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Paul is dead

Cape May Court House, NJ

#1900 Jan 26, 2013
American Inventor, circa 21st century, invented a super carburetor that burns? what Johnny?

243 miles to the gallon!!!!!!!!!!

Not practical for everyone without mechanical ability though.

However, Indiana Inventor Steven Leahy, invented the more practical super carburetor, which can burn?

200 miles per gallon!!!!!!!!!!

John why won't your super wonderful government let us have super carburetors?

I know I'm sure you have a COGENT answer, no doubt!

We Americans get blamed for using too much energy, which would be cured overnight with fusion torches!

In fact with the proper use of fusion torches, solar and wind power energy, the super carburetor, development of more hybrid cars, population would be a cinch to deal with.

Population would be a boon with fusion torches!

You don't know everythng Johnny!

Your'e a typical Know-it-all.

Websters definition of Know-it-all:"Is a person who obnoxiously purports an expansive of a topic and/or situation when, in reality his/her comprehension is inaccurate or limited. This display may or not be directly expressed."

Heeeeerrre'sssss Jooohhhhhnnnyyy!!!!!!!!!!

hahhahahahhehehe lol!!!!!!!!!
Paul is dead

Cape May Court House, NJ

#1901 Jan 26, 2013
No, Johnny We the people do not wanted to bull shited any longer! Dude!

Your'e New World Order buddies wanna depopulate us down to a sizable controllable population pal!

Actual and factual!

They wanna live like Kings and Queens on earth, with just enough serfs to kill the meat, harvest the crops, clean up their feces, and take out their trash.

Here's an old Civil war saying for ya.
I got it from the movie 'Outlaw Josey Wales,':

"Don't piss down my back, and tell me it's rainin!"
Paul is dead

Cape May Court House, NJ

#1902 Jan 27, 2013
Sir Iasaac Newton kept his spiritual views to himself, because he would have been considered by some to be a heretic.

It's not any different today. Many historians of today think Mr. Newton was atleast a fanactic in many of his spiritual beliefs.

Mr. Newton lived in the 1700's, and believe Israel would be reborn one day. Guess what? Israel has been a nation since 1948.

He also believed the Temple would be rebuilt and the man of sin, 666(Antichrist), would proclaim himself G-d there. He would be wickely evil and harm and kill many innocent people. The Messiah Jesus Christ, Y'shua Hamashiac, Saviour to the the Jewish people and also to us Gentiles would put an end to 'abomination that causes desolation,' and rule from Jerusalme forever, and ever.

Using mathemmatical calcultaions he claimed 2060 would be the year it would occur, 47 years from now. Not long at all.

They say Christianity and science aren't compatible; but Mr. Newton was a scientist, and a fervant Christian.

Infact, Isaac Newton was the greatest scientist of all time! How so?

There is no inventor from any country,black,white,brown,yell ow, or red that would have acomplished anything without Mr. Newton's pioneer discovery/work.

All facts no fiction.

And he would have been one of us conspiracy theorists Johnny! Don't even try!

Yes, way more articulate than me, way more intelligent than me, but still one of us!

He said the antichrist will rise up in the 21st century, way before the 21st century!

Now human hand will be able to stay this dude,(666.)

Daniel 8:24 "He will become very strong, but not by his own power.(Satan's.)He will cause astounding devastation and succeed in whatever he does.He will destroy those who are mighty, the holy people.(They already have 800 concentration camps built here in the U.S.A.; I didn't say it C.I.A operative Gene"Chip"Tatum did.)He will cause deceit to prosper and consider himself superior.
When they feel secure, he wil destoy many, and will take his stand against the Prince of princes.(King Jesus.)BUT HE WILL BE DESTROYED BUT NOT BY HUMAN POWER."

Jesus Will defeat him at his Second Coming.

So get ready we're in for a rough ride!
Paul is dead

Cape May Court House, NJ

#1903 Jan 27, 2013
Johnny you want cold hard facts huh bud?

Back in 1998 here's what Rodney stich, retired senior inspector for FAA(Federal Aviation Administration,)had to say:"I KNOW FOR A FACT that the C.I.A has been smuggling drugs into this country(America)for the past 45 years; but how do you keep all these people quiet? They keep em quiet by working through the Justice department, and anybody who tries to expose them will be arrested with a fake charge, a fabricated charge, framed, or simply arrested for the offense that the C.I.A hired them to do,(the actual smuggling of drugs.)

Again, more 'facts', no 'fiction'.

Rev.Col Jim Ammerman active duty WW2,Korea, and Vietam under General Westmoreland:
"What they call detention camps are actully concentration camps, and they are being constructed all over the U.S.A; many if not most of them on already existing Military installations."

No, I didn't quote verbatim, so you can't accuse me of 'cutting and pastin.' No, I didn't without Cogency, or incoherently repeat what they said incorrectly.

Don't belive me. Ya have some balls?'Dial up' on youtube,'Presidential secrets'Former Operative Chip Tatum speaks.

I have voted republican my whole life, I don't have to prove it to you, and I don't care if you believe it; starting with GHW Bush vs Bill Clinton election of 1992.

I assure you if I knew then, what I know now, I would never have voted for a Bush!

I certainly would never vote for a Clinton either; I would have, and should have voted for Ross Perot!

No! I won't tell ya why.

Tell ya what,'Dial up' John Decamp - Franklin coverup. Read it on google, but especially you need to youtube it.

Investigate it thoroughly.

If you come away respecting George HW Bush, than your'e a bigger fool than I thought.
Paul is dead

Cape May Court House, NJ

#1904 Jan 27, 2013

Johnny I want you to specifically 'dial up''Pedophiles Bush Sr. and Barney Frank-Bonacci interview.'

It's a part of John Decamp's(Senator from Nebraska, one of the most highly,(if not the highest)decorated Vietnam vet) investigation of the Franklin Cover-up scandal.

I know, I know alot of stuff on topix is go after Whitey and make him look as stupid, and evil as posible.

The ring leader of the pedophile rape,and snuff film circle was a black man, one Larry King, not the white Jewish CNN Larry King.

It's not a white conspiracy, or a black conspiracy, or a Jewish conspiracy.

It's a Luciferian conspiracy of wickedly evil men.

I am not anti-Israel or anti-semitic. I am pro Israel people, Ashkenazim(White)Jews, Falasha(Black)Jews,(very beautiful women by the way),Sephardic(originally Spanish)Jews, or Misrahi(original Eastern/Middle Eastern Jews.)

I am not against the United States of America, and its Constitution and Bill of Rights that she was based on.

Your'e so wrong about me buddy boy!

And youv'e been defending the wrong people!

I assure you!

Unless your'e one of em.

Who the heck knows.

You still think I'm black hehhe lol!

#1905 Jan 29, 2013
I too notice that a lot of fat ugly white women here in the south go for black men. i think they (black men) are less picky, however, after living down here 15 years, Im starting to see skinny, pretty ones with them.!n fact my friends and I talked about it once how it used to be that you only ever saw ugly women with them, but now not so much. But yes, I too notice that if your unattractive white men dont tend to want you They are so used to being on top that they're extra picky. Guess I can't really judge though, I always turn black guys down because I don't find them attractive.
Paul is dead

Cape May Court House, NJ

#1906 Feb 1, 2013
If any of you readers are interested you all need to youtube: In ONE DAY America WILL BURN(God's warning)-Dumitru Duduman.

Think about Jeremiah 51, which says Babylon is a golden cup with which the whole world drank, and became deranged.

Is Islam Babylon? True Sharia law, an oppressive Caliphate imposed on citizens all over the Muslim world severly oppresses Christians, and if you don't believe me just ask Coptic Christians from Egypt; even so, Babylon could never prosper to fulfill Bible prophecy, Revelation 18.

How about Russia, or China. Since the fall of communism in Russia, the average Russian is struggling to survive to make Russia Babylon. China with its oppressive communist government isn't, even though they have taken on vestiges of capitalism to advance herself, is not; nor is North Korea.

South and Central America are too politically scattered in their unstable governments, resulting great poverty there; there too impoverished to be Babylon.

Well, how about Africa? Again unstability government, and poverty couldn't make that continent Babylon.

Lastly there's Europe, it defintely could qualify. Luciferian witchraft widely practiced in England, liberalism in France, Socialism in Spain, all of the above to an extend in Italy. Nope, Babylon will burned in one day;Revelation 18:10 through 18:18.

The banking houses in London are too important, and Wester Europe will play too important a role to be destroyed.

We are Babylon!

And our founding fathers would not stand for what is going on today in the U.S.A.

Yes, we had faults going all the way back. Andrew Jackson's backstabbing treatment of Navtive American Indians. The Hudson Bay Company, a subsidiary of England,(The Committee of 300)gave repeat rifles to American Indians who used them against settlers going west.
Paul is dead

Cape May Court House, NJ

#1907 Feb 1, 2013

The committee of 300, through the Hudson Bay Company, furbished repeat rifles to American Indians, who used them against westward bound American Settlers, which resulted in more tragedy for American Indians; youtube: John Coleman(Ex-British intelligence)Committee of 300.

Greed, The love of money, brought the black man here as a slave. Still, many white men died upholding the Emancipation Proclamation, otherwise black people would still be enslaved, all facts no fiction.

That still doesn't take away from the fact that racial bigotry is a National disgrace; I understand that.

Dumitru Duduman is an old preacher Romania, who escaped persecution in the old country. He came here and claimed he had a vision from the Lord. The Lord loves America, and for those of us that repent,He, The Father-God, and His Only Begotten Son Christ Jesus will protect us the way God protected Daniel in the Lion's den, and will protect us the way He protected Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they were thrown into the fiery furnace in ancient Babylon.

The black radical who claims the white man is a devil, and is therefore Babylon, misses the mark and will fall.

The white supremacists who think all the woes of our Country are to be blamed on minorities, especially Jews and Blacks, miss the mark and will fall.

No! those that will be protected by God in the comiing trial, which will come upon the whole earth whether we like it or not, are those that plead the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and truly repent and make themselves clean in His Blood; for He, Y'shua-Jesus, is the Lamb slain for the sins of the world before the foundation of the world.


Milwaukee, WI

#1908 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
<quoted text>In some type of convaluted logical sort of way, that you don't agree with anyone on topix?

In our many blog discussions & debates on this thread from mid April, 2012 till now, several times we have been in agreement.

Milwaukee, WI

#1909 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
In 1963, the Illuminati succesfully became dominant in the Vatican. In 1963, Luciferian-Illuminists murdered John F. Kennedy, mainly because he wanted to break the chains of that criminal enterprise, the Federal Reserve Bank, and put us back on track with the silver standard.

Regarding all of your "charges" above.---- How do you arrive at each & every one of your charges?

I'd like to see some hard evidence & proof regarding your charges above.

Milwaukee, WI

#1910 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
Zionism was taken over by the Rothschildian Synagogue of Satan, long, long ago. And yes I am against Luciferian Druidism that rules the British crown;

How do you arrive at --- "Zionism was taken over by the Rothschildian Synagogue of Satan a long time ago"?

How do you arrive at --- "Luciferian Druidism rules the British Crown"?

Prove your 2 charges here.

With hard evidence & proof.

Milwaukee, WI

#1911 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
who through tavistock murdered the real James Paul Mccartney, anywhere between September, and November 1966. I don't know when exactly, but I 'know' it happened.

Uh, you DON'T "know" this. You "think" this.

Milwaukee, WI

#1912 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
<quoted text> They , the shorter, darker Romans, came up with the Roman sword, something akin to a bowie knife, or even machete. The ducked the german long sword and came up with an upward thrust into the stomachs of their enemies.

Well, when the Roman army legions did battle against the Germanic "barbarians", the Germans won.

Examples of this.-- 1. Back in 9CE.--- The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.--- This battle consisted of very large contingents of Roman soldiers under the command of Roman General Publius Quinctilius Varus. The Romans invaded territory which was under the control of several respective Germanic peoples.

The Germanic groups were the Cherusci, Marsi, Chatti, Bructeri, Chauci & Sicambri. The German armies were under the leadership of German General Arminius.

In this battle, the Germans totally dominated over the Roman army.

2. Back in 410 AD.--- The German Visigothic armies, led by their King Alaric I.-- The Germans attacked many Roman armies on the outskirts of Rome.

The Germans won a totally lopsided victory over the Romans.

3. Back in 455 AD.--- The German Vandal armies, led by their leader Genseric.--- The Germans attacked many Roman armies on the outskirts of Rome.

The Germans won a totally lopsided victory over the Romans.

4. Back in 476 AD.--- The German Ostrogothic armies, led by their leader Odoacer.--- The Germans attacked many Roman armies on the outskirts of Rome.

The Germans won a totally lopsided victory over the Romans.

In the German military campaigns of 410, 455 & 476 AD, the German armies were aligned with several different Roman factions. These respective factions fought against certain Roman factions.

So, these military campaigns were not exclusively comprised of just German against exclusively Romans.

It consisted of primarily a German aligned with certain Roman factions. Against a rival Roman faction & Roman armies.

Regardless, the Germans did WIN on the battlefields back in 410, 455 & 476 AD.

Clearly, back in 9 CE, 410 AD, 455 AD &/or 476 AD, the Germans weren't as advanced as what the Romans were. In regards to art, medicine, painting, sculpting, writing &/or politics.

But, in regards to military, the Germans SURE were as advanced. Primarily in regards to weaponry & armour.

Especially in regards to military strategy & tactics.

Milwaukee, WI

#1913 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
And Johnny don't even tell me Mr. George Washington , our second greatest president next to Mr. Abraham Lincoln!

This can be debated many different ways.

I say the #1 & #2 spots for Americas greatest presidents is interchangeable between George Washington & Ronald Reagan.

This is why I say Ronald Reagan.--- One must look at the presidential administration which came BEFORE Ronald Reagan. The presidency of Democrat Jimmy Carter.

This is why.--- The Republican Ronald Reagan administration HAD to clean up from the administration of Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Examples.--- Under Carter, inflation throughout the United States (US) was SKYROCKET.

Interest rates were running at 17-19%. Because of this, houses throughout the US were being built shabbily. Due to cost cutting. Because of the very high inflation & interest rates. Throughout the 4 years of the presidency of Democrat Jimmy Carter, houses throughout America were being built cheaper.

Throughout the 4 years of the presidency of Democrat Jimmy Carter, there were very long lines at gas stations.

Here's a list of the very failed foreign policy initiatives of the presidential administration of Democrat Jimmy Carter.--- Under Carter, the US, Israel & the United Kingdom (UK) lost Allies in Iran (The Shah of Iran) & in Nicaragua (The Right wing government of Anastasio Somoza Debayle). Due to Carter ending military & economic aid to Iran & to Nicaragua.

The US ALMOST lost Allies in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras & Colombia. The US almost lost the Right wing, pro-American, pro-Israeli, pro-British governments in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras & Colombia. Due to Carter cutting off military & economic aid to these nations. Due to perceived human rights "abuses".

Carter gave up the Panama Canal to a very MURDEROUS dictator, General Omar Torrijos. Torrijos was General Manuel Noriegas cousin. Torrijos & Noriega both had very close ties to Colombias Medellin Cartel.

Also, under the Carter administration, the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Carter did nothing.

The Carter administration was a complete & total FAILURE.

The Republican Reagan administration HAD to clean up all of the mess from the Democrat Carter administration.

Under Reagan, America experienced TREMENDOUS economic growth. Reagan got rid of inflation. Reagan got the US out of a very deep recession. A recession which was caused by Carter.

Reagan championed low taxes.

Reagan built up Americas military. Reagan challenged Americas, Israels & the UKs rivals throughout the world. Especially the former Soviet Unions left wing communist dictatorship.

The Reagan administration also challenged left wing movements throughout Central America, South America, South East Asia & throughout Africa.

The Reagan administration ended the "Cold War". In victory for the US, Israel & the UK.

So, the #1 & #2 greatest presidents of the US, I'd say that it is interchangeable between George Washington & Ronald Reagan.

Milwaukee, WI

#1914 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
<quoted text>Yes, Stalin and Lenin were both servants of the New World Order.

How do you arrive at this charge?

Let's see some hard evidence & proof regarding your charge above.

Milwaukee, WI

#1915 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
<quoted text> There is only a human race, I thank you.

Granted, we are all "humans".

But, still & regardless, not everyone is alike. There are different "races" of people.

People have been classified according to race.

This will remain the case into the future.

If "race" didn't matter, why then do people HAVE to classify according to race with their respective governments?

Race MATTERS. It always has & it always will.

The United States (US) has "Identity Politics".

The US has group dynamics, racial dynamics & racial politics.

This will remain the deal into the future.

In this nation, who are the primary ones who are always & constantly bringing up race?

Who are the ones in the US who are behind people being classified & categorized according to race?--- African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) & White leftists.

These would be the main left wing organizations in the US who have been behind this.--- American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), NAACP, National Urban League (NUL), Operation Rainbow/PUSH, National Action Network (NAN), Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Nation of Islam (NOI) & the New Black Panther Party (NBPP).

Here a few examples of this.-- 1. The NAACP organization has been at the forefront that places of employment must keep tab of what race the person is who is applying for job.

This is done via having it mandatory that the person must mark a box which shows what race they are.

2. The NAACP has been at the forefront that schools (Especially at colleges & universities) must keep tab of what race the person is who is applying for entry.

This is done via having it mandatory that the person who is applying for entry must mark a box which shows what race they are.

3. Left wing African American organizations have been at the forefront of having African Americans get preferential treatment in the areas of aid, job hiring, set asides, college & university admissions.

Subsequently, race MATTERS in this nation. Primarily from the left wing.

Each & every one of Americas respective racial groups has their own goals, objectives & interests. Most of all, their own interests.

African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) & White-Americans are NOT in this together.

Milwaukee, WI

#1916 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
<quoted text>Here's my answer..UNITE! while we still can. Unite as fellow Americans. We need to recognize eachothers as fellow Americans...cause?..we are fellow Amerians. Thirdly, Unite as one voice! start talkin! and I mean LOUD!!!!!!!!
Finally realize the way it should have been all along, One nation, one people under the same God! and a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Absolutely NOT.

African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) & White-Americans are NOT in this together.

In this nation, which groups have the largest degree of division & polarization?--- African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) & White-Americans. By a very, very long stretch.

The racial divide between African Americans & White-Americans goes much farther than just differences of race &/or skin color.

The divide entails very DEEP divisions regarding culture, ideology & class. Deep divisions regarding behavior, actions & attitudes. Deep differences in regards to talking & reacting.

Throughout the United States (US), the divisions & polarization are further compounded by differences in ideology & class.

An example.--- An area such as Beverly Hills compared to Watts.--- The differences between Beverly Hills compared to Watts entail way more than just differences in race &/or skin color. The differences entail class, behavior, actions & attitudes.

African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) & White-Americans will NEVER be close in this nation. The interests of African Americans & White-Americans are NOT in harmony in this nation.

They will become even more discordant as time passes.

African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) & White-Americans are NOT in this together.

Milwaukee, WI

#1917 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
But you thought I said the Federal Reserve Bank ran our government.

Uh, I never "thought" that at all. I never said nor implied any such thing in any of my previous responses back to you.

Via what you typed up with your statement above, it sure looks like that you aren't thinking clearly again. You are not thinking clearly, yet again.

Milwaukee, WI

#1918 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
<quoted text> The 'writing team' headed by Theodore Adorno, who was black listed from Germany,but accepted by the British crown, I am fully convinced wrote 'all' of 'F'auls songs 1967 through 1970. Sgt. Peppers, Magical Mystery tour,Let if be, and abbey Road.

Uh, you mean that you "think".

Your points above, are yet MORE of your conspiracy themed "thoughts".

Milwaukee, WI

#1919 Feb 1, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
<quoted text> I 'speculate'.(F)aul is a phony. I don't exactly agree that Tavistock wrote the true Pauls songs or composed 'his' music.

Your 2 statements above.--- Are in direct & diametrically OPPOSITE of what you typed up to me before.

Before you typed up your points above.--- You stated that Faul was definitely a phony.

You also stated that the Tavistock Institute did indeed write the true Paul McCartneys songs.

You also stated that the Tavistock Institute also composed Paul McCartneys music.

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