparation for Office of Prophet

Les D. Crause

What the Office of Prophet Is

The prophet is one who hears from God and speaks forth His Word into the earth. When he speaks it forth, it is sent as a creative word as described by Isaiah the prophet

Isaiah 55:11 So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall succeed [in the thing] for which I sent it.

When the prophet of God makes a declaration he does not simply predict or indicate the will of God, but he literally speaks forth a decree into the earth. And that word is sent forth in power to make things happen. So it is very important therefore that the prophet hears correctly before he opens his mouth. And that takes a bit of training and development. He must distinguish his own burden and prejudices from the pure word of God.

So God puts the prophet through a prophetic preparation that causes him to come to a place where he cannot rely on his natural abilities. Even his ability to hear the voice of God must be put in question, that he may never boast in himself.

Prophetic Preparation for the Office of Prophet
Let’s look then at prophetic preparation. One of the best passages that describes this is found in Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians.

2 Corinthians 4: 8 [We are] troubled on every side, yet not distressed; [we are] perplexed, but not in despair;
9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

10 Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.

11 For we which live are always delivered over to death for Jesus' sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.

12 So then death works in us, but life in you.
I am going to look at some of the verses from this passage and discuss each aspect as it relates to the preparation of the prophet.

For many who are called to the Office of Prophet there is an excitement at the prospect of becoming one who speaks for God and stands forth as one elevated to such an office. You expect God to grant great and wonderful revelations, and as you speak them forth people will stand in awe and wonder and wish they had the privilege you have been given.

But for most who receive this call, there comes a sudden shock when they find themselves being rejected, despised and ostracized because of their ministry. This process is called prophetic preparation.

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