Why are women treated unfairly?
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Novato, CA

#48 Nov 20, 2012
Here's a quote from some woman about how males are treated unfairly.

"Its all about a mothers rights, but no fathers rights. The new family unit is now defined as a mother and her children.

Women being treat like princesses in prison and men being treat like animals. Female prison guards humiliate and degrade men, but female prisoners get privacy and respect from male prison guards.

Bodily choice for women, but forced genital mutilation for baby boys, referring to womens rights to their bodies in terms of abortion, but boys being circumcised without choice.

Female reporters allowed in menís locker rooms, but privacy and respect for female athletes. Very strange definition of equality that feminsim was very vocal about as being equal rights. Is this an example of the respect that feminists claim MEN dont have for WOMEN?

Its women getting everything in a divorce, and men being torn away from their children

Female sex offenders being slapped on the wrist, but male sex offenders being incarcerated the rest of their lives

Its men being sentenced to more time for the same crime than women. This can be reserached under the US government and shows that women dont get held accountable to the level that men do.

Its a feminized education system that cripples natural behavior of boys, makes being male a crime in school, then girls claiming they are smarter.

Why is it when two people under the age of consent have sex, only the boy is charged with doing something wrong?

Its women being allowed to drown five children and using the fact she is a woman to get away with it - Andrea Yates

Its men being jailed for defending themselves against an abusive wife, but called a wimp if he takes the abuse

Its women demanding respect from men, but never having to respect them in return

Its women having the choice between abortion, adoption, dropping an unwanted baby off at a hospital, raising the child with a father, or raising the child without a father, but the only choice men have is to agree.

Its 3 innocent Duke Lacrosse players losing their lives because we dont ever think a woman could lie about rape - let alone prosecute her for doing so.

Its women labeling men as abusive when the US government has shown women cause more child abuse than men.

Its female rape being horrendous, but male rape being funny and made in to comedy movies. Male rape is a legally accepted part of the justice system, but only against men.

Its just about every TV show being allowed to humiliate and degrade men, but women complaining and calling it sexist if they were treated the same.

Its allowing women only clubs and banning men only clubs

Itís doing everything we can to help girls in math and science, but letting boys fall further behind in everything else.

Itís defining equal pay for equal work as men playing five sets of tennis, but women only playing three. Maybe women claiming 3=5 is the reason for the above point

Its cutting menís sports in college in favor of womenís sports that have no interest

Its female murderers being mentally ill, but male murderers just being evil

Its claiming men walk out on their family when its actually women who file 80% of divorces

Its men being portrayed as evil, stupid or buffoons on TV and all women being perfect or superior.

Its women wanting equality for their gender, but men being called chauvinist pigs when they want equality for their gender

Its fixing the education system when girls are failing, and blaming the boys when boys are failing

Its women being allowed to level false accusation against an innocent man without consequence. Read Duke Lacrosse and many other examples. Feminism has installed this right to women through the courts.

Its a man being a chauvanist, sexist pig when he doesnt respect women, but a women who doesnt respect men is an admirable, strong and independant woman.

Its feminists not being able to provide one example of legal discrimination against women today"

Novato, CA

#49 Nov 20, 2012
Sorry for the double post, the website glitched out and my comments vanished for a while there.


#50 Dec 14, 2012
Not all men are bad, SOME are, but not ALL. The bad ones give the good ones a bad name
Jacob Henton

Alexandria, VA

#51 May 12, 2013
im sorry but women only think that they have to dress the way they do but they don't! we don't care! dress how you want! and you can be treated as goddesses because you have to go through menstrual pain? not everybody does! my mom didn't, she said her pregnancy was great! she said she felt energized and didn't go through labor because she had a C-section, which, mind you, is always an option! men are mistreated a lot more =than women are when you think about it! im sorry you sometimes have to go through pain but so do men!! every day is a risk with just one kick you could have to go to the hospital and loose the opportunity of having children!! think about our problems before you start thinking that we have it so great and you are treated horribly!
The Advocate

Mexico, Mexico

#52 May 12, 2013
Kinda reminds me of an experiment did by college students back in 2008-10...from UCLA I think. Girls held a bake sale...the customers were priced accordingly:

Men --$1.00 USD
White women --$0.90 USD
Latina women --$0.70 USD
Black women --$0.50 USD

The prices reflected the current paycheck given out to men and women of different background in the same level of expertise for a single task at work.

Sad to know that women are still not "liberated" in that true sense and are forced to live off less in the same job while their male colleagues have it so much easier.

Also, this blog: http://www.everydaysexism.com/

Some events depicted are merely annoying and hurtful, others are downright horrifying and criminal. Shame on men for crying about "feminazis" and refusing to acknowledge that women still do face a lot of problems today!

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