Why Won't The Government Help Against...
lu lu

Berkeley Springs, WV

#70 Jun 24, 2013
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1265490773900... here's a site on Facebook Donna and her husband Know all about Select Portfolio Servicing aka Equi Credit...and also Look up Mike Dillen..We all are dealing with SPSs FRAUD,SPS IS CRIMNAL AND SHOULD TRY TO GET A GOOD CONSUMER LAYWER,IF POSSABLE.THESE CRIMNALS ARE FRAUDS AND THERE SCAM HOMEOWNERS OUT OF THERE HOME,THEY HAVE BEEN SCAMING US FOR OVER 13 YERAS NOW???.......BE VERY CARFUL...
lu lu

Hedgesville, WV

#71 Jun 28, 2013
http://www.protitleusa.com/barbara_neale.aspx... 'S A LIST OF SPS AND OTHER'S FORGING YOUR MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENTS AND ALL DOCS???
lu lu

Paw Paw, WV

#72 Jul 3, 2013
lu lu

Martinsburg, WV

#73 Jul 13, 2013
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Inwood, WV

#74 Aug 5, 2013
wasting time

Salt Lake City, UT

#75 Aug 7, 2013
Its understandable that all of you are upset however I would do a little more research before you start talking about something you know NOTHING about. First of all you would not be facing foreclosure if you paid your motgage on time. To all of you in judicial states I would really do your research because no servicer or lender can actively foreclose without obtaining judgement (judge must sign to proceed with the foreclosure). If you have a solid case stop wasting time & energy talking about it, hire an attorney & use that energy to save your home.

South San Francisco, CA

#76 Aug 7, 2013
my friend who was getting loan modification after 2 denials was transfer to SPS today. we already contacted the attorney General Office, Inspector General of Treasury Dept, for the transfer. I guess we just have to keep writing and sending papers until we can find someone that will prosecute the scammers Bank of America and IndyMacOneWest Bank/jail time all employees and their Debt Collectors that process the loan modification.

South San Francisco, CA

#77 Aug 7, 2013
how can we trust the lawyers now a days, my sister first lawyer dupe her, we never got her money back but we were able to have him get in jail by submitting all documents to State Bar, LOCAL POLICE DEPT, attorney general office. The agency I mention above seize their office all the way to Tennessee, the bad part was they run out the money for restitution funds in that state, but the attorney general is trying to get them for jail time sentencing and hopefully she gets the restitution for victims of crimes. Then the second one that took over is being investigated too.The loan modification was finally approve .but she's paying more than it use to be. Now the scammer is being investigate by Attorney Generals office, The antitrust agency, The inspector General for Relief (sigtarp) It's long process, but there;s a result.the foreclosure review sucks to, but were trying to appeal it.

South San Francisco, CA

#78 Aug 7, 2013
e want to hire a lawyer, but who can we trust afterall the experience with lawyers mess on my sister loan modification.The HAMP, THE HUD, HARP, and HOPE WERE NOT A HELP AT ALL...THEY ARE ALL TOGETHER IN HARMONY WITH THE LENDER...they kill the time to exhaust the sensitive time for processing loan modification and they keep losing documents, then the denial says inability to complete documents in time. then re-apply while time is wasted and the longer the matter is unsettled the better chance the lender to foreclose. Very smart and real crook of the century. it's unbelievable how people in America being prey by their own people. no more honest people in this century...gread...

Los Angeles, CA

#79 Aug 11, 2013
I'm concerned about what I've read here.

I talked with someone on Friday, thought the conversation went well.

However, if this is a scam I'll have to let my attorney look into it.

One thing you can look at is a chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy. This is a reorganization of debt. It can help you keep your home I you qualitfy.

Good Luck.
meee tooo

Adrian, MI

#80 Aug 13, 2013
wasting time wrote:
Its understandable that all of you are upset however I would do a little more research before you start talking about something you know NOTHING about. First of all you would not be facing foreclosure if you paid your motgage on time. To all of you in judicial states I would really do your research because no servicer or lender can actively foreclose without obtaining judgement (judge must sign to proceed with the foreclosure). If you have a solid case stop wasting time & energy talking about it, hire an attorney & use that energy to save your home.
Actually maybe you should do a little research. Many on here are a bit overzealous, but MANY MANY homes have been and are being foreclosed on with forged documents and illegal practices. These banks have been investigated and fined, but are still getting away with bullying people out of their homes. Many people have fallen behind because of the economic downturn. Hardworking responsible people who want to pay their mortgage and all of their bills. Some have had unexpected medical problems that have caused them to fall behind on their payments, and these people are willing and able to get caught up. They try to make arrangements to get current, fulfill their obligation to do so and then are told that these payments were only applied to fees or partial payments were made and now the homeowner is further behind than before they made the arrangements. Usually people in this situation do not have the extra funds to hire a lawyer, and trying to get help from an agency takes more time than they have. Many of the programs that are available to homeowners are only for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae backed mortgages. Many of these borrowers are underwater in these homes as well, so they can't even sell the home! Something does need to be done to stop the mortgage servicers and lenders from these kinds of practices.
John Doe

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

#81 Aug 20, 2013
You will like this...

I paid off my loan to METLIFE. Then I get a letter from JP MORGAN CHASE telling me they are my "creditor". I sent a validation of debt letter to CHASE, and they send another letter back telling me I have no account.

SPS is trying to foreclose in the name of JP Morgan Chase.

UTLS is trying to foreclose in the name of Metlife!!

HAHA.. see you in court! BRING THE NOTE!!
Desiree Nevada

Las Vegas, NV

#82 Aug 20, 2013
SPS is an extension of BofA. BofA tried to foreclose on me twice. When it came to the second Petition For Judicial Review THEY DID NOT SHOW UP.
When I attempted to ask the judge a question he said "don't argue with me, you won". What an asshole. The courts are on the banks side. Any way when BofA notified me they were selling my mortgage to SPS I wrote them a letter asking HOW CAN YOU PASS BAD PAPER? Now I am getting mortgage statements from these thieves, since Dec 2012. THEY CAN TAKE ME TO COURT TOO !!!! If they can find my account! ASSHOLES

Martinsburg, WV

#83 Aug 20, 2013

New York, NY

#84 Aug 31, 2013
Sps are unbelievable scam artest. They state you miss two months and they start forclosure proceedings right away. Wtf is that. In these time ...with the economy the way it is. They won't work with you on a modification at all. They tell you stop paying the loan and wait for the modification app to go threw. Then what happens after you stop paying they send you a letter really really late saying you didn't qualify. Next step is you loose your home and your way behind on payments then your out on the street. What a sham scam. The forbearance is rediculous on what they charge if you get one. The government needs to really investigate them cause what their doing is killing the American dream. I've read articles that their being investigated and I hope it's true. I read to many complaints online about these people. Something's funny about this company or should I say these crooks.

Tallahassee, FL

#85 Sep 3, 2013
My loan was transfered to SPS while in the middle of trying to modify it. I went on-line to read about my new mtg. co. After reading all these posts, I thought I was screwed but nothing could be further from the truth. My modification, which was started at Chase, was transfered and approved by SPS withing 2 mos of the transfer. Reps in cust service were polite and knowledgeable. I was kept abreast with a call from my rep. every 2 wks, which is unheard of these days. I was never asked to pay or send a deposit up front. My new mortgage payment is very low and very affordable. Can't say what will happen to you, but just wanted to write this to say they're not that bad.

Sherwood, OR

#86 Sep 4, 2013
We have been trying to work with these people and wow talk about no one knowing anything! we been with them for 5 months payment not due tell the 1ST and we pay on the 25th of the month before its due and they still call. also i am not sure what where paying for cause we have our own insurance and they still make us pay them for it can't get a answer from any one that works there. good luck every one

South Bend, IN

#87 Sep 16, 2013
mcm wrote:
Chase mortgage just sent me a letter to inform me that we will no longer be with them and we will be with sps
Chase also "sold" our mortgage to SPS. We were three months behind to Chase (partially because Chase kept denying, applying, denying again then reapplying our payments.) By March 1,2013, we were current, all past due monies (including late fees and other charges) were paid. In April 2013, we rec'd our sold notice. Since May 2013, we've disputed late charges that SPS insist were incurred by Chase but owed to SPS. I kept all the documentation and called, faxed, emailed, and called again in order to prove our mortgage was current when SPS took over. I get a different person and a different answer each time. I have paperwork from SPS stating that our account was current when transferred. The charge has yet to be removed from the monthly bill. Last month, I included a note with the remittance coupon stating, per SPS themselves, the charge was not due. A few weeks later I rec'd a huge envelope in the mail from SPS - they flooded us with paperwork (copies of our mortgage, plus supposedly the payment history Chase provided them). Again they stated, per info from Chase, that they were owed fees since our account was delinquent. There was no mention of ANY of our prior correspondence. SPS has also significantly increased our escrow payment (by almost $1500 a year) even though our taxes and homeowner's insurance has NOT increased. I'm wondering how a bank can sell a mortage to a debt collector when the mortgage is current and there is no need for a loan modification?

Salt Lake City, UT

#88 Sep 17, 2013
pissy kris wrote:
Looks like the FTC prosecuted them for all of the above.... derrrrr
This is a story from 2004..it is 2013

Martinsburg, WV

#89 Sep 19, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
This is a story from 2004..it is 2013
....What ever in salt lake city..YOU WORK FOR SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVING...JERK ASS!!!!

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