Feminine Gay Men Are Annoying.

Linnich, Germany

#196 Jan 3, 2012
Ok, sweethearts, here's the deal:
-Being gay is natural ,found in almost all species(look at that gute giraffes and penguins and stuff ...) and- just like being straight or bis- oder pansexual- something inchangeable. Look at the statistics: NONE of the therapies to cure gay men and women has worked. Like, ever.

-People may act the way they want. Get over it. Furthermore, you can't tell whether something is fake or not, just based on what you see in the clubs. In addition- who doesn't play a role in clubs? When a guy is trying to flirt with me, he goes all masculine, trying to look broad and tall ...that's not the way he usually acts, I suppose. But I don't mind, because he does it to impress me(or anyone else, I don't even care). Women play with their hair when confronted with attractive men(or women, if they are lesbian/bisexual), they too don't always do that.

So if somebody wants to exaggerate his gestures, high-pitch his voice, get a slight lisp- so be it.
He's got the same right and motives to behave differently in different situations.

Apart from that, there are feminine men as well as masculine women- you can see it in their bone structure, skin thickness etc... and sometimes you can only tell by their behaviour. This however is neither bad nor annoying.

So please, for Christ's (or anyone's)sake, stop the hate. It doesn't make the world a better place, and it doesn't lift your mood or spirits, either.

(Oh, and by the way: "Men are men and women are women" is proven to be wrong. Period. Almost as 90's as navel piercings.)

Ashburn, VA

#197 Jan 28, 2012
I'm a woman and cannot stand super femme gay guys or ultra macho lesbos. Omg they are so annoying because it's like they try on purpose to throw their preferences in your face. Plus it's just gross!!!

Chicago, IL

#198 Feb 1, 2012
Jessica wrote:
I'm a woman and cannot stand super femme gay guys or ultra macho lesbos. Omg they are so annoying because it's like they try on purpose to throw their preferences in your face. Plus it's just gross!!!
just close your eyes then. the world is not perfect.

Plainfield, CT

#200 Mar 22, 2012
Tinker B wrote:
My kids r affected because they have to see it,everywhere they go.Some gays r child molesters cause thats how they learned this behavior!Over population wouldn't be a issue if people would stop being immoral!I'm not trying to disrespect gays,but don't try to through it in my face,i don't want to see it,or try to convince me and my family that this is the right way,cause I already know its not!Admitting that u have a problem,and trying to convince r youth that its a disorder or demons or something is the right way to go!Then I wouldn't be so judgemental.Yes we all have issues but admitting to them is the early process of healing.Its fake to just live this lifestyle like ur not having problems with it then try to convince people its ok to be this way.This like a crackhead trying to convince everybody that the drug addict lifestyle is ok,not buying it.Some gays that r seen r drug addicts,sleep with anybody to get that hit.Or once they get the drug it releases dopaemine(i don't know if its the correct spelling)it causes hormones to go crazy then they look for the first piece of ass they can find,some wake up the next day not knowing what they tried.Same thing with alcohol,that shit throws ur hormones all out of whack,then u do abnormal things!I miss the 90's when most people were a little more normal,and men stepped up and been real men!What happened cause these people today r crazy!!According to the bible u have no role.They only role u have is to step up and be men and help raise these kids with moral values so they won't end up gay,on drugs,mentally ill,etc.The real men that I know who do this have lives that r so blessed.Men who don't over populate they settle down and get wives and have children.They take care of home.They don't have time to worry about what they want to change into, or who they gonna have sex with.Its really sad to see r young people confused because a lot of them r to young to be worried about sex anyway!Let alone what gender to do it with.I've witnessed drag queens trying to pick up a young teenage guy on the bus stop,and the way they were acting i don't know what they would've done to him if I wasn't there.Had somebody tell me they sent their son to a bathroom in a public place and some guy try to hit on this child.So he was a gay ass pedophile!sad I'm going to pray for my son, that these demons never reach him.Life is already hard without having issues about who to have relations with.Its disgusting,the cause of AIDS,and diseases r spreading!i can't believe we have teenagers actually making these decisions,theres so much more to be done.Adolescents is a time when ur trying to find ur place,they r so sensitive at this time and easy to manipulate.That's whats being done.These young men to day can't even walk straight.It looks so nasty and degrading!Whats wrong with doing it like Obama,gurantee its less worries,and you can spend the rest of ur time doing positive things,cause you already have ur soulmate at home!We have gay men married to women.That shit is crazy.Heard about this one gay guy took his childrens child support money to get a sex change.His children were on Dr.Phil so upset.Then he actually got mad at them for calling him daddy.lol Thats what he was.Just cause he decided he wanted to be someone else doesn't change who he really was.People who r gay need help the men and women.Maybe you all r searching for some type of luv that u didn't get.I don't know.U couldn't pay me to go this route,I have enough problems!!
If it's not your style, fine. But don't shove crap down people's throats about God this or morals that. Not everyone shares the same moral values; they're up to subjectivity. Honestly, you're seeing the world only through one perspective, but there are many different paradigms and perspectives through which to see the world other than your own. Try walking a mile in someone else's shoes that'll help. You also cannot objectively prove that God is real to me.

Seattle, WA

#202 Mar 23, 2012
TOTAL gay shame.
Leviticus 18:22 - You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.
Leviticus 20:13 - If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.
Romans 1:26-27 - For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.

Stephenville, TX

#203 Apr 15, 2012
gay people are mentally sick, & they are complete dipshits to actually think what they're doing is considered "normal". They spread nothing but lies about themselves & their lifestyles. Why can't homosexuality be considered a mentally illness like it was in the good old days? Gay people must be stupid. And I get tired of them trying to change the definition of marriage & pretty much society. FU GLBT
bisexual dancer

Elmwood Park, NJ

#204 May 8, 2012
You do NOT chose your sexual orientation.. duh. And I know plenty of straight men who are feminine and have gay friends who are very masculine. Its all personality it has nothing to do with the label. Homophobes are ignorant.

Elmwood Park, NJ

#205 May 8, 2012
You do NOT choose your sexual orientation.. duh. I doubt straight people will wakeup one morning and "choose" to be gay. And you know nobody does cause of the crap they have to go through who would choose to?? Just as I didnt choose to be bisexual. And I know plenty of straight men who are feminine and have gay friends who are very masculine. Its all personality it has nothing to do with the label. Homophobes are ignorant.
I better work! <3

Falmouth, ME

#206 May 15, 2012
Lt Daniel wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes...Men are born men and women are born women..BUT these men and women become what they choose to become when it comes to their sexual orientation..Some choose to be hetero some gay...It is a NATURAL course to be attracted to the opposite sex and some just dont get it and will F%$# whatever hole is in front of them. Their wores are crossed a bit..
Some of you are right in this flamer crapolla...Why is that these ARSE Jockeys have to be SOOOOOO damn feminine? Most are s more feminine then women..Amybe a little Gender Identification Disorder? They dont know they are men? Who knows..But these gay parades are sort of like watching a train wreck..You know its going to be horrid, but how horrid is it going to be...???
I don't recall "deciding" to be straight. As a matter of fact, I still sometimes WISH I was a lesbian, and it's mostly because men like you live and breath. Shame sir, your hatred is unfounded, it stems from fear and ignorance. Sorry, but your "logic" isn't even close to scientifically accurate anyway. Your wires don't get crossed unless you consume detrimental substances or sustain significant brain damage. I happen to find flamboyant gay culture offensive, because people always call these men "feminine". I am female, and the pride and joy I take in being a women DOES NOT stem from this superficial nonsense. Still, you're full of shit and a complete homophobe. Go suck some dick and get over it

Torrance, CA

#208 May 22, 2012
I think gays are annoying well at least the obvious ones are, It shouldn't make you homophobic. I mean what would you think when you see guys wearing makeup dressing like girls it's gross. Imagine guys in the military skipping holding hands and saying things like oh my god! It's what we see on TV. I think gay guys have things all wrong no one is attracted to sissyness especially on a guy people love masculanity, feminine is gross. What I hate a lot is when you go to a gym and this creep just stands naked and is gay it's gross gays are like sex predators.

Torrance, CA

#209 May 22, 2012
Jessica wrote:
I'm a woman and cannot stand super femme gay guys or ultra macho lesbos. Omg they are so annoying because it's like they try on purpose to throw their preferences in your face. Plus it's just gross!!!
I feel the same way I don't hate gays I find them annoying and gross and they tend think gross all the time, they are worse than trolls, you know those dorky girls who think their cool and hot but they are not no one likes them and if you are ever near them they talk about things that they pretend they've done but everyone knows they haven't they think guys would like them but won't because they are plain gross.
Sir Eric Andre

Middle River, MD

#210 May 22, 2012
If You find that woman acting guys turn you on then there is something abnormal about you!!!

Dallas, TX

#212 Jul 3, 2012
I wonder if gay men act flamboyant as a way to be identifiable by other gay men. Straight people would not have to worry about doing this, but if gay people just dressed and acted like the norm, how would other gay people recognize them to be a possible sexual interest? I do agree that it is a show and it can be pretty obnoxious sometimes, but it seems like a good way to get noticed by your dating pool.

Chicago, IL

#213 Jul 3, 2012

i believe there are gays and lesbians who have pleasing personalities. and there are some who are annoying.

the same is true with straight people. there are some straight people who have pleasing personalities. and there are some who are very annoying.

yes, i saw a lesbian whose attire and hairstyle is like a man. but she has this pleasant personality about her. she smiles, etc. i don't find her annoying. she is cool.

just because someone is feminine gay or masculine lesbian, you find him/her annoying right away. no, you have to see her real true character first !!! do not judge right away !!! ok ???
Don Quixote

Bradenton, FL

#214 Sep 21, 2012
Well personally, I am attracted to donkeys. They have an allure that can not be denied.
Paul Lynde

Bradenton, FL

#215 Sep 21, 2012
I am as masculine as they come, but people still somehow know I'm gay...

Bradenton, FL

#216 Sep 21, 2012
Me too, how the hell do they keep figuring it out?

New York, NY

#217 Sep 21, 2012
i think either way you look at it, whether you're a gay queen or a butch dyke, it's a matter of having class. you don't need to act like an idiot or someone who lacks any level of maturity. making a spectacle of yourself runs the risk of people judging you based on how you act, almost as much as judging how you look. so the childish queeny queens need to get some polish and the fat butch dykes need to go on diets and pay better attention to their health instead of acting stupid. i can guarantee this, if you look that horrid on the outside i know you smell bad on the inside so think about it, unless you're a "no recip" licking lesbo lol. ice cream flavor of the month is anchovy? you betcha..that's just my opinion about it.

United States

#220 Nov 12, 2012
...you think?
Lou Banus

Los Angeles, CA

#221 Nov 15, 2012
Annoying, not annoying...it's wrong and they need help.

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