Why Won't The Government Help Against...

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#156 Dec 19, 2013
Nationscredit Closes Last 100 Offices Across U.s. Company Was Accused Of Predatory Lending,...
NationsCredit, a consumer lending branch of Bank of America Corp., shut down its remaining 100 offices for good this summer.The organization, often called a predatory lender by consumer groups, ran...
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Lucinda Stotelmyer Our servicer SPS said Nations credit/Equi Credit owns our mortgage note they went belly up in 2000?
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#157 Dec 19, 2013
Credit Suisse closing accounts in '50 nations'- The Local
Credit Suisse says it plans to close some clients' accounts as it focuses on high-value customers in some countries and pulls out of others altogether.

Hedgesville, WV

#160 Dec 19, 2013
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Aug 9, 2013 - Florida Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC (Boca Raton). 09-7941-CA. 08-12-13 .... Morris Hardwick Schneider (Maryland)..... widespread credit problems, fraud in underwriting ... cans' rights from arbitrary or wrongful violations.
screadpersonwith psp

Los Angeles, CA

#163 Dec 23, 2013
By brother got a loan from b of a for $ 203, 000 in 07 making payments we lost youngs brother in 09 and this yrs my mom was in the hospital five time but then b of a hand over are contact to psp and they say we are six months behide we have the money to bring it up to date what do I do

Keyser, WV

#164 Dec 27, 2013
Legal Lounge - MSFraud.org
Mortgage Servicing Fraud cases,... Cases Dismissed for Lack of Standing/Jurisdiction ***...... Fairbanks Capital n/k/a Select Portfolio Servicing Back to top.
Legal Lounge

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#166 Dec 27, 2013
Subpoenas to Mortgage Servicers

Citimortgage, Inc.
Ocwen Financial Corporation
Greenpoint Mortgage Funding, Inc.
HSBC Mortgage Services Inc.
Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc.
Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC
Residential Capital LLC
Residential Funding Company, LLC
Nationstar Mortgage LLC
Aurora Loan Services LLC
PennyMac Corp.
Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.
Green Tree Servicing LLC
Emigrant Mortgage Company, Inc.
PHH Mortgage Corporation
Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc.
American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.
SunTrust Bank
A member of the Tribe

Belton, TX

#167 Jan 2, 2014
I am so very sorry that all of this has happened to all of you. I am in the same boat. I have made every payment since I bought my house in 2005. I can even prove it. What I can't understand is how SPS can choose when to process payments, when to add fees to my account and then apply my monthly payment to pay their fees and not to the monthly payment. They show payments made by Western Union sporadically that I did not make and in amounts that do not coincide with my monthly statements and then notify me 3 week before the date of sale that I am being foreclosed on. I have paid them twice with the assurance that they would audit the account and find the mistake. I have been unsuccessful in obtaining an itemized list of account activity and have been asking for the past five years. I never had this problem with my original lender. I called to make the most recent payment in December of 2013 and found out that they are foreclosing on my home in less than 30 days. Talk about being shocked. I faxed all of my receipts, confirmation numbers, and bank statements to prove that the money was taken out and sent to this company. You would think I would have a case here, but SPS is not responding to my attorney's letters or requests for information. I am tired of fighting! No one will ever win against these crooks. The person with the deepest pockets will always win. It is amazing that our Government does not see what is going on here and take action to stop it. This is predatory lending at its highest level. So, I have moved out of my home and am so very happy with my decision. I can rest now. I sure wish I could see the look on the "big-wigs" faces when they walk into that house! Let's just say this....they will lose WAY more money than they ever stole from me. the house was mine and I can do whatever I want to with it. No, I did not burn it down....that IS illegal, but it will cost a fortune to sell that house to anyone else...you know, with repairs and all! You wanted it SPS, YOU GOT IT!!!!!
Waiting fore years

Gonzales, LA

#168 Jan 6, 2014
My house has been in foreclosure for over 3 years I think the last payment was made in March 09. Presently the property is foreclosure status but a sales date has not been posted. Six months ago I called SPS to do a deed in lieu of foreclosure. I hear from SPS only occasional and they do not have an answer on when they will do the deed in lieu. I am glad that I have been warned about them. I guess the last thing to do is bankruptcy.

Houston, TX

#170 Jan 27, 2014
select will have there day. Just a matter of time. We all have gotten fucd on this one. Thanks to uncle sam him self

Spanaway, WA

#173 Feb 4, 2014
I will burn my fu..... house to the ground before I let these pricks have it!!

Spanaway, WA

#174 Feb 4, 2014
Don't know why some people can swear and not me, but I would burn my f&@?$;$& house to the ground before I let these a&?);:holes have it
John Q

Spanaway, WA

#175 Feb 5, 2014
I wonder how many people are underwater on their loans compared to people who have equity. I would think sps would be more motivated to steal a house that has equity,they would make more money, whereas if you are upside down they wouldn't make as much cause that equity money is spent.
John Q

Spanaway, WA

#176 Feb 5, 2014
wasting time wrote:
Its understandable that all of you are upset however I would do a little more research before you start talking about something you know NOTHING about. First of all you would not be facing foreclosure if you paid your motgage on time. To all of you in judicial states I would really do your research because no servicer or lender can actively foreclose without obtaining judgement (judge must sign to proceed with the foreclosure). If you have a solid case stop wasting time & energy talking about it, hire an attorney & use that energy to save your home.
. Hey wasting time, we had made our payments on time for 15 years, then when I got cancer and had to retire we got behind on property taxes. Next thing we know sps has this loan and starts adding their fees. We have a "assigned relationship manager" who probably doesn't exist, 4 months now and have never been able to contact him. All they do is double-talk and baffle people with their bullshit,then act like they're really trying to help. We still have equity and I think that motivates them more. They stand to make more money on a foreclosure with equity than they would on a home that is underwater. We are still making payments but they keep changing the playing field and asking for more. Talk to 4 people there and you get 4 different answers. Bunch of miserable drones stuck in some cubicles in SLC probably getting bonuses for the more people they screw. I for one will not submit to their nazi tactics.

Hedgesville, WV

#182 Feb 10, 2014
SPS cant do a mod there only a collection co.scare tactics is all they have there hoping you will move out on your own But people are on to there curreption and scams..Have you noticed that SPS uses the same scam on all home owner's every story Is the same who deals with this scum..we have been going thrugh this for 14 years now and It just keeps going the CEO and owner was convected of Tax Fraud..Thamas Bajimion if I spelled that right..this co.Is crimnal...Crimnals do what they know best Lie cheat steal scam home owners..Yet the goverment has gave them millions to stay in Bussiness thats goverment curreption..These Scum's should be in Prison HOME OWNERS STAY IN YOUR HOME AND GET A GOOD CONSUMER LAYWER AND DEMAND A JURY IN COURT because this co.is will known in our state and all state's for being crimnals?

Peebles, OH

#183 Feb 18, 2014
WHAT government agency helps del with all the illegal charges?
Mary Meehan

Fort Wayne, IN

#184 Feb 19, 2014
I am so glad I read this before I followed through with a loan modification.

Betty I know what you mean about Bank of America , evil and then like you said gave me to SPS. I need to find another bank to refiance me and get away from them all together. Thats why I love blogs, you really get the right info.

Portland, OR

#185 Feb 20, 2014
I am very concerned. I am with Chase bank and in the middle of a 3 month trial period for a loan modification. Chase has in the middle of this handed the servicing of my loan over to SPS. Chase refused giving me the modification for a year until I finally got the Attorney General of the state of oregon after them. From all I'm reading here about SPS I'm scared they are throwing me to the wolves and something will surely arise to complicate the modification actually happening. If anyone has any suggestions or info that might help it would be greatly appreciated.
Eve Hayes

Schertz, TX

#186 Feb 22, 2014
What is going on? Instead of my loan amount going downj, it continues to go upl I've tried contacting per internet like all my bills. I can NEVER get on their website. I am truly afraid of what this company is doing to me. I need help. Should I contact an attorney>

Portage, MI

#187 Feb 25, 2014
lucy wrote:
http://4closurefraud.org/2010/ 10/08/false-statements/.....Li st Of Forgers and False Statements By Select Portfolio Servicing aka Fairbanks Capital Scam Co.???
. These a..holes got my house10 yrs ago I wish that could do something it still pisses me off my mother died and left me the house had to remortgage the house and make long short a..holes got the house I had no clue what to do knowto late wish I couldget house back but not there has to be something. Those fu..s. OWE ME

Berkeley Springs, WV

#188 Mar 1, 2014
james wrote:
<quoted text>. These a..holes got my house10 yrs ago I wish that could do something it still pisses me off my mother died and left me the house had to remortgage the house and make long short a..holes got the house I had no clue what to do knowto late wish I couldget house back but not there has to be something. Those fu..s. OWEIs.......... ME
Is your house still empty Now If so you can move back In..SPS are stealing home's Illaglly thrugh Forged and fake Docs go to the court house and get your mortgage assignments and look at the signers and noterys theres lots of fraud In these Docs?PS GET A GOOD LAYWER!351

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