Why do white men hate white women who...

Milwaukee, WI

#2258 Apr 24, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
#1192 Here you're implying that I am hallicinating about there being two(2) shooters at Aurora, Colorado movie theatre.

Well, you did it again.

Post #1192, was NOT my post.

That was YOUR post. Which you addressed to me.

With all due respect, you are not sounding too good.

Milwaukee, WI

#2259 Apr 24, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
<quoted text>I was just listening to Professor Griff; Illumiati sacrificing Whitney Houston rituals.

So, you "think" that Professor Griff is a credible & reliable source?

In regards to what Professor Griff said about the death of former singer, Whitney Houston.

Please lose these totally ridiculous statements.

Get some logic & reasoning.

Milwaukee, WI

#2260 Apr 24, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
I apologize for the last two mean spirited posts,#1960 and 61.

No problem. Everything's cool.

Milwaukee, WI

#2261 Apr 24, 2013
Paul is dead --- I have to step out now. I still have to respond back to your previous posts which you addressed to me about the United States federal government dropping the atomic bombs on Japan & about the Subprime Crisis. Hopefully, I should have some time by next week Wednesday. Either way, I'll definitely get back to you.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2262 Apr 27, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Each & every one of your points above about Paul McCartney, "Faul", Tavistock etc..---- In our previous blog discussion & debate.---- I debunked your charges.
So, it appears that you are still not thinking clearly.
Are you sure that you have given up alcohol?
You haven't debunked 'anything'I've posted thus far; only disagreed. Have you checked out Paul is dead:forensic evidence 1966? Gabriella Carlesi, professional pathologist, and Francesco Gavazzini, professional computer analyst, set out to 'debunk' the so called 'urban legend,' or 'myth', or plain 'gossip' that James Paul Mccartney is truly dead. They were shocked, after many months of research, to come to the absolute opinion that he really was murdered and replaced sometime in the fall of 1966.
You cannot debunk the truth pal, sorry.
Again, you have continually accused me of changing my story, wheras it is you who constantly condradict yourself!
How so? In one post, you say the bullets discharged from a 91/38 Carcano carbine cannot exude gun powder residue, because the bullets were rimmed. Then, you say the ammo was too old in yet another post. Then you finally admit that he tested positive for GSR on his right hand; then why not his cheek then.
You come up with cock-a-mamie theories is all; the way Oswald held the gun. Really? He's atleast 100 yards away from the intended target, up in the 6th floor of the book depository. No, Johnny, he'd have that rifle butt snug to his cheek, with right finger on the trigger, GSR would have been all over his right hand and cheek.
You're theory holds no water. He did have a shoot out with officer tibbet, using a .38 special revolver, which explains GSR on his right hand.
Yes, he, Lee Oswald, was a C.I.A operative, and most definitely had knowledge of the day's events, November 22nd,1963.
You still haven't given me a COGENT explanation as to why
Roy Truly, Oswalds supervisor at said book depository, was introducing Marion Baker, a police officer; not a conspiratorial nut mind you!, to Lee Oswald in the Book Depository Cafeteria, on the second floor, 90 seconds after the assaassantion! approximately 12:31 pm! 6 people saw him in the cafeteria at the time of the assassination!
250 of the closest witnesses to the JFK assassination, died mysterious deaths, and homicides 3 years after the murder!
All solid facts that conveniently ignore!
You haven't disproven anything! you here!?
As far as you being so respectful to me, you've labled me 'mildly retarded,''incoherent,' and not being 'cogent,' in most of my presentations or bloggings!
You call it respectful, I call it something else.
No, I'm sober, but I can beat you in an argument drunk off my arse any day o the week!
Why Johnny!?
Because I always tell the truth is why.
I've been truthful since post 1 back on page 47 thereabouts.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2263 Apr 27, 2013
Johnny wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, you did it again.
Post #1192, was NOT my post.
That was YOUR post. Which you addressed to me.
With all due respect, you are not sounding too good.
You accused me of being conspiratorially rediculous to consider a second shooter at approximately 1AM mountain time at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater, no I don't know the name of the theatre!, Friday! July 19th! 2012!

Again, I was drinking coffee, not Kahlua! or taking drugs, at 4:15 Eastern standard time, I heard, and saw the footage.

The Media! that you so adoringly trust in, not little old conspiratorial me said, REMEMBER THEY,THE MEDIA SAID! " THERE ARE TWO SHOOTERS INVOLVED! AT THE AURORA, COLORADO MOVIE THEATRE!"

You're Media, not mine any means!, said for the next 45 minutes, and I quote,"THERE ARE TWO SHOOTERS INVOLVED, ONE HAS BEEN APPREHENDED, THE OTHER IS STILL AT LARGE."

Then afterward they shut up; no they, the Media, didn't goofe Johnny. Many people in the theatre, Many ya hear!?, saw (2)two, as in more then one (1) shooter.

Your problem is that whatever I post just sink in.

As far as Stan-an-Ollie goes, I don't rebutt him, simply because the guy's a total idiot, you're not!

But you are a meathead though!!!

hahahhhhehehe! lol!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2264 Apr 27, 2013
I meant to say doesn't sink in.

NO, truly, I don't proofread, I just send.\

By the by, I wasn't covering up when you accused me of condradicting myself. For one saying the true Paul, 6/18/42 to Autumn, 1966; and then you say I said Tavistock wrote all of Pauls,1958-1966, and (F)auls,1967-1970.

I claim I never posted that; and if I did, it must have been an omit, which I am apt to do when I post.

No, the burden lies with you. You like to investigate past postings.

You show me where I said Tavistock writing team under Adorno, wrote 'all' of the Beatles music 1958, when they changed their name from the Quarrymen to the Beatles to when they finally dissolved as a group in 1970.

I contend that true Paul, James Paul Mccartney, wrote 'Yesterday,''Elanor Rigby,' and 'For no one,' and not Adorno's writing team.

You say I said otherwise! not me! You proove it, the burden lies with the accuser...ie you!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2265 Apr 27, 2013
You claim I condradict myself all the time; just don't suppose, show me Johnny.

Show me post for post; that's only fair.

You can't
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2266 Apr 27, 2013
You say you've debunked everything I've posted Johnny; no you haven't.

Oswalds held the rifle at a peculiar angle to avoid getting GSR on his cheek, I never heard anything so rediculous!

And this is after saying the bullets were rimmed, and then changing your story to the bullets were too old to exude gun power residue,(GSR.)

Then you changed your story yet again, to ,"He wiped off the GSR from his cheek."

That's absurd too! Once it seeps into the pores of the skin, it takes parrafin alkaline to force it to the surface, he couldn't have wiped it from his cheek!

You see? you're the one who has been condradicting himself! not me!

You say show proof! You show proof! the burden lies with you.

Everyone I've referrenced thus far as being credible, you dismiss as not being credible.

Just one problem Johnny. Everyone I've shown, From Gabriela Carlesi and Francesco Gavazzini to William Guy Carr, to William Milton Cooper, to Aaron Russo all have impeccable credentials...hence so is their credibility.

Sorry bud, you lose! You type and proof read better then I do is all; if anyone hasn't been coherent, or cogent; well then, it's been you!

Since: Mar 13

Den Haag, Netherlands

#2267 Apr 29, 2013
Ask the white guys that curse me out

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#2268 Apr 30, 2013
Paul is dead wrote:
<quoted text>The original James Paul Mccartney, the true genius of the Beatles; original song writer, and singer of 'Yesterday,' and 'For no one,' and 'Elanor Rigby.'
Unique hazel-brown eyes, jet black hair, olive skin,round skull, and moon faced, connecting earlobes,5'8"3/4 inches tall,'insufferably' left-handed,(by his own words mind you!) born 6/18/1942.
Replaced by (F)aul,(as in fake!)Faul Mccartney..aka William Campbell, aka Billy Shears! pale green eyes,yes without colored eye contact lenses! brunette! not jet black haired, fairer to pale skin, oblong skull, narrow faced, with a longer jaw line by 6 inches! 5'11"1/2 inches tall Faul as in fake.
Tavistock Institute for human understanding out of Britain,(actually the psy-ops(psychologigcal operations) for psychological warfare on competing nations, according to MI6 British intelligence agent John Coleman; brought the Beatles(named after the pagan symbolic Scarib Beatle of Eygypt) to the U.S.A) to proliferate the drug culture among white middle class male youth, to destroy the middle class of America.
And boy what a great friggin job they've done!
Through Luciferian and/or Satanic druidic rock groups out of Britain; Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Slayer, yes even Elton John,(who never sang or wrote a song that wasn't in Witch language,(his own words mind you!)have replaced 'Old Glory!' with the 'Union Jack' in our hearts!
Back to Isolationism, Kick out the Brits! Long live America!
I joined AA so I aint drinkin no more!
Anything I've said hurtful to anyone on this thread: Black, White, Male or Female etc...
I am deeply sorry for.
United we stand, divided we fall!
God Bless!
Sic Semper Tyrannus!!!!
Stanley says to let you know that the 'true' genius of the Beatles was Brian Epstein.

Go Figure


#2269 May 4, 2013
Hate black people
disappointed in joan

United States

#2270 May 9, 2013
Joan wrote:
If you think it is all bs then why do you feel compelled to rip me to shreds - are you afraid that you are wrong here??
Hey I am woman hear me roar
I am 100% white and my man is 100% black
white + black = happiness
See it like it don't like it don't knock it if you try it and you don't like it don't knock someone else's peference
Maybe you would like to see what happiness looks like-would you like me to send you a picture of me and my guy - I could send you one with our clothes on or with us completely naked - what a site.....
Legitimately I feel bad for you my friend told me it was funny but honestly I feel pity for you and this is probably the only way people talk to you... Also if its true then ill let you in on a secret no one honestly gives a shit about your racist bull shit if you dont like white men then okay congrats. Now lets get you some help you need to get some therapy for your issues your using this forum for.These people dont give a crap about you stop trying to get attention from them, they wont help you. I know im wasting my time in responding your just going to reply with something sstupid. Also theres to possibilities to your looks your fat and disgusting and dont take care of your body ( so of course somebody like me who is white that works out 6 days a week isnt going to pay attention to you and you settled for a black guy or you pefer black guys cool) or your just a lonely person still living with your parents and you got burned by a white guy badly and turned into a racists. Well im done here go get some help you really need some therapy.
Lie Detector

Luton, UK

#2271 May 11, 2013
Wow this reminds me of the good old days on Gumtree!

Menlo Park, CA

#2272 May 11, 2013
once you go black you never go back. cause white men or jealous of black people.
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2276 May 25, 2013
Help me good Lord! The whole stinkin world's gone nutzo!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2277 May 25, 2013
go figure!
Paul is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2278 May 25, 2013

Nah Johnny, you're so blind it's freakin unreal bud. Luciferian/Satanic Tavistock bankrolled by English Druids and Jewish Kabbalists, yes it is a combined Jew/Gentile conspiracy, and no I'm not an anti-Semite!, have together, degenerated white middle class American males to such an unbelievable degree, through drugs, rock music, alcohol, and even Hollywood, that now white women are forsaking us, and homosexuality is being rammed down our throats; and no! I'm not anti gay either!

Oh yes, it is true. You're asleep. I've been arguing with a sleep walking man; either that,or you're a conspirator, which one is it Johnny?

No, and I'm not a white supremacist either! The fathers of National Socialism, ie K(C)arl Ritter, and the KKK, ie Albert Pike, oh yes they were Johnny, snap out of it bud! were both members of the Bavarain Illuminati, founded May 1st(Beltaine,)A Luciferian/Satanic high day, 1776.

Yes, the May day(Beltaine)of the Soviet 'Socialists', was the founding day of the Illuminati. Doesn't it strike you as being odd, Johnny!, that the October Revolution of the Soviet-Bolsheviks,The Illuminati in the former U.S.S.R, now a very dangerous Russia(back stabbing bastards!) celebrate their October Revolution in May?

Doesn't it strike you, Manhattan Johnny!, as being odd the U.S.S.R and the Nazi's were bitter enemies when they were both 'Socialists?'

Oh no? What does NAZI stand for Johnny? thrill me with your acumen!

National 'Socialism!!!!!!'

And the U.S.S.R Johnny, what does that stand for?

Union of Soviet 'Socialist!' Republics!

They were both Socialists pal!

Adam Weishaupt handed the reigns of directing the Illuminati to Guiseppe Mazzinni who handed it to Albert Pike, all in the 19th Century,the 1800's. The gave the blueprint for Communism to one Karl Marx, circa 1848. So what the hell does it got to do with today? Communism fell in Russia, but before it's fall, it dismantled the power behind the Czars, and what was that praytell? Russian Orthodoxy! Christianity!

Yes, the Russian Orthodox Church still exists in present day Russia, but is no longer the controlling sanity of needed Godly virtue in power. Today we have a very dangerous, just as dangerous as it was in Communist days, secular Russia; who are at the ready to cut all of our throats!

Do I have to tell you how lethally deadly present day! 21st Century! Communist China is!?

Really Johnny? is it necessary?

Nah, Paul has been replaced with a clever doppleganger!

9-11 was most definitely an inside job!!

And Lee Oswald did not kill our beloved John Fitgerald Kennedy!

Sorry bud I'll never convince you, but you'll certainly never convince me!!

You're the one who needs to wake the hell up and start thinking for himself!

Not me!!
Paul really is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2279 May 29, 2013
Johnny wrote:
Paul is dead --- In regards to your previous post,#1362.--- You said "two shooters were involved, not just one, and that one was in custody, and one was at large".--- Uh, no.
The recent mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado.--- It was carried out by one person, James Holmes.
You know for a stone cold fact there was only one shooter at Aurora, Colorado movie theater, July 19th, 2012. You think you know, you know you know; why? because you were there when it happened! Am I correct?
No, surely I jest.
Again, the media you so dearly love, and adore said there were two! not (1)one!(2)TWO! SHOOTERS! For the first 45 minutes of reporting the incident. Approximately 4:15 am to 5:00 am eastern standard time.
I stone cold factually know for actual fact.
Why Johnnny? because I WAS THERE!
At the T.V. that is, eary friday morning, July 19th,2012.
You see Johnny? you see how easy it is to actually beat you in any argument, any given day!
Paul really is dead

Ocean City, NJ

#2280 May 29, 2013
Johnny wrote:
3.) our air, land, and especially our water! wouldn't polluted right now if native american indian input had been allowed in the expansion and development of the United States".--- What the heck does Native American Indians & Creole black people not being able to own slaves from the very beginning of American slavery being instituted in this nation have to do with polluted air, land & water in the present day?--- Absolutely nothing.
A couple of times you have typed up some legitimate points.
But, around 98% of what you type up is totally off the mark. In addition, the vast majority of stuff which you type up is not cogent.
If Native American Indian wisdom had been cherished all along, I contend our water alone would be cleaner. The Cayahoga river in Ohio, had to be cleaned up of its chemicals due its combustibility especially in the heat of summer, just one example ofcourse.

You say I should show respect due to the 'fact' that you agree with me so often. Here you say 98% of what I post isn't cogent; here is yet another of how YOU! not ME! condradicts himself.

By the by; you're the only person I've named by name and given a formal apology to for insulting you, atleast 4 times on Topix.

Go back to page 102 and see what I've posted to Stan N Ollie, far worse then anything I've ever said to you.


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