Why Won't The Government Help Against...
lu lu

Martinsburg, WV

#49 May 24, 2013
Hander wrote:
<quoted text>
Betty, take responsibility for your actions. Your 'v lived eight years in a house that isn't yours. YOU couldn't afford to pay cash for a home so you borrowed the money from "evil Bank of America". YOU chose to do that. The house was never yours. Its been the banks property for the entire time. YOU signed contracts and such and if you'd read them you'd know exactly what would happen if you stopped paying on your promises. take responsibility for your failure to pay your obligations. You should be glad that you're being offered any money at all to move yourself out of someone else's home.
Hey Hander Is Threats all you have you peace of Shit,it seems SPS is always making threats,its a matter of time before you end up in prison.WE PAY OUR BILLS,SPS IS STEALING HOME'S THEY CANT PROOVE THEY OWN SHIT AND YOU KNOW IT???
lu lu

Martinsburg, WV

#50 May 24, 2013
Swamp Fox wrote:
It is ILLEGAL TO CHARGE $10,000.00 up front for any kind of Forbearance or any kind of a Loan and Modifications. Demanding $10,000.00 UP FRONT is a FELONY .... Look at this Google Search http://www.google.com/#hl=en&sclient=psy-...
lu lu

Martinsburg, WV

#51 May 24, 2013
lu lu

Martinsburg, WV

#52 May 24, 2013
Swamp Fox wrote:
Joanne Gendron Boulanger Wrote:
I posted this earlier...Just received Dave Krieger's book "Clouded Titles" in the mail today. Not even done the first chapter and already I am in love! Did you know the Federal Trade Commission levies fines up to $11,000 for even taking an up-front fee to start a "loan mod" and up to $11,000 per day for each day that violation is allowed to continue? A Must READ!
....http://legalnewsline.com/i ssues/sub-prime-mortgages/2417 28-federal-court-dismisses-wro ngful-foreclosure-lawsuit-agai nst-mortgage-registry-others.. .You Should read this???
lu lu

Martinsburg, WV

#53 May 24, 2013
http://abigailcfield.com/... Good Read about MORTGAGE SERVICING FRAUD???

Bumpass, VA

#54 May 28, 2013
I just received a notice that we were sold to SPS... I was hoping they were going to be better then Greentree...But it does not look like were going to get anywhere! UGH! I hope they are not as bad as people are saying!

Oceanside, CA

#55 Jun 3, 2013
This is very unsettling. I thought we were the only ones figuring out what is going on! Here is the link to my blog: "Housecleaning" Up a Fraudulent mess" www.SuckersinSCAMerica.blogspot.com

Please read the whole tangled tale. My newest post involves SPS as we were just introduced to this company TODAY!

Please leave comments on my blog with feedback or any new information you may have that I do not. Thank you! And GOOD LUCK!
Andrea S

Lynn, MA

#56 Jun 7, 2013
My mortgage was just switched to SPS and after reading some of your issues, I am very worried!
Tell me what would you do at first with this company?

Downey, CA

#57 Jun 7, 2013
im loosing my house :( some body help me ?
lu lu

Berkeley Springs, WV

#58 Jun 8, 2013
Christie Smith wrote:
I was denied a modification also. I called and talked to three people last week and nothing was said about it. I get a letter today stating I was denied on April 22, 2013 but was not informed of that when I called last week, my house is going to he sold April 30, 2013 and there is nothing I can do about it. The letter also states I can reinstate by paying the balance due but it needed to be paid by April 25, 2013 the post mark on the envelope was the 25, how could it have been paid. I am so upset about losing my home, my family is falling apart. Wish there was something I could do to keep my house.
lu lu

Hedgesville, WV

#59 Jun 9, 2013
lu lu

Hedgesville, WV

#60 Jun 11, 2013
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1265490773900... HOME OWNERS AGENST MORTGAGE SERVICNG FRAUD ON FACEBOOK??.....IT ABOUT SPS AND THERE CRIMNAL WAYS..........
lu lu

Hedgesville, WV

#61 Jun 12, 2013
On the edge wrote:
SPS IS NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF CROOKS!!! They had me pay them 10k as a "good faith" payment to remodify our loan and get it out of foreclosure. They said after I make the first 3 monthly mortgage payments at the new rate, all would be ok on our home loan. This was March 2012. So, I paid the 10k which I had to borrow from a relative, then I paid the very high remodification payment in April, May, June, and July, with in the first week of July we received a letter that they are foreclosing our home "but we could try for a modification" they also said they have not posted any money to our account and they even are returning 1/2 of a payment (???) I contacted my lawyer and she has been trying to get in touch with them for a month now. They will not answer. They have over 20 k of our money just sitting somewhere. I am absolutely broke!!! I work full time and do the best I can for my 3 kids but SPS has taken every dime I have and has caused me so much stress and health issues. This company needs to be stopped!!! I was also a victim of Fairbanks capital Corp. Had to pay 17k to get my loan away from them just to have it sold right back to them! SO NOT RIGHT!
........SPS and FAIRBANKS CAPITAL are all the same co.sps use's other name's to steal your money and your home,Don't Trust SPS........
Donna Thomas

Cerritos, CA

#62 Jun 12, 2013
I spoke with my lawyer after SPs denied our loan mod saying we did not give them all the paperwork even though I have two letters from them saying the paperwork is complete. He said to contact the agency that is now in charge of monitoring the Loan modifications at the following email address in California.( I dont know if other states have them, but thought I would pass ont he info)
You should contact the California Monitor. They'll likely need copies of the letters saying everything was received as well as the denial. You should email the monitor at [email protected]
Richard G

New York, NY

#63 Jun 14, 2013
Who is the bank that actually is backing our loans if SPS is just a service provider? Does anyone know?

Milton, FL

#64 Jun 14, 2013
Hander wrote:
<quoted text>
I was going to pick this apart and prove just what a dummy you are but..... You're a moron and wouldnt get it. Pay your bills.
YOU WILL BE JUDGED! Have you any clue????
lu lu

Hedgesville, WV

#65 Jun 14, 2013
tynabela wrote:
<quoted text>
YOU WILL BE JUDGED! Have you any clue????
,,,,,,,,,,Hay hander go to hell,we pay are bills....What are you anyway a SPS spy or there suck up boy..threats will not scare us ,so go cry to someone eles???
lu lu

Hedgesville, WV

#66 Jun 14, 2013
Hander is a SPS spy?

Philadelphia, PA

#67 Jun 17, 2013
I want to ban together to stop SPS.... they are forcing foreclosure on us too

Buffalo, NY

#69 Jun 23, 2013
If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. My grandmother took out a loan on her house to buy my parents house 26 years ago. Her loan at the time was through (she says moot&sprague)equicredit for 40k. 26 years later she still owes 38k with SPS. Which makes no sense because she pays it faithfully. Her paperwork is saying the loan was made in 96, she can't figure out where that date is coming from. Neither can I. She had a another mortgage on my parents house, she had 20k on that to pay for my uncles college. My uncle graduated in 92, they told her they "ran out of coupons" last year on that house, they no longer bill her, but they haven't coughed up a formal letter stating her loan is over or even her deed? Recently they stopped cashing her checks for this house. Its been 9 months now. She got a letter in april 2013 stating her monthly payment was going up in november of 2012. I don't know how to help her any suggestions?

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