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#428 Jan 1, 2013
The explorer Christopher Columbus was a member of the Roman Catholic Franciscan Order [1][2], and sailed with a crew under the flag of the Knights Templar.[3][4][5][6][7]

In 1493 the Pope gave all of the Americas to the Spanish inquisition.[8][9][10][11][12] Soon after, Spain began slaughtering and subjugating the Natives, and bringing in African slaves to all the Americas.[13][14][15][16]

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#429 Jan 1, 2013
In the sixty years since the end of World War II and with the advent of the internet it is now possible to better understand the cause and outcome of the war.

History is often written making World War II about race and the Holocaust. Race is but a layer of the onion to mask the real war motive. The war propaganda: "lesser races". But the real motivation for the war? Germany and Europe have a long history of religious conflict.

Religious World Wars I & II

The Russian Revolution and Civil War of 1917-23, and World Wars I & II, are considered by some historians to have had a single cause.[1] The Papal States were seized several times beginning with Napoleon in 1798 until finally being dissolved in 1870.[2][3] Threatened with total annihilation the Vatican's fascist military Knights ran all sides of the wars to ETHNIC CLEANSE their historic foes: Protestants, Russian & Eastern Orthodox and Jews.

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#430 Jan 1, 2013
Quinn Nelson wrote:
Slaveholders have never been held accountable for anything and blacks certainly have not received repararations from the US government. Now, I agree that if the states agreed to pay reparations to blacks, the trillions of dollars owed would cripple the US economy. Bryan, you have a lot to learn.
Quinn Nelson
NYU 2000

The victims and criminals are all long since dead. If reparations were to be paid it would come from the Vatican who brought Africans to all the Americas, and Islam who sold the Africans.

Good luck collecting from them.

El Dorado Springs, MO

#431 Jan 1, 2013

Milwaukee, WI

#432 Jan 10, 2013
Quinn Nelson wrote:
<quoted text>Slaveholders have never been held accountable for anything

Well, the reason why any & all of the former White-Americans who ever owned any slaves have never been held accountable for anything.--- It is because they are all long, gone, deceased.

Quinn (With all due respect), I think what you meant to type up in your statement above, is --- "were never held accountable".

Milwaukee, WI

#433 Jan 10, 2013
Quinn --- In regards to your previous post,#426.--- You said "Moreover, the Jewish descendants received trillions of dollars in reparations payments from those Swiss banks".--- It wasn't that much money.

Besides, Jewish people SHOULD have received a very good sum of money.

Since Jewish people are PRODUCTIVE people.

This is why.--- Jewish people have made TREMENDOUS strides & contributions to the United States (US) & to the rest of the world. In the areas of science, medicine, engineering, agriculture, architecture, finance, heavy industry, light industry, airplanes, shipping, railroads, television media, newspaper print venues, computers, space programs, satellites, law, politics, military science, military technology, military tactics & strategy.

So, Jews are WAY more of an ASSET to the US & to the rest of the nations of the world.

You said "we certainly haven't received any reparations payments from the American government".--- Granted, it hasn't been in the form of reparations payments.

But, African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) HAVE received reparations in other forms.

In my next post, I'll list many examples of this.

Milwaukee, WI

#434 Jan 10, 2013
Quinn Nelson wrote:
We certainly haven't received any reparations payments from the American government.

Granted, it hasn't been in the form of reparations payments.

But, African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) HAVE received reparations in ALL of these respective forms.---

Since White-Americans are the United States (US) numerically dominant majority. Since White-Americans pay the most in taxes.---

White-Americans have been DISPROPORTIONATELY paying for the African Americans who are on welfare & other entitlements.

Examples of aid given to African Americans at the grassroots level.---

Among the respective White-American groups, Jewish-Americans have especially done a lot to help & empower African Americans.

Jewish-Americans played a very critical & pivotal part in the formation of the National Association Advancement Colored People (NAACP), National Urban League (NUL), Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) & the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) organizations.

Jewish-Americans played a very critical & pivotal part in the sustaining of all of these African American organizations.

Jewish-Americans also gave a lot of assistance to the 1960s African American Civil Rights Movement.

Primarily in the form of monetary donations & legal aid.

In addition, back in the 1960s, many Jewish-Americans from the northern US traveled down to the southern US states. To confront the Jim Crow laws which the southern US states had in place back then.

Examples of aid which the US federal government has given to African Americans.--- From the 1960s till now, African Americans have been given preferential treatment in the areas of aid, job hiring, set asides, college & university admissions.

From the 1960s till now, African Americans have received trillions of dollars in aid. In the form of welfare, housing aid, rent assistance, heat assistance, health care aid, educational aid, free school lunches, food stamps, TANF, Section 8, AFDC, WIC, phone bill aid, transportation aid, legal aid, child care, day care, foster care, affirmative action/quotas, set asides & federal jobs.

So, White-Americans at the grassroots level have done MORE than their fair share to help & empower African Americans.

US governmental entities at the federal, state & local levels have done MORE than their fair share to help & empower African Americans.

Reparations have been paid.

African Americans are on their own in this nation.

African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) only have themselves for their survival in this nation. NO one else.
Khaybar Jew

Toronto, Canada

#435 Jan 10, 2013
BlackMamba82 wrote:
Coz it' sure seems the west is eager to wipe the whole history of slavery from the pages of world History but they are always ready to rewrite the so called Holocaust nightmare! Even in the History channel they NEVER EVER dared to show slavery documentaries but every once in a while you hear and see something about the Holocaust and them branding HITLER a Killer. whts up with that?
You are one hell of a shit disturber, always making Racial-Threads on Topix.
It must be really Borrrring in your prison-cell.

But here's your answer and you should read this good and well as I don't go around usually talking to Apes that were taught to browse the Internet.

There never was slavery, it was all a HOAX perpetuated by the Back to Africa Movement.

ROOTS was a complete LIE, it's not real history but Hollywood.

The Whites didn't land their Ships on West-Africas coasts and just kidnap people while they were hapilly frolicking around picking the fruit trees.

They were merchants who went to already existing slave markets that belonged to Black-Muslims who enslaved fellow Black-Infidels from other tribes.

They were already long time slaves in West-Africa.

Why can't people with light complexion buy them, why do you think only dark people should be allowed to buy already existing slaves ???

Those who were bought buy the Whites were the lucky ones, because they were later released and given computers, unlike their brothers who stayed behind and are still slaves in West-Africa !!

Milwaukee, WI

#436 Jan 10, 2013
Quinn --- You said "She has in fact benefited from the crimes her ancestors committed".--- You don't know for a fact if Saras family ever owned any African American slaves.

Most White-Americans who are living in the United States (US) today, their families came to this nation way, way after 1865.

Subsequently, they never owned any African American slaves.

But, most African Americans & some White leftists are holding all White-Americans collectively responsible & accountable. For what SOME Whites did way, way, way back.

You said "The Presidency of Barack Obama has done little to narrow the socioeconomic disparities between blacks and whites".--- You are 150% correct about this.

Granted, Democrat Barack Obama is the president of the United States (US).

Still & regardless, he is just one person. Despite being the president of the US, he is still VERY limited in what he can do.

Most of all, African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) have been sold out. Sold down the river for Hispanic labor.

African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) are Americas past & a dying people in this nation.

Hispanics (Afro-Latinos included) are Americas future.

Hispanics (Afro-latinos included) are Americas PREFERED "minority".

Hispanics (Afro-Latinos included) are WAY PREFERED OVER African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves).

Hispanics (Afro-Latinos included) are being elevated & advanced in the US. AT THE EXPENSE OF African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves).

Hispanics (Afro-Latinos included) are being given "Honorary White Status" in the US.

In years to come, these will be the dominant groups in the US.---

1. Non-Hispanic Whites.

2. Hispanics.

Among the Hispanics, the 2 top, major Hispanic groups will be the Mexicans & the Dominicans.
Khaybar Jew

Toronto, Canada

#437 Jan 10, 2013
Negroes should be Re-slaved, they are not pure Humans but a mixture of Humans who had sex with animals (Apes).

They are the product of ancient Bestiality.

They are not decendants of the Adam familly tree.
Not Noahites: Not Shem, Not Kham, and Not Yaphet.
Khaybar Jew

Toronto, Canada

#438 Jan 10, 2013
Yaall just need to watch the Maury show and see what a bunch of Apes Negroes are.

Buy the age of 15 she has 4 children from 4 different fathers.

Milwaukee, WI

#439 Jan 10, 2013
Quinn --- Your last two points here.--- You said "African Americans are routinely stereotyped as criminals and dismissed as second class citizens in the United States".--- True.

Why is this the case?--- Because "the shoe fits".

Most African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) are viewed VERY negatively, is because of their behavior, actions & attitudes.

You said "We are chronically underrepresented in the medical schools, law schools and in fortune 500 businesses".--- You are absolutely correct.

Why is this? Who is to blame?

One cannot put the blame on White-Americans collectively.

One cannot put the blame on American governmental entities at the federal, state &/or local levels.

From the 1960s till now, self destructive behaviors from within have been African Americans obstacles to growth & empowerment. These have been the self destructive behaviors from within.---

1. From the 1960s till now, the over 70% to over 80% illegitimate birth rates.

2. From the 1960s till now, the very high rates of African American kids dropping out of high school.

3. From the 1960s till now, the very high rates of deadbeat fathers in the African American "community". Who haven't paid any & who currently aren't paying any child support.

4. From the 1960s till now, the very high rates of single, unwed African American mothers who haven't received any & who currently aren't receiving any child support.

5. From the 1960s till now, the very high rates of African Americans who are unemployed & who are not employable. Due to being a high school dropout &/or because of having a criminal record. Usually a very extensive criminal record at this.

Now, the African American "community" has several hundred billion dollars worth of earning & spending power. But, this money goes OUTSIDE of the African American "community". African Americans currently don't support African American owned or run businesses. African Americans haven't supported African American owned or run businesses since the 1960s.

From the 1960s till now, this is all that is has been in the African American "community".--- Crime against each other, rivalry, jealousy, envy, egos, playa hating, not taking care of, not supporting & not backing each other up.
white man

Queens Village, NY

#441 Jan 16, 2013
Dave wrote:
Both blacks and Jooz have a symbiotic parasitic relationship and are a drain on Western civilization.
The for Jooz only state of Israel gets trillions of dollars in foreign AID from the US government, while most tax payers wouldn't be allowed to immigrate to Israel because they're not Jooz.
Why should the US government give Israel anything at all? The US didn't HoloHoax them! Talk about separation of church and state!
Then theres the Blacks. Over the last sixty years the US government spent trillions on welfare programs, affirmative action programs, set asides for minority contractors and businesses, race based scholarships, Hiring quota's, free school lunches for n*gglets etc etc etc. And what have we got to show for all this besides ruined cities, clogged prisons and they still demand more!!!
The Jooz whine about their cherished HoloHoax. We we're gassed all six million, you owe us. Then the the negros whine My ancestors were slaves, you owe us.
More and more white people are awakening to these victim groups and their scams. No one owes you blacks or Jooz anything, and fewer and fewer people are shedding crocodile tears for your stupid victim hood status.
Its time for whites to take care of their own interests and separate from blacks and Jooz.
I never gassed any Jooz or enslaved any blacks, and neither have any of my ancestors, so stop with the guilt trip it doesn't work anymore.
To both Blacks and Jooz, Stop your whining!!!
your an **shole and someone needs to starve and whip your *s. your ignorant, and I'm white!!
Storm Warning

De Forest, WI

#442 Jan 16, 2013
I think the Black fascination with skittles is that they look so much like a little candy banana. They should make licorice ones that have to be consumed rectally

Lincoln, NE

#443 Feb 13, 2013
AAAnnn just when you think racism is! First of all yes many Africans sold their enemies into slavery, the funny part is their is no record of this. Secondly, ignoramus welfare benefits whites as well. Explain this: why did they destroy our history,culture, religion, art, etc if we were just for free labor? Why the need for civil rights after we were freed? Why does the West fear Africa's economic empowerement? I could call you out but no need your post and you are ignorant and I wish I could get welfare so I could take your little tax! Oh yea Im using affirmitive action to go to law that gotta sting white man

Scarsdale, NY

#444 Mar 31, 2013
What boggles my mind, and has done so for 30 years, is why anyone (black or Jewish or otherwise) feels the competitive need to be of the race or religion with the "worser" genocide. Where does the need to even compare these atrocities (and many others) come from; they are all really bad,
Save It

Hyannis, MA

#445 Apr 1, 2013
Slavery was worse. It lasted over 200 years.

Fairfield, CA

#446 Apr 15, 2013
MPL wrote:
Slavery: being forced to work without condition indefinately.
Holocaust: being forced to work without condition indefinately, being subject to human medical experiments, and being murdered.
The Holocaust was worse. 6 million black people didnt die from the slave trade.
Your a way, 6 million people didn't die during the slave trade, between 40-60 million died,countlessothers were being beaten, dehumanized, children were taken from mothers, daughter raped and inpregnated by their "masters". They were all unspeakable crimes comitted by so called "men" with demonic ways. Id rather die on the spot than to be tortured for any amount of time by anyone. Also don't forget about what the Native Americans had to endure as well.

Lincoln, RI

#447 Apr 21, 2013
ok i know the holocaust was bad and all but slavery is much worse. you ain't even go to think twice about it you should watch this movie that is based on a true story it's called Roots. do you know how long slavery remained in the whole world about 100 years. the thing with the jewish and hitler didn't take that long. White people used to kidnapp black people but it wasn't just black people it was all colored people. they used to kidnapp them out of their homes put them in boats and if they were sick along the way they would throw them into the ocean and let sharks eat them. once in their homeland they would make them work until they died. Women were raped and children even 2 year olds had to work. Thye were beaten, seperated from the ones they loved. they seperated families. So whoever said u r a dumb ass if u think slavery is worst than the Holocaust. you should watch roots then i'd like to see you call me a dumb ass.

Lincoln, RI

#448 Apr 21, 2013
SUCK ON SOMETHING all the racist people in the world.

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