Ozark, MO

#427 Jul 16, 2011
So anyone know of a good place like this in Denver? A_rupp19(at)hotmail,com

Oak Park, IL

#428 Jul 17, 2011
Ive been to massage parlors about a dozen times, when i want a real massage i go to a ligitimate most memorable is when i worked in sales and i went to a place in LA about 10 years was a decent looking place, my chick was blonde, attractive, white, in her mid 30s or so and had nice breasts. It was a hard place to read, so I got the full massage and when we got to the rolling over part, she pulled my towel almost completely out of the way, just covering my junk and started doing really long rubbing strokes from my arms down to my feet, all the time making sure her tits were rubbing againt me...i still wasn't sure about the possibility of a happy ending until she said that she was almost done unless there was "anything else she could help with". i knew this drill so I reach over to my wallet and unfortunately I only had cnotes so I ended up giving her a hundred dollar tip...this got her going pretty good...her top came off revealing some nice tits and she proceeded to give me a fantastic bj/ hand I lay there spent, she wiped me off with a hot towel and came around and gave me a scalp massage, I was a pile of jelly...when I came through LA about a year later, I come to find out that the place was busted...

Pineville, WV

#430 Jul 17, 2011
I like happy endings! They make me happy

Kent, WA

#431 Jul 17, 2011
andet1987 wrote:
<quoted text>
oh God, Asians are prostitutes, because you horny American bastards are good customers !! you even do a s*x tour in Asian you horny bastards !!!
There are lots of American prositiutes...especially those drug addicts I know of...she has kids with so many brat husbands...some adopted by different people..and some adopted to the man I am married with...of course I no longer live with him as he wont give me a divorce...yea any men or woman should behave themselves...why dont people ask someone in their family to help massage them or their wives...I dont understand why people gets sick if they dont have sex...I thought sex or to expose and body touching is limited with a married couple...why let some strangers do that...even seeing a doctor...I do not understand why sometimes being asked to remove everything and given a white shroud to wear...and ask to lie down on thier exam table...

That happened to me when a certain school requires me to have a medical pgysical exam to enter college...I regret I did not say anything or got up and leave...the nurse was laughing and talking out loud teasing the young doctor...I waited an hour before anyone came...and he did not do anything...he came with his eyes fixed on mine and his both hands aimed right on my breasts...if my brain is like now I would have gotten up and smack!!! him right on his face including that boisterous! female MIchigan...

Kent, WA

#432 Jul 17, 2011
some men and women are bastards..they travel to go find sex elsewhere in someone's country spreading disease...and rmemebre some Asian are extremely innnocent..they are taken by sweet words...I saw an old man in TX look 70's and his Asian wife is look only 12 years old and he wont let her speak to anyone...he would leave immediately if u approach them...but some of them have stupid parents just for the money and they sell their daughters...but some are the sex traffickers who lure young girls...

Pittsburgh, PA

#434 Jul 17, 2011
I'm something of a libertarian when it comes to massage - or even out right prostitution for that matter. I believe that if the sex is between two CONSENTING adults, they should be allowed to do whatever they want. I have been to massage parlors and enjoyed the happy endings probably 15-20 times in my life.

BUT, when it comes to Asian massage parlors don't kid yourself...that is not sexual activity between two consenting adults. Rather it's sex between one consenting adult (the customer) and a sexual slave who was likely bought or abducted from her home country and dropped in a strange land that she knows nothing about. She is also likely facing threats to her family back home if she should try to leave or create problems.

If you oppose human sexual trafficing, don't go to Asian massage parlors. Find yourself one with American girls who truly do choose the profession they are in and are truly free to leave at any time.

United States

#435 Jul 22, 2011
andet1987 wrote:
yes, you are a bad person !! it should be done by your wife !! you are cheating !!
what if your wife won't even do it...or sex...or oral?

Levittown, PA

#436 Jul 22, 2011
I have been married twice and both wives left me. My second wife was Chinese. I am attracted to Asian women. I am still friends with both ex wives families and they know I am a good person. They know that both wives left me for no good reason so I know it wasn't me.
Anyway I have needs and was thinking of going to a massage parlor. I go to China town late at night and sometimes men will walk by and ask me in hush tones if I am looking for a massage parlor. I am too afraid to say yes as I have never gone before and don't know how they work.
I don't really want to do it, but like I said, I have needs. Porn is just not doing it for me anymore.
I know some are here against their will. Does anyone think I could "save" a girl from her plight?
I mean talk to a girl and somehow take her home to be with me and save her from slavery. I would be good to her and give her a good life. Does this sound possible? Any thoughts if this is a good idea or how I could do it?

“Awkward Black Chick”

Since: Jul 11

Northern Calfiornia

#437 Jul 23, 2011
You could have gotten herpes if you have a cut on your bunglehole.

For real. Next time have her wear a glove you don't know who's infected penis her hands were massaging.

Huntington Beach, CA

#438 Jul 23, 2011
I am a girl 25 and I have been to massage places several times and even though I am straight I enjoy having my private parts massaged until I have an orgasm. It is very relaxing and almost as good as sex with my BF. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back.

Levittown, PA

#440 Jul 24, 2011
Well, I went to China town again last night and observed one or two guys walking around waving down the occasional passerby. I stayed in my car this time, still afraid to go through with it.
I think of the women who are doing this and I have mixed feelings. I feel it is dirty yet I can't help thinking that they are "stuck" in this life style either by being enslaved or having no other choice to support themselves.
I know if I go there I will easily become attached to the girl. Yeah I'm a dork, but I wear my heart on my sleeve and will think that she likes me too even though I know it's her job to make me feel that way.
I can't be the first one to think this way and someone has to have "saved" a girl before, but I'm sure it's not something that one would want to talk about had they done this.
I feel that I soon will do this and get a "massage". I am just so lonely and need the touch of a woman. It feels like hunger. I enjoy touching and being touched even if it's not sexual.

Red Hook, NY

#441 Jul 24, 2011
Good for you Cindy! Take your BF with you next time!

Since: Feb 09

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#443 Jul 24, 2011
OId School Granny wrote:
Rub me like a lamp, Aladdin !
Clone......not Old School Granny.

Sunland, CA

#444 Jul 27, 2011
Once i went in with my girlfriend we got a couples massage. Now this place just a normal massage place. So we are getting our massages. So the girl that was doing me kept winking at me. U know how like some ppl just kinda wink all the time? I figured she waas jus one of those. So she massages my thighs all the time im lookin at her an she is still winking. So i get huge boner now. And she still has the sheet on and she kept rubing my legs, the whole time her arms are rubbing my huge boner, i mean she was doing it so it wasnt obvious. My dick was dripping with precum. There was no mistanking she knew i was horny. All this in front of my girl. Needless to say i went back the next month by myself. And she gave me an amazing handjob and blowjob. I would go back often but by the time i was able to she quit working there....
pace car

Lynbrook, NY

#445 Jul 27, 2011
The only reason men visit these places is to get what he's not getting.That is sex!Call it what you want,a hand job is some kinda of sex.It feel good and you want more.You could get a plain massage anywhere but you want the happy ending and than some.guys are from mars and women from somewhere in space.
pace car

Lynbrook, NY

#446 Jul 27, 2011
These women who work there have amazing hands.There pro's in letting magic happen.I've been to them probably 10 times ,4 different shops and all but twice i had a very nice time.I'm looking foward to another visit so i have to save my pennys.Life's short,enjoy what's out there.

South Africa

#447 Jul 29, 2011
elary wrote:
So I went to an "Oriental massage" place not far from my house yesterday. Though I went in realizing it might not have been a legitimate operation, I did it anyway. I mean, I wanted a massage, but if something else happened, then cool.
So this Asian woman massages me for 45 min or so. She took my towel completely off at one point and totally massaged my ass. It was great. Once on my back, she eventually started massaging my stomach and chest and face. Then she asked how old I am and if I'm single- then she got close to my erection, taking the towel off again. She then put my hand on her ass and put some more oil on her hand and went to town while lightly fingering my ass. I came in about 2 minutes and it was great!!
Am I some kind of creep?? I mean, I didn't ask for it- she just went ahead and did it. But I didn't stop her, either. I just feel a little guilty after reading about these massage places where illegal immigrants are forced to do this.
I promise I'm not a creep!
You are not a creep. In which area are you living? I want to visit that lady as well.
pace car

Lynbrook, NY

#448 Jul 29, 2011
Gerry wrote:
<quoted text> You are not a creep. In which area are you living? I want to visit that lady as well.
Best thing to do is hold your self off for as long as possible.This way you get to enjoy it longer,i do

Carlisle, PA

#449 Jul 29, 2011
Has anyone ever had FMF at the Asian massage parlor? I have almost, but not at the massage parlor!

Levittown, PA

#450 Jul 29, 2011
What's FMF?

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