We are in a civil war because the two sides are absolutely sure they‘re right, and the fire is being fueled by the Fed‘s shock tactics, just as the Fiscal Cliff.

It's this simple: Logically, ONE SIDE DOESN'T GET IT, and they're not searching for the truth, and are too arrogant to even consider that they might be wrong. So, they don’t search for the truth because they are being brainwashed.

1. The mainstream media MUST be part of the deceit, or else there would be no confusion.
2. Now that religion is part of our politics, mainstream churches MUST be part of the problem by encouraging their followers to be lies.
3. At least one side is IGNORANT of some BIG issues. Proceed WITH AN OPEN MIND.
4. Who is hiding behind the scenes and is responsible for all the deceit, and will it really result in economic collapse and the death of the USA as a free country ?(yes)

This discussion will include the BIG issues that people disagree on, so we can hopefully end the war and save the country.
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