Are afghans and turks white?

Guangzhou, China

#423 Jul 11, 2013
Hey,in india and pakistan the only people that look real white are kashmiris.i dont knw about people in pakistan administrated kashmir but the people in indian administrated kashmir are really faird skinned and sharp featured. The best looking people in sub continent is nothing before an average kashmiri.
I am tellin this only bcz i hv been to kashmir many times.

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Ryde, Australia

#424 Jul 11, 2013
Emmy wrote:
People of Afghanistan are Caucasian. The Caucasian human subgroup originated in the Caucasus region and spread east,west, north and south. The majority of people inside Afghanistan have fair skin, and light colored eyes. Since the majority of the people of Afghanistan had to live under harsh situations because of war, poverty, and climate, they haven't taken very good care of their outer appearances when it comes the harsh winter cold and hot southern climate. But despite that, you can clearly see many shiny blue or green eyes with sun damaged skin if you go to Afghanistan. Afghanistan is not a fully south Asian nation; the only people who look south Asian are those who came from Indian and decided to make Afghanistan their home. But the people from Afghanistan who live in the west, you cannot tell if they're from Afghanistan if you see them on the street because most have taken good care of their outer appearances, and look European, without any facial surgery( unlike Iranians). So according to outer appearance facts, and DNA test conducted to determine the 'race'of the people of Afghanistan, the majority are Caucasian.
afghans arent caucasian. they are central asian. no matter how light eyes they have they r still central asian. we r not european. so i have light eyes, light skin and dark hair but if you say only the ones with fair skin are caucasian all of us are. xoxo

Hayward, CA

#425 Jul 23, 2013
Afghans do not look indian at all!! Afghans are way different speak different language diffrent culture different religion!! Afghans are closer to iranians, tajik, uzbekistan, and not india! I have been to india and afghanistan and I can tell you afhhans and indians look completley different!! Majority afghans that I saw had green/blue eyes blond/black hair fair skin, the majority indians that I saw were very dark short and have a strong body ordor!!

New York, NY

#426 Aug 11, 2013
lalalalala wrote:
<quoted text>
I def disagree with you, ive been to afghanistan and the majority of them are light skinned and persian. they are either european or persian. and look NOTHING like pakistanis who are generally all very dark.
We are not Persians lol we were never Persians I'm full afghan my mom and dad both born from there we are afghan lol but we are not persian

New York, NY

#427 Aug 11, 2013
Let me tell you guys one thing we afghans ( I'm full afghan both parents born and raised there) are cuzins with the country's Germany, Turkey, and Greece we are Aryens all 4 of us that's what hitler was doing and we are not Persian I'm very white my self because of my dad and mom and I have light green gray eyes we are not Persian we are Afghan and proud and I'm proud to be a Afghan Pushtun :) okay bye

New York, NY

#428 Aug 11, 2013
AudreyHepburn wrote:
<quoted text>
You wish afghans looked indian. indians are black. the majority of afghans are not black. sorry to burst your bubble. we ruled over your country years and years ago which is why some very lucky north indians look 2 percent indian so you wish.
We are no we're Indian so don't ever say that but we do have the same religion only Islam

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Scappoose, Oregon USA

#429 Aug 11, 2013
I've never seen a white afghan, they're usually brightly colored or patterned and have a really open choose one so they're not as warm as a blanket. If by Turks meat turkeys, modern day ranched turkeys are generally all white, but that's just their feathers. The Turkey's themselves are a mix of white meat and dark meat, as usual. I hope that answers your question![grins]

Corona, NY

#430 Aug 11, 2013
we afghans were never conquered if u dont believe me go search up the name "graveyard of empires" we were never conquered by nobody no Alexander no Persians no mongols no nothing alright stop coming up with bs lies u cna search it up Afghanistan is the grave yard of empires which means every empire that came oa Afghanistan fell in Afghanistan and lost there and fell apart we are strong and we are not mixed we are our self afghans the rest of the world u guys fucked each other we , we just stand as afghans no mix sht so dont fool people with lies and give them wrong notification. im afghan my whole family was born in Afghanistan i have light blondiszh brown hair and greens eyes and i have cuzins with red hair and we are pure afghans so plz stop spreading false facts ty and have a nice day
non of ur business


#431 Aug 12, 2013
@ pizza man......why don't you stuff ur face with pizza then go top urself.

London, UK

#432 Oct 24, 2013
This really depends on which type of afghan you are talking about.
Tgrre are three main types of afghans: pashtuns (me) blonde hair blue eyes fair skin, tajiks: black/brown hair iranian skin colour and hazaras : chinky eyed people who are descendants of the conquerer ghengis khan who was brought down to his knees in Afghanistan by the pashtuns. Afghan name was originally a name for the pashtuns but the previous king of Afghanistan wanted to unite its people under one banner so he decided to call the country Afghanistan.
Afghanistan means: land of the afghans in other words land of the pashtuns who are the only pure aryan race alive til today.

Feltham, UK

#433 Nov 12, 2013
Afghans DO NOT LOOK indian! Who thinks that? They are generally light skinned and looks persian/ greek etc. I went to kabul myself and can judge from what ive seen- they have blue,green, grey eyes even blonde hair which looks as if their european.

Feltham, UK

#434 Nov 12, 2013
Afghans do not look indian/pakistani(asian)? Who think that? They generally look persian/greek they are usually light skinned some tanned but they are far off from asians and this is no disrespect but ive been to afghanistan myself therefore i can judge from what ive seen and mostly they're are many with blue,green, grey eyes even blondes!

ps- Afghanistan is in the Middle East

Feltham, UK

#435 Nov 12, 2013
Afghans are very diverse
JD from Sweden

Malmö, Sweden

#436 Nov 20, 2013
Just an information for ignorant afghans. Green or blue eyes or lightcolored hair is not a rarity in Pakistan. Pakistan is like Afghanistan a melting pot of all sorts of ethnicities, Especially in Northern Pakistan(Hunza, Chitral) and western Pakistan(KPK, FATA andBaluchistan) you see many people that are lightskinned and have blond, brown or red hair. Green and blue eyes are also more common in these areas.
Just a question. Do you guys really believe that fair color, greenor blue eyes or blond or brown hair makes you superior to people who are brown with black hair ???
I really don´t hope that you are that stupid!

Mississauga, Canada

#438 Dec 2, 2013
Razdan wrote:
Most afghans are dark and look like pakistanis.
The only Afghans that are white are the Nuristanis, Pashais, Pamiri. They are decendents from ancient rig-vedic tribes.
Tajiks and Pashtuns vary in looks can look black to white, to chinese. This is becuase they have been raped by so many invading armies, but most of them are a shade of brown.
Now your definitely trolling.

Mississauga, Canada

#439 Dec 2, 2013
Keep in mind when people talk about Afghans they are talking about Pashtuns. We definitely do not look Indian as we are different from them. The reason why majority of us look white is because we are Aryans!
The Bactrians

United States

#440 Dec 10, 2013
It is not your brethren the higher caste Indians that divide you both, that is Paki's and Indians, it is your own doing that Parthian-Persian/Bactrian-Pers ians can't stand about you. You are the lower caste Indian who took opportunity when the British give to you land for being good servants. By majority, you are deceitful, low, unmanageable, and insane.

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#442 Dec 21, 2013
1/3 from Turkish people are in fact Caucasians including:
circassians, chechens, Abkhazians, muslim Georgians, laz and dagestanians (mainly avars, lezgins and dargins).
in 1864 the Caucasian war ended, many Caucasians were expelled to turkey to such extent that nowdays they are 1/3 of Turkish population.
even before that the upper class of turkey mainly: sultans,beks,pasha, zaada and rich merchants (tituls of Turkish nobility like knyaz boyar kupetz graph) preferred to marry girls from Caucasus.
its important to say the real Caucasians are all with white pail and light eyes take kadirov as an example.
In conclusion centuries of intermixing with Caucasians before 1864+
1864 exile were the main reason that 1/3 of Turkish population are Caucasians and nowdays there is new turks turkocaucasian.
that's why many turks have blue eyes.
if you want to see real, unmixed turks go to Turkmenistan, the original turks came from Asian steppe.

Manchester, UK

#443 Dec 30, 2013
lalalalala wrote:
<quoted text>
I def disagree with you, ive been to afghanistan and the majority of them are light skinned and persian. they are either european or persian. and look NOTHING like pakistanis who are generally all very dark.
Yes yes i agree afghans are not dark, they have blond,brown and black hair, green, blue and brown eyes. No indian or pakistanis have blond hair nooooooo
I love afghan people


#444 Jan 5, 2014
I am turkish i am look white. most turks are white . Turks are native anatolian . Anatolians are first white people. I love Afghan people they are our brother. Afghan and Turkish people are white!!!

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