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Cebu, Philippines

#75236 Nov 15, 2012
mhmoudali wrote:
i think jessus is not god
and cant be god
he is human and hyman he was
he was prophet
coz god cant take the shape of human
god is infinite and cant be contained in human body
.... He is a both human and divine. He maintains his humanity and his Divinity it is called Hypostatic union....Jesus is out teacher..our saviour and our God.
Myth Buster

Prescott, AZ

#75237 Nov 15, 2012
isay wrote:
Jesus is out teacher..our saviour and our God.
Wrong! It's historical fact that organized religion is nothing more than a cruel hoax and your beloved Jesus is an amalgamated myth that never existed. An enlightened Christian understands the irrefutable truth and is inevitably an ex-Christian. You should aspire to be an enlightened former Christian cultist instead of humiliating yourself on an international forum with your childish inane delusions.

"John Loftus and his distinguished colleagues have certainly produced one of the best and arguably the best critique of the Christian faith the world has ever known. Using sociological, biblical, scientific, historical, philosophical, theological and ethical criticisms, this book completely destroys Christianity. All but the most fanatical believers who read it should be moved to have profound doubts."

Hot Springs Village, AR

#75239 Nov 15, 2012
What do you think of the Him?? You'd better smarten up,Opie,and REALIZE that your soul is going to stand before the Throne of the Lord Jesus Christ on Judgement Day.
Myth Buster

Prescott, AZ

#75240 Nov 16, 2012
Doctor of Insanity wrote:
your soul is going to stand before the Throne of the Lord Jesus Christ on Judgement Day.
The blind hypocrisy of one of the most staggeringly ignorant self-righteous bigoted godbots in the history of topix in questioning the intelligence of any rational adult capable of recognizing organized religion as a cruel and dangerous hoax is almost beyond belief.

A person lacking the capacity to differentiate fantasy from reality is insane and should be institutionalized immediately for treatment of their mental illness. No living creature has an immortal soul or will stand before any mythical character and be judged upon their death.

"In this successor volume to his critically acclaimed first anthology, The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, John Loftus—a former minister and now a leading atheist spokesperson—has assembled a stellar group of respected scholars to continue the critique of Christianity begun in the first volume. The contributors include Victor Stenger, Robert Price, Hector Avalos, Richard Carrier, Keith Parsons, David Eller, and others. Loftus is the author of Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity. Taken together, the Loftus trilogy poses formidable challenges to claims for the rationality of the Christian faith.

The first part considers the wildly improbable nature of basic Christian tenets; the lack of agreement among diverse Christian sects regarding the essential Christian message; and a counter argument to the popular Christian claim that it was incredible that the Christian faith arose if it wasn't true in the first place.

The second part analyzes the role of ancient Near Eastern myth in the creation of the Bible, revealing that the image of God depicted there is a projection of evolving human needs during the Iron Age beginning with polytheism.

In the third part, the contributors critique the Christian doctrines of the atonement, hell, and the resurrection.

The final part considers the incompatibility of religion and science, reviews claims for intelligent design and life after death, and advances the proposition that science can help discover morality.

Students and scholars with an interest in the philosophy of religion will find this compilation of incisive critical essays to be intellectually stimulating and deeply thought provoking."

Oakland, CA

#75241 Nov 17, 2012
Gone4good_ok wrote:
<quoted text> No, us Jesus loving americans sure as hell did. That's how jesus works right? Mans hands? Sure as hell has no hands of his own. Cept' maybe tattooed on a red neck.
Something else here ,too.. The fire bombings the U.S did to the Japanese killed FAR MORE Japanese than what those two nuke bombs did, combined. Although, those two bombs did more wreckage. Something else you might not know, did you know that after the war the Japanese insisted that the U.S gvnmnt send people in to clean-up the aftermath of those two bombs? Well , they did. The U.S gvnmnt bowed down and sent in many,many thousands of U.S Soldiers to do the clean-up the wreckage of those two bombs and they were not issued ANY protective wear. It went not into their jackets for later reference, either.
To add, they were forced by the U.S gvnmnt to sign papers that they were not to ever say a word about it, and if they did twas ta ever say anything, they would face the consequences by either being shot or imprisoned for a very long time.
I do not recall the name of that “Act”, but I am sure you can find it somewhere on the innanet if you look.
Anyrays, what the U.S did by doing that is kill more U.S soldiers than what both bomb detonations killed of the Japanese. Those Filthy,Filthy Japanese (at the time) really had their nerve! Not only did they think that they were a superior race, but they were on a terror, torture crusade. Not only did they brutalize the Chinese, but they tortured and made slaves out of the POW’s. Do you know that Japanese soldiers were tying up very old(80-90 years old) Chinese women and gang raping them and they were also testing the sharpness of their blades on the necks and limbs of Chinese children. Oh yes, their gvnmnt knew that they were doing such things. If the Japanese would have landed foot soldiers on U.S soil, just what do you think would have happened in the cities and towns that they occupied?? I mean they really had their f’n nerve insisting that the U.S send in people to clean the wreckage of those two bombs. For that, the U.S should have dropped two more of those bombs on them! None of that you hear of though. The filthy Lib mainstream media only zombifies people and corrupts. They are more far dangerous than any modern day christian organization.
The Japanese really did Earn and Deserve their ‘radiation therapy’. The Japanese were not poor ,poor innocent victims. In fact, they were a very nasty and just down right evil imperialistic torturous slaughtering machine. The only reason the Japanese didn’t carry their bombs further in is because of fuel problems.
If they had the means and their way, they would have not only bombed Pearl Harbor, but all of Hawaii, literally destroying it and all inhabitants. They would have nuke bombed the whole U.S like we fire bombed them, but they wouldn‘t have stop at just that. Just be thankful for those two bombs and that those crazy psycho’s didn’t make it over here. Myself, I am sort of surprised that they surrendered and that they did not somehow turn their whole country into some sort of Kamikaze doomsday machine. People that will cut-off their own fingers and hands are just not the surrendering type. At least, one wouldn’t think so.
The Chinese are now mad dogging the Japanese. Lucky for all the Japanese are not the way they once were because now they have nuclear; massive nuclear Hairy carry and radiation equipped Kamikaze‘s- Toxic Avengers in airplanes! Nuclear loaded Jap Zero’s looking for anything to crash into!...

Oakland, CA

#75242 Nov 17, 2012
Those two bombs did not do to the Japanese what the lib mainstream portray. It killed and damaged more Americans than anything, but you won’t see them put that on display nor will you hear them talk of it.
I tell you ,fella, if jesus was around at the time he would have invoked the hammer of the Gods to come crushing down upon them and smite them with emrods and bowel disease. If Hirohito, Topo geejo and the rest of those psycho’s would have won the war and it was only them and their ally the christian Nazi’s left, they would have warred with each other because you cannot have two master races on the same planet. Both Hirohito and Christian Adolf thought they were divine. Especially Hirohito. The Japs really thought he was divinity itself and worshipped him as such. Hirohito and Jesus did have something in common and that be they both were frauds. But, nevertheless, The Japs would walk right off the edge of the earth with Hirohito and the Christians would follow that jesus fella right off the side of the earth ,too.
Now, Christian Hitler, he had his little Easy Bake ovens to roast his enemies ,yes he did; but we had our igniter bombs to ignite entire Jap cities into barbecue pits! Although, bamboo and paper doesn’t burn for very long (((HAAWWW GLOREH SAYETH DA LOWD!!)))
You call Caucasian people names such as “Rednecks” and such . There has not been a true redneck about for many,many years. The name has changed definition just for the purpose of race hating. You even have people like that fella jeff foxworthy that made a comedy out of “if I was a redneck”. Poking fun at his own kind! That had nothing to do with real rednecks, either.
Saturday night , I was in Wal-mart and there was this “white girl” and her sister, both of about the same age of about 18-20 years old, pushing a little mixed black/white child of about 3 years old in a shopping cart-their sisters child. I was merely looking at it and both quickly turn my way giving me filthy looks, and I didn‘t turn away. Well, they start yelling that I am a racist and start following me around the store trying to get me jumped. I didn’t say a damn word to them. Just lucky for all that it was very late nearly closing time. When I realized that they were not going to let up, I had to get in their face and tell them to get the hell away from me. Suffice it to say , when I finished with my business in the store and got outside, the police were out there waiting for me and began questioning me about that episode. I do believe that If I would have been a youngster , they would have taken me to jail for being a Nazi skin head or something there of just because of my hair length.
There was a woman in I believe Turlock, Calif that tweeted obama looks like a monkey and she was fired from her job for that. Flat out ridiculous! You do have to admit he is a funny looking sort; I mean with those ears and that small round head and all. Now blacks publicly call Caucasian people all kinds of racial names and not a damn thing happens to them legally. Yet, at the same time, a Caucasian can quickly wind up in jail, lose their jobs, or fined heavily for even remotely suggesting anything that can be tied to a black. Highly qualified Caucasians have lost out on jobs to much less qualified blacks because of Affirmative action. Blacks attempt to sue Caucasians all of the time if things do not go their way. And in many cases , they do win the lawsuits no matter how frivolous they are.

Oakland, CA

#75243 Nov 17, 2012
Even Video games:‘Left4Dead 2’ for instance, four players; two white two black. NO blacks whatsoever in the infected population that you can kill. Now I have been to Louisiana and there are quite a few blacks there, but none in the game. Why is that? Because the game developers/designers were afraid to put blacks in it that you can kill. So, It is all about killing the “evil” Caucasians. If you want to kill blacks in the game, you must kill one of your team mates. That game is basically just a free-for-all….killing whitey.
So many Caucasians are so screwed up and confused and they don‘t even know it. It is damn pitiful.
Instead of calling your own kind names , and hating your own kind, you should become aware of what is really going on.
I would venture to say that you know more about Mexican-American and African-American history than you do your own. And a lot what you do know of your own is doctored-up BS. At least, what is taught in schools, anyways. Case in point:“redneck”.
I have a Black Irish flag pinned up on the far wall of my Garage, and you know, I cannot even begin to count how many times I have been asked what it is- asked by Caucasians. When I explain, they state that they have never heard of Black Irish and some clown about with “African-Irish”, iffin’ ya gittin mah drift. When it comes to country flags , especially European flags, most European-Americans don’t know siht about them. Just not the in thing, I suppose. Now if that was a Mexico flag in my garage…..
Most Asians can tell you quickly the nationality and language of another Asian. Most S.Americans can do the same. But most European-Americans cannot identify most European languages let alone tell a Portuguese person from a Brazilian person.
You know, They used to make stoves and washing machines in the U.S that lasted a good 30-40 years and beyond. Speaking of washing machines…ummm… ask yourself this: what happens to the white clothes when you mix them in with the colored’s in the washer? Take a close look around before you answer..
About 14 years ago we bought a gas stove in the $1,800 range and it was nothing but trouble after trouble right from the get-go. I finally junked it and got a very old regular gas stove and never had a lick of trouble out of it. Cars now have airbags to compensate for junky and unsafe builds. You go to what’s left of Italian neighborhoods and try some Ravioli or spaghetti and meat balls in a so-called “Italian restaurant” and what you will get in most cases is something of a Chef Boyardee version for $10-$15 and it will be cooked up/served up by ,you guessed it, a dude wearing a turban. Oh yes, you can get the very same thing in a can at the grocery store for $1 to $2. Things like that have become the norm and accepted. Do you see any correlation to that in which I mention? Think about that next time you be goin’ a callin’ someone a “red neck”, you might just see the Light.
Just because someone is a christ tard it does not make them a redneck. It makes them..well, a christ tard and a christ tard ONLY. Most christ tards-real christ tards- aren’t that bad. It is the ones that go around spreading the crap that are bad

Oakland, CA

#75244 Nov 17, 2012
Like I say, there are no more true rednecks. By using that word, you are only falling into the hands of the very people that frequently change it’s definition to suit the times.
Michelle Obama creates food programs in where she has most schools serving up rabbit food while her own kids eat roast beef and gravy with French fries in their schools. Dig wum sayin’.
The Obama’s should be impeached for many things , but they are not because no one gives two dead flies about anything anymore. Well, that is to say “anything”’cept for money and/or religion.

Food is not the culprit of fatness. Really not unlike how a pig wallows in it’s pig pen, fat people wallow in their laziness. The only difference is, pigs are much cleaner. Those people that go to gyms and pay? I have never seen such retarded antics!! I mean what kind of a depraved retard would pay to drive a stationary bicycle whilst they stare out of the front window in a room full of sweaty like-minded retards?! Geez man. Sometimes when I pass those joints, I just stop and stare at them and wonder to myself, just what in the F are you Tards doing in there??!! I mean if you are that afraid of the outdoor yonders, why not get a stationary bicycle to drive on your balcony, in your garage or wherever. Oh well, I suppose they need the support from the other like minded stationary Tards. Myself, it would be a cold day in hell before I EVER paid my monies to drive a stationary bike. Maybe you Big Nasties could hook one uh dem stationary bikes to your television sets and use pedal power to power up your T.V set and computer instead of lounging around on your couches all day waiting for the 1st of the month Welfare checks. I walked by a “Game Stop” earlier today and this H-U-G-E fat pig of a kid came waddling out with a big grin on his sweat drenched face and a game in hand. His parents should get a good strapping. See, you people think you need people like michele obama to look after you -more gvnmnt intervention- by making you eat less and having you eat more greens. If you would get your fat nasty jelly rolls off of that couch and go for a jog once a day, you could eat all of the pork chops, French fries and double whoppers with cheese you want and you would lose weight. Yeah, I know some of you, like those on YouTube, proudly eat yourselves into oblivion for reason of disability checks. Hell, why work when you can lay around engorging yourself into a big nasty with all of that tasty grub that tax payers buy for you. Well, ObamaCare will fix your ‘hash’ for you. The one good thing about ObamaCare is that you double stuffs that are using your obesity for disability will die; YOU WILL die from lack of medical care that you need or will need. Socialized medicine is not what it is all cracked-up to be. You are going to die a slow agonizing death in your mass of blubberized whaledom. So you just keep thinking you are cool by laying around on your couch gorging yourself on tax payer monies playing on the innanet trying to convince yourself that jesus and the promised land are real. If jesus was orka-like do you think his hands and feet would have supported him way up there on that stick that he was posted up on? Show me a severely fat Roman. You can’t.

Oakland, CA

#75245 Nov 17, 2012
If I was a religious person, it would not be hard to relate those christian books to what is going on in the world. The Jews for instance; what is currently going on with them directly correlates to what it says in the bible. And not just them. Come the first of the year in the U.S, 19,000+ workers are going to be unemployed right at the get-go. Have look at European Americans,too; many of them are out and about destroying their own race by breeding with everything and sundry. They say that the European-American birth rate is way down, but I see little ’bama babies everywhere I look. European -Americans are going to be damn sorry for that one day. Caucasians will never be on the minority list, especially the males of the race. They are going to have one damn hard time getting by. Myself, I don’t blame the blacks for that because I know they know exactly what they are doing. And with that, I find it quite interesting. I would like the honor and pleasure of having the chance to help a white parent and it’s white/black children in a severe situation. I’m figrin’ I’ll get my pleasure one day. This country is falling apart at the seams. Your “hope and change” is going to get you, but good. Ooogah Boogah likes Socialism and Marxism. Well, Ooogah Boogah , you got it. And you are going to get it good right from a fella that studied such things under the best of them. The spreading of the wealth comes from the working class, you know. What are you going to do when there is no more working class and/or the working class is overwhelmed by the unemployed,,hmmm? Where are you going to get your bread from? You cannot tax and create new tariffs to force upon the unemployed. Menial jobs such as Wal-mart , burger king and so forth? How much do you think you can bleed from those workers?Yep, Ooogah Boogah, your BHO is going to give you something good,but when you realize it is no good, it will be too late. Much too late.
What’s up with you Nutty Caucasians, anyways? I mean, you don’t see any other races fouling up theirs like you do. As far as the american blacks go, they have been mixed up for 100’s of years. See, Caucasians, you have been programmed into thinking that you are just a “white Heinz 57“, what they do not tell you is that you are 100% European -American. The reason blacks are referred to as black is because they are not really “African- American”. But You Caucasians are 100% European-American and you want to wreck that? I mean what the hell for? I just don’t understand why European -Americans want to transform their bloodline into black. Although, I think some of you Caucasians have perverted fantasies about turning yourselves black. Don’t you know that the Caucasian/black mix suffers from even more health problems than your ordinary black? Not good, to say the least. The economy is getting worse-much worse. When those black kids of yours get sick because of the blackness in their veins, just who do you think is going to pay for their doctor/medication bills, Obama? The only thing you will get from him is ObamaDontCare..

Oakland, CA

#75246 Nov 17, 2012
That Socialized medicine that you voted for is not going to be good for you. You Caucasians that are trying to eradicate your own kind, that Socialized medicine that you voted for is not all what it is cracked -up to be. It is only the U.S people that don’t know any better that harp on it. Socialized medicine is nothing good. Oh well, European Americans making blacks, maybe you can get your black kids some United Negro College Fund or some other black-American Fund, yes?
Well maybe you didn’t vote for socialized medicine. Maybe you just voted for the black president.
After all, louie farricon did say, and I do quote:“ A beautiful black man is in the white house.” Word. You ignorant,ignorant fools. Now I am not calling all of the millions of Illegal Mexicans and S .Americans that voted for BHO ‘ignorant,ignorant fools’ because, after all, BHO does cater to them and it is in their best interest to have him in office.
You got your “Hope and Change, I hope you enjoy it. Ask yourself why Hostess is going out of business leaving 18,000+ out of work and why your dear president is pushing the U.S allies away, shrinking the military and sucking up to the likes of the Leader of Russia, the Leader of Cuba, the Leader of Mexico and so on. The U.S has benefited greatly from Israel, mostly in the intelligence dept. yet your dear BHO craps right in their faces. He is crapping in everyones faces, including yours. All while he sucks up to Russia, Cuba, Mexico and the likes there of.
Again, come the first of the year, anywhere from 19-21,000+ U.S jobs are going to be gone; mostly skilled jobs, at that. Even menial jobs; many restaurants right along with small businesses are going to prune their staff and/or their hours. Many of those ’small businesses’ will be forced out of business. Many doctors are going to shut it down, many would-be doctors are going to change their repertoire ,etc All because of that foolish health care act. You will PAY for what you have done. So not only are you wrecking country, you are wrecking the Caucasian race too. You whacked-out crazy fools!
Reminds me of what happened to Persia; wreck what was once a good country and then mongolize and turkify everyone until not a single Aryan is left. God damn fools.

Oakland, CA

#75247 Nov 17, 2012
You Caucasian fools making blacks, if you think race doesn’t matter in this country, you are bigger jackanapes than I thought. Not only that, but you are contributing to making racism and prejudice a bigger problem than it is. The creatures that you are creating are ‘minorities‘. Have you ever heard the saying ‘‘Women and minorities are encouraged to apply’. What you are doing by creating those things is making it harder for your own kind. Word. Caucasians in this country will NEVER be minority. Ever. There can be a work place full of those things that you are creating and one Caucasian male there and the things that you are creating will still be considered minority. In other words,“minority” has nothing to do with numbers anymore.‘Minority’ is, and always will be, anyone other than Caucasian- specifically, a male Caucasian. No matter how few. And those things that you are creating are not Caucasians, they are just more ‘minorities‘ to add to the herd of…well, minoritidom. When an employer wants a real “trophy’ he will hire himself one of those things that you created- not black not Caucasian, but a purgatory entity.
Possibly even pushing out a Caucasian or black employee to make room for it. Take a Chinese Employer for instance, he needs trophies to show that he is an EOE. So what to do? He will hire one of those things that you have created. No need to hire a Caucasian AND a black, just one of those things that you have created. If he already has a Caucasian and a black employee, he will rid himself of them and hire another Chinese worker. When the Man comes snooping around to make sure that he has a variance of races, and when he makes mention of no Caucasian employees, the Chinese employer will point to the thing in which you have created and say looky there at that thing, right cheah is where my Caucasian Employee is! Well, this IS Burger King, Have it your way!! Drive-thru please!! Don’t forget to try our new duplex cookies!! Oh yes, it is only a matter of time before the Chinese own Burger King, too. Jeep..Jeep..Jeep!!
Boy, I tell you. While you’re out there helping destroy the Caucasian race, BHO is out there destroying the country and while you all are doing that, the Chinese are busy buying up what’s left of the U.S. I mean buying up what’s left that’s worth a crap. And while all of that is going on, the Social security Administration and so forth are buying up millions of rounds of hollow point handgun ammunition. Yep.
Hollow point rounds were not designed for paper punching nor any other kind of target PRACTICE. Civilian Gun sales are way,way up. Just what do you think you’re going to do with all of those guns, people? Do you think that you are going to go to war against your gvnmnt? Don’t be silly. You would be mowed down very quickly. Your president would not hesitate for a second to send in the USMC, Air Force and Army to scatter your brains from hell to breakfast. Those military soldiers will mow you down like a lawn mower to grass and not give it a second thought because it is a job and civy jobs are getting scarcer and scarcer and in another three or so years they may even be nonexistent, at least nonexistent that can support life in this country. Remember the Civil war; relative was slaughtering relative. If you think that you are buying guns & ammo up because you think BHO is going to outright ban guns, you are only being foolish....

Oakland, CA

#75248 Nov 17, 2012
Have you not noticed that the price of guns and ammo has shot through the roof? Again, if that is why you are buying them up , because of bans, you are only being their chumps. Those arms that you have access to are no match against military arms. One Abram tank will take out your whole Homegrown brigade within seconds. In fact, they have weaponry that can temporarily blind/stun you in mass. Oh yes, it will blind you giving the soldiers time enough to invade your occupy wall street hole, take your weapons from you and give you a good paddling on your bare behinds. Thousands of dollars you invested in guns and ammo down the drain. Oh well, in your buying them you paid plenty to the gvnmnt in various taxes and such. You could even say that you paid the military to come in , disarm you and give you a good paddling on your bare behinds. Oh well, you’ll live to buy more guns and ammo to try again. BHO and his regime will love you for that. I am sure Colt, Smith &Wesson, Kahr, Federal and so forth will love you, too. Just be sure to buy more than ever before on your second time around. Just bunk down deeper in your occupy Wall Street bunkers next time and maybe they will drop a few Bunker Busters on you busters.
You obama people just keep telling yourselves that the countries current condition is all Bush’s fault and that Obama is going to make it all better and you Caucasians aiding in the destruction of your own race by creating blacks, you just keep doing what you are doing,too..
What the hell is it with you, anyways? I mean when you look around the majority of people doing the race destruction thing are the Caucasians. You do not see nowhere near as many other races destroying themselves as Caucasians do. What does that tell you. Now you might tell yourself that you are destroying African-Americans right along with them destroying us, But you couldn’t be more wrong. Blcks are already destroyed as a race for the most part. They have changed their identity name in the U.S countless times through the years for a reason; they are not African-American, they are not Afro-American. Well they are Colored, but everyone is colored. nor are they any other of that list that they have created for themselves and they know that. What they are is simply black. We as a race have been dubbed “white” because of that. Yeah, I bet you even consider yourself “white“,too. Your Ancestors in Europe did not call themselves white. I will tell you why that is: it is because NO ONE is white. Do Asians call themselves ‘yellow’? No. Do American Indians call themselves ‘red‘? No. In fact, if you went and called an Asian a ‘yellow man’ or an Indian a ‘red man‘, you better be prepared for a fight. If American-blacks want to be honest with themselves, they have no other choice for themselves, but to call themselves ‘black‘. What ? You think they can/will call themselves “interracial”? Don’t be silly.
Interracial what? The overall majority of blacks in this country are already interracial and they do not identify themselves as such. Not even the first generation, such as bar rack.‘The first black president’ has sure swung the wrecking ball and he is not done yet-far from it. Nevertheless, I bet his mama-damn freak- would be proud, I mean the first black president being ejected from her womb and all. I see so many baby obama’s about. All of you mixed-up Caucasians toting your black babies about wih the dream of having the 2nd or 3rd black president. I will tell you, the only real thing you are going to accomplish by creating those things is make quite a bit harder on what is left of your own kind in the future. And that is solid FACT. And something else too, all of the other races like what you are doing. You do not see them doing what you are doing, now do you. How many Asians do you see with Mexicans with Asian-Mexican kids in tow ? How many Mexicans or S.Americans do you see with blacks with S.American or Mexican/black kid in tow? I will say for you, NONE.

Oakland, CA

#75249 Nov 17, 2012
There are tons and tons of blacks, Mexicans, S. Americans and Middle Easterners in and around my vicinity , but I see nary a one that is a couple fouling up their race. The only ones that I see that are, are Caucasians; Caucasians fouling up their race with blacks...

Oakland, CA

#75250 Nov 17, 2012
Oh well, at least Obama did real good by getting the national unemployment rate down to 7.8% and saving GM , dint he. I mean Jeep is your prized leaders favorite vehicle. Pfff…you god damn crazy fools

Oakland, CA

#75251 Nov 17, 2012
Word...many WORDS!!!

Oakland, CA

#75252 Nov 17, 2012
You twisted,twisted Meat drapes!!

Oakland, CA

#75253 Nov 17, 2012
YOu twisted fools don't give a siht about the 18,000+ at Hostess about to be unemployed. If you were, you would not have listened to that crack-pot michele obama. Look at you now, after you put Hostess out of business you are scrambling to get the last bits of it.

God damn nutty mfrs!!

Oakland, CA

#75254 Nov 17, 2012
Well, 21,000+ are about to be unemployed right at the get-go of the first of the year. That is nothing but a drop in the bucket for what is about to be.

“Old School Granny ”

Since: Jul 07

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#75255 Nov 17, 2012
ReligionMustDie wrote:
<quoted text>
Where are my cookies!!! Tell her to get out of that bed and get in the kitchen!! I want double fudge cookies.
Huh.. I got juumped the other day. by two light skinned blacks. They were intially calling me racial slurs. Today I found my home made pull weights that I had fastened to the back of the house missing.Pff..I am getting to old for this crap.
My GOoDness Remudi what happened to the the healthty eating -- I hear an order for double fudge after I made cranberry nut cookies for you --

I am truly amazed how you have kept this train on it's track this long - much of what I read is like a scenerio coming - the stage is set and the puppets are all in play --

Just the same I'm not afraid of this train my ticket has been punched at Calvary and even full steam ahead my stop won't be missed when the trumpet is sounded -- and you know my hand will always be reaching out for you my friend.

Oh my and indeed some fresh flowers here to remind you of some GOoD ole days past -- which I hope bring fond memories of a granny you named --

TLC - Granny
Myth Buster

Cottonwood, AZ

#75256 Nov 17, 2012
Old School Granny wrote:
Just the same I'm not afraid of this train my ticket has been punched at Calvary and even full steam ahead my stop won't be missed when the trumpet is sounded
In regards to your sanity, they played taps a very long time ago. You live in shame and you'll die in disgrace with the intellectual capacity of a mentally retarded child never having developed to recognize organized religion as a cruel hoax.

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Roman Catholic church only true church, says Va... (Jul '07) 2 min Robert F 539,576
Atheism requires as much faith as religion? (Jul '09) 4 min Eagle 12 226,568
Wake up, Black America!! (Sep '13) 4 min DeAngelo of Memphis 2,552
3 Word Game (Feb '12) 20 min Tender Mercies 4,167
Last Word + 2 25 min Tender Mercies 560
Was 9/11 a conspiracy?? (Oct '07) 55 min RADEKT 258,221
Why Should Jesus Love Me? (Feb '08) 3 hr Stephania capitani 600,207
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