Israel's end is near, Ahmadinejad says

Israel's end is near, Ahmadinejad says

There are 38090 comments on the Worcester Telegram & Gazette story from Jun 4, 2007, titled Israel's end is near, Ahmadinejad says. In it, Worcester Telegram & Gazette reports that:

TEHRAN, Iran- Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday said the world would witness the destruction of Israel soon, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

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Powhatan, VA

#41079 Feb 22, 2014
E23Jer34 wrote:
People wake up to the zionist liars and jewish venom before they have us all played against each other. I'm warning you.
These are one of the biggest liars that exist.
In addition to Major Media which is 96% Zionist owned, we are now infected with paid, full time, scripted Propagandists funded by Israel's Foreign Ministry and PM's office

For example:

“Israel Hires Internet Soldiers to Penetrate American Forums, Chatrooms” ...

“Israel hires Internet soldiers,” Israeli students and demobilized soldiers get paid to pretend they are just regular folks and leave pro-Israel comments online.

Israeli Foreign Ministry Deputy Elan Shturman is quoted from the Israeli Occupation Magazine saying,Quote:

“Our people will not say:‘Hello, I am from the hasbara department of the Israeli foreign ministry and I want to tell you the following.’

Nor will they necessarily identify themselves as Israelis,” he said.

“They will speak as net-surfers and as citizens, and will write responses that will look personal but will be based on a prepared list of messages that the foreign ministry developed.” CONTINUED

These are JUST TWO other, U.S. Funded Deception Scams Run by Israel's Multi-Billion Dollar, International Propaganda Industry that remains unmatched by ANY other Criminal, Terrorist state.

“What is Megaphone?” ...
EXCERPT “In short, it allows an army of people to quickly locate anti-Israel sentiment on the web and drown it out with a flood of pro-Israel propaganda. It also to a certain extent allows users to automate some actions, such as down-voting & up-voting comments”. CONTINUED


EXCERPTS “Two Israeli groups have set up ‘Zionist editing’ courses with aims to alter perceptions about Israel.
Now two Israeli groups seeking to gain the upper hand in the online debate have launched a course in “Zionist editing” for Wikipedia, the online reference site.
Yesha Council, representing the Jewish settler movement, and the rightwing Israel Sheli (My I srael) movement, ran their workshop, teaching participants how to rewrite and revise some of the most hotly disputed pages of the online reference site.”CONTINUED

So just remember that many of these Hasbarats are paid, full time "Shills for Shekels"

Powhatan, VA

#41080 Feb 22, 2014
Uzi wrote:
<quoted text>
Excellent, keep up the good work.
How does it ease the trauma of childhood molestation, being beat up by your little sister or publicly humiliated in your low paying, Wal-Mart job by your boss to come here and vilify better educated people and Religions about which you know nothing?

Just asking?
w wman uk

Camberley, UK

#41081 Feb 23, 2014
Gray wrote:
<quoted text>
How does it ease the trauma of childhood molestation, being beat up by your little sister or publicly humiliated in your low paying, Wal-Mart job by your boss to come here and vilify better educated people and Religions about which you know nothing?
Just asking?
Why look down on your fellow countrymen/women who are working for lower wages?
That is so lame and no intelegent.
They get up off their buts to provide for their families for that the should be respected.
Where are the better educated people here ?
Certainly not you or your twisted sister mug.
As for religions have you read the book of hatred called the koran?
See the murederous and stiffilling effects of the mohamidan sect.
Seen the negitive effects of islamifiction?
Shiria law ?
The fact you consider youself better educated is very amusing gay and proof that your not.
What you have proved that you are a plastic palistinian a lier and sad B/Shiter.
All loosers like you can do is blame the Jew the problem is their arent enough Jews around to blame for all the suffering poverty and flies that islam is causing .

Herzliya, Israel

#41083 Feb 23, 2014
U.S. Poll: Israel Still Most Favored Mideast Nation ( but of course)

Despite recent friction between Israel and the United States over Israel's construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Americans still view Israel as their most favored country in the Middle East, according to a new Gallup poll.

In fact, the 72 percent of poll respondents who say they have a "very favorable" view of Israel is the highest percentage since Gallup began the poll in 2010.

Back then, 67 percent viewed Israel very favorably, as did 66 percent last year.

The Gallup poll also found that 45 percent of Americans view Egypt favorably, up from 40 percent last year but down sharply from 58 percent in 2010.

As for Saudi Arabia, 35 percent view that nation favorably, while just 19 percent view Libya favorably, and 19 percent have a favorable view of the Palestinian Authority, virtually unchanged from 20 percent in 2010 but up from 15 percent last year.

Just 16 percent view Iraq favorably, and only 13 percent have a favorable view of Syria, an all-time low and the lowest percentage of all this year with the exception of Iran's 12 percent.

On Wednesday, the same day the Gallup results were released, Human Rights Watch reported that the Syrian government was using banned cluster bombs on its own citizens during the ongoing civil war.

A witness told the organization that a rocket that fell on the town of Keferzita "released small bomblets when it exploded in the air," the Jerusalem post reported.

Steve Goose, Human Rights Watch's arms division director, declared: "It is appalling that Syrian government forces are still using banned cluster munitions on their people."

Herzliya, Israel

#41086 Feb 23, 2014
E23Jer34 wrote:
People wake up to the zionist liars and jewish venom before they have us all played against each other. I'm warning you.
These are one of the biggest liars that exist.
You not supposed to be without your pills Bozo.

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

#41087 Feb 23, 2014
Uzi wrote:
U.S. Poll: Israel Still Most Favored Mideast Nation ( but of course)
Despite recent friction between Israel and the United States over Israel's construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Americans still view Israel as their most favored country in the Middle East, according to a new Gallup poll.
Either thats a fake poll or it is simeply by people who don't know this:

Isreal has done terrorist attack USA unlike any other arabic country.

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

#41088 Feb 23, 2014
This is Isreali terrorism against USA:

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#41089 Feb 23, 2014

Mission Accomplished? Afghanistan is a Calamity and our Leaders Must be Held to Account


It was the same, but even worse, in Iraq. The occupation was going to be a cakewalk, and British troops were supposed to be past masters at counter-insurgency. Opponents of the invasion again predicted that it would lead to unrelenting resistance until foreign troops were driven out. When it came to it, defeated British troops were forced to leave Basra city under cover of darkness.

But six years later, who has paid the price? One British corporal has been convicted of war crimes and the political elite has shuffled off responsibility for the Iraq catastrophe on to the Chilcot inquiry – which has yet to report nearly three years after it last took evidence. Given the dire lack of coverage and debate about what actually took place, maybe it's not surprising that most British people think fewer than 10,000 died in a war now estimated to have killed 500,000.

But Iraq wasn't the last of the disastrous interventions by the US and Britain. The Libyan war was supposed to be different and acclaimed as a humanitarian triumph. In reality not only did Nato's campaign in support of the Libyan uprising ratchet up the death toll by a factor of perhaps 10, giving air cover to mass ethnic cleansing and indiscriminate killing. Its legacy is a maelstrom of warring militias and separatist rebels threatening to tear the country apart.

Now the west's alternative of intervention-lite in Syria is also spectacularly coming apart. The US, British and French-sponsored armed factions of the Free Syrian Army have been swept aside by jihadist fighters and al-Qaida-linked groups – first spawned by western intelligence during the cold war and dispersed across the region by the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The wars unleashed or fuelled by the US, Britain and their allies over the past 12 years have been shameful. Far from accomplishing their missions, they brought untold misery, spread terrorism across the world and brought strategic defeat to those who launched them. In the case of Afghanistan all this looks likely to continue, as both the US and Britain plan to keep troops and bases there for years to come.
By any objective reckoning, failures on such a scale should be at the heart of political debate.

But instead the political class and the media mostly avert their gaze and wrap themselves in the flag to appease a war-weary public. The first sign that this might be changing was the unprecedented parliamentary vote against an attack on Syria in August. But the democratisation of war and peace needs to go much further. Rather than boasting of calamitous missions, the politicians responsible for them must be held to account.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#41092 Feb 24, 2014

The Changing Contours of US Imperial Intervention in World Conflicts

By James Petras

December 21, 2013 "Information Clearing House - Following the Vietnam War, US imperial intervention passed through several phases: In the immediate aftermath, the US government faced a humiliating military defeat at the hands of the Vietnamese liberation forces and was under pressure from an American public sick and tired of war.Imperial military interventions, domestic espionage against opponents and usual practice of fomenting coups d’état (regime change) declined.

Slowly, under President Gerald Ford and, especially President ‘Jimmy’ Carter, an imperial revival emerged in the form of clandestine support for armed surrogates in Southern Africa – Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau— and neo-liberal military dictatorships in Latin America. The first large-scale imperial intervention was launched during the second half of the Carter Presidency .It involved massive support for the Islamist uprising against the secular government of Afghanistan and a mercenary jihadist invasion sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the US (1979). This was followed by direct US invasions in Grenada (1983) under President Reagan; Panama (1989) and Iraq (1991) under President Bush Sr. and Yugoslavia (1995 and 1999) under President Clinton.

In the beginning, the imperial revival involved low cost wars of brief duration with few casualties. As a result there were very few voices of dissent, far diminished from the massive anti-war, anti-imperial movements of the early 1970’s. The restoration of direct US imperial interventions, unhindered by Congressional and popular opposition, was gradual in the period 1973-1990. It started to accelerate in the 1990’s and then really took off after September 11, 2001.

The imperial military and ideological apparatus for direct intervention was firmly in place by 2000. It led to a prolonged series of wars in multiple geographical locations, involving long-term, large-scale commitments of economic resources, and military personnel and was completely unhampered by congressional or large-scale public opposition – at least in the beginning. The ‘objectives’ of these serial wars were defined by their principal Zionist and militarist architects as the following:

(1) destroying regimes and states (as well as their military, police and civil governing bureaucracies) which had opposed Israel’s annexation of Palestine;
(2) deposing regimes which promoted independent nationalist policies, opposing or threatening the Gulf puppet monarchist regimes and supporting anti-imperialist, secular or nationalist-Islamic movements around the world.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#41093 Feb 24, 2014
Blinded by their imperial hubris (or naked racism) neither the Zionists nor the civilian militarists within the US Administrations anticipated prolonged national resistance from the targeted countries, the regrouping of armed opposition and the spread of violent attacks (including terrorism) to the imperial countries. Having utterly destroyed the Afghan and Iraqi state structures, as well as the regime in power, and having devastated the economy as well as any central military or police capacity, the imperial state was faced with endless armed civilian ethno-religious and tribal resistance (including suicide bombings), mounting US troop casualties and spiraling costs to the domestic economy without any “exit strategy”.

The imperial powers were unable to set up a stable and loyal client regime, backed by a unified state apparatus with a monopoly of force and violence, after having deliberately shredded these structures (police, bureaucracy, civil service, etc) during the invasion and early occupation. The creation of this “political vacuum” was never a problem for the Zionists embedded in the US Administrations since their ultimate goal was to devastate Israel ’s enemies . As a result of the US invasions, the regional power of Israel was greatly enhanced without the loss of a single Israeli soldier or shekel. The Zionists within the Bush Administration successfully blamed the ensuing problems of the occupation, especially the growing armed resistance, on their ‘militarist’ colleagues and the Pentagon ‘Brass’.‘Mission Accomplished’, the Bush Administration Zionists left the government , moving on to lucrative careers in the private financial sector.

Under President Obama, a new ‘cast’ of embedded Zionists have emerged to target Iran and prepare the US for a new war on Israel ’s behalf. However, by the end of the first decade of the 21st century, when Barak Obama was elected president, the political, economic and military situation had changed. The contrast in circumstances between the earlyBush (Jr.) years and the current administration is striking.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#41096 Feb 25, 2014
What did prophet preach?(The other side of story)

Selection from the book MISHKAT AL MASABEEH (an authentic collection of sayings of prophet) Part-4

Subject: Love of Wealth

24. Prophet PBUH said “Charity does not reduces the wealth of person giving in charity and if any one controls himself when he is wronged, Allah will increase his stature and whosoever opens the door of asking from humans, Allah will open on him the door of poverty”

25. Prophet PBUH said “There are four type of people:

“One to whom Allah has given both knowledge and wealth and he earns his wealth by lawful means and spends it properly as directed by Allah, so he is best of all”

“And to another whom Allah has given knowledge and wisdom but no wealth and he says “If I had wealth, I also would have spent like that person. Allah will give him reward like the first person, because of his good intentions.”

“Third person is one whom Allah has given no knowledge and give him wealth in abundance. He neither earns it by rightful means and does not spend it rightfully, this person shall be amongst the worst people”

“Fourth person is whom Allah has given neither wisdom or knowledge or wealth and he wishes that if he had wealth he also would have spent it like the person above, so this person in the hereafter shall be joined with that person”

26. Prophet PBUH said “Wise is that man who has control over his self and works deeds which would help him after his death and fool is the one who follows his vain desires and then hopes that Allah would have mercy on him”

“AU KAMA QAAL ALAIHI AL SALAT WA SALAAM (Prophet PBUH said these or similar words)


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#41097 Feb 26, 2014

The Changing Contours of US Imperial Intervention in World Conflicts

By James Petras (Contd.)

The 20-year period (1980-2000) before the launching of the ‘serial war’ agenda was characterized by short, inexpensive, low-casualty wars in Grenada , Panama and Yugoslavia , and a proxy war in Afghanistan . Israeli invasions and attacks against Lebanon , the occupied West Bank and Syria .One major US war of short duration and limited casualties against Iraq (the First Gulf War). The First Gulf War succeeded in weakening the government of Saddam Hussein, fragmenting the country via ‘no fly zones’, establishing a Kurdish client ‘state’ in the north while ‘policing’ was left to the remnants of the Iraqi state – all without having to occupy the country.
Meanwhile, the US economy was relatively stable and trade deficits were manageable.

The real economic crisis was still to come. Military expenditures appeared under control. US public opinion, initially hostile to the First Gulf War was “pacified” by its short duration and the withdrawal of US troops. Iraq remained under aerial surveillance with frequent US bombing and missile strikes whenever the government attempted to regain control of the north. During this period, Israel was forced to fight its own wars and maintain an expensive occupation of southern Lebanon – losing its own soldiers.

By the second decade of the 21st century everything had changed. The US was bogged down in a prolonged thirteen year war and occupation in Afghanistan with little hope for a stable client regime in Kabul . The seven-year war against Iraq (Second Gulf War) with the massive occupation, armed civilian insurgency and the resurgence of ethno-religious conflict resulted in casualties and a crippling growth in US military expenditures. Budget and trade deficits expanded exponentially while the US share of the world market declined. China displaced the US as the principle trading partner in Latin America, Asia and Africa . A series of new ‘low intensity’ wars were launched in Somalia , Yemen and Pakistan which show no prospect of ending the drain on the military and the US Treasury.

The vast majority of the US public has experienced a decline in living standards and now believes the cost of overseas wars are a significant factor contributing to their relative impoverishment and insecurity. The multi-trillion-dollar bailout of the Wall Street banks during the economic crash of 2008-09 has eroded public support for the financial elite as well as the militarist-Zionist elite, which continue to push for more imperial wars.

The capacity of the US imperial elite to launch new wars on Israel ’s behalf has been greatly undermined since the economic crash of 2008-09. The gap between the rulers and ruled has widened. Domestic economic issues, not the threat of external terrorists, have become the central concern. The public sees the Middle East as a region of unending costly wars – with no benefit to the domestic economy. Asia has become the center of trade, growth, investment and a major source of US jobs. While Washington continues to ignore the citizens’ views, accumulated grievances are beginning to have an impact.


Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

#41098 Feb 28, 2014
Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to "wipe Israel off the map."


Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

#41099 Feb 28, 2014
Only mideast country that has made terrorist attacks against USA is Isreal.

Jews have made terrorist attacks against USA without getting any punishment at all!!!!

Jews are liars, manipulators and extreme hypocrites that you should never trust.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#41101 Mar 1, 2014

The Changing Contours of US Imperial Intervention in World Conflicts

By James Petras (Contd.)

A Pew Research report, released in late 2013, confirms the wide gap between elite and public opinion. The Pew Foundation is an establishment polling operation, which presents its questions in a way that avoids the larger political questions. Nevertheless, the responses presented in the report are significant: By a vast margin (52% to 38%) the public agree that the US “should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own”. This represents a major increase in public opposition to armed US imperialist intervention and the 52% response in 2013 contrasts sharply with 30% polled 2002.

A companion poll of elite policy advisors, members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), highlights the gap between the US public and the ruling class. The elite are described by the Pew Report as having a ‘decidedly internationalist (imperialist-interventionist) outlook’.

The American public clearly distinguishes between ‘trade’ and ‘globalization’(imperialism.): 81% of the public favor ‘trade’ as a source of job creation while 73% oppose ‘globalization’ which they see as US companies relocating jobs overseas to low wage regions. The US public rejects imperial economic expansion and wars for the harm done to the domestic economy, middle and working class income and job security. The members of the Council on Foreign Relations, in contrast, are overwhelmingly in favor of ‘globalization’(and imperial interventions). While 81% of the public believe the principle goal of US foreign policy should be the protection of American jobs, only 29% of the CFR rate US jobs as a priority.

The elite is conscious of the growing gap in interests, values and priorities between the public and the imperial state; they know that endless costly wars have led to a mass rejection of new imperial wars and a growing demand for domestic job programs.

This gap between the imperial policy elite and the majority of the public is one of the leading factors now influencing US foreign policy. Together with the general discredit of the Congress (only 9% favorable), the public’s rejection of President Obama’s militarist foreign policy has seriously weakened the empire’s capacity to begin new large-scale ground wars at multiple sites.

Meanwhile, Israel ( Washington ’s foreign patron), the Gulf State clients and European and Japanese allies have been pushing the US to intervene and confront ‘their adversaries’. To this end, Israel and the Zionist Power Configuration within the US government have been undermining peace negotiations between the US and Iran . Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf monarchies, as well as Turkey are urging the US to attack Syria . The French had successfully pushed the US into a war against the Gaddafi government in Libya and have their sights on their former colony in Syria . The US has given only limited backing to the French military intervention in Mali and the Central African Republic .


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#41102 Mar 1, 2014
The US public is aware that none of Washington’s ‘militarist’ patrons, clients and allies has paid such a high price in terms of blood and treasure as the US in the recent wars. The Saudi, Israeli and French “publics” have not experienced the socio-economic dislocations confronting the US public. For these ‘allied’ regimes, the cheapest way to resolve their own regional conflicts and promote their own ambitions is to convince, coerce or pressure the US to “exercise its global leadership”.

Washington ’s imperial policymakers, by background, history, ideology and past experience, are sensitive to these appeals – especially those from the Israelis. But they also recognize the growing “intervention fatigue” among the American public, the CFR’s euphemism for rising anti-imperialist feelings among the American majority, which is saying ‘no’ to further imperial military interventions.
Faced with choice of acting as an unfettered imperial power with global interests and facing rising domestic discontent, Washington has been forced to revise its foreign policy and strategies. It is adopting a more nuanced approach, one less vulnerable to external pressures and manipulations.

Imperial Foreign Policy in a Time of Domestic Constraints and External Pressures

US empire builders, with increasingly limited military options and declining domestic support, have begun to (1) prioritize their choice of places of engagement,(2) diversify their diplomatic, political and economic instruments of coercion and (3) limit large-scale, long-term military intervention to regions where US strategic interests are involved. Washington is not shedding its militarist polices by any means, but it is looking for ways to avoid costly long-term wars which further undermine the domestic economy and intensify domestic political opposition.
In order to decipher US imperial policy in this new context, it is useful to first (1) identify the regions of conflict,(2) estimate the significance of these countries and conflicts to the empire and,(3) analyze the particular interventions and their impact on US empire building. Our purpose is to show how the interplay between domestic and external countervailing pressures affects imperial policy.

Conflicts which Engage US Empire Builders

There are at least eleven major or minor conflicts today engaging US empire builders to a greater or lesser extent. A major premise of our approach is that US empire builders are more selective in their aggression, more conscious of the economic consequences, less reckless in their commitments and have a greater concern for domestic political impact. Current conflicts of interest to Washington include those taking place in the Ukraine , Thailand , Honduras , China-Japan-South Korea, Iran-Gulf States/Israel, Syria , Venezuela , Palestine-Israel , Libya , Afghanistan and Egypt .

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#41103 Mar 2, 2014

The Changing Contours of US Imperial Intervention in World Conflicts

By James Petras (Contd.)

These conflicts can be classified according to whether they involve major or minor US interests and whether they involve major or minor allies or adversaries. Among the conflicts where the US has strategic interests and which involve major actors, one would have to include the territorial and maritime dispute between Japan , South Korea and China . On the surface the dispute appears to be over economically insignificant pile of rocks claimed by the Japanese as the Senkaku Islands and by the Chinese as the Diaoyu Islands . In essence, the conflict involves the US plan to militarily encircle China by provoking its Japanese and Korean allies to confront the Chinese over the islands. Washington ’s treaties with Japan will be used to come to the ‘aid’ of its most important ally in the region. The US support of Japan ’s expansionist claims is part of a strategic shift in US policy from military commitments in the Middle East to military and economic pacts in Asia, which exclude and provoke China .

The Obama Regime has announced its ‘Pivot to Asia ’ in an attempt to deal with its largest economic competitor. China , the second biggest economy in the world, has displaced the US as the principle trading partner in Latin America and Asia . It is advancing rapidly as the principal investor in developing Africa ’s natural resources. In response, the US has (1) openly backed Japan’s claims,(2) defied China’s strategic interests in the East China Sea by flying B52 bombers within China’s Air Defense Identification Zone and (3) encouraged South Korea to expand its ‘air defense’ zones to overlap with those of the Chinese. History teaches us that inflexible assertions of dominance by established imperial powers against rising dynamic economies will lead to conflicts, and even disastrous wars.

Imperial advisers believe that US naval and air superiority and Chinese dependence on foreign trade give the US a strategic advantage in any armed confrontation. Obama’s “Pivot to Asia” is clearly designed to encircle and degrade China ’s capacity to outcompete and displace the US from world markets. Washington’s militarists, however, fail to take account of China’s strategic levers – especially the over two trillion dollars of US Treasury notes (debt) held by China, which, if dumped on the market, would lead to a major devaluation of the US currency, panic on Wall Street and a deeper economic depression. China could respond to US military threats by (1) seizing the assets of the 500 biggest US MNCs located in the country which would crash the stock market and (2) cutting off the source for major supply chains, further disrupting the US and world economy.

Imperialist ambitions and resentment over the loss of markets, status, and supremacy is pushing Washington to raise the stakes and confront China . Opposing the militarists, Washington ’s economic realists believe the US is too exposed and too dependent on credit, overseas earnings and financial revenues to engage in new military interventions in Asia, especially after the disastrous consequences of wars in the Middle East . Current US policy reflects an ongoing struggle between the militarist imperialists and the defenders of imperial economic interests.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#41104 Mar 2, 2014
For the market-oriented policy advisers, it makes no sense to confront China , when mutual gains from rising trade and economic inter-dependence have proven far superior to any marginal territorial gains offshore. These conflicting outlooks find expression in the alternating bellicose and conciliatory rhetoric of Vice President Biden during his December visit to Japan , China and South Korea .

The second area involving major actors and interests is the Persian Gulf, especially Israel – Iran – Saudi Arabia and the US . Having gone through costly and disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and fully aware that US intelligence agencies have found no evidence of an Iran nuclear weapons program, the Obama Administration is eager to reach an agreement with Iran. Nevertheless, US strategists are pursuing an agreement that would (1) weaken Iran ’s defense capability,(2) undermine Iranian support for popular revolts among Shiite populations living in the Gulf Monarchies,(3) isolate President Bashar Assad in Syria and (4) facilitate a long-term US presence in Afghanistan by destroying Al Qaeda operations throughout the region. In addition a US – Iran agreement would lift the harsh economic sanctions and (1) allow US oil companies to exploit Iran’s richest oil fields,(2) lower the cost of energy and (3) reduce US trade deficits.

A major stumbling block to any US-Iran agreement is from the well-entrenched Zionist strategists and advisers among policy-makers, especially in the Executive Branch, including such Department heads and Secretaries as Treasury Undersecretary (for ‘Terrorism’) David Cohen, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, US Trade Representative Michael Froman,‘Special Adviser for the Persian Gulf’ Dennis Ross among others. An even greater obstacle to the agreement comes from the Zionist-controlled US Congress, which acts more on behalf of Israel ’s regional ambitions than for US interests. Israel ’s megalomaniacal rulers seek military, political and economic supremacy throughout the Middle East (from Sinai to the Gulf) and have so far successfully used the US military to destroy and weaken its adversaries at no cost to Israeli soldiers or economy.

Israel has taken a direct hand in setting the terms, which the US will demand from Iran . According to the Financial Times (12/8/13, p. 4),“A team of senior Israeli officials led by Yossi Cohen, national security adviser, is due to visit Washington … to begin detailed discussions with the Obama Administration to use its influence in shaping the negotiating agenda.”

Richmond, VA

#41108 Mar 4, 2014
E23Jer34 wrote:
Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to "wipe Israel off the map." =4mScWWtRfGQXX
You just mentioned one of the countless Ziono-Media demonizations of one of the Region's lesser threats. Most people still believe "The Lie Told 'Round The World"

You'll also never read in the NY Times etc that Iran hasn't attacked any of its neighbors in 300 years while Israel has repeatedly attacked its neighbors over and over.

Because of unconditional US support, the little Zionist Bully can get away with anything, has and does.

Additional Facts conspicuously absent in Western Media are the REAL threats Israel poses:


“Israeli Professor:’We Could Destroy All European Capitals’



“Dayan's Mad Dog”

"Does Israel Make Us Safer?(Absolutely NOT!)


"Israel Threatens The World"

”How Israel's Nuclear Arsenal Endangers Us All”

Their infamous "Sampson Option" makes it the only country to threaten to "Take the World down with it"

“Israel’s Samson Option: the Real Nuclear Threat”

“Prime Minister … You are saying that if ever Israel was in danger of being defeated on the battlefield, it would be prepared to take the region and even the whole world down with it?” Meir replied “Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying.” GOLDA MEIR

““We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome.

Most European capitals are targets for our air force.”
We have the capability to take the world down with us.

And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.” (The original interview appeared in the Dutch weekly magazine:Elsevier, 2002, no. 17, p. 52-53, April 27th, 2002).”

Again, don't look for those, either in our Zionist Dominated media which is precisely why only the poorly educated, professionally duped and gullible consider Iran a threat.

“Zionists Control 97% Of World's Media!”


Herzliya, Israel

#41109 Mar 4, 2014
Subject: Fw: Fwd:[ilai5768] Fwd: FW: Female Arab Soldier: "I Came to Serve My Country and My Home"

Please mail to all on your list. In arabic with English subtitles

Subject: FW: Fwd:[ilai5768] Fwd: FW: Female Arab Soldier: "I Came to Serve My Country and My Home"


&#1513;&#1493;&#15 00;&#1495;
&#1504;&#1493;&#15 13;&#1488;: Fwd:[ilai5768] Fwd: FW: Female Arab Soldier: "I Came to Serve My Country and My Home"

Subject: Female Arab Soldier: "I Came to Serve My Country and My Home"

Female Arab Soldier: "I Came to Serve My Country and My Home"

Monaliza Abdo is Arab, Christian, Israeli and a defender of Jews and minorities alike.
She wasn't required to enlist in the Israeli army, but her determination to protect Israel motivated her to volunteer.
We had the chance to join Monaliza on the day of her release from the IDF.

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