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Sechelt, Canada

#212 Jun 23, 2012
I have an exciting offer for you that you might be interested in. You never know until you look, so please take a look and don't just ignore this.

Please spend a few moments exploring the following website.

We are looking for people that are interested in their health, maintaining or improving, AND/OR people that are interested in earning an income from home, on a part-time basis.

I stress part-time. Never ever give up your day job until you make as much or more money consistently with your new business. And don't BS anyone either.

I am a professional engineer by day, and earn some great money, part-time from home with this business. 

My goals are to help everyone be healthier and pain free, and to help those interested receive a weekly paycheck.

Help us bring Moringa to the world! Your body, and your friends, will thank you for it.

After you have reviewed the information, send me an e-mail with your questions, or give me a call. 

I look forward to answering your product questions, or telling your more about how you too, can earn some great part-time income from home.

We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can TRY our products RISK FREE!

Please watch the Moringa video to learn about this amazing botanical.

If you are interested in the business, watch the Robbie Davis video too.


Your information is safe with us.

On this page, you need to enter your contact info to go to the main site; that is so we know you have looked at the information. Your information safe with us, it is not sold, nor distributed to anyone. 

Since: Sep 12

San Jose, CA

#214 Sep 5, 2012
The only companies with FHTM are the ones owned by Paul himself or some crapola stuff nobody needs or will ever use. All of the majors left after realizing the ponzi scam they were affiliated with.
Linda wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you know what a pyramid is , not likely, do some research before you go making comments. Go talk to industry Canada and ask them what a pyramid is, we would not be allowed to do business if we were. Don't you think those companies associated with us have done their due diligance, of course they have now go do yours.

Burnaby, Canada

#219 Nov 4, 2012
Calgary wrote:
The comments from so many that no next to nothing .
In Vancouver for example approximately 1 in 6 Vancouver City Police Officers are in FHTM including the top people in Crime Stoppers.
OK yeah lets not lie now. I am In FHTM ans 1 in 6 vancouver policement ARE NOT in FHTM. I do know of policemen in FHTM though but it certainly is not 1 in 6. There is no need to make shouts of grandure. fhtm if done properly doesnt need any help looking like a good business because it is when done right

Burnaby, Canada

#220 Nov 4, 2012
fhtmfacts wrote:
The only companies with FHTM are the ones owned by Paul himself or some crapola stuff nobody needs or will ever use. All of the majors left after realizing the ponzi scam they were affiliated with.
<quoted text>
The most successful MLM right now but also the oldest is Avon. It sells cosmetics.
FHTM right now does private gas, contact lenses, long distance calling, cosmetics, health supplements and protein shakes, taxbot, ADT home security, Identashield (anti fraud and antivirus), roadside assistance.
thats alot of services most people use. if not, what business caters to every single person on the planet (except Kleenex)

San Jose, CA

#222 Nov 16, 2012
You are joking, right? FHTM has no direct relationships or partnerships with any major companies. The gas they sell is from a competitor ACN (another MLM scam). No reputable and major Tier I long distance provider even knows that FHTM exists, and certainly does not offer FHTM reps the opportunity to make money from their services. The cosmetics and health supplements along with the dog food is OWNED by Orberson through another company. As far as Identishield - they are triple what you can buy that service for directly.

Get real, the FHTM services are not needed by 99% of the world and when they are most smart consumers want them directly and dont care about the ten cent annual commission.

You need to get off your cultish platform and do some independent research.
Heliosvector wrote:
<quoted text>
The most successful MLM right now but also the oldest is Avon. It sells cosmetics.
FHTM right now does private gas, contact lenses, long distance calling, cosmetics, health supplements and protein shakes, taxbot, ADT home security, Identashield (anti fraud and antivirus), roadside assistance.
thats alot of services most people use. if not, what business caters to every single person on the planet (except Kleenex)

Sechelt, Canada

#223 Nov 16, 2012
Brokeguyafterfht m

Torrance, CA

#224 Nov 24, 2012
How can anyone still say good things about these criminals who run a Ponzi Scheme fit for a king.

You must screw your friends and family and then buy crap you dont need at inflated prices to make money from recruiting.

The top leaders are either leaving, left or have criminal records for things like sexually abusing children.


North Vancouver, Canada

#226 Nov 24, 2012
For all of those who whine, bitch, complain, have a negative attitude towards FHTM. I totally understand. And I agree with pretty much all but you've said, because I would say similar things.

Instead of spending your life whining, bitching and complaining, why don't you actually do something that's going to be good for your community, for the planet, and for yourself.

www.Intro-biz.com For a real business, that has true benefits for consumers and business owners, that people love, and one you can make real residual money.

No hype, no bullshit.

North Vancouver, Canada

#227 Nov 24, 2012
Id# 373875 or message me at tmp@ Ltdnow.co

Edmonton, Canada

#229 Jan 29, 2013
It's kinda funny the only people up talking the company are all from Edmonton.....all probably from the same team trying to up talk everything........I went to the presentation, I talked to the managers.....No one could give me any solid answers to any questions......I went online to try and research the products for myself and I was immediately sent to a Lawyers site with legal documents stating FHTM is being brought to court in the eastern USA for Violations.........Im sorry, I'm all for new ideas but when you can even research a company and when no one can tell you exactly whats going on it probably isn't a very good idea to part ways with your hard earned money......

Sechelt, Canada

#232 Feb 16, 2013
FHTM is GONE. Shut down.$3.0 million in debt. Paul Orberson has left the building.

The Edmonton group is pissed and licking wounds. Who can blame them, they feel betrayed. Too bad they didn't pay attention to the business model, they could have saved themselves lots of pain and heartache.

I can help all those in need of a real opportunity. But I suspect they won't listen...

Sechelt, Canada

#233 Feb 16, 2013
oh, ya, you can go to www.fhtm.com to find out what the government did.

And then Paul actually shut it down a week ago. He is still being sued.

Sechelt, Canada

#234 Feb 16, 2013
Oh, and if anyone is interested in a real opp, look at
Id# 373875
message me at tmp@ Ltdnow.co to learn more

I love customers, so if you want better health, and no business, that is great too! 30 day money back guarantee (love it or get your $$$ back).
fhtm gone

United States

#236 Feb 24, 2013
You fhtm reps now know fhtm has always been a pyramid scheme right? We was right and you all was wrong!

Since: Apr 13

Location hidden

#237 Apr 6, 2013
Look first off MLM/Network Marketing gets a bad rap...due to all the terrible scams, but I personally know of several well to do Canadians who are making a wonderful life for them and their families...the bottom line is you have to do your home work..Im not into this type of business, because im already a successful engineer, but had I had an ordinary job, I would have jumped at this opportunity. I did a little research for you and the company is ranked as the best home business in the world and is steady growing...My friend gave me the link to one of the Canadians that introduced him..see for yourself what these guys and ladies from our country are doing...once you submit your information, they will give you a free tour and position within the company, take a look at their stats and leaders and see the many Canadians that are doing great things from home. Just go here: www.getskinnyrightnow.onebigpowerline.com afterwards come back and say you are convinced just as I am...later Mate! that are going on
Mommas_Instinct wrote:
I wanted to create a thread that people could see if this company or MLM or Pyramid is a scam or is it possible. I am going to post each day that I have any interaction with the company and what my success for this company is.
I currently am already a successful business owner and thought it would be nice not to put all my eggs in one basket.
So here it goes. I heard about FHTM from a friend she invited me to a presentation with no details. But I am open minded and thought I would at least listen. I understand that this company is MLM with products available to sell as you need so many points and people on your team to become successful. You need at least 3 people to start underneath you to make your money back. SO I am going to give it a try. I can afford the $399 and so what do I honestly have to loose but some money. You have to spend money to make money and anyone that tells you different has never been in business before. You also have to be willing to risk your fears, failure, stability, and comfort while you work towards your goals. Is this the best market to start something like this I do not know but we will find out together.
So my first presentation to FHTM was basic as mostly it was a simple overview to entice one to spend the $399 with the hopes of a future of residual income. Is it possible time will tell? I have always been successful in other peoples already established companies in sales. I am a people person but I do not start things well. They say they will help you start your company and that it is easy. Time will tell.
I am signing the form and faxing it off up the line today... More to follow
Big Dog

Langley, Canada

#240 Jun 10, 2013
Anybody Know Melanie and Greg Greenough? these people give lectures all across North America and there scam artists! ever since fhtm shut down they just move on to another ponzi scheme. These people need to be arrested but at the same time people are stupid! its funny cause i went to a meeting and everyone they had gathered was religious (from there church i think) and would eat shit if told too!


#241 Jun 10, 2013
Yes I know them. They are folks that should never have been allowed to join Zija. Their presence takes away from the validity of Zija and its' products.

It is too bad. I am in Zija, the products are great. And yes I make money, an extra $500 a week or so, with some effort required. But let's be honest, most MLM'ers are pretty scammie people that will tell all kinds of lies just to get you to sign up and see if you stick. They tell you they care, but that is bullshit.

I tell folks the truth of the story. The products are great, they are not for everyone, money can be made, Zija makes it as lucrative as possible, it takes work, it is very hard and takes a lot if time if you want to make double digit thousands per week. All the diehard MLM'ers are hype artists and should really be selling used cars in a back alley, at least then they would be easy to recognize for the uninitiated. MLM is a good business model, in an industry plagued with scams. It becomes harder to spot a good company, and there are only a few.

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