is it a good idea to date a mexican guy?

Porters Lake, Canada

#151 Nov 20, 2012
I dated a Mexican for a very long time, he treated me better than any white guy i ever had.. he bought me stuff, treated me... he was a gentlemen.. unlike some white guys. He spent everyday with me and every night, he took me everywhere he went... i believe Mexican men are faithful in a relationship if they truely do love you.

Buffalo Grove, IL

#153 Dec 11, 2012
um there are other Mexicans in America other than ones that were born here and illegal aliens...they aren't all dirt poor thanks. My boyfriend is from Mexico and he is not he's amazing and sweet and we love each other very much and I'm about as white as they come. All those stereotypes are stupid and a lot of people don't realize that they really have a great culture. Plus it's sexy when he speaks spanish ;)

Indio, CA

#155 Dec 18, 2012
Mexicans do have huge dicks Idk wht u girls r talkin about..i suggest all u girls go brown foreal I already did ;)

United States

#156 Jan 22, 2013
Brida O Fern wrote:
<quoted text>Hermano, let me tell you something. It's because of people like yourself why Mexicans have such a bad reputation.
You obviously never learned any manners, Beaner.
Don't attack my people compadre. You're lucky that your little taco butt's still on our side of the boarder.
shut the f*ck up u fat ugly white skank, go kill your self
Hot Chick

Toronto, Canada

#157 Feb 14, 2013
Small dick but very good in bed. Best sex ever but we broke up because he wouldnt go exclusive and it sicken me to see that he keeps on cheating. I had fun though... ;)

Riverside, CA

#158 Feb 14, 2013
Name just one honest mexican.

Ajax, Canada

#159 Mar 9, 2013
john wrote:
<quoted text>
First of all, Mexico did not exist as a country until about 40 years after the US became a country, the US was never a part of Mexico. Some land transferred to the US from what was to become mexico because the people there were smart and did not want to be part of mexico
Secondly, are you aware that you were conquered by Spain - and that Spain is in Europe ? And that your language is Spanish ? Your country is far more European than the US
Third of all, your putrid little country is going to be a wasteland soon, the drug lords will kill everyone - including one another, and we'll simply come down and build a lot of condos. Anyone who is left alive will work for us as gardeners and in our fast food restaurants.
If the rest of mexico is as ignorant as you have shown yourself to be, we can even finish the job ahead of schedule. Mexico is weak, corrupt, and very stupid
First of all Americans were conquered by ENGLISH, DUTCH, FRENCH AND A BUNCH MORE european countries and you all speak English which is in Europe! So what ever point you were trying to make is like the stove calling the oven hot .
Secondly, AMERICA was conquered LONG after mexico was and its a well known FACT most of california, texas and other parts of the south were all, or mostly apart of what was early mexico.
Thirdly, NEWS to you your country is probably the most corrupt in the world you think your a democracy but your thoughts don't matter to your government, and on top of that your country is debt to almost every other powerful nation on this planet, China owns like 80% of your economy and education in the US is probably just as bad or worse than it is in mexico like americans are know for being IDIOTS. Your country is also hated and not trusted by most of the world need I go on or do you get it America SUCKS ! Saying crap about mexicans just makes you look more ignorant to the fact your only importance to your country is your tax dollars.
By the way I'm Canadian:) the country thats loved by all.

Richardson, TX

#160 Mar 24, 2013
Brida O Fern wrote:
<quoted text>YOU portraited the Mexican Stereotype PERFECTLY with that comment.
Ignorant, ungrateful, useless and spiteful!
Get over it! The couple of States who you still claim to be Mexican possession, was sold out of necessity, a long time ago. By Whom????
By one of your Mexican "Compadres".
Don't linger in the past, Idiot!
Useless? Excuse me, but Mexicans are some of the most hard working people in America, without them our country would Fall to prices. They should be exonerated for their usefulness.
Dirty beaners

Laguna Niguel, CA

#161 May 14, 2013
Most beaners like chinks have small little dicks. most are short men in height which equals short little weenies!!! common human biology

Phoenix, AZ

#162 May 17, 2013
Trailertrash wrote:
I can only quote the words of a Mexican lady (naturalized from Mexico City) who taught in my school and was married to an Anglo man, who upon finding out her daughter was dating a mexican man said she was so frightened by the event because mexican men were, as she said, self absorbed, selfish, egocentric, filthy, ill mannered,gross ignorant and cruel animals. From the mouth of experience.
Not all Mexicans are what you said they are. I'm Mexican-American,and I'm not any of these things.

Topeka, KS

#163 Jul 30, 2013
the Mexican guy I know is clean, sexy, and has an absolutely beautiful penis. he wants to enjoy his intimate time and slows things down so he can enjoy fully. he stays clean in every spot on his body. 5 star rating

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#164 Jul 31, 2013
I'm Mexican and have a 8 inch dick and 9 inch when I'm hard I'm only 16 years old .. So idk about having a little dick ..

Phoenix, AZ

#165 Jul 31, 2013
Well I'm mexican and I think cerotes are lil bitchs

Roxboro, NC

#166 Sep 29, 2013
This is all I have to say..

White people .. have sex with their family members white people cheat a hole bunch just like any race. White people go crazy and shoot up schools and blow things up. Have you seen red necks how wild they act. Living in crazy trailer parks and drive nasty pick up trucks. And marry ugly fat white woman and have kids like crazy. They're more white killers in America. Most of the rapes are done by white males most of the kidnaps are done by white males. They're more white homeless people. They're more broke white people. Most of the serial killers are white.

Mexico is slowly eating up America. Threw drugs. We run the drug game. Were killing America while at the same time building Mexico up. Lol so talk your shit. Thats why Mexicans families came here to take money and send it back to educate our kids and then take them back and benefit Mexico. Lol y'all funny. White people are going down and they don't even notice it. Blacks are coming up huge and asians as well. American owes tuns of money to china and many countries. Mexicans are eating up the USA. And you dont even know it.

Aurora, IL

#167 Oct 6, 2013
Klaus wrote:
Race mixing is evil and ugly, so cut it out!
what the hell is your problem? People like you in this world are disgusting & don't deserve to live. Race mixing is a beautiful thing. So stfu. Please and thank you.

Saint Paul, MN

#168 Oct 27, 2013
I agree with u because its really true that it doesn't matter who u want or who u like all it matters is u find the right guy that has the personality and attitude that u like and if its meant to be its meant to why be racist when everywhere you go people from different race are always gonna be there

East Liberty, OH

#170 Dec 13, 2013
i think it is very logical that no one can rule your life and im dating a Mexican right know he is very nice and im comfortable around him because i know he cares but all im saying dont let anyone try to tell you what to do

Las Vegas, NV

#171 Dec 18, 2013
all the people who said that mexicans were criminals and why would you want a mexican are stupid because most american girls go out with mexicans because their lazy asses dont want to do anything. mexicans are hard workers abbd not everything was given to them in their hand like most people were mexicans have always worked to get where they are but i do not deny the fact that not all mexicans are like i mention them but not all are criminals either

Las Vegas, NV

#172 Dec 18, 2013
david wrote:
Name just one honest mexican.
you are a dumb person a lot of mexicans are honest. they are probably better than you'll ever be.

Las Vegas, NV

#173 Dec 18, 2013
Dirty beaners wrote:
Most beaners like chinks have small little dicks. most are short men in height which equals short little weenies!!! common human biology
you do notice that many people in mexico are huge you dumb slut ans white people are the ones who have small dicks. get your facts straight

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