Tamil vs Kannada. Which one is the ol...

Ashburn, VA

#181 Nov 7, 2013
prabhu wrote:
<quoted text>
U Fool.. Read this..
and search for kannada numeral.. only.. u ll get a slipper from them..
first learn and then comment u brainless fella...
sorry sir you said we don't have numerical representation but its really funny to hear. We have lot of words representing numeric number even which doesn't have word in english so pls check before you speak

Chennai, India

#182 Nov 9, 2013
Chennai wrote:
Tamil is World's oldest living barbarian language.
It is majorly referred so because of the cruel nature of Cholas, their act of VIOLENCE, ATROCITIES AND PLUNDER resulted in calling them as barbarians
Periyar himself was a Kannadiga ! He was not a Tamilian !

Chennai, India

#183 Nov 9, 2013
Tamil is an older language than Kannada. It's literary records pre-date Kannada works.

Kannada has a 2000 year old history, no doubt, but it is not older than Tamil, but still a classical language in it's own right !


#184 Nov 9, 2013
Verrry nice dea (thumba chanagatea)

Tumkur, India

#185 Nov 10, 2013
nbdy has the ryts to underestimate any language, and tamilians if ur language is older tell me any one poet who one jnana peta puraskar, u know kannada stands nxt to sanskrit in any mean poetry, culture, beauty of sounds ,in writing tamil letters look like tom and gerry, ha ha nana makla , and if we recall history kannada and kannadiga gave many contribtion to bharatha and their language, if any tamilians know frm ur side please mention, kasturi kannada, navu kannadigaru chinnavanu beedeyali maridavaru neevu nana makla oly fitting kings, most of the tamilians are chemaleons and selfish....

Tumkur, India

#186 Nov 11, 2013
vijay wrote:
The oldest literature of Kannada dates 1500 before(by 500 AD)... But Tholkappiyam, the grammar of Tamil was written somewhere between 8000BC-500BC. Please check any source on Internet or any book.
* Thirukkural was written by Thiruvalluvar more that 2000 years before. i.e., 30 years before christ was born... Beat this first.
nina ammana bole magane lovdae ka bal yako bengalrunalli ediya sole magne give me ur address i will parcel u
vishwas shvinamoga

Tumkur, India

#187 Nov 11, 2013
Jasmine wrote:
<quoted text>
sorry sir you said we don't have numerical representation but its really funny to hear. We have lot of words representing numeric number even which doesn't have word in english so pls check before you speak
k i knw u have numericals but dnt have some alphabets like la ,eg u prononuce ur tamil as tamilu, ha ha nana makla improper prononciation,wat a funny ,many u dnt tat old kannada is scientfic language u knw y.when we speak word comes from our stomach, and sanskrit from whole body ,greek from throat, china language frm tongue, tamil ha ha no where, and if we look old kannada its vry similar to sanskrit when it sounds ,our kannada is cultured ,in india we have only two types of sangeetha ,1-hindhsthani sangeetha, and kannada shastriya sangeetha,ur tamil was older than y sangeetha nt dervied frm ur language, or at that days music was nt exist, he he tamilians are vry similar to negroes , so tamilians are nt indians.

Tiruvannamalai, India

#188 Nov 18, 2013
God!!! What the hell is wrong with u ppl?!!
As per earliest known written record Tamil is older than Kannada...
Leave it at that...
Are u ppl doing a doctoral thesis...
Conversation after conversation...
No matter what u argue nothing's gonna change...
Live ur life to the fullest!!
Love one another...
Die and find out from God once ur dead!! ;)

Tiruvannamalai, India

#189 Nov 18, 2013
Let me clarify what I said before u ppl start throwing abuses...

When I said Tamil is an older language than Kannada, I meant that the earliest text found "till date" in Tamil pre dates the Kannada scripts

U never know wat works might be found in the future that may change the previous statement...

Mumbai, India

#190 Nov 18, 2013
madhan wrote:
in erode disticts of tamilnadu we can find peoples still speaking tamil- kannada as their mother tongue,it shows kannada is born from tamil and their community name is madari community or chakkiliyan community or arunthathiyar community.if you ask these community people about mother tongue they will tell kannada but ask them to speak kannada the will speak tamil-kannada,similarly telugu they speak tamil-telugu,similarly ask tamil to speak they speak pure tamil,this is clear evidence that kannada and telugu are born from tamil as mother.this community peoples are the ancient dravidian peoples and original tamil peoples and original indians , lived in sangam period and father of tamil,telugu,kannada origin.
Boss u murdered Logic !! All the Best!

Pune, India

#191 Nov 21, 2013
Thamizhan wrote:
<quoted text>
Is it?
Can you explain more?
Now take it,
Tamil lacks number system. It is most basic. When you write Ganesh, You are never sure how to pronounce it! It can be logically pronounced as Ganesh, Kanesh, Kanes, Ganes.
Similarly, Sada can be Sada, Chada, SaaDa, ChaaDa.
I might be old. But officially it is accepted oldested living language is Kannada. Modern tamil is not old.
FYI my tamil frieds, Kannadam in old tamil means Pure!
anil hubli

Chennai, India

#192 Nov 22, 2013
Let any one say anything,only proper records say that kannada is the oldest language which is followed by sanskrit. tamil comes next.Dont compare kannada to tamil.

Mysore, India

#193 Nov 24, 2013
Gowtham wrote:
This is a nonsense competition Kannada is not even close to the marvelous legendary TAMIL it is the oldest and sweatest language in the world


Bangalore, India

#194 Nov 25, 2013
Ok i'm not from TN neither KA, can you(TN and KA) guys share a official and genuine link (wikipedia or someother trusted sire) which tells about their language history from that we can find which is oldest language and get back to the work.
shiva mandya

Bangalore, India

#197 Nov 30, 2013
Kannada namdu karnataka nu namdu. Yav nayi nu nam karnataka border touch madake bidalla

Mumbai, India

#199 Nov 30, 2013
there is no word called as krantha in kannada ,,,,,,,,, it may be grantha go search it first then go to ADAM ,, AD OR BC ,, what ever

Mumbai, India

#200 Nov 30, 2013
TamilTruth wrote:
Tamil is the world's first language. Kannada is simply a mixture of Sanskrit.
"If we remove sanskrit words from kannada, then kannada come to nothing." This is the one proof enough to show that kannada is a late developed language.
The world's first man Adam and first women Eve talked Tamil langauage only. The Bible scholars seriously researched and come to that conclusion.
The Kumari Continent History itself tell everything that Tamil is the world's first language.
The Krantha type of words are used by kannada. This one fact enough to show that is lately developed from sanskirt by the scrips of Telugu letters. The Hindu Bramins developed the Sanskrit. Later kannada was a product from that.
But Tamil language has none of the Krantha type words. Tamil language is unique. It is the mother of all languages.
It would be world mega comedy if any one compare Tamil with the copy language kannada.
"British have recently said that Kannada has 10,000 Yrs history," - World mega fraud.
Only the world dates are 4000 year BC. and 2013 years on AD. so total 6013 years only finished since from the very first man Adam.
there is no word called krantha in kannada go search it first ,, it may be grantha then go for ADAM ,, AD OR BC what ever


#201 Dec 1, 2013
I know why British invaded India and now why worst politicians are still ruling this country.
Let God helps India.

Fight for your language than loosing it with English, All you people make your child study their own mother tongue language & Enjoy hearing mother tongue than English.

In what sense you all respecting English more than your neighbor language.

Learn many language, but don't disrespect anyone mother tongue.

Dubai, UAE

#202 Dec 1, 2013
tamil engal uyir mochu,

Zuchwil, Switzerland

#203 Dec 3, 2013
Old Kannada is the oldest language as per UK research...Tamil is derived from Kannada only,but script is different,Kannada is the only language that u can speak in many accents..kannada is very sweet language,which has 99% perfection in it,so no more comparison.
it is not good to compare any languge with Kannada..

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