T Mobile has the worse reputation as indicated at the Better Business Bureau who has a "D" rating against them for charging people $400 and over for cell phones that have been returned to them. T Mobile refuses to make it right and charges people. The Better Business Bureau rated them almost an F to fail them for such a lousy job with customers. They sell equipment they don't know about for help, do not know how to use the latest phone and charge for things that have been returned. It has been losing business for several years now and keeps losing to other cell phone companies. If you have problems with T Mobile and you probably do contact the Better Business Bureau in your neighborhood or the Council of Better Business Bureaus who are in Virginia who lead all the bureaus and will help you. You should also contact your attorney general in your state, the Federal Communications Commission, and your senator and congresspeople. Enough complaints they will be driven out of business or cut you a great deal.