is it a good idea to date a mexican guy?

Las Vegas, NV

#174 Dec 18, 2013
carolyn wrote:
<quoted text> Only if..they want a green card!Or anchor children!
cauolyn you need to learn how to spell first then talk shit. we dont need a green card because we are already here smart ass and if we get deported we just come back but white people peobably wouldnt make it because they are weaklings
mexican and proud

Las Vegas, NV

#178 Dec 18, 2013
all i want to say is that atoeast mexicans were raised with respect to one another and to other cultures and people.

New Braunfels, TX

#181 Jan 9, 2014
o0o_laura_o0o wrote:
<quoted text>
excuse me but men who are american can also be of mexican descent.

Trust me I'm a Mexican and we MEXICAN don't like people that are talking behind there back and we are proud of being Mexican

New Braunfels, TX

#182 Jan 9, 2014
person wrote:
<quoted text> you do notice that many people in mexico are huge you dumb slut ans white people are the ones who have small dicks. get your facts straight
For your info I'm Mexican and I'm skinny I have friends that are Mexican and they are skinny and my boyfriend is Mexican and he is skinny yes we have people that are chubby but that doesn't mean we are ugly right now you could be skinny but you can turn fat any day and if u are fat u will become even fatter good luck
PDX Dave

Portland, OR

#183 Jan 9, 2014
It's an absolutely fantastic idea for a girl to date a Mexican guy... providing you're a Mexican girl, in Mexico!

Ashburn, VA

#184 Jan 13, 2014
CupcakeSprinkles wrote:
They do cheat. I am speaking from experience. I had been warned about Mexican men from day one. They behave very poorly. I watched all my exe's friends cheat on their girlfriends. They are very passionate, but not exclusive. They do live their lives as if they are always single. I am very open minded and I try my best to understand, but these men cannot be trusted! Watch them around all women from about 13 to 100... I live in CA so there are a ton of Mexicans and Mexican Americans here and I see this stuff all the time. I've had Mexican men with wives && familes trying to get in my pants. Don't date and/or marry a Mexican.
you mean even the mix mexicans half white? How to read signs they are cheaters cause don't wanna generalize.

Victorville, CA

#186 Feb 28, 2014
Over them

Richmond, VA

#187 Apr 9, 2014
All Mexican man are not the same good and bad in every race. Black white Mexican Chinese You get the point with that being said the married was a cheater went to work every day come home was there every time at night but he was Chetan in the day when you supposed to be working I helped him start a successful business A very clean house fed him well sexed him well but he just had urges that he could not resist which I think most Mexican men have to have more than one woman and we know the STDs that are out there so yes most Mexican men cheat but don't they all black white or other men in general so if you find a man that don't hold on tight girls because it will be a bitch trying to get them it's all about the nasty bitches that cheat with these men know when they have wives children girlfriends chicken head bitches is what I call

Upland, CA

#188 Jun 6, 2014
im Mexican and hung looking for big Mexican willies post an ad for it on craigslist and see firsthand how big brown cock is
jdmnbm13-Mexicot hegreat

United States

#189 Jun 27, 2014
Mexicanpower wrote:
<quoted text>
For your info I'm Mexican and I'm skinny I have friends that are Mexican and they are skinny and my boyfriend is Mexican and he is skinny yes we have people that are chubby but that doesn't mean we are ugly right now you could be skinny but you can turn fat any day and if u are fat u will become even fatter good luck
He was talking about our Mexican dicks not our size..

United States

#190 Jul 24, 2014
Whirgirl wrote:
I just would like to know if mexicans men have big dicks. That's all please.
Yeah I have been with 3 in the past 5 years and each one did not disappoint at all ;) they actually were maybe my top 3 ever in bed

United States

#191 Jul 24, 2014
It's crazy how all these political stereotypes, history lessons and rascist remark out of ignorance and respect for any race white or brown, came from a single question

San Clemente, CA

#192 Aug 12, 2014
Brida O Fern wrote:
<quoted text>You sure about that?
Fact is that I don't want to handle him or any other Mexican. It's no ten people I know, who said that they're just not good in bed but only machos with a big mouth and nothing else behind it.
So, I ask myself, if ten people altogether REALLY can be wrong.
Besides most of Mexican guys here in LA are criminals, so again No Thanks.
I stick to my good ole American hubby and suggest to do the same to all American girls.
At least with Americans what you see is what you get and that is mostly very good anyway. So I just don't see the need why anyone would have to go "Mexican".
Just because you heard from 10 stupid friends of yours doesn't mean that Mexican men are not good in bed! They are great in bed and your probly saying all that bull shit that Mexican in California are criminals and have small dicks because you don't want the American girls going to the Mexicans but with you lazy guys in America.

Ellensburg, WA

#193 Aug 16, 2014
Im white, & i have a mexican boyfriend,
They are honestly the best,
Best sex ever, it depends though i guess
He has the biggest penis i've seen
i've actually never seen a bigger one than the one he has .its like an african american penis .
Its actually great,
He is a hard worker he owns a company, makes good money treats me like a princess buys me mostly everything i could want
But he really is good in bed. He makes it romantic and special.
Ariana Anderson

Ellensburg, WA

#194 Aug 16, 2014
They are the best ,
Im so happy to be with my husband he treats me like a queen
And yes they do have big penis's
And they're really kinky too
i love it and can we all just stop being racist
Mexicans are great , i am not mexican ,but i love everything about them

Saltillo, Mexico

#197 Jan 7, 2015
john wrote:
<quoted text>
First of all, Mexico did not exist as a country until about 40 years after the US became a country, the US was never a part of Mexico. Some land transferred to the US from what was to become mexico because the people there were smart and did not want to be part of mexico
Secondly, are you aware that you were conquered by Spain - and that Spain is in Europe ? And that your language is Spanish ? Your country is far more European than the US
Third of all, your putrid little country is going to be a wasteland soon, the drug lords will kill everyone - including one another, and we'll simply come down and build a lot of condos. Anyone who is left alive will work for us as gardeners and in our fast food restaurants.
If the rest of mexico is as ignorant as you have shown yourself to be, we can even finish the job ahead of schedule. Mexico is weak, corrupt, and very stupid
First of all "some land" as you say is California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.(Like, more than half of your country) Second, "we" were never conquered by spain, mexicans are the mix of a lot of races, including european, african and asian races mixed with native americans, moron, and last (but not least) Your country is the one that is gonna be so poor when the B.R.I.C.S. get rid of "petrodollars" and you won't have the money to pay China all those trillions of dollars that you owe them.
Candy Land

Barrigada, Guam

#198 Feb 20, 2015
Black Mike wrote:
<quoted text> Just so u know blacks are superior to all races yes whites had slaves for over four hundred years though Africa n I mean Egypt had slaves for thousands of years not just Jewish but european n white. Look it up it is true Africa had the Nile river for I
Port n export that's how other races got there from ships. We have bigger dicks n we are better lovers we are tougher n more athletic every race in the world seems to try n act black n some way. Jesus was black n so was Cleopatra. Look at all the things black people have created n u will be surprised we in enter e drugging damn near white people steal ideas because they are devils who do t have the intelligence to create anything unless it cause destruction. We built America including the white house we help win most of the wars because we were on the front line. Even white soldiers thought we were superior to them seeing how we could do everything better than they n we had more heart n are a loyal people unlike white people they are the most hated race so fuck all u non athletic bonkers with your small dicks n flat butts. You all are jealous of blacks n u know it n if u go to church your worshipping a black Jesus n yes he was black. A's a matter of fact are d a is more pure white people came from black people it's proven so fuck all honkeys.
Im older and have been with 3 black guys, 2 white and am now with a Mexican. The black men were the worst of all in bed. The first one had such a small penis. The other two thought having a large penis and just throwing a girl around in bed is how to be great at sex... I feel it is very cold and unromantic. It is more like a sport than making love. White guys are better because they are freaks. They will try anything and do anything to please their woman sexually. But my guy now ( the Mexican) he will do anything to make me happy and is so romantic. Sex with him had brought to sexual pleasure that I didn't even know I could experience. I think it's because Mexicans tend to be very passionate. BTW he has a big penis.
little bunny fufu

Sonora, CA

#200 Feb 20, 2015
Mexicanpower wrote:
<quoted text>
Trust me I'm a Mexican and we MEXICAN don't like people that are talking behind there back and we are proud of being Mexican
latina girl

Charlotte, NC

#202 Mar 2, 2015
My boy friend is Mexican n from mexico no complaints here Mexican men are the best in bed and the best stop hateing on the Mexican race

Bilbao, Spain

#204 Mar 3, 2015
Beware of Mexicans please. If you want romantic man choose spaniards.
Mexican guys only want one happy night. Spanish men want long relationship.
If we fell in love we will surprise the girlfriend even if it is from another country or other continent.

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