Why do women suck so much?

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#317 Jun 13, 2012
Everyone can do whatever they want, and should not be divided into groups...
The End...
Women who have given birth are found to be more resistant to pain and morally stronger than human males... And yes all of u against human females are sexist. I am a man. I bet, just because i am on the female side in this topic all of u are gonna call me gay? I am not. EVERYONE has equal rights and that is the way it should be...
The end...

Grand Rapids, MI

#318 Jun 19, 2012
honestly I hate women as far as relationships go (intimate ones) but not occupations etc. etc. Women suck when they manipulate you and nag the hell out of you. They do not suck when they are in politics, science, sports, industry and many more.

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#319 Jun 19, 2012
Why do they suck so much? Don't bother asking why. Just enjoy it.

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Since: Feb 09

of your own extinction......

#320 Jun 19, 2012
Todd wrote:
honestly I hate women as far as relationships go (intimate ones) but not occupations etc. etc. Women suck when they manipulate you and nag the hell out of you. They do not suck when they are in politics, science, sports, industry and many more.
A lot of women these days are self absorbed, which is why they nag all the time for things that I would consider petty and unimportant. But on the other hand lots of women are rocks that I can lean on when I really need support. They're brilliant.

Grand Rapids, MI

#321 Jun 19, 2012
I'm calling bull shit on that, besides certain relationships with women. They are as sturdy as their physical frames. It's not just a lot of women it's pretty much damn near all of them. They will stick around only when it serves them. They will you treat like a pair of tennis shoes.

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Since: Feb 09

of your own extinction......

#322 Jun 19, 2012
But their feet are just so MMMmmmmm.:)

They are like a drug. Often bad for you in the long run, but so good at the moment.

Redlands, CA

#324 Jun 27, 2012
In today's world men are the ones being actively discriminated against, feminism has nothing to do with equality. All throughout history women have always been placed in higher regards than men, in traditional gender roles women were historically always protected and sacred to due there child bearing capabilities and were given much privilege because of this whereas men were forced to work and provide. Now a days traditional women's privilege is made to look like a suffrage only because they choose to compare traditional male rights as the sole deciding factor of what equality is while disregarding female privlige. But at the same time women still exploit all the traditional women's privileges and gaining all of the traditional male opportunities and rights, but having the responsibly and accountability of neither. In other words women want there cake and to eat it too, while men pay the consequence all under the same guise of "equality".

In today's world Feminism has such a great influence over pretty much every institution, governments and socially that women are given every advantage and entitlement from academia to the mass media to the workforce and they still are held with almost no accountability throughout the legal system everything from welfare,divorce,child support and domestic violence all heavily discriminate against men. Women are free to do as they please but men are still held to a higher standard and are not given any of the traditional female privilege.

Leichhardt, Australia

#326 Aug 2, 2012
The topic of women wanting the same rights and be treated as equal to men still makes me laugh......yet us men are still expected to hold the door open, pay for dinners out, spoil them, be their superman and protect them from harm and many other things.......seems very much a case of having one's cake and eating it too.

Although I guess that's the price us guy's pay to ensure we get them in the sack)

Leichhardt, Australia

#327 Aug 2, 2012
just on an added note on equal rights......take a look at australia's first female prime minister for example. The polls have never been as low and the government has never faced what will be a blood bath loss at the next election in all it's history as will be the case with the next election. Women do not belong in power positions.......period.

London, UK

#328 Aug 16, 2012
We always knew women sucked, but we could live with it when they were under the thumb. Giving them equality made relationships totally unequal. Lesson, next time a minority of crazy women march burning bras, turn it into a wet t-shirt contest and send them home where they belong.Most women are fine being at home and being dominated, they just don't want a man pointing it out and to be appreciated for the role they play.What do we have now? Pissed men, and women that think they're happy being empowered but pissed that it's harder to find a man that earns more if they don't look like a model.Way to go suffragettes, now everybody suffers, stupid fuckers.

Clemson, SC

#329 Aug 22, 2012
Danyel wrote:
To the male who is having this hissy fit: If women suck so much, then you need to get out there in the real world and show them how, you, the real man, behaves. You are not proving anything here...but then again, you probably won't prove anything out there. Oh, and BTW, I work a so-called mans job and I get paid more than my male couter parts. I don't kiss ass and I don't whine. I just do my job...
So, blah, blah blah...I've heard it all before. Go do something constructive.
AND, have an outstanding day.
You obviously have your own issues too, you couldn't help but pick at this forum and get worked up over this person. You don't realize but you clearly have resentment and it shows in your comments. Just the same, I shouldn't be wasting time here either, but it is true that a lot of women do this, I'm sorry but it's true, especially in America.

Reno, NV

#330 Aug 27, 2012
American women are lying cheating whores.. each and every one. If you can feed their narcissistic needs-which change depending on what their idiot girl"friends" tell them to do- and finance their insecurities... they'll keep you around till they can upgrade=$$. Sorry ladies but that's what you give out in general. You whine about men but consistently choose the worst of the lot and destroy the good ones for fun. You get what you deserve and deserve what you get. All you have left are the douchebag emasculated puppets that you crave. Most good men are just tired of hearing your blather and committing to yet another trianwreck of an american sociopath.'muff said.

Severn, Canada

#332 Oct 3, 2012
Well Rick does not like Tomgirls he likes girly girls instead then. Because it makes him feel like a manly man then and it scares and threatens him then tomgirls. Well Linda is a girly girl and his sisters where girly girls then Rick grew up in a different generation than me so in his generation. There where no tomgirls. But there where some tomgirls in my generation. I have 2 younger brothers 16 and 13 years old 2 teenager boys then. If we told Rick that I play hockey lacrosse and baseball he might get upset then.

Severn, Canada

#333 Oct 3, 2012
When Rick hears me burp really loudly he says to me act like a lady and be a lady Colleen. So I just ignore him when he says that then. And pretend that I hear that too and then ignore him after. He has never had experience with tomgirls only has experience with girly girls then. It's new to him then so tomgirls scare Rick because it is a new thing for him then too.

Staten Island, NY

#334 Dec 3, 2012
Liebchen2 wrote:
The guy that started this thread must be exposed to some real doozies. Or else he's just got a small penis. LOL
I have no desire to do the jobs men traditionally do. I appreciate being treated like a female, and have no desire to be a cop or fireMAN. I went back to work after I had my children because my money hungry husband wouldn't agree to my staying at home to raise the kids.
Now that I'm divorced, I'm still employed for obvious reasons. Saying that I can't give the same amount of love to my children because I'm not there full time is a crock. My mom was a stay at home mom, and believe me, my kids get more love shown to them than I ever got. I also go home and make dinner almost every night (last night we had fried chicken and homemade gravy...yummy).
I don't think your opinion is very fair, considering that we've all been exposed to jerks of both sexes. Just because the ones you're around are bagfaces, doesn't mean we all are. Likewise for men.
How come women always use some sort of shaming language (you must have a small penis; you can't get laid; etc.)it is really just indicative of an inability to put together a cogent defense or rebut something in a logical fashion. I see it all the time. Quite funny.

Wellesley, MA

#335 Dec 16, 2012
I agree! Women suck! My girlfriend had to leave me three times and then I realized I wasn't heterosexual, but zoosexual..So here I am trying to change state and federal laws with no luck! Most of the haters I had when trying to legalize it were women anyway..So I guess it is hard-wired in their DNA to suck! So I wish they would just leave or something or have sex with other women and leave us men with more virginity to spare! Who needs more children! The world is full of idiots, and we can't afford more, let alone pay to raise them! DAMN US GOVERNMENT DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR CHANGES!!!
Straight Man Says

Bloomfield, NJ

#336 Jan 2, 2013
it is certainly more like they are sucking each other nowadays, since LESBIANS are everywhere nowadays.

Bucharest, Romania

#337 Jan 4, 2013
-Blood- wrote:
I'm almost a misogynist. Not quite. but almost. I believe that the feminist movment ruined Americas economy. Here's why.....
When Women started wanting the rolls of their husbands, a typical american household could survive just fine with only one person working. But when women got their stupid way. Prices started going up over time.
After a while, families couldn't function without two people working. And even now women are obligated to work, because a family with only one parent working can bearly survive. Unless daddy makes A LOT of money.
Also, when women started working, kids were no longer raised with the love of a mother, because they were always working. Thats why, I belive, partly, the morality of children began to decline. There mothers were no longer there to raise them properly.
Men and women are not the same creatures. Thus they are not meant to share the same jobs in life. But just like women do best, they had to go f*ck everything up.
You forget that not all women have a husband...if he either left or died she will be the sole person who can work therefore some women simply don't have a choice.Another argument is that some women want to work- either jobs like doctors, lawyers, teachers or something they wanted to do since they were children and they are good at doing that.And you assume that all women are mothers- some don't want kids or can't have them so having a job beats staying at home-more money, easier for her to reach other goals she had in life other than having children.

Dalkeith, UK

#338 Jan 4, 2013
You Selfish Big Slops Some one will have to sue you basterds one day If It wasen't for woman no body would have been alive god only put woman on this earth to do jobs, go out, shopping, raising kids and YOU
be greatful for what you retards have got and take a hike plus te world just made up them being weak theres no such bloody thing now stop acting like babys and clam it unless you have anything good to say about woman and what they done for you! fed you, gave birth to you, they even go through all the sickness of having you and you dont even care!? THEY APRICATE YOU WHY DON'T YOU DO THE SAME!?

Ellwood City, PA

#339 Jan 5, 2013
Born to suck,,what else?

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