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Paul is dead

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#2450 Sep 11, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ---- Some other factors which show & PROVE that the REAL Paul McCartney was NOT murdered.---
Former University of Michigan student Fred LaBour put out a rumor that Paul may have died.
But, VERY famed lawyer F. Lee Bailey interviewed Fred.
Fred came right out & told F. Lee Bailey that he put out the rumor as a joke.
Back in 1971, ex. top Beatle member, John Lennon was questioned about a rumor put out back in 1968 that Paul may have died.
Lennon came right out & called the rumor spreaders as being "freaks".
The REAL Paul McCartney was NOT murdered by any of this alleged "Illuminati". Which you "thought" may have happened.
Trying to find where I said Paul was murdered in early 1967. Can't find it anywhere Johnny, or "Most wise one who knows all there is to know." Infact, I have consistantly said Paul, the true Paul was murdered in the Autumn season of 1966; and (F)aul as in 'Fake Paul,' replaced him as late as December 20th, 1966, and early 1967 and on. You say Labour, some imbecile from Michigan, admitted it was all a big joke. That's your reliable source Johnny? How about Russ Gibb, the disc jockey who went on the air to promote 'Paul is dead?' Yes, he recanted, you're 150% correct! Did you also take into account that he became a wealthy promoter of rock concerts for mainly English rock bands. It was in his monetary self interest to recant! NO! Please don't piss down my back and tell me it's rainin!

John was going to tell the story about Tavistock! That's why he was killed as late as December 8th,1980!

George often referred to Paul as (F)aul!!!

And Ringo keeps his mouth shut cause he knows better!

O most wise one who really knows dudely-squat!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2451 Sep 11, 2013
You say I contradict my self on page 70. There I say the Kennedy family is an old Illuminati family, which they are! and then I contradict and say the Illuminati murdered John F. Kennedy.

Yes, the Illuminati will kill their own if they go against them.

Example? Certainly! Sharon Tate, brought into the Illuminati through Illuminist Roman Polanski, was 8 months pregnant and the Illuminist wanted to raise the boy, yes they had ultra-sound back then!, as Process wizard;(Process Church.)

Sharon wanted out, and you don't get out! the Process put a hit out on her to be carried out by Charles Mills Manson.

Manson was brought into the Illuminati through the Process church. Eventhough he lived 25 miles outside of Los Angeles, he was affiliated with a chapter of the Process located on Cole Street, San Francisco, CA.

It doesn't matter that Sadie Mae Glutz(Susan Atkins,)or Charles 'Tex'Watson, or Patricia Krenwinkel, or Leslie Van Houton didn't know all this. They simply carried out the whims of Master Charlie.

It wasn't a random killing it was a hit! Sharon was tied with a rope around her wrists and ankles and they hung her from a rafter. This is the dead man's, aka hang man's card in the Tarot deck,(the Tarot is used in Occult practice.)

Trust me bud, you're the one who doesn't know what he's talking about!

Why Jackie Kennedy talk about the Illuminati killing her husband? She did! She didn't say 'He'(referring to Oswald!), she said,(what 'they' did to Jack!.)

Further, if the Secret service was in on it, and yes some of them were!, why would she report on them being that they were to guard her and her children for the rest of her and their(meaning her kids!)lives?!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2452 Sep 11, 2013
Yes, the Process Church of the Last Judgement, aka the Process, who are open worshippers of Lucifer,(and not because I said so! They(the Processeans say so!,)are a branch of the Illuminati.

They wanted to raise Sharon Tate's son as a wizard in the Process. And no they don't use the term 'worlock' in witchcraft.

Roman Polanski, peronal friend of Satanist Anton Lavey(who was a consultant on set with the making of Romary's baby,(about the son of Satan,)) was himself(Polanski,) a member of the Illuminati.

He,(Polanski)conveniently went to Europe that summer(1969,) because he knew what was going to happen. No, he wasn't in on it! But he damn sure knew about it and consented to it!

But what about the people who were there that night out at the house on 10050 Cielo drive?

Were Jay Sebring(hair dresser to the stars,) Abigail Folger(Folger's coffee airess,) and Voytec Frykowski(heroin dealer and boyfriend to Ms. Folger,) targets?

Nope! They were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Manson family left no witnesses, they couldn't afford to!

Infact, they would've gotten away with it if Sadie Mae Glutz(Atkins,) hadn't bragged about it in a jail cell to another inmate.

Dude, "with all due respect," you're the one who needs to start thinking for himself!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2453 Sep 11, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Not at all. What Sir Isaac Newton wrote down was totally DIFFERENT. Compared to the points which you have typed up.
What Sir Isaac Newton wrote down, was totally different. Compared to the "charges" which you have typed up.
The points which you have typed up are charges NOT based upon any hard evidence.
The points which you have typed up are off of conspiracy theory sites.
Conspiracy theories are NOT based upon any hard evidence.
Here you claim What Mr. Newton wrote down? are totally different what I posted, which you claim is all conspiratorial tripe.

Sir Issaac Newton, the greatest scientist of all time, was also an ardent Christian man.

He was fascinated with studying bible codes.

He believed the 3rd Temple would be built in Jerusalem toward the middle of the 21st Century, and that Messhiach(the Christ)would return to set up His Millenial Kingdom around 2060.

I seriously doubt he would believe in the 'theory' of Evolution, a lie by Darwin well after Mr. Newton passed on.

He would more agree with me not you!!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2454 Sep 11, 2013
By the by Johnny, Man hasn't been here millions of years.

Mankind has been here 12 to 15 thousand years.

Again, Mr. Isaac Newton would more agree with me than with you!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2455 Sep 11, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead --- With all due respect, you are throwing up totally contradictory points in regards to your "claims" about the assassination of our nations former president, Democrat John F. Kennedy (JFK).
Here they are.--- 1. Awhile back on this thread, you were saying that John F. Kennedy was killed by an "alleged" shooter on the grassy knoll.
2. But, other times, you have typed up, saying that the driver of the limousine which JFK was in, William Robert Greer was the assassin of JFK.
I called up several other video links regarding the assassination of JFK.---- In every one of these links, nothing pointed out towards showing any such aggressive actions by William Greer.
It is primarily because of these critical factors which show that William Greer was NOT the assassin of JFK.---
In the limousine which William was driving, John & his wife Nellies bodies were situated in front of JFK.
So, Greer, physically could NOT have shot JFK.
Most of all, because of these 2 VERY critical factors. Which points to William F. Greers innocence.----
1. After Lee Harvey Oswalds fatal last shot, the assassination bullet to JFKs head.--- There is a clear crack in the windshield of that limousine. Right in front of William F. Greer. This crack in the windshield was in direct line of fire from Oswalds sniper nest.
2. Right after Lee Harvey Oswalds lethal, last shot, the assassination bullet to JFKs head.--
Two bullet fragments were found in the limo. IN FRONT OF William F. Greer.
These bullets were the EXACT, SAME ammunition which Oswald used for his Carcano rifle. In his assassination of JFK.
Here you claim that I contrdict and say on the one hand JFK was killed from the rifleman on the grassy knoll(badge man,) and then I change my story and say Greer,(secret serviceman/limo driver) did it.

I never said it was all done from the grassy knoll. I said the throat shot came from the grassy knoll, which probably would have killed him; but it was Greer, right hand on steering wheel, and with assassination pistol in his left hand, blows off JFK's right occipital skull, and right frontal lobe.

I have always been consistant.

By the by, most wise one, to this day the brain of JFK cannot be found! What was left of it was saturated with shellfish toxin!

Further, Jackie wanted his body left alone when they put it on the plane to carry it back to D.C.

She(Jackie,)said! I didn't! She wanted his body left alone, so that "'THEY' could see what 'THEY' did to my Jack!"

Not 'HE' as in Lee Oswald, but 'THEY', as in Illuminati!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2456 Sep 11, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead --- In regards to your previous post to me,#1479. Your points here.---- You said "That's right, I said I believe, because I wasn't there. Yes, I believe there were two shooters".--- Uh, the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado was done by ONE shooter. All of Americas respective television media venues & newspaper print outlets have reported it WASN'T two shooters.
It was one shooter.
You said "He was probably, yes, I said probably because I wasn't in on it, a product an MKULTRA, or Paperclip experiment, carried out by either by either Illuminists, or Committee of 300".--- Oh geez.
You really "believe" that?
If you really believe that the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado was under the auspices of a MKULTRA operation &/or Paperclip experiment. Carried out by either Illuminists &/or the Committee of 300.--- That is truly SAD. Smh.
I could type up more in regards to this. But, it wouldn't be too politically correct.
But, if you really "believe" that, that is truly tragic.
Here you mock the idea of Mind control programs like Operation Paperclip, or MKULTRA. No, these are real programs that performed real unethical experiments on U.S. citizens.

And I was indeed, and infact, in front of a computer, and I only had the T.V. on for background noise is all.

This occured Friday, July 20th, 2012.

A Newsflash came across the screen at Approximately 4:45 AM Eastern Standard Time.

The News flash said the following, repeatedly for the next 45 minutes until the clock struck 5:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time; and then suddenly stopped. They didn't say they were mistaken, they(the Media you so adoringly trust in,)just shut up about it.

And here's what was said,"There has been a mass shooting at the Aurora movie theater in Aurora,Colorado....There were two shooters,(as in more than more than one,(you can count right John?,)One(1)(as in singular,) has been apprehended; the second shooter,(as in plural!) is still at large.

Now, you say this is a all crock of non-sense, you 'know' for a solid fact that there was only one shooter. Why? because your Media told you so!

This means you have to dismiss the credible witnesses who were there at the Aurora theatre who saw two(2), as in plural! as in more than one shooter that night!!

You have some nerve bud!

At this point the only two things I can come up with regarding with you is, is that you are a willing part of the conspiracy, or you're just a walking oxymoron, ie an intelligent-MEATHEAD!!!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2457 Sep 11, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Your points above.---- What you stated, you sure are not coming across as being too cogent or coherent.
What you said above, it appears that you are not thinking clearly. Not thinking clearly, yet again.
Not too cogent, or coherent,not thinking clearly; yeah, yeah, this coming from a guy who wants me to,"show some respect."
Don't you think 900 detention centers are overkill for a handful of terrorists? O most wise one; one who knows all?
Yes, especially in the deternsion centers on the army bases in South, like Georgia, there over 500,000 plastic coffins(able to hold 4 to 5 people;) and there are guillotines imported from China.
What for Johnny? I can tell you why.
Those of us who will refuse to worship the beast and his image will be rounded up and executed,(via guillotines.)
"And they were beheaded for their testimony."
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2458 Sep 11, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ----- You said "The CIA was interested in assassinating Castro".---- Correct.
You said "but they killed Mr. Kennedy instead".---- Absolutely NOT.
Lee Harvey Oswald was the LONE assassin of John F. Kennedy.
In a couple of my previous responses back to you, I listed an indepth timeline of the movements & actions by the different people. The main players who were around the Dealy Plaza on that day in November, 1963.
You said "Paul Mccartney is dead!".---- Nope.
Your "charge" that the real Paul McCartney was murdered is a conspiracy theory.
An urban legend. An urban myth.
In a couple of my previous responses back to you, I listed many reasons as to WHY the real Paul McCartney was not murdered.
It was especially the findings & writings by VERY famed attorney F. Lee Bailey which show this.
Lee Oswald was a patsy; I already have elaborated extensively; O most meatheaded one.

The famed attorney F. Lee Bailey interviewed a halfwit named Fred Labour who wanted some notoriety; so he claimed to know something he didn't. It doesn't prove anything pal.

First year biology states a persons skull will never change beyond the 21st year of any human life; ANY.

24 year old Paul had a round moon face; and rounded skull.(F)aul as in fake Paul has a narrow face, and oblong skull.

If this all happened before Pauls 21st birthday, 6/18/1963; you would have way more 'credibility' debunking me, which you haven't done by the way.

Can a person's eye color change certainly. I am not referring to the use of colored eye-contact lenses, which even existed in the 1960's. No, I'm referring to natural changes in eye color.

How can natural eye color change? Can a person born with blue eyes, with enough green pigment have green eyes in later life? Certainly! and vice versa. A green eyed person with enough blue pigmentation can have blue eyes in later life.

Blue and/or green eyes can never, ever turn brown or black, or vice versa. Brown or black eyes will never turn blue or green. This is not conspiratorial hogwash; but it is a biological impossibility.

A biological impossibility? Yes, for example a man will never biologically have the reproductive organs to produce a child from his belly; only from his penis in the form of sperm; but I digress.

James Paul Mccartney, bn 6/18/1942 had a round baby face, and skull; and he had(without colored eye-contact lenses,)hazel brown eyes. Hazel is not brown you say? Hazel-brown is the most unique eye color of all; and only occurs in biological nature for every 3 milllion people.

He was an 'insufferable' lefty, by his own words mind you!, had jet black hair, and stood 5'8"3/4 inches tall.

This Paul,(F)aul hahaaha, is narrow face, oblonged skulled, green eyed,(yes, without colored eye-conact lenses!,)brunette but not jet black haired,ambitexdrous(is originally right handed, but learned to use his left hand!)and stands a full 5'11 1/2 inches tall.

To say they are two different people is evident.

In other words, there is enough evidence there to say it is a 'Proof' of conspiracy, not simply a weird theory of conspiracy.

I've already gone over all of this with you...again....and again.....and again.....and again......and again....

You're such a thick headed numbskull it's just unbelievable at this point; and pretty useless to go on arguing with you!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2459 Sep 13, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ---- You said "I said all states owned slaves, excepting Pennsylvania".---- Yes you did. You were incorrect.
You said "actually it was Vermont that was the only truly free state".---- True.
You say this, AFTER I pointed this out to you in one of my previous responses back to you.
You never pointed it out to me. You lie just to win arguements.

I said Pennsylvania never owned slaves. I knew there was only one truly free state and it was Vermont. I found that out myself and corrected myself.

I said Maine gave up slavery in 1835. You said not me! Maine among all the other free states of the North never owned slaves; and you were way off base!

This is yet more evidence that you are the one who doesn't know what he's talking about!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2460 Sep 13, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ---- You said "Paul appeared on David Letterman to make a big 'laugh' out of the so-called rediculous conspiracy".---- No surprise about this.
Paul & David Lettermans reaction.---- You, yourself SHOULD heed what Paul & David stated.
What Paul & David said, shows that this rumor about "Paul being dead" is just a conspiracy theory.
A totally ridiculous & juvenile conspiracy theory at this.
You said "You concurred that the Military Industrial Complex are building 'Detention Centers,' around the Continental United States, and even in Alaska".---- Correct.
Gee Johnny you know so much! Gee, if the 2 gods Letterman and Faul say so; then it must be.

Gee I still can't see your point; being I'm so juvenile, childish and rediculous; in addition to being a drug addeled mildly retarded drunkard.

Answer me this Batman....Faul, ooops I'm so so sorry, Paul Mccartney, apppeared on Letterman @ approximately 11:42 and 7 seconds PM,(Eastern Standard Time,) 8/22/09 as his(Letterman's)guest.

This occured at the exact moment when the article by Gabriella Carlesi, and Francesco Gavazzini, entitled," Paul really died in 1966; forensic evidence," appeard in the avant garde magazine ' Wired Italia.'

Mere coincidence?

P.s. Go on youtube, and 'call up' Paul on Letterman 8/22/09; and notice how unnatural he appears using his left hand.

You wanna know why Paul looks so unnatural lefthanded.

Because he's (F)aul, and he isn't really left handed!

Do you really believe what you post?
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2461 Sep 13, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Your points above.---- What you stated, you sure are not coming across as being too cogent or coherent.
What you said above, it appears that you are not thinking clearly. Not thinking clearly, yet again.
Here's something that should sober both of us up.

Revelations 13:15:"And it was given to him(the false prophet,)to give breath to the image of the beast,that he should both speak(the image I believe will be a hologram,)and cause as many as do not worship the beast to be put to death."

The detention centers are equipped with guillotines for just that purpose; and coffins able to hold 4 to 5 people as well.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2462 Sep 13, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
All of your points above.---- You are totally incorrect.
It is because of these very critical factors.-----
1. The testimony of many people who were at the sidewalk, near the motorcade which was carrying John F. Kennedy.
2. The testimony (Very indepth at this) of John Connally.
3. The testimony (Very indepth at this) of John Connallys wife, Nellie.
1.) Over 250 people who were the closest witnesses tied mysterious homicides; and this is a cold fact, and not a theory of conspiritorial fiction.
2. and 3.) Mr. and Mrs. Connally kept their traps shout to save their own a$$.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2463 Sep 13, 2013
Gee man, I can do better.

John and Nellie Connally were a political couple in the 'know.' He was the governor of Texas; am I correct. Keeping his mouth shut saved his keester for Easter.

Within in 3 years of the assassination, 11/22/63 till about 12/01/66; 250 of the closest witnesses died mysterious deaths.

So, why weren't Mary Moorman,(lady in black coat,) and Jean Hill,(lady in red coat,) murdered as well? They were in the Abraham Zapruder film is why.

And by the by Johnny; Ms.Hill never changed her story, or condraticted herself in her eye-witness testimony. The problem was is that her testimony conflicted with the contrived story put forth by the bogus Warren Commission Report.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2464 Sep 13, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ---- You said "They murdered Bobby Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King too!".---
If you really "believe" this, you SURE aren't thinking clearly.
You said "They brought the drug culture in through English groups, starting with the Beatles, to destroy middle-class American white males".----
Not true.
If you really "believe" this, your thought process is really off the mark.
You really don't know what's going truly; do you Johnny?
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2465 Sep 13, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ---- You said "They brought hard drugs into the inner city, everywhere USA to destroy black men".---- Nope.
Back in 1997, California left wing Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters held hearings about this.
Via these hearings.--- Absolutely nothing came of these hearings.
People AREN'T being "forced" to take drugs. People who take drugs take these drugs via their own choice.
You said "They want a race war, so they can enforce martial law on us, and take away our Constitutional rights indefinitely".---
If you really "believe" that, you are not thinking clearly. You are not thinking clearly, yet again.
I never ever quoted Maxine Waters as a source of reference.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2466 Sep 13, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
But, you are omitting a couple of critical other factors. Here they are.----
In your one previous post which you addressed to me, you stated the time frame. Of when John F. Kennedy was shot, to when Marrion Baker saw Lee Harvey Oswald.
Your time frame was off by at LEAST a few minutes.
This is why this is critical.---- Oswald would have had PLENTY of time to walk down to that cafeteria.
Again, Mr. Truly, Oswald's boss,and Marion Baker,a policeman, say Lee Oswald was in the cafeteria at the time of assassination, not me. I was a one year old child at the time;and you weren't even born yet.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2467 Sep 13, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
That bullet from that Carcano was PERFECTLY capable of doing that.
The Carcano rifle is a very good rifle. With good muzzle velocity.
Lee Harvey Oswald was an EXPERT marksman.
When Lee was aiming on John F. Kennedy, Kennedys head was way closer to Oswald. Compared to targets which Lee shot at when he was training for sniper certification in the Marines.
Also, these 2 factor. As to why the entry wound was quite large.---
1. The car John F. Kennedy was in was moving.
2. John F. Kennedys head was moving.
So, when that powerful rifle bullet struck Kennedys head, law of physics with impact.---
That bullet made quite an entry hole.
Yes, he was certainly an excellent marksman, which also made him a perfect patsy. Whether he was an a great marksman or not makes no differnce whatsoever.

A bullet makes a smaller entrance hole, and larger exit hole,even according to the law of physics; regardless of whether the bullet is shot from a gun handled by an amateur or marksman.

In addtion, a 6.5 by 52mm bullet issued from a 91/38 carbine shot from behind, whether from the 6th floor or the ground floor, whether from a marksman or amateur, whether the car is moving at 10mph, or 80 mph, or standing still will make at best, maybe, a quarter size entry hole, and not a base ball sized hole as was evidenced in the John Fitzgerald Kennedy autopsy. And evidenced as well at Parkland hospital by 12 surgeons, including a Neurosurgeon and head trauma nurse; that fateful day 11/22/1963.

P.s. All and I mean every professional there that day concurred,(at Parkland hospital I mean,) that the 'shot came from the front;' not the back as the bogus Warren Commission Report states.

Also, back to Jean Hill, the lady in the red coat; the closest witness to the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on 11/22/1963; which occured approximately 12:29 pm to 12:31 pm,Central Standard Time.

It was the phony politician Arlen Spector who was sent to 'interview' Ms. Hill.

It became more of an interrogation when he told her what to say; ie that the shot was fired from the 6th floor of the book depository; and there was no gunmen on the grassy knoll, and Greer didn't turn around with the pistol.

Whenever Jean Hill would testify to him about a rifleman firing a shot from the grassy knoll(hill is all it is,)or that Greer slowed the car down and pointed a gun at Mr. Kennedy; Spector then would fly into a rage.

This is why they never included her testimony in the bogus Warren Commission Report; and not because she couldn't keep her story straight.

Sorry bud, you're wrong as usual.

Since: Sep 13

United States

#2468 Sep 13, 2013
It's crazy because white men claim not to be jealous and don't publicly display their hatred for interracial (bm/ww) unions but they'll do it online where they're "safe" to express their opinions.

White men are trash. Most black men are trash too. Black women take the cake for being trash. White women can be trash at times.

Aww hell, all races are shit. Start digging 7 billion graves.:)
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2469 Sep 13, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead ---- You said "James Paul Mccartney was not standing in the photo shoot outside of Abbey Road Studio December 20th, 1966".----
Paul McCartney SURE was.
Your point above is diametrically OPPOSITE of your one previous point which you stated to me awhile back.
This is what you said.---- You said "That you thought that Paul McCartney may have been murdered sometime in early 1967".
So, with your point above, you are again throwing up something which is diametrically OPPOSITE of a point which you stated before.
You are totally contradicting yourself. Contradicting yourself, yet again.
Are you friggin kiddin me. You mean in the photo from the googeled artice Paul really is dead; a facial comparison; getting a reference? In that frame from December 20th, 1966 that dude in no way looks anything like James Paul Mccartney born 6/18/1942; he looks like friggin Vincent Price!

P.s. Whenever I try to look up that article on google here at the library it won't allow me due to so much spyware.

Spyware which will cause serious viral damage to the computer...hmmn that's curious?

Gee....I can't figure out why!

LOL!!! and SMH!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Johnny, you still haven't shown me the post where I stated Paul was murdered in early 1967.

Show me the post where I stated this accuse me again; can you atleast do that much?

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