Why do women suck so much?

United States

#352 Jan 5, 2013
If men who tend to have negative views of many women would own up to their responsibilities before the Lord,they would 'view' many of them much differently,because it's the man's responsibility to make the kind of impression on a woman that will persuade her to follow his positive,God-fearing lead.
Kathy Duane

United States

#353 Jan 21, 2013
-Blood- wrote:
I just hate it when women try to do the jobs of men. When I see a woman cop. I get so pissed off. And women firefighters who cant even pass the physical tests required. But they let them in anyway, because they will be accused of being sexist if they don't. But they can't even drag the fire hoses. Women want it both ways. they want to have the jobs of men, AND have men hold the door for them.
Check out my blog kqduane.com and find out how we got here and what needs to be done to rectify the disaster.

Hartford, CT

#354 Feb 8, 2013
womens place is in the home, I am a corrections officer and i see the complete idiocy of women in corrections every day I have worked at several prisons and at each one i have seen women screwing up left and right..... lets start with me getting my ass handed to me by an inmate who bench presses bulldozers all day my back up???? oh yeah a 145 lb woman i am totally alone.... then there are the women who have sex with the inmates and there are a lot of those too ..... women have no place in mens jobs period! they are not as physically strong, there moral charicter is weak and their constitution is too weak for things that have to be done! work with a woman in these jobs and you have to do it all yourself

Camarillo, CA

#355 Feb 11, 2013
I agree that the feminist movement has destroyed this once proud country and I don't see it improving soon. It's gone to a point where men has to be the one that has to always apologize for many things to conform to the feminist point of view, which are extremely prejudiced to a point where it's no longer 50/50. I feel that the younger females are now fed by the media the idea that they should be in control and unapologetic whether they are right or wrong when it comes to relationships with the males. Men are dumbed down and are told by women of what a "real man" should do. It's funny that a "real man" is someone who is always catering to the female, forgoing his priorities, and always taking the higher road. But at the same time, a "real woman" is someone that believe it's her way or the highway and being tough on their men. Sticking it to the man is always thought of as something celebratory, whereas the reverse is considered as cruel and/or cowardly.
A True Man

Tampa, FL

#356 Apr 28, 2013
Listen, aren't you guys overreacting a little? I see nothing wrong with a hard working women and man in the same house. Some women might be cold, but that doesn't mean they all are. Sure, some women are complete bitches, but others are nice and hard working at the same time. o can we please just stop with the battle of the genders? We're not 5 anymore, and I'm fairly sure my girlfriend doesn't have cooties.
A True Man

Tampa, FL

#357 Apr 28, 2013
By the way, don't forget about what else happened in the 50's/60's, I don't think black people thought that age was particularly golden.
A guy who is ok with life

Lenexa, KS

#360 Jun 7, 2013
Most women that I know are immature and play hard to get and have standards that are set too high. The well off want too much and those struggling to make a living dream of things they can't get. The fact is women don't want nice guys. And most women are self obsessed and care about their looks. Most women want to look feminine, but they tend to play games. I gave up caring about love and relationships because it was too difficult for me to compete and care. I am ok. But will I never be married?...not anytime soon. Right now it is doubtful.

Oklahoma City, OK

#361 Jun 7, 2013
Women in general want to wear the pants they are spoiled rotten and if they are say married to you and find a man with one dollar more your ass is gone......they not all but most are filthy adulterers.And then they wonder why they get ovarian cancer or things like that it is because they are mixing the seed of many different men in their bodys.....just think about it nasty My first wife was a hoe and neutered me lol and i was done with women but I did find a great one she stands behind me.And understand im the head......scripture says who can find a virtuous woman her price is far beyond rubys no shit.... you never see a attractive woman driving in a old beater car.....they are prostitutes.selling there ass....and this is the truth....And then if you find a great one people will try and trespass against you...And I think satan is a woman...
A guy who is ok with life

Lenexa, KS

#362 Jun 7, 2013
Todd wrote:
honestly I hate women as far as relationships go (intimate ones) but not occupations etc. etc. Women suck when they manipulate you and nag the hell out of you. They do not suck when they are in politics, science, sports, industry and many more.
Politics and relationships are two different things. Very few women are easy to get. And they have a lot of men after them even if they are not that good looking and below average. They play games with you in their teens and 20s and early 30s. Then they become hard ass or they are acting all mature or stuck up. It depends on the individual person as people can be different. Also liberal women are different than conservative and libertarian women.

I will say people are never exactly the same both male and female. I am just burned out by everything. I just want to live my life in peace and focus on what I need to do to better myself.

I was hosed by a dating place about 11 years ago and it didn't work out with yahoo dating site when I tried it between 2003 and 2005. So I am against dating sites and services. I was out $800 bucks with the dating service Great Expectations. And with yahoo I had my profile criticized a lot and a hard time communicating with people. Many of the profiles remained unanswered and abandoned on the site as well. So i would say the old fashion way works better. I guess. Beats losing money and time.

The feminist movement which is marked by heavy heavy liberalism did hurt the female gender. It began in around 1960 and has gone through many phases since then. I am not talking about the original movement in the 1800s.
A guy who is ok with life

Lenexa, KS

#363 Jun 7, 2013
Top Ten Reasons Why American Women Suck
A guy who is ok with life

Lenexa, KS

#364 Jun 7, 2013
PDX Dave

Portland, OR

#365 Jun 7, 2013
Wow what do you keep doing to me that class of women, I've never had any kind of negative experience like that. I'm just saying.

West Mifflin, PA

#366 Jun 7, 2013
youtube.com/watch... ………… Where The Beef?
they ugly need attention
A guy who is ok with life

Lenexa, KS

#367 Jun 7, 2013
PDX Dave wrote:
Wow what do you keep doing to me that class of women, I've never had any kind of negative experience like that. I'm just saying.
If you are replying to me. If you are I am doing nothing to you. Don't even know you. I don't know what you mean by class of women in the first sentence. Get good grammar.
what what

Crowborough, UK

#368 Jun 10, 2013
Women suck literally lol cause they ovulate every 2 weeks making them horny easy argumentative twisted sluts for about 7 days onwards lol

West Mifflin, PA

#369 Jun 10, 2013
youtube.com/watch... …………
Great Taste.,,women love the Taste

Seattle, WA

#370 Jun 21, 2013
Women are essentially grown children, their brain stops developing soon after puberty, there twenties are pretty much the tail end of all that, from then on they have a hormonal future. They are logical invalids, capable of preforming general logic with guidance, but nothing close to what you find in premium male logic. Evolution and genetics are not politically correct, they are competitive and discriminatory. The ability to assign tasks to a larger and more developed hippocampus is another mental skill that provides men with the logical and intellectual edge. The great lie has always been the myth that women where no different from men, but men where limited the female potential, the truth is to create this feminist illusion the contrary was introduced; men and their potential is being limited and undermined in order to perpetuate the illusion that women are 100% equal to men in the biological average, if not superior to them. All of this reflects the underdeveloped and self absorbed nature found in the average woman as well as the common child. The same as we find in women blinded by selflessness, and willing to destroy their children, to exact revenge upon another adult. It is the same "Me" mentality that even many children are able to grow past at young age, yet unaware of their hormonal issues therefor with out restrain of their hormonal chaos they sink further into non-liner and illogical thoughts, as if regressing back into childhood with the basic education of an adult. To the point of menopause, where the roller coaster flies off of the rail! Women don't suck, they are just easier to fool into vanity and shallow mindedness. There no longer exists restraint upon these female character flaws, these flaws are allowed to run rampant with out any consequence to the person who abuses others with them. These flaws are now being glorified, and transmitted to men, rather than women gaining glory to match that of men's, men are loosing glory to match that of women's. Women have a lot of biological evolution to undergo before they will be able to preform on average as well as the average man. They also have a lot of social evolution to undergo before they will have the honor and dignity the average man exhibits. Rather than pushing women forward by holding them to the same standards as men, and helping them to meat the same goals, we have back pedaled for both our genders and there for our entire race or culture here in the west.

Since: Jun 12

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#371 Jun 21, 2013
humanity wrote:
You give them an inch they take a mile. The women of this decade has no respect for politeness. It's like letting animals out of a cage that hasn't been tamed or trained. You think men play dirty.. the business women now are sneakie and has no code of honor. It's just crazy that we have to put up with their horrible behavior.
I plead with you send the women back to their homes and leave the business world to men. Or send them to more SKOOLING!!
Here go to skool.
Did girls beat you up in school or something, or maybe just made fun of you?

Since: Jun 12

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#372 Jun 21, 2013
Just remember, without women you wouldn't be here. That would be a good thing for some of the posters on the site.

Bangor, ME

#374 Jun 26, 2013
I noticed that a lot of female friends tend to think everything is about them. For example I posted a video to a song I like on FaceBook and this woman thinks somehow it was about her. Now she treats me as if I have a crush on her and I don't. In fact I'm 100% gay and it says so on my profile. There are many other examples such as when my sister stopped at a gas station once and the man that pumped the gas smiled and said "Have a nice day" and for some reason my sister totally thought he wanted her and that he had the hots for her, when in all reality he was just doing his job and smiles at all the customers. I've traveled and noticed however that it seems more American women are self absorbed than other nations but I'm not sure why. They also seem to live in a mental state in which they live in some sort of Lifetime Movie of the week in which she over reacts to people, for example a friend of mine came home tired from work and his girlfriend kept needling him about how angry he must be because he was quiet. When in all reality he had just worked from 4am to 2pm and had stuff after work to do and didn't get home til' 4pm. So just because he didn't laugh at her terrible jokes and hang on her every word she gets pissed off and accuses him of being angry simply because he looked drawn. It's like women need constant 24/7 reassurance of fake smiles and constant attention to keep them from screaming that they are abused. ha ha When nobody is abusing them. I mean a man could sneeze the wrong way and she's on the phone to 911, or if she bitches, nags, yells, screams, hits, slaps, and pushes a many and then he yells back at her suddenly he's the bad guy even though she instigated him with constant bitchiness. Though it works in my favor when a lot of their husbands and boyfriends get sick of women and start turning bi or gay from the constant mental abuse and the men turn to me or other men for comfort. Funny how woman are always screaming abuse all that times and most the times their the ones that live in a constant state of drama, tension, gossip, lies, and instigating. But I would like to add that not all women I've met are like this but I think it's about 80% of them specially in the USA for some reason they seem to be extra self absorbed and believe their own delusions that they are the victims. I'm not saying there are no abusive men out there but I tend to think that 50% of the police charges against men are fake and made up by some x girlfriend or wife that uses the cops to get revenge on her husband. I've seen this even between women in office jobs I've had. Women in the office seem to be more cut throat and competitive than men but march around acting like friendly people all day while they plant the seeds of misery all day. Men in the office if they hate each other will either be more open about it or ignore each other but women are totally capable of smiling and acting like best friends and will easily stab another female coworker in the back at the same time. Though professional women I've seen in some other countries tend to be more mature than American women. In the US there is this weird twisted ideal that people here are more liberated, professional, and open minded yet the reality is much different and dark.

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