Tamil vs Kannada. Which one is the ol...

Ashburn, VA

#86 Jul 21, 2013
here some people mentioned that theirs native language is only best others are nothing...thay are taken decision by geographical restriction.if Tamil people in karnataka they would say Kannada is best.if Kannada people in tamilnadu they would say Tamil is best......indeed do u want which one is best come out from geographical restriction and consider other factor likely u would get correct answer..I should mention here someone used unacceptable comments please stop that...we all r brother's.

Pasadena, CA

#87 Jul 22, 2013
I dont want to tell which is old language. But answer the following questions and find which language is old? 1. Whether ramayan is true? 2. When its happenned? 3. What is the ravana's language? 4. What is kumari kandam? 5. In the past history rameshwaram is there? 6. What and where is ram sedhu or adams bridge? By getting answers to above question you come to know which is oldest language
True kannadiga

Bangalore, India

#88 Jul 25, 2013
May be Tamil is older than kannada but we kannadigas are far better then cultured than Tamil people..Our culture and tradition is rich and meaningful..

Bangalore has lost its identity bcoz of stupid ppl outside from karnataka.

We kannadigas believe in ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA but dont ever take us for granted..

You ppl live in karnataka but a little courtesy for Kannada..

Kolkata, India

#89 Jul 25, 2013
[kannada is beauty nt like tamil kongas

Chennai, India

#90 Jul 28, 2013
The oldest literature of Kannada dates 1500 before(by 500 AD)... But Tholkappiyam, the grammar of Tamil was written somewhere between 8000BC-500BC. Please check any source on Internet or any book.

* Thirukkural was written by Thiruvalluvar more that 2000 years before. i.e., 30 years before christ was born... Beat this first.

* For the people in this post who mentioned Tamils and Cholas as barbarians, FYI, the esteemed Roman republic had an embassy in the Pandya court and Chinese empire had an embassy in the Chola court.

* Trade was established by Romans and Chinese with Tamils.

* The ancient Romans had superiority complex by which they treated and called uncivilized lots as Barbarians. They wont establish embassies with barbarians.

* Above mentioned diplomatic relations were established 150 years before there was a Pulikesi I; by which time present karnataka region was probably mixing Tamil and Sanskrit to form Kannada.

* I can understand Kannada people cant digest the fact that a Tamil King, Narasimha Pallavan razed the capital Vadhabi of the Great Pulikesi II.

* Narasimha Pallavan did so to avenge his father Mahendra Pallavan's defeat at Pulikesi II's hands.(NOTE: Mahendra Pallavan defended his capital sucessfully though he was defeated in the battle).

* Andhman and Nicobar Isles are now Indian Territories because it was a Chola territory conquered by Rajendra Cholan I, Son of Great Raja Raja Cholan.

* According to Indian History there are 9 Great Kings who never lost a battle.

1. Ajatashatru

2. Chandragupta Maurya

3. Karikala Chola

4. kochengannan

5. cheran senguttuvan

6. Samudragupta

7. Narasimha Pallavan

8. Rajaraja Chola I

9. Rajendra Chola.

Of these 9 Great Kings, 6 are Tamil kings... So please set aside you're envy and be reasonable.

All information I have entered are well known historical information.

Kolkata, India

#91 Jul 29, 2013
You can find Kannada word in Greek. Kannada is oldest and world Language. And also Tamil :)

Warangal, India

#92 Jul 29, 2013
People who support Kannada or any other language as older than Thamizh are anecdotal;
they simply by their own assumptions make this out and their baseless accusations means really nothing for my mother tongue Thamizh,has been more than just a language for me:in all aspects;
all scientists approve that Thamizh is the oldest language and those who criticise Thamizh,I really don't Blame....
in past People did it for their Food,
in present people do it-because they are literally illiterates.
You can find many scientific findings of things,that shows that Thamizh is over 20,000 years old:
next to it,there are a few languages of nearly 5,000 years old.
Kannada is less than 2100 years old and all people actively shared that Kannada is older,please share atleast one proof for that.

Kolkata, India

#93 Jul 29, 2013
Kannada is as oldest tamil...


#96 Aug 7, 2013
R NAGARAJ wrote:
<quoted text>
It applies to tamil also. for example for village tamil word is gramam it is actually sanskrit word also for relation tamil word is sammadi it is also sanskrit word tamil got its script in 10th century whereas kannada got its script in 4th century and you can understand which is better language
Yes true. Tamil is oldest language. That's why these tamils still behave like stone-age people. Entire south asia hates this tribe.
Just look at Kannadiga's warmth. Look at a tamilian's culture. It is one's behaviour and not history which people like. You cannot go on
tom tomming ur language, culture. Others shud acknowledge.
In any case, ask any Non-Tamilian, about Tamilians. U will get exactly the same opinion of Tamils.

Bangalore, India

#97 Aug 10, 2013
Kannada. Is karna agadha king you ruled south India this not enough

Bangalore, India

#98 Aug 10, 2013
Karnataka named of karna hanumatha born in hampi because of vijaynagar there was no invasion of muguals in tamilnadu so all temples was safe OK. Let Tamil be. Elder brother Kannada small brother

Bangalore, India

#99 Aug 12, 2013
M basically kannadiga ,,as far as i knw tamil is older then kannada bt even kannada is also one among oldest launguage ..top 2 dravida launguage is kannada and tamil ...respect for both the launguage ..

Nellore, India

#100 Aug 20, 2013
ya ya brand new as iphone 6..

New Zealand

#101 Aug 20, 2013
Periyar was a mean Kannadigan! Among all South Indians, kannadigans are very racist.
Phillip walker

Srinagar, India

#102 Aug 24, 2013
Tamil and Kannada are so similar everything that is va sound in tamil is ba sound in Kannada
Vaaye - Baaye = mouth
Vaa - Baa = come
Vennai - Benye = Butter
And so on...
Also pa sound in tamil and ha sound in Kannada
Panno - hanah = Cash/money
Ponoo - henna = dead body/corpse
Paal - haalu = milk
Paale - haalu = teeth
Like this there are many many similarities so please my request is we are all brothers and sisters so don't fight for god sake
Heck for india's unity sake.

Bangalore, India

#103 Aug 26, 2013
Obviously Kannada :)


#106 Aug 29, 2013
phy wrote:
[kannada is beauty nt like tamil kongas
Super maga


#107 Aug 29, 2013
madan wrote:
tamil is older than kannada,from tamil only kannada,malayalam and telugu got birth.
Tamilians are not indians at all. Irritating language you know.


#108 Aug 29, 2013
peace wrote:
<quoted text>
tamil is the most sweetest loving language
Tamil is Dabba Language
Karunaadu karnataka Exprt

Bangalore, India

#110 Aug 30, 2013
I was reading through most of the comments here.. Its a surreal fact that most of the people who are supporting tamil are living in Bangalore.... If people love their places and languages so much why move away from there... karnataka is the land of opportunities. hence we have intruders and hey.. as for Tamil and kannada.. Both the lingos dont have anything in common... longest living or dead language.. Kannada is most elegant, charismatic and soft language. Its age is not of kids brilliance to understand.. So Shut the hell up or leave Karnataka and run to the land of your lingos

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