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United States

#47 Mar 23, 2013
As a beautiful black american woman I have dated both black and white men. Based solely on my experience with american men; out of the two black men I have dated and the way they treated in bed and out I say this with much passion from my heart "I'LL NEVER EVER DATE, SCREW OR CONCIDER THE POSSIBILITY OF EVER BEING NEAR A BLACK MAN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE" I'd rather be alone and fuck my dildo or have a girlfriend for intemissy. I've been with my current swetty for 2 years and hopefully many more to come. He treats me like a lady and guess what white men can be very very well endowed as well as the most passionate lovers I have ever been with. No suprise why most people think very low of black men.....I'd date any other race than a black man Asin, any culture other than black.
jennifer stewart

Austin, TX

#48 Jul 1, 2013
Jane Thompson wrote:
Is it not true that white men are better lovers. Is that why you are so angry Mr Real Deal...
yes and no all men are good in bed but white men are a lot more kinky so if your not up for the strangest experience ever or your a chaste woman then yes but all in all all men have a little quirk to them in the bedroom but men of all races are sexual beings and if you like some one of either race use your own best judgement on who you wanna date

United States

#49 Jul 1, 2013
Because many of the 'sistas' are tired of having to choose from ignorant morons who only use 2 percent of their brain's ability to think and live intelligently, that's why.

Cumming, GA

#50 Jan 4, 2014
I am a biracial woman who has had the pleasure of being intimate with men of a number of races.
1) Black men have bigger " equipment" - not true
2) White men are more sincere - only if they want to get a piece.

Does not matter what is on the outside o how big it may be. Look inside the eyes to see the true person.
dad of 3

Portland, OR

#51 Jan 4, 2014
Well if women of other races do turn toward white men, maybe it's because we as a group tend not to treat them like possessions, and call them "ho" in other words, the culture in which white men are raised have a better idea on how ladies should be treated. We want to be there boyfriend, not their thug. I'm just saying.

Chicago, IL

#52 Jan 4, 2014
black boss man wrote:
ive got moe white women than i can handle,my long rod is resting tonight,then i start back tommorow breeding this white girls,white womens are easy to get in bed,but they like my looks also,am the best looking black man in south part of country,i like getting them pregant also.
dream on. white women are not after for black men on welfare. your welfare is just enough for 6 packs and cheap prosti***tute.

Miami Beach, FL

#53 Jan 7, 2014
romulus wrote:
black women are going to college and becomming professional career minded. they are having difficulty finding black men in the same professional lifestyle regarding education work etc. while black women are in college learning and in study of difficult lessons of the course. the black men are on the streets learning and in study of difficult lyrics to rap music.(before you call me a racist iwant you to know those words came from actor/comedian BILL COSBY when he addressed a college to a graduation class of african american women. this is NOT the main reason but just one of many reasons. i really do believe that race/culture/gender does not matter, if you want to be with somebody then enjoy! dont let anyone tell you its wrong ect.
I see a lot of classy young black women that far outnumber their male counterparts.

Miami Beach, FL

#54 Jan 7, 2014
I flirt with them a little too, except I'm old enough to be their grand father, so nothing is going to happen. But they know what I know that they know. It's the best of both worlds. I have $$$ and no need of women of any color. LOL

Glen Ellyn, IL

#56 Nov 12, 2014
This is the easiest question in the world. Here is the true answer to all interracial dating between white people and black people.

White women and black men came before white men and black women. A small amount of black men felt they were moving up by being with a white woman, and a small amount wanted to get away from black woman drama, which happens because of culture and black women feeling they are at the bottom of the social ladder. I am a white man who has dated two black women, one seriously for 3 years. I fully understand black woman drama. They can get loud and seemingly when they get emotional could care less who hears them yell.

Then it became a fetish with a small number of white men thinking it is cool to see black men having sex with white women and so naturally a small number of black men have come to embrace this fetish. Again these real stereotypes are championed by online sites like this, but in reality all take place in small numbers. There are many black men that would not date a white woman and do not find them attractive, however the ones that would date a white woman will do so for the first two reasons. Tired of the black woman drama, and finding something different and new being refreshing. Feeling like it upgrades their social status. Is this a good reason? No, but perception is a lot in our messed up society.

So naturally black women and white men must come next. For every action there is a reaction. For one it is a numbers game. If a small amount of black men and white women are putting their feet in the water and trying interracial relationships it obviously leads to the opposite happening as well. The reason for white men getting involved with black women are as follows. Curiosity about something different, as black women appear to be more passionate, and white women seem to be getting more selfish and not getting into relationships for love but rather for money. Is it any wonder when you see a man with lots of money he has a very attractive younger woman with him? Don't attractive women sometimes fall for guys with low incomes? Umm apparently not haha.

Another reason is the taboo which is similar to the black man white woman thing. Finally the enhanced physical features of a black woman over a white woman. Fuller lips and butt and muscle structure. I will admit this is the one that did it for me. Vane of course but our modern society reeks with vanity and nobody is above it so don't judge.

As far as black women seeking out white men, that is the easiest of all. Most women are looking for security and love and monogamy. Whether society likes it or not black men are not known for those qualities. Stereotype of course, but there is always a little truth in all stereotypes. White men are perceived to be more successful and have more money and stability, and don't sleep around as much as black men. White women have more themselves than in the past and think they are more self reliant so they are not afraid to branch out and be with someone that will provide less security.
Also as black women see black men looking for white women they may feel whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

These are all the current stereotypes and all have some bit of truth to them. They are all again occurring in small amounts with a small percentage of people. Humans tend to exaggerate things and refuse to look at the real numbers and statistics and that is why you get questions like this online. Why are MOST black women turning to white men or why do MOST white women like black guys. It is not MOST. Someone sees one interracial couple walking down the street and they instantly think everyone is doing it. 90% of the people in this country are dating or married in their own race. It is not the phenomenon that some people seem to think it is. There are countries with less interracial relationships of course, but there is not much more of it here regardless of what the perception is.

Wellington, New Zealand

#57 Sep 29, 2015
^^ the above is a pretty good critique of IR. I'd agree generally speaking. I also think the wm small dick is an exaggeration, I'm white and well packed and have a great passionate sexual relationship with past bw partners who admitted to being surprised at my size. I also know my dick size among white mates/ buddies of mine is not much bigger, as growing up playing sport you might see the size of their dicks accidentally, and they were similar size to.mind. So confused as to why there's this fake belief wm dicks are small. I think bm use this as a way to restore power because of their lowly position in society. But it has no factual basis. That being said its true bm dicks are sometimes heinously large. Ergo BBC porn

United States

#58 Oct 6, 2015
Because White men are more successful than black men,and white men know how to raise a family.Not being racist,just being honest.There are plenty of black men who are good people.But if you look at the statistics white men have always been successful.

“single black female”

Since: Oct 15


#59 Oct 10, 2015
Wow... Well I'm certainly entertained. At. The thought that none of you happened to realize that you are all being stereotypical... Well any white boy that wants to text me you have to message me first.

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