Why do white men hate white women who...
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3075 May 17, 2014
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead.--------
You said "P.s. There is no gold in Fort Knox, but there are plenty of Narcotics there though".--------
If you really "think" this, not good. Not good at all. It appears that you are not thinking clearly. You are not thinking clearly, yet again.
You said "It was not an officially declared Constitutional war".--------
The Korean War & Vietnam War were not "officially declared Constitutional Wars". Since the United States federal government did not give official declaration of wars against the left wing communist dictatorships of North Korea & North Vietnam.
1950 to 1953.------ Korean War.------ The fighting in South Korea, with all the deaths, injuries, destruction & prisoners, it was very much a war.
1959 to 1975.------ Vietnam War.------ The fighting in South Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos, with all the deaths, injuries, destruction & prisoners, it was very much a war.
There is no gold in Fort Knox moron.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3076 May 17, 2014
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
I did I search regarding the July, 2012 Aurora theater shooting. I came across many links. I watched 12 different news videos about this incident. NOT one video mentioned that there were 2 shooters.
It appears that you are thinking something which isn't there. That you are thinking something which isn't there, yet again.
July 21st, 2012. Where you there Johnny? I know for a solid hard cold fact that Friday into Saturday morning at approximately 4:15 AM Eastern Standard Time, your beloved Media said for the next 45 minutes from 4:15 AM till 5:00 AM EST, that there were two, you can count can't you? two shooters; one has been apprehended, and one is still at large.

Go on youtube and hear the many, not one, but many 'credible,' witnesses who say that there were two, as in more then one shooter.

I've caught you in so many past lies, so much so, that I am reluctant to even make any more rebuttals to any of your accusations at this point Johnny.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3077 May 17, 2014
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead.--------
You said "Bill and Hillary Clinton are both powerful witches".------
How do you arrive at this? Provide hard proof. I don't want to see your usual typed ramblings. I want to see links.
Provide links which substantiate your charges.
You said "the Illuminati as the father of Communism".--------
The Illuminati is not the father of Communism.
You said "the Illuminati as the father of the U.N.!".--------
The Illuminati is not the father of the United Nations (UN).
You said "William Guy Carr, Myron Fagan, William Milton Cooper, John Coleman, Aaron Russo, Professor Griff, John Todd, Doc Marquis, Svali".--------
None of these people are reliable sources. In a few of my previous responses back to you, I listed many, many reasons why they are not reliable sources.
Dude, you listing African American (Descendant of a black American slave) rapper Professor Griff as a reliable source? Pff.
Come on. Start getting some logic & reasoning.
The Illuminati isn't the father of Communism Johnny? Really? The radical political Socialist Karl Marx, along with Friedrich Engels borrowed heavily from Illuminist Clinton Roosevelt's book, entitled,'The Science of Government based on Natural law.' The Manifesto was produced in 1848, but borrowed heavily from Roosevelt's book written 7 years earlier in 1841. Clinton Roosevelt's book was based almost entirely on Dr. Adam Weishaupt's 7 part plan of the Perfectibiliists Perfectibilists were yet another name for the Bavarian Illuminati founded by this very same Dr. Adam Weishaupt. Internationalist-Capitalist,(I lluminist,) Jacob Schiff financed the first Sino-Russian war, when Japan defeated the Russian Navy, and army in 1905. This was the beginning of the dismantling of Russia. Finally, the death knoll of Czar Nicholas 2's empire came with Nicolai illivich Lenin's Bolshevic Revolution of 1917. A part of Weishaupt's 7 part plan requires 4 pillars of society to be brought down. 1.) Abolition of private property 2.)Abolition of Inheritance rights, 3,)Abolition of all organized religion, and monarchies, 4.) Abolition of the family unit as it is an essential strength in of any society. All four of which are planks in Communism. Jacob Schiff, a staunch Capitalist, was not a Communist, he was an Illuminist. He wanted to destroy the Monarchy, and religion of Russia, why Johnny? because he wanted the Baku-Nobel oil fields, which then supplied half of the worlds oil supply. Schiff also wanted to impose/establish his Luciferian-Illuminism as a world power in the guise of an Atheistic-Communist state. The Illuminati put Lenin in charge of the Soviet Socialist Republic so long as he gave up the rights to the Baku oil fields, which he refused to do. That's why the Illuminati poisoned Lenin. The Illuminati also murdered Leon Trotsky, who was an Illuminist, who the Illuminati believed betrayed them, in Mexico city. The Illuminati murdered Sharon Tate through Manson's lethal family, because they,the Illuminati, felt betrayed that she wouldn't raise her son, yet to be born, as a Luciferian Witch in said Illuminati.

Johnny, you can't beat me in any argument and why?

Because I always tell the..........

Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3078 May 17, 2014
By the by Johnny. This very day, May 17th, 2014, The Rothschild oil cartel own Johnny, ya get it palzy? THEY, THE ROTSCHILDS! JOHNNY! YOU LISTENING? OWN THE BAKU-NOBEL OIL FIELDS!!!!!!!!!!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3079 May 17, 2014
Further, Joseph Stalin the Communist maniac and ruler of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics wanted to finally wage war on the United States of America.

But because the Internationalists, ie Illuminati, had not squeezed as much wealth as they could from us, the Americans, they wouldn't allow it.

The Illuminati poisoned Joe Stalin in 1953, not because they, the Illuminati, so love America, but because the then very rich, and virtually debt free America of the time, was too valuable to them.

Now that the Illuminati stockholders of the Federal Reserve System have us in a debt, exceeding 17,000,000,000,000,300,000 dollars!!!!! and have squeezed out most of our resources, excepting oil, natural gas, and shale rock; they can now bankrupt us, and send most of WE THE PEOPLE aka 'useless eaters,' especially Christians!(who will be the equivalent of the Jewish scapegoats of the holocaust,) to the 900 concentration camps; euphemistically called,'Detention centers.'

You have no idea of which you speak Johnny, truly.

P.s. Johnny, the Republican and Democrat parties both are two wings of the same bird.

I'll give ya a hint of the bird of which the wings belong...and it ain't the American Eagle!

Here's another clue as to who is really runnin the show pal!

The Republican party is the right wing, and the Democrat party is the left wing of the.......... PHOENIX!!!


Probably not. That's your problem, not mine.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3080 May 17, 2014
Johnny you keep being a good little Illuminati puppet, keep blaming the wrong people for our demise. Keep up the good(bad!) work pal.
Faul is alive

Ocean City, NJ

#3081 May 18, 2014
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead.--------
You said "Holmes was a Manchurian candidate; there is no doubt about it. MKULTRA is written all over what happened at Aurora. An Illuminist agentur using a cell phone, held the exit door at the back of the theater open for James Holmes".-------
If you really "think" this, not good. Not good at all. It appears that you are not thinking clearly. That you are not thinking clearly, yet again.
You said "Paul has had massive bouts of plastic surgery, which go back to his mid twenties".-------
Paul McCartney has had plastic surgery. NOT going back to his mid 20s.
You said "And in regards to James Paul McCartney, he did vanish from public view around August/September 1966".--------
You are incorrect. You are incorrect, yet again.
There are several pictures of Paul McCartney out there from the time frame of August/September, 1966.
(F)aul was recovering from his first bouts with expert, and very professional English plastic surgeons work in his first photo op outside of Abbey Road Studio circa December 20th, 1966. Just one problem Johnny, these miracle workers couldn't change the differences in William Campbell's,(aka Faul's,) earlobes, jaw line, or head, or facial shape to match the true James Paul McCartney's; plastic surgery can never be able to alter certain physical characteristics given by nature..ie...shape of face and skull, earlobes that connect to the face as in the true Paul's, or make a person 3 inches taller, or make him right handed!
Today's Paul McCartney is a fake Johnny, and you'll never be able to 'debunk,' the charge that he's not!!!!!!!!!!
Faul is ambidextrous, which means he is a musical talent; but he's no James Paul McCartney.
Take a long look at the Cover of abbey Road Johnny. Faul is holding the cigarette in his natural God given hand! He's right handed pal!!!
Faul is alive

Ocean City, NJ

#3082 May 18, 2014

Johnny, you'll never be able to debunk anything I've ever posted, ever.

In fact it is I who have caught you in numerous lies, and it is you who have made continual false accusations against me.

You said I contradict. But I reposted back to back comments on the JFK assassination; which always show consistency.

In fact you take credit for my research in how I painstakingly studied the exact, or near exact nature( I am a layman after all,) of the mortal frontal head injury suffered by Mr. Kennedy. The right frontal lobe was destroyed, actually blown up, as well as the splintered fragments of his right front occipital part of his skull. You claim you 'enlightened,' me about it. But I have shown by going back to original postings on pages 47, 48, 49, and 50 thereabouts in early 2012, that it was I who first posted this information on topix.

Further, you took credit for my research on which state never owned slaves. I knew only one Northern state did. I thought is was Pennsylvania, but actually Vermont forbade slavery in its 1777 state constitution, this I found out through diligent research. You said I finally admitted to something that you already knew. No, you didn't know it Johnny; you said no Northeastern state owned slaves, which is incorrect. You probably still don't even know what the Mason/Dixon line is!!

You misquoted Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, making him, Lincoln, look like a Klansman. I posted the actual, and factual E.P. and your comment looks more like a diatribe. Then you said you quoted Mr. Lincoln outside of said document, which means it should have given more clarity to said document. But it only makes Abe Lincoln look like a two face. In the E.P., the author, Mr. Lincoln, is a sympathetic character, even allowing blacks to fight back against whites, but only in self defense. In your diatribe, Mr. Lincolns virtually hates black people.

You're a dishonest person who isn't even worth arguing with Johnny.
Faul is alive

Ocean City, NJ

#3083 May 18, 2014

One last thing I wanna say to ya Johnny.

You say you've 'called up,' numerous links, and watched numerous news articles etc.. regarding Aurora, and you know conclusively that there was only one shooter.

Or you've 'called up,' many, many sources, strongly investigated, and you know for a certain fact that every source I've mentioned who have been whistle blowers regarding the Luciferian conspiracy of said Illuminati,'the holders of the light,' have no credibility at all; William Guy Carr, William Milton Cooper, John Todd, Doc Marquis etc. Or that the CIA is fully vindicated of being drug smugglers,( of which you redundantly re-quote Maxine Waters witch hunt of the CIA,(I've never used her as a reference in any of my findings Johnny!,)) and that them, the CIA is an organization that is Illuminati infiltrated, and are corrupters of America's youth, and that this is completely bogus; or any of the various, and numerous things I've brought up here on Topix you have dismissed as all being 98% conspiratorial tripe.(Pretty much by your own words!)

I have to say you're a dishonest person at this point.

And if not, you're an extremely ignorant/naïve person who doesn't realize how our whole Nation is controlled by the Illuminati Agentur; which means you're blind, if in fact I wish to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are an innocent person, that is, who doesn't know what's going on; which at this point is really hard to do.

With you Johnny, I have to either say,'Ignorance is bliss,' or you are a willing part of the conspiracy.

Which one will it be?
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3084 May 25, 2014
Paul is dead wrote:
Mr. John F Kennedy received the throat shot from the grassy knoll from badge man, an Illuminati dressed like a police officer.
He then recieved the mortal head wound, which took off the front right occipital part of his skull, and his right cerebral part of his brain.
It was Illuminati William Greer who turned right hand on steering wheel, and assination in left hand, he was left handed!, blew off John Kennedys right side of his head, leaving an huge exit wound on the left back of JFK's head.
Lee Oswald was a convenient patsy is all. He was drinking a cup of coffe talking with his supervisor, Roy truly, Oswald at that book depository. He was on the second floor there being introduced to Marion Baker a police officer no less, at the time of the assination approximately 12:29 to 12:31 pm, 11/22/1963.
He couldn't have been on the 6th floor making the shot, it is impossible. Furhter, a 52mm bullet issued from a 91/38 Carcano/Carbine will not make an entry shot baseball sized hole in the back of his head as was shown in the autopsy of Mr. Kennedy.
It would make a nickel sized entry hole at best.
Here's a fact, not fiction. A bullet 'ALWAYS' makes a smaller entry hole, and larger exit hole.
Only in the case of an exploding pellet will the entry and exit holes be similar.
And that's how Mr. Kennedy was killed exectly.
And by the way, about black dudes and white broads being persecuted for being together.
It was the land mark case, Loving Vs. the State of Virgina in 1967, which ended it being illegal for people of differn't races to marry.
The dude was 3/4 white 1/4 Cherokee Indian. She was 1/2 black and 1/2 half Rappahanok Indian.
Two American Indians wanted to marry, but because his skin was white, and hers was black, it was forbidden.
I know it's all wierd, you don't have to tell me.
I have made some childish postings, so please forgive me...all.
I hate seeing white men denigrated, even though some,(not all,) might even deserve it.
I am 1/4 Sicilian, and my grandfather was indeed, and infact 1/2 Amerian Indian, from the Creek tribe.
I'm dark! but still consider myself a Caucasian.
I have read, and heard, and experienced the unkind things said about both my heritages from mainly idiots of Northern European extraction.
Infact, I said it before; I was waiting for a bus last year, wearing shorts, and a sweatshirt, and sneakers; nothing to say I was 'Native American.'
A fellla walked by and said,"You're Indian, aren't you?" I said," I am part, how did you know?" He said ," Because you look very Indian."
He was a Puerto Rican dude, not a white dude.
I wanna say God bless everybody, and God bless America.
The Illuminati is evil, and needs to be resisted.
Jesus Christ is the Messiah for the whole of Humanity.
Yes, that brown Middle Eastern Jewish Rabboni, Yaha'Shuah died for you whether you are blond with blue eyes, black, brown, yellow, or red, old or young, male or female.
Here I say Mr. Kennedy received his first deadly shot from the knoll, which was to his throat, and I make it clear he received the head wound last; from William Greer.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3085 May 25, 2014
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ----
You said "I Said Pennsylvania never held slaves, but they did, all the way up to 1847/48".---- Yes, you did state this, AFTER I pointed out to you that the state of Pennsylvania was a slave owning state.
You said "Lee Oswald was a C.I.A. operative who knew what was going to happen only when it happened, he was told to be there at Dealy Plaza. He was a low level C.I.A. operative. He was told to be there that day, 11/22/1963".----
Geez, if you really "think" this, not good. Not good at all.
You said "This would explain a diversionary shot making a crack in the windshield that you have previously mentioned".----
Yes, there was a crack in the windshield. But, that crack which was made was not via a "diversionary shot". It was made by Lee Harvey Oswald missing John F. Kennedy with one of his shots.
Pennsylvania is a 'NORTHEASTERN STATE,' eh a state above the Mason/Dixon line. Here you say you pointed out to me that this Northeastern state owned slaves; so I was forced to concede how right, and 'COGENT,' you've been all along!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3086 May 25, 2014
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Ha, ha.
Uh, the northeastern American state of Maine NEVER had slaves.
Maine was one of the "free states".
Here you say the NORTHEASTERN STATE Maine never owned slaves, which isn't true, they did. Here you imply that the NORTHEASTERN STATES were the 'FREE,' states.

The Northeastern state of Vermont was the only 'FREE,' state.

See Johnny, I catch you in contradictory lie after contradictory lie, after contradictory lie.

Heh hehe heh you're funny man.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3087 May 25, 2014
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead --- With all due respect, you are throwing up totally contradictory points in regards to your "claims" about the assassination of our nations former president, Democrat John F. Kennedy (JFK).
Here they are.--- 1. Awhile back on this thread, you were saying that John F. Kennedy was killed by an "alleged" shooter on the grassy knoll.
2. But, other times, you have typed up, saying that the driver of the limousine which JFK was in, William Robert Greer was the assassin of JFK.
I called up several other video links regarding the assassination of JFK.---- In every one of these links, nothing pointed out towards showing any such aggressive actions by William Greer.
It is primarily because of these critical factors which show that William Greer was NOT the assassin of JFK.---
In the limousine which William was driving, John & his wife Nellies bodies were situated in front of JFK.
So, Greer, physically could NOT have shot JFK.
Most of all, because of these 2 VERY critical factors. Which points to William F. Greers innocence.----
1. After Lee Harvey Oswalds fatal last shot, the assassination bullet to JFKs head.--- There is a clear crack in the windshield of that limousine. Right in front of William F. Greer. This crack in the windshield was in direct line of fire from Oswalds sniper nest.
2. Right after Lee Harvey Oswalds lethal, last shot, the assassination bullet to JFKs head.--
Two bullet fragments were found in the limo. IN FRONT OF William F. Greer.
These bullets were the EXACT, SAME ammunition which Oswald used for his Carcano rifle. In his assassination of JFK.
Here's where you say 'I throw,' up contradictory points, one time saying he was killed from the knoll, and then other times by the limo driver Greer. No, I never said it was done altogether by one man, see above post, but here you accuse me of saying he was killed by 'badge man,' the imposter dressed like a cop shooting a high powered rifle from behind a fence on said grassy knoll. NO, he received the throat shot, which is what happened. Nothing contradictory whatsoever.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3088 May 25, 2014
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead.-------
You said "The secret societies, the CIA, and the Fed are all controlled by the Bavarian Illuminati. The Illuminati murdered John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The secret societies(all dominated by the Illuminati)".-------
Your 3 points here.------- If you "think" this, not good. Not good at all. It appears that you are not thinking clearly. You are not thinking clearly, yet again.
You said "Vermont was a free state and you knew it even before I did".-----
You said "C.I.A. already dominated by Illuminists".--------
Nothing of the sort.
You already lied when you say that Maine a Northeastern free state never owned slaves moron.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3089 May 25, 2014
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead.--------
You said "the Illuminati dominated C.I.A.".-------
Nothing of the sort.
You said "the Illuminati killed him".-------
You said "the Italian mob, or the commies, which are both myths".------
You think that the Italian mob & communists are myths? If you really "think" that, you sure aren't thinking clearly.
You said "Communism is but a plagiarized form of the writings of Adam Weishaupt".-------
Communism is not.
You said "global warming, which isn't completely fictional in my opinion, but is completely exaggerated by the hucksters, like Al Gore!, just to make more pocket money".--------
I see your angle here.
Yet another example of you taking my words out of context, I said the theories relating the Communists, and Italian mob being responsible for the assassination of Mr. Kennedy are both myths, and you know that's what I said wrong way Johnny.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3090 May 25, 2014
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ----
You said "that the North wanted to monopolize the west at the expense of the South is ludicrous".----
At the start of the United States Civil War, throughout the Civil War.---- The territory of the Western United States was VERY much a goal of Southern leaders on the one side. Against the Northern leaders.
The territory of the Western United States was not the main goal or objective of Southern leaders or Northern leaders.
Nonetheless, it was still a goal & objective of Southern leaders. Against the Northern leaders.
You don't know what you're talking about once again. the Northern Yank, Stephen Douglas, wanted to very much expand slavery westward, why Johnny? Because the biggest slave importing city in the U.S.A was ....see if you can guess Johnny? NEW YORK CITY!!!

Know it all Johnny.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3091 May 25, 2014
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Your points above.---- Are you aware of what you stated?
I pose this question, because awhile back on this thread when we were blogging with our discussion & debate.---- You typed up these exact, same points which I quoted above. In that other post, you stated that William Greer turned around. But, that you weren't sure if he pulled any trigger.
Yet, in your post above, you are "definitive" that William Greer pulled the trigger.
Regardless, William Greer was NOT the assassin of John F. Kennedy (JFK).
No, I said Jean Hill wasn't sure if he pulled the trigger, false accuser Johnny.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3092 May 25, 2014
Paul is dead since 1966 wrote:
Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a very grand man who loved America and died for her, was murdered 5 3/4 months,11/22/1963, after signing executive order 11110; 6/4/1963; and 10 days after promising to expose the secret societies.
1.) He had a baseball sized hole, roughly 2 to 4 inches in diameter, and the whole upper right of his occipital skull, and frontal lobe of his cranial cortex,(his brain,) were explosively destroyed;(as evidenced even in the koolaid version of the 'doctored,' Zapruder film,) but his right temple had a nickel sized entry level hole in it. This was the entry shot. William Greer, an agent of the Illuminati, with right hand on steering wheel,(driver of JFK's limo that day,) turned, and lefthandedly shot Mr. Kennedy in the right temple, making a small entry level hole, approximately nickel sized, blowing off the top of his head,(occipital, and brain,), the bullet was designed to explode, and it left a huge gaping hole in the back of his head; this happened directly after a rifleman made a shot to Mr. Kennedy's throat,(evidenced in the autopsy at Parkland hospital,)as the limo was approaching the Dallas North/South freeway entrance ramp sign. This was done from the grassy knoll,(nothing mysterious, it/was only a fenced in grassy hill, with trees, adjacent to the Dealy plaza road.
2.) Greer used an assassination pistol, made out of the laboratories of Bethesda, MD, by our own C.I.A.; many believe it was developed originally to take out Castro,(if he ever decided to stop being a good little Illuminati puppet.)But that's just my opinion. It was electric operated,(ran on a charge,)gas powdered,(had no need of gun powder for discharge,) and fired an exploding pellet,(Mr. Kennedy's head explodes from impact!)saturated with shell fish toxin.(Yes,no conspiratorial tripe. There are snails and certain types of sea life, which have more deadly toxin then even a cobra's bit, rattlesnakes, or deadly venomous spiders; the C.I.A, were/are experimenting with it.)
3.) There was an Italian Carcano/carbine 91/38 bolt action rifle found in the 6th floor room of the Texas school book depository; and the finger prints on it belonged to Malcolm Wallace, a shady figure suspected of being a hit man for....Lyndon Baines Johnson! Also, conveniently not to be found in the (bogus,)Warren Commision report.
4.) Jean Hill, the lady in red, and closest witness to the JFK assassination, saw the rifle man on the grassy knoll, and did see Greer, the driver of Mr. Kennedy's limo turn and aim a pistol at Mr. Kennedy. She never changed her story, even when Arlen Spector, sent to interview,more like interrogate Ms. Hill, wanted her to. Her testimony was never included in the Warren Commission Report, because it didn't jibe with their phony story, and not because she couldn't keep her story straight.
Finally, James Paul Mccartney,born June 18th, 1942, was 5' 8 1/2" inches tall, when he was 24 years of age in 1966. He had a round face, and skull, jet black hair, and hazel brown eyes,(a most unique type of brown eye color,)without the use of colored eye contact lenses. He was, by his own words, an insufferable 'lefty.' He was all thumbs with his right hand.
To Be Continued.
Here I said Ms. Hill saw Greer aim the pistol, and yet another I said she couldn't say she conclusively say she saw Greer take the shot; nothing contradictory whatsoever. I never ever said I wasn't sure if Greer took the head shot because I know, and you know, he did; Illuminati Johnny.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3093 May 25, 2014
You've always been a liar Johnny, why? just to win an argument? Which you haven't done by the way, no, not even close to beating me ever.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#3094 May 25, 2014

Ignorantly thinking that the Northern states never owned slaves, you learned that they did from me, not the other way around! And you know it.

Misquoting the Emancipation Proclamation, and then when I posted the actual EP, you claim only then that you were quoting it but OUTSIDE of its original context. This would imply that your outside critique would give more clarity to said document; which it doesn't. In the EP Mr. Lincoln is very sympathetic to black people, in your so called OUTSIDE interpretation of the Emancipation Proclamation, Mr. Lincoln looks like a klansman!

You've continually taken my words out of context, and/or taken credit for my research, and/or outright lied about everything I've posted...

You're the friggin troll here on Topix pal, not me!!

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