Why do white men hate white women who...

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#2801 Oct 16, 2013
For all you Black and White Laddies who need a REAL MAN this is for you,from an ALPHA WHITE MEN Haha! link '' http://hungeuropeans.tumblr.com/archive ''(copy and paste).

~~~~~~~~You're welcome! ;)
Paul is dead since 1966

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#2804 Oct 20, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
If you really "think" that, you are really thinking something which is not there.
Not good.
You really don't know what's going on Johnny, you really don't.
Further, you don't want to arrive at the actual truth, but more to the point, you want to win arguments.
You accuse me of 'thinking,' and then you say that I 'don't think.'
Or that I 'speculate.'
You say on the one hand, that 6.5 x 52mm bullets are 'rimmed,' then you conveniently change your story to the ammunition was 'too old,' after admitting Oswald had nitrate contamination on his right hand, inferring what? That the ammo could cause only a certain amount of gun shot residue in its discharge?
Or you say, no nothing to do with rimmed bullets, or old ammo, it's the way Lee Oswald held the rifle before firing it?
That's all convaluted thinking, and speculation on your part!
Do you realize what you're saying before you post?
Obviously not.
You originally said in post#2040, that Maine, being one of the 'free' Northeastern states, never had slaves. You said this. No, the only 'free' Notheastern state to never have held slaves was Vermont, and you 'conveniently' took credit for my research by saying you enlightened me about this.
So you're saying then that Maine, and all Northeastern states were free, never being slaver states, but somehow you knew all along that Vermont, a very Northeastern state, a New England state!Can't get more Northeastern than that Johnny! was a free state and you knew it even before I did.
No Johnny, this makes you a liar.
You also quoted the Emancipation Proclamation directly, which ended up being a lie, which you also denied.
No? and I quote," In Abraham Lincoln's Emanicpation Proclamation, issued in September 1862-- ABRAHAM SAID!"
Go back to pages 113 through 127, I've caught you in numerous contradictory, diametrically opposing statemenst, non-cogent,(not telling in their presentation, more like confusing!)incoherent, and illogigal,(not making any real sense,) and unreasonable,(your interpretation of the Emancipation Proclamation being a perfect example.)
Diametrically opposing, condradictory, illogical, non-cogent, incoherrent, not using reason when I post; these I have proven you to be guilty of; in addition to lying, and falsely accusing me,( you've never shown me the post where I said real Paul was murdered in early 67.)
You really don't know what day it is do you Johnny?

Since: May 13

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#2805 Oct 20, 2013
Paul is dead since 1966

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#2806 Oct 20, 2013
Democrat president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, signed executive order 11110 on June 4th, 1963. It enabled our Congress to, Constitutionally, issue currency without going through, and/or paying interest to the Federal Reserve System.

The Federal Reserve System controls our currency since then, not our Congress, which it is supposed to do Constitutionally. The Federal Reserve System is in reality a privately owned stock company,(bank,) and the majority of its stockholders are European. The Rockefeller family are one the few American stockholders.

The Federal Reserve banks are stationed all over the U.S.A, but answer to the 'Fed,' in New York City. The Fed in NYC answers to banking interests in London,England,(Llyods of London.) Our economy is ultimately run from the banking houses in London, which our founding fathers would never, ever support! Ever!

At one time on our dollar bill, it was printed,'redeemable in silver.' We had enough of a silver treasury, at the time of Mr. Kennedy we were rich!,backed by the gold standard. This is why John F. Kennedy decided to take sides with America over Illuminati-banker/stockholders .

Just 10 days before he was murdered, he gave a speech promising to revamp the C.I.A, already dominated by Illuminists, and expose the secret societies(all dominated by the Illuminati.)Some erroneously believe his wish to expose the secret societies, was the desire to expose Communism in the U.S.A.; since this was the middle of the cold war after all. Only problem with that is, is that Communism had ceased being a 'secret society.' They openly ruled Soviet Russia, and China, and there was an open Communist party operating right here in America. The only time Communism was really a 'secret society,' was in the late 19th, and early 20th centuries, ie the Bolsheviks, and Mensheviks; and other splinter groups conspiring to overthrow Czar Nicholas.

Back to the Federal Reserve Act. It was enacted on December 23rd, 1913, by then Democrat president of the U.S.A, Woodrow Wilson, and 55 of his constituents,(Congressmen.)

Mr. Kennedy's taking money out of the hands of the Illuminati banking cartels, operating out of London, and his promise to expose the various secret socieities,(whose adherents are/were all Illuminists;)operating right here at home in the U.S.A; is in reality what got him assassinated.

Lee Harvey Oswald was drinking coffee with his supervisor,Roy Truly, on the 2nd floor of the Texas School Book Depository cafeteria, where he worked,and also from where it is claimed Mr. Kennedy was killed from,(the 6th floor.)This was approximately between 12:29 PM, and 12:31 PM, Central Standard Time; he couldn't have been at both places. This has been 'conviently,' left out of the Warren Commission Report, since the WCR is obviously bogus from jump.

Mr. Kennedy's limosuine was now 500 yards infront of the book depository at 12:30 PM CST, so the shot supposedly came from said book depository(behind). The hole in back of JFK's head was approximately 1 3/4 by 4 inches in diameter, this was an exit wound; so he couldn't have been shot from behind. An entry level shot is ALWAYS smaller, and the exit wound is ALWAYS bigger; anyone who tells any of you different is either a halfwit, an imbecile, or a liar.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy from jump.

Paul is dead since 1966

Ocean City, NJ

#2807 Oct 20, 2013
Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a very grand man who loved America and died for her, was murdered 5 3/4 months,11/22/1963, after signing executive order 11110; 6/4/1963; and 10 days after promising to expose the secret societies.

1.) He had a baseball sized hole, roughly 2 to 4 inches in diameter, and the whole upper right of his occipital skull, and frontal lobe of his cranial cortex,(his brain,) were explosively destroyed;(as evidenced even in the koolaid version of the 'doctored,' Zapruder film,) but his right temple had a nickel sized entry level hole in it. This was the entry shot. William Greer, an agent of the Illuminati, with right hand on steering wheel,(driver of JFK's limo that day,) turned, and lefthandedly shot Mr. Kennedy in the right temple, making a small entry level hole, approximately nickel sized, blowing off the top of his head,(occipital, and brain,), the bullet was designed to explode, and it left a huge gaping hole in the back of his head; this happened directly after a rifleman made a shot to Mr. Kennedy's throat,(evidenced in the autopsy at Parkland hospital,)as the limo was approaching the Dallas North/South freeway entrance ramp sign. This was done from the grassy knoll,(nothing mysterious, it/was only a fenced in grassy hill, with trees, adjacent to the Dealy plaza road.

2.) Greer used an assassination pistol, made out of the laboratories of Bethesda, MD, by our own C.I.A.; many believe it was developed originally to take out Castro,(if he ever decided to stop being a good little Illuminati puppet.)But that's just my opinion. It was electric operated,(ran on a charge,)gas powdered,(had no need of gun powder for discharge,) and fired an exploding pellet,(Mr. Kennedy's head explodes from impact!)saturated with shell fish toxin.(Yes,no conspiratorial tripe. There are snails and certain types of sea life, which have more deadly toxin then even a cobra's bit, rattlesnakes, or deadly venomous spiders; the C.I.A, were/are experimenting with it.)

3.) There was an Italian Carcano/carbine 91/38 bolt action rifle found in the 6th floor room of the Texas school book depository; and the finger prints on it belonged to Malcolm Wallace, a shady figure suspected of being a hit man for....Lyndon Baines Johnson! Also, conveniently not to be found in the (bogus,)Warren Commision report.

4.) Jean Hill, the lady in red, and closest witness to the JFK assassination, saw the rifle man on the grassy knoll, and did see Greer, the driver of Mr. Kennedy's limo turn and aim a pistol at Mr. Kennedy. She never changed her story, even when Arlen Spector, sent to interview,more like interrogate Ms. Hill, wanted her to. Her testimony was never included in the Warren Commission Report, because it didn't jibe with their phony story, and not because she couldn't keep her story straight.

Finally, James Paul Mccartney,born June 18th, 1942, was 5' 8 1/2" inches tall, when he was 24 years of age in 1966. He had a round face, and skull, jet black hair, and hazel brown eyes,(a most unique type of brown eye color,)without the use of colored eye contact lenses. He was, by his own words, an insufferable 'lefty.' He was all thumbs with his right hand.

To Be Continued.
Paul is dead since 1966

Ocean City, NJ

#2808 Oct 20, 2013
James Paul Mccartney now has pale green eyes,without the use of colored eye contact lenses,is ambitexrous,(use of both right and left hands,)oblong skull, and face, and stands 5'11 1/2 " inches tall. He didn't just 'become' that way. He's been that way since the Autumn season of 1966. By this time Paul Mccartney was now 24 years of age, and there is no way they can be logically, coherently, reasonabally, cogently,'actually,' one and the same person; because they are not!

Tavistock Institute for human relations out of Britain, a Satanist dominated front, working from British Intelligence, desired to/and succesfully brought the drug culture to the United States middle class white male. Tavistock started with the Beatles, and then the Stones, and this started the British invasion, of Druidic Satanic rock groups who corrupted American youth, with drugs(L.S.D, pot,heroin, coke etc...) and witchcraft.

Meanwhile, the Luciferian/Illuminati dominated C.I.A were bringing hard drugs, heroin and cocaine, into the inner city black neighborhoods to corrupt black American youth.

All of these hard cold facts are brought to us by Modern day, John Coleman,(ex MI6 british intelligence agent,) William Milton Cooper,(high level Naval Briefing intelligence officer,)Gene 'Chip', Tatum,(ex C.I.A operative, member of Vietnam team REDROCK, and pilot who flew missions from Nicaraqua, Colombia, and Venezuela,(South and Central America,) to Mena airport,(a remote air strip in the middle of the huge Mena state forest, Arkansas.(He claims GHW Bush, and Bill Clinton, are both complicit Illuminati drug kingpins.)Also, Ted Gunderson, retired head of the F.B.I. all of Southern California; and Rodney Stitch, Senior administrator of the Federal Air Administration(retired); who knows for a solid fact that the C.I.A have been bringing plane loads of drugs into the Continental U.S.A. for over 50 years.

If anyone wants to find out about the Illuminati, they need to research William Guy Carr,(Cmmdr of the Royal Canadian Navy, circa WW2,) and his book,'Pawns in the game,' which you can read on line. He was exposing the Illuminati back in the 1950's.

Or youtube Myron Fagan,(famous playwright whose scripts made him famous in Hollywood,)and his expose on the Illuminati, circa 1967.

The Illuminati is no urban myth of the 1990's.
President George Washington, who was a Mason, but not an Illuminist,(the Illuminati didn't invent Free-masonry, they infiltrated it, and took it over,)was warned about the conspiracy by John Quincy Adams, 6th president of the U.S.A,(son of 2nd pres John Adams,)was also warned by Reverend G.W. Snyder,(morale builder for General Washington's continental army.)

David Pappen, Dean of Harvard U , warned his graduating class of July,1789, of the infiltration of the Illuminati, and how dangerous they really were to American Sovereignty.

John Robison, Professor of Natural Sciences, Edinburgh U, Scotland, wrote a book, circa 1789, entitled,'Proofs of a Conspiracy, the Illuminati's design to destroy Christianity, and Civilization.'

Not theories, proofs.

If anyone wants to know what any of this has to do with today, keep in mind that the Illuminati now control 99.9% of the world, right now in the 21st century.

There are only 7 countries, some evil and some not, but they all have this in common; they are not directly controlled by the Rothschild banking cartels. They are as follows: Cuba, Libya, Irag, Iran, Afghanistan,Syria, and North Korea.

Now you know why we really attacked Iraq,(who had nothing to do with 9-11!)

Bashir Assad, president of Syria, supposedly gassed his own people, and it was mainly Christians who were targeted, but others as well. He isn't being opposed by Christians! He's opposed by Al Queda,our mortal enemies! We're supporting Al Queda now?!

Assad's has been protecting Christians for 2 decades now, and who have been his stalwart allies! Why the hell would he gas them!

A dimwit would have to believe anything our Media
Paul is dead since 1966

Ocean City, NJ

#2809 Oct 20, 2013
A total halfwitted meathead would believe anything our Media has to say! Heh Johnny?
MESSAGE FOR MAHATTAN JOHNNY. Go back to posts starting at #2456, page 113, through post# 2758, page 118; you'll see what a liar, contradictor, and false accuser that you've really been all along.
P.s. And please stop taking credit for my reasearch!
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Martin Luther King
Bobby Kennedy
All murdered by the Illuminati.
And why? Because they would have kept us a strong, united America, with a booming debt free economy, with a prosperous black and white middle class, with very little to no racial strife!
They couldn't directly attack the old school middle class white man back in the early to mid 1960's, they went after their sons instead.
The black man was just coming into his own back in the 1960's. for the black man, and woman, to rise out of the ghetto, and form a rich, and prosperous middle class would have been a direct threat to the Illuminati global plan. The Illuminati are essentially feudalists. That is to say, an upper ruling class, with an underclass of serfdom,(slaves;) whose only purpose in life is to clean the sewers, take care of rubbish, work the fields, and slaughter their meat; etx....Destroying the white middle class man/male, and keeping the black man/male down with frug mass proliferation,exploitation, and propagandizing was a brilliant idea for them. Not for us American citizens, for them, the ruling elitest Illuminati global fascists.
That's why Mr. Know it all.
Why Johnny why? Because these 3 men had the real power to keep us a true United States of America, and whould have kept the globalist feudalists, elitetist Illuminati, from achieving their sick New World Order, which they have already, people just don't plainly see it yet.
Why do you think they have built 900 detention centers Johnny? For terrorists?
If you really believe this, then you're way more absurd then I originally thought you to be.
Besides the first detention center,(concentration camp,) was built in 1976,(in the Mohave desert,) years before there was 'a war on terror.'
You really don't know what's goin on bud, I must be incoherent, just for arguing with a knothead like you!
So long Johnny. I don't have any rebuttals to anything you attack me with any longer. Wanna know why? I've already exposed you.
Bye bye Johnny!
Your attitude toward black Americans sucks pal, you need to change it.
This might help, since you are 1/2 Italian. Go to the white supremicist website, Storm-front. Check out what the Nazi-skinheads, and Klansmen really think of Italians!
Paul is dead since 1966

Ocean City, NJ

#2810 Oct 20, 2013
with massive drug proliferation!

pages 113 through 128!

Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2811 Oct 28, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Your statement above is in direct contradiction to a few of your other statements about Greer. Here they are.-----
1. Awhile back, you stated that Jean Hill saw Greer turn around & shoot the United States president back then, Democrat John F. Kennedy (JFK).
2. A few weeks later, you stated that Jean Hill saw Greer turn around, but, that Jean wasn't sure if Greer pulled the trigger.
3. A couple of weeks after this, you stated that you, yourself, weren't sure if Greer was the assassin of JFK.
Show these supposedly,'diametrically opposing statements;' don't just falsely accuse Satan.
Satan, say hi to your hooded buddies for me; don't forget the match and gasoline to go with the cross.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2812 Oct 28, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ----
You said "Yes, he was certainly an excellent marksman".---- Yep.
You said "Whether he was an a great marksman or not makes no difference whatsoever".---- Oh, it VERY much does make a difference.
Because it shows that he was perfectly capable of those shots on that very fateful day in Dallas, back in November, 1963.
You said "All and I mean every professional there that day concurred (at Parkland hospital I mean), that the shot came from the front".----
You are incorrect. You are incorrect, yet again.
Every professional at Parkland Hospital stated (In written testimony) that the shots came from behind. The shots which struck John F. Kennedy. The shot which struck John Connally. The shot which struck the window.
The shots ALL came from behind.
Makes not one iota of difference. Even your blessed Media, that you so adoringly trust in, are perplexed by the Warren Commission report. Bob Shiver and Phil Sherman, on Face the Nation, the other Sunday, can't figure out these two following things. 1.) Why the F.B.I confiscated treating Surgeons notes the actual, and factual day of John F. Kennedy's murder. You couldn't find these doctors guilty of negligence, they had to comply. 2.) Why the treating Forensic physician at Parkland, after having an in depth discussion with C.I.A agents, burned the first Autopsy report in his fire place at his home in Bethesda, MD! He should've, or at least could've been disbanded for such actions! And this coming from two gentlemen who don't believe any one else shot Mr. Kennedy but Oswald!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2813 Oct 28, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Uh, there wasn't any shot from any grassy knoll. There wasn't any shot by Greer.
Your statement above (With all due respect), it appears that you are hallucinating.
You stammered on about 'The law of physics,' earlier regarding the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Here's the 'law of physics,' in action: An entry level bullet, ALWAYS, makes a SMALLER entrance wound, and ALWAYS makes a LARGER exit wound, ALWAYS.

The hole in Mr. Kennedy's temple was no more than a nickel sized hole. the hole in back of Kennedy's head was approximately 1 3/4" by 4" inches in diameter.

He was obviously shot from the front, not the back.

Show the article about Roy Truly changing his story, give evidence to google it at least.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2814 Oct 28, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Uh, there wasn't any shot from any grassy knoll. There wasn't any shot by Greer.
Your statement above (With all due respect), it appears that you are hallucinating.
Greer was the limousine driver for Mr. Kennedy that day, and Greer made the finishing shot.

The Zapruder film we see today, which doesn't show all this, is not the original Abraham Zapruder film.

who says? Abraham Zapruder that's who!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2815 Oct 28, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ----
You said "The only war that was fought in the 20th, and 21st Century, so far, was WW2".----
Well, World War 2 was the official war. In which the United States federal government gave an official declaration of war against the Empire of Imperial Fascist Japan. Against Nazi Germany & Fascist Italy.
You said "Korea wasn't a war"?".---
Korea wasn't an "official" war. Since the federal government did not give an official declaration of war against North Koreas left wing communist dictatorship.
But, from 1950 till 1953.---- The fighting in South Korea, with all its deaths, injuries, destruction & prisoners, it was very much a war.
You said "Vietnam was an 'undeclared war'".----
In 1959, the federal government didn't give an official declaration of war against the left wing communist Viet Cong guerrillas / terrorists.
The federal government didn't give an official declaration of war against North Vietnams left wing communist dictatorship.
But, from 1959 till 1975.---- The fighting in South Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos, with all its deaths, injuries, destruction & prisoners, it was very much a war.
It was not an officially declared Constitutional war jug head.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2816 Oct 28, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
When did I ever state (Or imply) that you ever quoted Maxine Waters as a reliable witness or source?----
Never once.
I pointed out about left wing Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters as being a reliable witness & source.
This is why.----
Maxine holding hearings back in 1997, to discern if the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ever unloaded or directly distributed hard drugs in African American (Descendants of black American slaves) neighborhoods.
Maxine held many hearings. These hearings entailed many very in-depth questionings of many, many different people.
But, absolutely nothing came of these hearings.
Via these hearings, testimony about Rodney Stich & Gene "Chip" Tatum showed that they were NOT reliable, reasonable or responsible sources.
This is why what Rodney & Gene charged, was NOT accepted.
Rodney Stich & Gene "Chip" Tatum are NOT reliable, reasonable or responsible sources.
In that your implication that a credible expert, one Maxine Waters was officially debunked, and the C.I.A completely exonerated makes her your credible source.

If not, why quote her at all?

In other words, if she has no credibility to start with, any argument she may be defeated in has no value.

I'm the one who never quoted her, because I know what kind of hysterical person she really is.

And you claiming C.I.A operative, and honored Vietnam veteran, Gene "Chip" Tatum, or Rodney Stitch, Senior Admin of FAA, both of whom have impeccable characters; makes you look like the ridiculous person you truly are Johnny.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2817 Oct 28, 2013
Your Claim that the above men Tatum, and Stitch, have no credibility, makes you an....

Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2818 Oct 28, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
You are absolutely correct.
Because Lee Harvey Oswald was not at 2 places at one time.
When Roy Truly was first interviewed by federal authorities, he initially stated that he thought that he saw Lee at approximately 12:29 to 12:31 pm. When Roy stated this to the federal authorities, he was questioned in-depth about his where abouts from 12:00pm to 1:30pm. After this, Roy gave a different time frame of when he saw Lee.
The time frame which Roy gave, showed that Lee had PLENTY of time to have made those shots. Then, for Lee to get down to that cafeteria.
Roy did not see Oswald at the time that the bullet struck John Connally.
Roy did not see Lee at the time that the bullets struck John F. Kennedy (JFK).
Roy Truly did not see Lee at the time that Lees other shot struck the windshield of that limousine.
No, you're incorrect yet again, Johnny.

According to Roy Truly, and Marion Baker, Oswald was indeed, and in fact in the second floor cafeteria, drinking coffee at approximately 12:29 pm Central Standard Time. The passenger elevator only went up to the 4th floor. The freight elevators, of course he could've used them, but just one problem Johnny, the freight elevators were both, there were two, stuck on the fifth floor between 12:20 and 12:31 pm Central Standard Time; this all according to Truly, and Baker!

The assassination happened between roughly 12:29, and 12:31 CST. So, then Johnny, he made the most important shot of his life, bolted down the steps in say 30 seconds? was calmly drinking coffee with his supervisor moments later, with not one bead of sweat coming off his forehead?

Wow, amazing! Do you know how ridiculous your story is Johnny?

I show hard cold facts, that most definitely show reasonable doubt about Mr. Oswald being guilty of assassinating JFK!

You're the one who 'speculates,' and uses non-logic to make your points.

First you say a rimmed bullet will not exude GSR, this is why there wasn't nitrate contamination on Lee Oswald's right cheek.

Then you change your story to the bullets were too old.

Then you change your story yet again; saying a 6.5 x 52 mm bullet will not, but a 12.7 would. You claim your were merely making a comparison that the 91/38 bolt action rifle, a carcano carbine, issuing a 6.5 x 52 mm bullet, will not exude as much G.S.R as say, a 12.7. So what! You've already admitted that it could exude enough to show residue on his right hand, which is farther away from the firing mechanism, where the gun powder is discharged from, then was his cheek.

In other words Johnny, if there's only a certain amount of Gun Shot Residue discharge from that particular rifle, it would naturally then get on his cheek first, which is closer to the ignition of gun powder, and then if strong enough extend then to his right hand!

Your whole argument is ridiculous.

You say that you didn't quote the Emancipation Declaration directly, yet you did.

Even if not, so what? The E.P is a proven historically accurate document.

What you quoted, is in diametric opposition to what Mr. Lincoln actually said.

Your quotations are not historically accurate, and highly nonsensical, giving absolutely no clarity to what Mr. Lincoln actually said!

Do you use logic, or reasoning before you type up such bold faced tripe?

Obviously not!

Yes you, who accuse me of going on 'Conspiracy sites,' to get my information.

I've been telling the truth all along, you haven't been!
Paul is dead for certain

Ocean City, NJ

#2819 Oct 28, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Geez, how "convenient" of you to state that you stand corrected.
AFTER I pointed out your former incorrect statements which you addressed to me about which American states were slave holding states.
This is post #2358, page 108. You claim you pointed out to me which American states held slaves. You say I conveniently stand corrected, no knowing that Vermont was the only true free state.
In the next post I'll show what a liar you really are Satan.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2820 Oct 28, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Ha, ha.
Uh, the northeastern American state of Maine NEVER had slaves.
Maine was one of the "free states".
Post #2101, page 96, Here you say Maine, or any other Northeastern state, all those north of the Mason/Dixon line, never owned slaves. You incorrectly said this, not me.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2821 Oct 28, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
I stand corrected; Pennsylvania did not free all slaves until late 1847, and Conneticut didn't give slavery until 1848.
The only free state was Vermont, which in its State Constitution of 1777, prohibited slavery thusly.
And there were two gray(down the middle,)Northern states, both New Hampshire, and New Jersey; which neither one gave up the institution of slavey until the signing of surrender, Gen. Robt E lee to U.S.Grant,@ Appomattox Courthouse,circa April 4th, 1865.
Here I correct myself. funny, I don't see this in the above in the above post! You said Maine never had slaves, which is a falsehood.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2822 Oct 28, 2013
Caught you in lie, after lie, after lie Johnny!

So long Meathead!

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