Why Won't The Government Help Against...

Shelby, NC

#131 Nov 8, 2013
does any one know how to get help to fight SPS. We cant get anyone who will take them on and we are running out odf time please we need help

Missouri City, TX

#132 Nov 13, 2013
my loan was with mortgage, it not with SPS i do not know how they come to say they now own my loan and want to foreclose, i will not give in to their scam they will pay for every dime of fraud they had committed to home owner FBI CIA BBB they are all a name it depend on the people that are fraud worker dis-guarding themselves.they are not the real one, we the citizen of USA need to come together and expose this people and their fraudulent scam, select portfolio servicing are committing against the home owner.

Shelby, NC

#133 Nov 13, 2013
We never g antything from our short sell.

Salt Lake City, UT

#135 Nov 14, 2013
Betty Senemmari wrote:
SPS is no good. They are evil & greedy.
They want me to shortsale this house & they say the will pay 3,000.00 in relocation expense.Now I've lived here for 8 years, mostly dealing with evil bank of America and was thrown under the bus to SPS. Ordinary citizen would go to jail for these actions but why are these crooks walking around free? I need advice please.
you don't pay your mortgage what Do you expect? No its not illegal to ask you to ss your house. Nor is it illegal to get a down payment for a repayment or fb plan. You only hear about the bad and never the good. Modifying can't be done for everyone. I am on a mod from Sps that was able to keep me on my home. not everyone can be happy, if you can't afford your home you can't
Jennifer Barrett

Harpers Ferry, WV

#136 Nov 15, 2013
I have these scums too every time I turn around I am somehow behind and owe thousands of dollars. They keep saying they are going to foreclose on me. I hate them and I don't know what to do.

San Diego, CA

#137 Nov 15, 2013
Tina Golden wrote:
I love Selet Portfolio Servicing The reps are very nice and patinet. I had a rude Real Estate Agent helping me to sell my home but the agents were patient and helped me to get this process done! I am very satisfied.
You are from Utah, Salt Lake is it? Mormon? Makes a difference with Select Portfolio Servicing, they only service certain people, discrimination and fraud.

Inwood, WV

#138 Nov 19, 2013
Hey duh get off this sit and scare someone eles...we know you work for SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVIVNG and using scare tactics doesn;t work anymore WE ARE ON TO THIS Crimnal Co.get lost???

Inwood, WV

#139 Nov 19, 2013
16 Select Portfolio Servicing Inc 2, 3, 4, 5 L. Violations after 4/13/2011
17 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 M. Violations after 4/4/2012
18 4 N. Void NOD due to invalid substitution, wrong/fake signing entity
19 5 O. Void NTS due to void NOD
21 MBS PSA: http://www.secinfo.com/d13f21.uJk.d.htm#1stPa...
22 Loan Conveyance: page 93 of PSA agreement
23 jane martorana http://hofj.org/virtualoffice_files/Jane%20Ma...
24 loryn stone http://hofj.org/virtualoffice_files/LorynSton...
26 Yellow=Defective

Inwood, WV

#141 Nov 19, 2013
Shelly wrote:
<quoted text>you must be a typical banker. I
CSK Investments LLC, an Arizona limited liability company; Keith Ryan, a single man, Plaintiffs,
Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc., a Utah corporation; et al., Defendants.
CSK Investments LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, Cross-Claimant,
Keith Ryan, Cross-Defendant.
United States District Court, D. Arizona.
January 18, 2012.
CSK Investments LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, Plaintiff represented by Aaron Thomas Lloyd, Tiffany & Bosco PA.
CSK Investments LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, Plaintiff represented by Robert A Royal, Tiffany & Bosco PA.
Keith Ryan, Plaintiff represented by Teresa Hughes Foster, Teresa H Foster PLLC.
Select Portfolio Servicing Incorporated, a Utah corporation, Defendant represented by Jessica Renee Kenney, McCarthy Holthus Levine.
Select Portfolio Servicing Incorporated, a Utah corporation, Defendant represented by Matthew Allen Silverman, McCarthy Holthus Levine.
Select Portfolio Servicing Incorporated, a Utah corporation, Defendant represented by Paul M Levine, McCarthy Holthus Levine.

Inwood, WV

#142 Nov 19, 2013

Inwood, WV

#143 Nov 19, 2013
Shelly wrote:
<quoted text>you must be a typical banker. I
,,,,,,,,,,Categorized | STOP FORECLOSURE FRAUD
Posted on18 March 2011. Tags: assignment of mortgage, bank of new york, Bob Holz, bony, chain of title, compliance specialist, David Coleman, deposition, EqCC trust, Eric C. Reed, florida, foreclosure fraud, James Kowalski, Jeff Graham, John Peterson, Law Offices of James A. Kowalski, Michelle Andersen, Mindy Leetham, NationsCredit, note, pooling and servicing agreement, psa, Rebecka Mayoh, Salt Lake City, securitization, Shutts & Bowen, transcript, Troy Noble, trustess, utah
- See more at: http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2011/03/18/de...

Inwood, WV

#144 Nov 19, 2013
Shelly wrote:
<quoted text>you must be a typical banker. I
,,,,,,,,,,MBIA Insurance Corp. vs. Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC, DLJ Mortgage Capital, Inc. and Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc

Posted by 4closureFraud on December 16, 2009 · Leave a Comment

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Credit Suisse Sued Over Mortgage-Backed Securities

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Inwood, WV

#145 Nov 19, 2013
Roy III and Donna Blizzard ™
Source: by Roy BLizzard
Criminal Issues of the Mortgage Servicing Industry

While these probably in no way cover all of the illegal activities by the Mortgage industry and Your Federal Government, this may give you an idea of how pervasive this problem is when you figure that with the MERS system alone there are 60+ million homes and properties with no ownership papers. Compound this throughout the industry and you have a conservative estimate of over 200 million homes with bad paperwork and a 14 trillion dollar screw up that the taxpayers are paying for instead of forcing these corrupt banking institutions to pay. This doesn't even include the fraudulent insurance scam in the 100's of billions of dollars easily. For more information please visit us on our WEB site, Homeowners Against Mortgage Servicing Fraud on Facebook or visit our sister site MSFRAUD.org .

1) Mortgage Fraud – This hardly needs explaining. This is not a matter of homeowners not paying their mortgage as the Banking industry and Fed. Government would like you to believe.

2) Postal Fraud – All notices being sent through the US Postal Service is supposed to be mail fraud if it is a fraudulent notice as most mortgage servicing documents are. The USPS is ignoring this.

3) Conspiracy – The banking industry conspired with the Federal Reserve and the Insurance industry and the mortgage servicing industry to swindle the homeowners and the investors while avoiding all jail time.

4) Tax Evasion – With every sale transaction of the loan note on a property, a 1099-A is to be filed and taxes paid to show that the said property is being carried on the books of the company. This is being ignored by IRS. We foot the bill in lost tax revenue by these major banking entities.

5) County Filing Fee Evasion – With every transaction, the counties are supposed to collect a fee from the Mortgage company. All these lost fees are then paid by the taxpayer in higher taxes. This is a 10 million a month loss in Tarrant County-Ft. Worth, Texas alone. State and countyGovernments are allowing this.

Inwood, WV

#146 Nov 19, 2013
Shelly wrote:
<quoted text>you must be a typical banker. I
,,,,,,,,,, http://royblizzard.hubpages.com/hub/Criminal-...
jan futrell

Rochester, IN

#147 Nov 20, 2013
I had a bad feeling about this place. I was in trouble and bank of america sold my loan to them. Now they say don't make any payments till they get back with me in 30 days or so......WOW what a scam!

East Meadow, NY

#149 Nov 26, 2013
Ben - my situation is very similar to yours. I live on L.I. and I was on a 6 month moratorium with Chase which ended in mid June. My loan was sold to SPS as of June 1, 2013. I have been trying since then to get a modification. I have explained to them many times that Chase told me that the 6 months payments would be added on to the back end of the loan and my loan would be brought current. Most of the representatives have no idea what a moratorium is. I finally found someone who knew what a moratorium is. However, she said they cannot do that unless Chase will put in writing that they were going to tack the payments on to the end of the loan. I have been diligently trying to get this letter from Chase. I have also been working on the HAMP modification and was just informed the other day that it was denied because my income is too high. I have been making my payments with SPS and I just want my loan to be brought current. Do you have a contact person at Chase that verified their original intention to tack the payments on to the end of the loan? Also, who did you deal with at SPS to get this matter taken care of? I have been going through this for six months and want to move forward and put this behind me. I would appreciate any advice you can offer.
Ben - Freehold New Jersey wrote:
My mortgage was with Chase and after Super Storm Sandy here on the east Coast Chase put my mortgage in a 90 moratorium for Disaster Relief so I could have time to recover my fianances. The terms after 90 dyas were 6 additional payments tacked to the back of the mortgage to make the loan once again current. In my last month I received a letter from Chase that my mortgage had been sold to SPS. Chase said not to worry as all lenders have the same program and they will honor the same terms. This was not the case at all. As soon as my mortgage hit their system I was in default. I immediately received a forclosure notice. They said I would have to apply for a loan mod to bing the loan current. I told them I would NOT qualify because Chase already gave me one at a 2 percent interest rate. Then they said they would give me an in house modification adding 900 dollars more a month for one year to bring it current. This was un-acceptable and affordable. Meanwhile I am still getting foreclosure notices and was contacted by SPS's attourneys. I was at my wits end. This had now been going on for 4 months. I contacted Chase and they were very nice. They contacted SPS and explained that I was in a moratorium and that the loan should be deferred as 6 additional back end payments. Today SPS called me and told me that the investor behind the mortgage, Deutche Bank approved my deferment and the loan is now current. What a relief. Remember that SPS is nothing more than a collection agency. All loan mods have to get final approval from the actual investor behind the mortgage. They have some authority for approvals but ONLY the in-house modifications to collect more from you each month to bring loans current. Good Luck to every one here as I know your pain. I was just about to stop all payments and bank them all so I would not be on a park bench. New Jersey is one of the slowest states for Foreclosures so I felt I had some time to save money.
Lard Actin

Portsmouth, VA

#151 Nov 27, 2013
Mammon is the god of this world.

Bureaucracies turn towards money like flowers turn toward sunlight.

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely.

Martinsburg, WV

#152 Dec 4, 2013
http://4closurefraud.org/2010/10/08/false-sta... Of Forgers and False Statements By Select Portfolio Servicing aka Fairbanks Capital Scam Co.???

Las Vegas, NV

#153 Dec 16, 2013
Desiree Nevada wrote:
SPS is an extension of BofA. BofA tried to foreclose on me twice. When it came to the second Petition For Judicial Review THEY DID NOT SHOW UP.
When I attempted to ask the judge a question he said "don't argue with me, you won". What an asshole. The courts are on the banks side. Any way when BofA notified me they were selling my mortgage to SPS I wrote them a letter asking HOW CAN YOU PASS BAD PAPER? Now I am getting mortgage statements from these thieves, since Dec 2012. THEY CAN TAKE ME TO COURT TOO !!!! If they can find my account! ASSHOLES
Hi Desiree..Are you still fighting? Im in NV too and have been at it with B of A since 2008. They transferred servicing to SPS..looking to see what they have done to you..

Hedgesville, WV

#154 Dec 19, 2013
Ripoff Report | select portfolio servicing directory of Complaints ...
Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported ... Select Portfolio Servicing TIME TO TAKE DOWN SELECT PORTFOLIO Salt Lake City ... Select Portfolio Servicing ripoff are they going under Salt Lake City Utah Author:...
Ripoff Report | select portfolio servicing directory of Complaints & Reviews
Ripoff Report | select portfolio servicing directory of 13034 Complaints & Reviews: Select Portfolio Servicing Loan Modification, Internet

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