NO-TAX-HIKE instead TAX, legalize Coc...

NO-TAX-HIKE instead TAX, legalize Cockfighting in Agricultural Zonings

Created by NO-TAX-HIKE on Apr 28, 2013

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it will create Billions in tax revenues to gov't

create over 100,00O of new JOBS in agri zonings

create 1,000 of new businesses in agri zonings

county to issue " Event day permits' of $ 300

to fund badly needed public schools

more tax revenues to fund public employees pension

to fund law enforcement for animal TERRORISM


San Mateo, CA

#1 Apr 28, 2013
to know WHO are the MAJORITY of US Gamefowl sports practitioners, pls read indepth " Clemson report" by Dr. Capel/ Dr. Bryant
to know WHO are the MAJORITY of US Gamefowl sports practitioners, pls read indepth " Clemson report" by Dr. Capel/ Dr. Bryant


“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Hitler's Nazi Germany was marked by a preoccupation with "animal rights." Hitler's Third Reich passed numerous animal protection laws, such as declaring that shoeing a horse was cruel, and declared an end to dissection. This reduced Man’s status to that of animals, and justified treating men as animals. Before the war was ended, the Nazis stepped up experiments on the best way to castrate a Jew without anesthesia, and turned countless men, women and children into lampshades and soap. These Nazi actions were justifiable by their belief that it was possible to "...increase the moral standing of animals and decrease the moral standing of people, thus integrating human characteristics to animals... elevating animal life to the level of cult worship...which would lead to the spiritual and ideological changes necessary... for a new national identity."

The real political objective of “animal rights” is to eliminate "unalienable rights," and to make way for all these other supposed rights and pervert our Bill of Rights to the point where only the perverted are protected. A favored socialist strategy is to separate the population from common sense and its own laws by bringing about chaos, clouding real issues, then bring about “change” through gradual “legislation from within.” Ruling by planned crisis is the favored method, as this short-circuits the brain’s ability to think and reason clearly about true issues. This planned chaos (such as “animal cruelty,”“puppy mills” and “cock fighting”) is designed to rob the nation of its creativity and life force, degrade human existence, make everything seem uncontrollable and bad, which then allows the introduction of a tyrannical form of government.

The Gestapo was first used by Goring to do away with political opponents. A "temporary" state of emergency was declared after the Reichstag fire, but was never rescinded. This allowed the Gestapo to enforce conformity at every level of society. Block wardens monitored their neighbors, and children were recruited to inform on their teachers and parents. The Gestapo was authorized to hold people in "protective custody" which was really arbitrary arrest and imprisonment. At first, only political prisoners were taken under the guise of "preventive protective custody" and placed in SS-controlled concentration camps; later, anyone was hunted down and taken who was deemed to not fit in with SS and Gestapo vision of a perfect Aryan society.("SS" came from Schutzstaffel which means "elite guard").

Today we see this same conduct and set of circumstances appearing in some of our civic institutions. The only way for one man to achieve dominion and control over another is through the darkness of IGNORANCE. Let’s get educated about our own laws, so that tyranny cannot gain a foothold in America, and so that we can once again have “happiness and good government flowing forth” as paraphrased by all our early education laws. We do have some beautiful laws. Let’s learn them, and insist that our civic institutions obey them for the good of our nation. God Bless America.

-Compiled by: Janet I. Fischer and S.A. Martin

17954-A S. Euclid Ave.

Chino, CA 91710

San Mateo, CA

#2 Apr 28, 2013

A Lawrence County jury acquitted five men charged with cockfighting.

Related content
31 arrests made after cockfighting ring bust
The verdict came down Wednesday following two days of testimony.

The five were arrested in August of 2011 after undercover officers went to the fights and documented what they saw.

The fights reportedly happened at a home in the Speake community.

Defense attorneys argued that cockfighting is a sport, saying that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln all were known to be involved in it.

They also tried arguing that since a chicken doesn't have four legs and fur, it's not an animal - so animal abuse charges wouldn't make sense.

The jury seemed to hinge on whether or not the fights were on private or public property.

"In short, if you fight cocks in a public place, then that's a violation of the law. The flip side of that is, theoretically, well, you can fight at a private place," said Lawrence County District Attorney, Errek Jett.

The judge told jurors to ignore the argument that chickens weren't animals.

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Wednesday, Jun 01 2011 11:05 PM

Cockfighting could earn millions for state

Regarding The Californian's May 26 editorial, "Two cockfighting bills that were long overdue": On behalf of the thousands of game-bird hobbyists, I'd like to say that anyone who has been raised around game birds knows that a rooster cannot be forced or trained to fight; this is a natural instinct that was instilled by God.

Animals that are forced to do what does not come naturally to them is cruel. Were horses meant to be ridden? Are the animals in the circus, zoo or rodeos meant to be used for our entertainment?

When it comes to cockfighting, who are these "experts" who claim that these chickens are "trained" to fight? What real proof is there that connects drugs, gangs, prostitution and gambling to this activity? Just to go Vegas, it's all there. Raising and fighting game birds requires money: money for feed and vitamins, money for building supplies for the pens, money for items to provide their chickens the best care; WIC or EBT benefits cannot be used to purchase these items.

The so-called "barbarians" who participate in this activity are working individuals who have jobs and pay taxes. If there are more than 50,000 cockfighters in California, then just imagine the money the state could produce if it was made legal and each of those 50,000 people had to purchase a yearly permit to fight: a $100 permit times 50,000 people equals $5 million or a $500 permit times 50,000 equals $25 million. Prior to being banned in Louisiana, cockfighting was a $150 million industry.



San Mateo, CA

#5 Apr 29, 2013
we need 10 jobs or more in every american.

Guarantee to create more jobs/tax revenues than Popeye chicken!

San Mateo, CA

#6 Apr 29, 2013

San Mateo, CA

#7 Apr 30, 2013
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$19 a Month?For Lobbyists?

If you've seen the Humane Society of the United States? new TV ads, you already know they?re bursting at the seams with pictures of dogs and cats. That?s the image HSUS wants to present of itself, because cute candids of Fido and Fluffy are the best way to get pet lovers to donate money.

The result, as we?ve shown time and again, is that most HSUS donors are misinformed about what the organization they support actually does. Too many Americans?donors and non-donors alike?mistakenly think HSUS is a pet-shelter umbrella group, when it?s actually an animal rights organization akin to the better-known PETA.

Here?s something else HSUS?s ads don?t tell would-be supporters: A large chunk of the $19-per-month pledge pays for lobbyists instead of pet shelters. HSUS spent, according to its own tax returns,$17.3 million lobbying governments between 2005 and 2009. Though that averages out to only around 3.5 percent of HSUS?s budget, it's far more than the group shared with hands-on pet shelters.

It?s perfectly legal for nonprofit groups to engage in some lobbying, as long as it?s faithfully self-reported and within strictly prescribed limits.(Note: Some observers believe HSUS drastically under-reports its lobbying expenditures.)

A 501(c)(3) organization like HSUS should be in the clear if it spends an average of less than 5 percent of its budget directly lobbying lawmakers, and no more than another 15 percent on ?indirect? lobbying.(The classic example of ?indirect? lobbying is an ad that asks voters to call their members of Congress.)

But no lobbyists at all are mentioned in HSUS?s TV ads?and hardly a whisper of its lobbyists? objectives is heard. In addition to its direct lobbying expenditures, HSUS spent $6 million between 2005 and 2009 on political front groups designed to attack livestock farmers at the ballot box. HSUS?s ultimate goal for animal agriculture, in one former VP?s words, is to ?get rid of the industry.?

This is a far cry from saving the dogs and cats in HSUS?s ads.

While $17.3 million in lobbying expenses over five years may not sound like much for a group that raises $100 million every year, it?s instructive to put HSUS?s lobbying expenditures in the context of other charities. HSUS spent a little over three percent of its 2009 budget on lobbying. That?s significantly more than the American Red Cross (0.02 percent), the St. Jude Children?s Research Hospital (0.01 percent), or the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (0.14 percent) spent on the same.

And remarkably, that $17.3 million doesn?t include the additional money HSUS-affiliated groups are donating to candidates for elected office. Data from the Center for Responsive Politics show that since 2006 HSUS?s ?Humane Society Legislative Fund? and ?Humane USA? PAC have combined to put more than $2 million directly into federal election campaigns.

Politically speaking, HSUS?s network of groups is even out-spending some gigantic companies. In 2006, The Wall Street Journal reported that HSUS and its affiliates ?spent $3.4 million on congressional elections and ballot initiatives? that year,?more than Exxon Mobil Corp. They have contributed $150,000 to candidates for Congress, which is more than Halliburton Co. has contributed.?

Again, as far as we know, all of this is legal. But we have to wonder just how many people watching those ubiquitous TV ads realize what a political animal HSUS has become.

San Mateo, CA

#8 Aug 24, 2013
Letters to the editor
March 11, 2009, 12:00 AM
Legalize cockfighting
Our public officials/ senators/ congressman need to stop putting innocent U.S. citizens in jail ("Cockfighting ring busted” in the March 10 edition of the Daily Journal). Let us ask our public officials for an immediate passage of a local ordinance and pass a bill to "decriminalize the family-oriented game fowl sport in California’s agricultural/rural industrial areas, tax it and regulate it like chicken slaughter houses.
It will create much needed sustainable tax revenue for our county/state/federal governments, it will create much-needed sustainable jobs and new businesses to open.
Currently, it’s legal to operate chicken slaughter houses (100 percent killing ratio), Kentucky fried chickens, human cockfighting, boxing, drag racing, horse racing, football or sports that injure and kills human beings, creates casino everywhere and much worse.
Let use our limited law enforcement to prosecute violent criminals and thousands of unsolved crimes, prosecute organized syndicates/nonprofit groups that steal millions of taxpayer money, deal with issues about our sexual predators who are out of overcrowded jail system, domestic violence, white collar crimes, local terrorism, etc.
I thought we are a nation of democratic principles not a nation of hypocrites.
Facts: The majority of cultural game fowl sport breeders/fans are U.S. citizens, veterans, taxpayers, law-abiding citizens. Dogs are trained to be vicious, game fowl have pure instincts.
I’m a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps who was honorably discharged with several awards and served this country to preserve our freedom but also my freedom and rights to what cultural sport I can do on my free time and not have them taken away from me and my family.
Game fowl sport is family-oriented and does not injure or kill human beings. We need your help to stop this injustice.

Sa Davao
San Mateo

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